Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sends SMS at intervals that includes your current GPS coordinate and location name/address/etc

1. Extract the ZIP file
2. On your device, install (Device Memory) and (Storage Card)

How to use:
1. Launch SendMyLocationScheduler
2. Click on menu, choose the interval time
3. Choose the contact you want to send the sms to by clicking on Menu/Send To
4. Press Start then Exit
5. Done!
6. To stop the sms sending, relaunch SendMyLocationScheduler then go to menu/Stop

If you don't have an XML file created, the sms sent will only show your current Lat/Lon data

Thank you to DavidTiger for his WMLocationInfo.dll file and Hara's GPS dll file


XML = this file contains the fenced area of a specific street/block/county/city/etc

This requires Google Earth

1. Fire up your Google Earth on your desktop
2. Navigate to the location you want to create a fenced area
3. Let's try Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, USA
4. Click on ADD A POLYGON icon

5. A Google Earth - New Polygon window will popup, type in the name of the location

6. Click on the style, color tab.
7. Choose a color of the Line you want to use.
8. In the Area part, choose OUTLINED, then click OK

9. A new polygon will be created in your My Places file

10. Right Click, then Save Place As. choose Save As KML file, then SAVE the KML file

11. Use DecDeg2DecMin.exe, click on CONVERT TO POINTS

12. Choose the KML file you just created from Google Earth and it wil automatiacally convert it to an XML file
13. Copy the XML file to your device's \Storage Card\SendMyLocation\XML folder
14. Done!

- uploaded the xml files will now be saved in your Desktop PC's C:\xml folder

- added option to send as email
when sending email, make sure your email is already setup and this uses email account 1 in your device
- added more interval time options (hour/day)
- saves sms and emails sent in \storage card\senymylocation\ folder

oldSAP SendMyLocation 2.12.2011

oldSAP SendMyLocation 2.10.2011

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Let's say you have a nice exe file, but the icon included in the file is rubbish

This app can be used to create a launcher exe for that application with a PNG as the icon. It converts the PNG file into an ICON and inserts it into the EXE, so it can be used to set different icons as the ones provided in the original exe.

Really simple to use, takes 4 input values:

. Path of the original exe.
. Arguments to pass to the program.
. Path where the launcher will be created.
. Path for the PNG file used for the icon.

It allows to specify the arguments for the process, so it can be used to executing individual items on the control panel, or do more 'clever things' such as dialing up a phone number.



Advanced UI SDK

Fully customizable
Easily create custom UI Controls
Resolution independent
Full physics for rendering smooth scrolling

Quickly create UI controls
Develop full UI SDKs
Learn basic UI programming for .net CF 3.5


Friday, November 05, 2010


A forum reading app similar to Tapatalk for WinMo!

The intro...
RapidRead is a forum reading application similar to tapatalk.
The aim of this application is to offer you a fast, easy and economic way of accessing your favourite forums, without the need of a web browser or extra costs on your data plan.

Where can i use RapidRead?
RapidRead is for Windows Mobile 6.5.x and below. I haven't been able to test this on different resolutions or devices, but it should work everywhere.


WiFi File Sender

Tiny program for files transfer via WiFi.

1. You have to connect two devices via WiFi.
2. Run program on both devices. On first device fill "Recepient IP" (IP from "Your IP" on second device).
3. On second device set directory for files store.
4. On first device choose file and click "Send file".

WiFi File Sender

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Mobbyway was developed to allow:
- you to stay connected with your relatives wherever they are.
- your relatives to follow you visually and in real time.
- you to go back at any time to a place where you have already been on a specific date.
- you to travel safely on the road network thanks to the network members: The Mobbynautes.
- you to have a part in the world cartography OpenStreet Map.
Today Mobbyway it is 10000 Mobbynautes using this system, after 20 weeks of explotation.