Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Run" Dialog

Windows Mobile Has a "Run" Dialog

I have written before (and will surely write again) about how I'd like something like Quicksilver for Windows Mobile: A simple text entry field that I could enter short, simple text commands into do Get Things Done.

I'm imagining a text field on my today screen, or barring that a little app that indexed contacts, favorites, applications, and settings via Windows Mobile 6's Smart Search (which also works on email, hint hint). Being able to put a "s" in front of a search would make it go search the web for your terms. Or "t joe I'm on my way" would send Joe a text message that I'm on my way. You get the idea. You can see I want this. I'm not the only one.

Enough background. I came across this sweet, hardcore (in a good way) Windows Mobile development blog and was largely mystified. Until I saw that you could do this: "tap and hold down the ‘Action’ key while tapping and holding the stylus on the clock shown on the nav bar." "Action key" is your center button. This'll work on a Pocket PC / Pro edition phone (but not, strangely, a Treo 750). What pops up is essentially the same as Desktop Windows' 'Run' dialog.
- WMExperts


AndyM3 said...

I guess Microsoft took this off WM6.
Device: HTC Trinity (P3600)
ROM: AX3L WM6 ROM WWE 3.0.2 (from XDA-Developers)
Or maybe it's WisBar's fault? :\

Anonymous said...

They didn't. It works on HTC Artemis with WM6 just fine.