Monday, August 07, 2006

ThemeGenCE Tips from newbie2

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This is a tip on how to make your Today screen FULL, without the looping image created when you use Vijay's ToggleStart

The author of this very helpful instruction is newbie2 of XDA-DEV.

"I assume you've already downloaded ThemeGen?? Also, I'm assuming you're using a QVGA device. If not, let me know, and I'll update the instructions to include the correct resolutions for a VGA device.

If you're wanting to use your own image for the Today Screen image, you need to resize the image to AT LEAST 320x320 (if the bottom task bar is removed) and/or 350x350 (if BOTH top and bottom bars are removed). The "square" image will allow you to view the theme in both portrait and landscape modes, and the 320x320 is the resolution of the themes that Microsoft creates. Once you've resized your image, open Theme Generator and in the middle of the screen, click "Options".
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Click "Customized", instead of "QVGA"
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For the "Today" and "Start" height and width, enter the EXACT pixel size of the image you're going to be using.
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Then, click "validate" to close the window. You'll be back at the main window. On the top menu bar, click the brown image/star ("choose/modify the images").
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A new window will open. Click on the camera icon to load your image. The first image you're going to build is the Today image, so make sure that's selected in "Image to Build" to the right of the preview screen. Then, go to the top menu bar and select "eval". You'll want to choose the optimized GIF image to save as your Today image, so click that choice. Then, save your image.
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It will ask if you want to overwrite the existing image -- say "yes".
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Next, you're going to build the Start image the very same way. Make sure "start" is selected in "Image to Build" to the right of the preview screen. Then "eval" and save just like you did for the Today screen. Once you've built your Today and Start images, click the red button with the white circle on the top menu to go back to the main screen.

Once you're back, click "options" again. THIS TIME, select QVGA and validate.
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You can now make your custom color selections for the rest of your theme -- font color, notification colors, tap-and-hold dots, etc. When you're finished and have previewed your choices, save your theme to the PC and/ior PPC -- giving your theme a name.

When you load it to your device, there shouldn't be any "looping" of the image now."

screenshots (with top and bottom bar, without bottom bar, without both top and bottom bar):

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Anonymous said...

ok how do i get it onto my pda?
i plug my pda then what??>

oldSAP said...

try to copy the tsk file into your \application data\home folder