Monday, July 03, 2006

AutoFlight for PPC now available!

The famous and very useful Autoflight software by cyberhorse for smartphones is now available in PocketPC shareware version!

New Features:
1. The mechanism of alarm has been changed to compatible with Pocket PC. It works in a similar way of system's alarm.
2. It is compatible with Pocket PC, with two exceptions:
* Switching profiles be disabled.
* The hotkey of speaking time is double clicking recorder key.

Content & Features:
* Switches flight mode on/off at scheduled time
* Call forward at scheduled time.
* Power off at scheduled time
* Soft resets at scheduled time
* Switches profiles at scheduled time
* Endues Calendar with functions listed above.
* Reports time
o Reports time hourly
o Reports time immediately by double click volume up key (for smartphone) or recorder key (for Pocket PC).
* Sets alarms
* Runs/Opens a program/document at scheduled time
* Locks keypad automatically and unlocks keypad or phone by pressing only one key.

System requirements:
* Windows Mobile 2002.
* Windows Mobile 2003.
* Windows Mobile 2003 SE.
* Windows Mobile 5.0.


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