Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Info: SmartToolkit Plugin SDK

Smart Toolkit is inovative mobile phone functions application for Windows Mobile Smartphone. Smart Toolkit give you everything to resolving smartphone interface, editing & resources limitation.

I hope everyone happy with SmartToolkit!, the next ALPHA release will include plugin support. Plugin will show in taskbar when press action key. The plugin can contain device information, application access, or maybe rss reader!.

I had finished build plugin SDK, and hope this friday can be launch with SmartToolkit ALPHA-3. SmartToolkit and plugin SDK is alwalys be free to download and free to use.

What is the Plugin?

SmartToolkit plugin will act like homescreen plugin which parented into taskbar, but SmartToolkit plugin is more easy to developt, and more action can be implementation than homescreen plugin. Everyone can free to developt and offcourse you can freely upload your plugin into this website.

SDK will include sample code, library files, documentation, and Deploy tool.
Yes! SmartToolkit will Forever be Free

Previously I said that I have not decide what type application is SmartToolkit?. But Now I decide that SmartToolkit will Forever be Free!. About licencing, donation or the others thing, I will think it latter. This time, I just want to developt it to be the most usefull application for smartphone.

Thanks for All support to SmartToolkit... - Ahmad


Anonymous said...

I was fiddling around for ages with a commercial application called "Right Menu" Never did get it working properly, even after paying for it and requesting suppot.

"SmartToolkit" Has completely made me forget about the other just works, the way WM 5 SmartPhone should. It's intuitive, easy to use, and configurable.

Applause to the developer, not only for an excellent application, but for your decision to keep it free for all to use and enjoy!

Keep up the good work!

oldSAP said...

you can visit his new site at the latest release is RC07 Beta