Thursday, May 24, 2007

Xda Atom Life WM6 ROM Upgrade

O2's aim is to embrace technology innovation that enhances the user experience of our products, whether hardware or software. We are therefore pleased to offer a free upgrade of the latest Windows Mobile 6 operating system for all Xda Atom Life customers.

Windows Mobile 6 provides increased value for customers in several key areas, including messaging and collaboration, infrastructure interoperability, security features and platform development. You will be able to enjoy new features, such as:

• ability to view email in their original rich HTML format with live links to Web and SharePoint sites.
• ability to search for Exchange email for items that match specified criteria.
• ability to search for contacts via Online Global Address Book.
• smart calendar bar.
• Windows Live for Windows Mobile.
• file transfer capability in Windows Live Messenger.
• storage card encryption.
• remote wipe capability for stolen and lost devices.
• call history in contact cards.
• push email capability for hotmail users.



hull39 said...

The WM5 version of this phone had a DirectShow video capture filter that provided 320x240 at 15 fps. That capability is not present after the WM6 upgrade. Only 176x144 at 30 fps is provided.

Does anyone know whether O2 has a patch that fixes this?
Do they have an SDK for the camera?

More importantly, does anyone know a humanoid at O2 that might respond to questions like this? The most I can get when I call O2 in Singapore or the UK is a suggestion that I should send email to one of their anonymous email addresses. So far, that's produced nothing useful.

da_mayhem said...

Hi hull39

You might wanna take a look at the Registry and see what you can do, or much better take a look on the WM5's registry structure at this Reg Section - HKLM - Software - HTC - Camera and back it up then import it on your WM6 Registry. Please double check the registry section if it contains all the necessarry settings to come up with your desired format.

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