Monday, February 18, 2008

WM6.1 AKU1.0(build 19199) - Himalaya

WM6.1 AKU1.0(build 19199) RAMDisk-16MB Pagepool size-32MB for Himalaya

Storage 30.53MB
Program 77.23MB
RAMDisk 15.96MB

ROM: 6.1.1a16CS (WM6.1 AKU 1.0)
dated: 13.Feb.2008
OS 5.2.19199 (Build 19199.1.0.0)
AKU 1.0 32MB Pagepool and 16MB RAMDisk WWE
16 MB RAMDisk
* Soft-reset persistent
* Hard-reset persistent
Persistent Storage

Salient Features:

New look and new icons
Blue_White KB Skin
ClearType Enabled
Crystal blue Keyboard
Fast cleanup
MSN messenger
Network Wizard(HTC) for MMS/GPRS settings
O2 profiler
PPCPIMBkUp 2.80 by Dotfred
SoftKeyAppletEx included in Personnal setting
WM5 newMenu
WM5 Storage 1.80
Tray launcher
Threaded SMS (WM6.1 Feature)
WkTASK 1173
Zoom feature in PIE (WM6.1 Feature)

Provided Radio 1.17 as addtional file (Optional) as I find it better than ver1.19

Than You to c_shekhar

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