Friday, October 27, 2006

Talking Clock script

Script that speaks out the time.

1. Speaks out the time (or any wav file)
2. Can be set to chime every :00(hourly), :15, :30, and :45
3. Can be set to chime the whole day or at a specified time limit
4. Add speed dial key to speak out the present time.

1. PPC or SP 2003OS or higher
2. Mortscript

Mortscript for SP


Anonymous said...

Great script but it does not work correctly. When I choose :15 for example, "Tell the time" and then "Always on", you can hear actual time but after this there is an error message: "Couldn't set notification Line: RunAt(%yr%,%mo%,%dy%,%hr%,"15", "Storage Card\Program Files\Mortscript\15.mscr"

Anonymous said...

i've the same problem with antoher script. any solutions or tips finding the error?