Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Double Launcher script

This is a script that will allow you to change the functions of your dedicated buttons on your SDA.

NOTE: i wrote this script for my SDA only. i hope this will give you an idea that your phone's hardware buttons can also do multiple functions.

After launching the buttons.mscr file, a menu will popup and give you a choice whether you would like to use your buttons (#3 and #4) as Up/Down or PageUp/PageDown.

Copy the cab file to your phone and execute it, or sync your phone to your PC and use a cab manager to install it.

Application unlocked T-Mobile SDA (other phone with Short_AP3.lnk and Short_AP4.lnk may also work)
The files Short_AP3.lnk and Short_AP4.lnk in \Windows must NOT be "Read Only"
Mortscript for Smartphone installed
Xbar3 installed

What the cab file does:
Install buttons.mscr in your \Windows\Start menu\ folder
Create PAGEUPDOWN, UPDOWN, and XMC folders in your Storage Card
Install Up.mscr and down.mscr in your \Windows folder
Install Short_AP3.lnk and Short_AP4.lnk in both your PAGEUPDOWN and UPDOWN folders in your Storage Card
Install PageUp.xmc and PageDonw.xmc in your \Storage Card\XMC\ folder


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