Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Remove Bluetooth Icon from New Menu Bar (PPC)

Remove Bluetooth Icon from New Menu Bar:

Keep value change to 0
Default: 1
Chnange to: 0

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RegHacks2006 FREEWARE (PPC)

RegHacks2006 is an application which allows Pocket PC users to easily
modify some elements of their ppc without having to mess with the registry.
For example this app allows to change the ringtone path from \Windows\Rings
to Storage Card with just one screen tap. It uses .NET CF 2


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blimkeys - FREEWARE (PPC)

Text input program for PDA with Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 operating system.

One hand operation standard SIP (Soft Input Panel). It's a text input program which able to substitute the keyboard and accessible from any application after the installation. With this program you can input text to your PDA like write SMS on a regular cellphone. This method's advantage appear when you travel on a public transport vehicle and just one of your hands free, or travel on a bad road that shakes you and the character recognizer unuseable.

The software supports all of the letters of the English alphabet, punctation characters and numbers. But the allocation of the characters is freely reversible so the application practically support all languages.

The main parameters of the keyboard's look is adjustable in an external initialisation file. This paramteres are the number of boards, the number of rows and columns on a board, the board's height. The characters that a button can write is also adjustable. You can add a character by it's Unicode value so the program can support many special character.
The colors, fonts also adjustable.

System requirements
CPU: Intel StrongARM or compatible (XScale ready)
Operating system: MS Pocket PC 2002 or newer (Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 SE ready)
Screen: The program is optimized for 240×320 pixel size screens. (It is necessary to modify the initialisation file for correct displaying if your screen size is 480×640 pixel or other.)


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Increase RAM space - PPC

1) Install memmaid (i use v 1.6)

2) apply this FAMOUS tweak:


Create an empty key with the name "NeverDorkMemory"

3) Open memmaid and go to the slider bar to allocate the memory and EnJoy!

Ps: It's recommended to keep the memory over 0.5Mb (No rings and some 10sec freezing). Now i have it to 0.8Mb


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Change message sent. notification tweak

Use any registry editor, go to:


then edit the string by changing to your desired msg tone inside the windows root directory

for example change the default which is msgbox to infbeg or any wave file you have...


Group Text using VJSMS

Create a LNK file like this:
35#"\Program Files\vijay555\VJSMS.exe" "0922123456789; 0922987654321" -body
Then paste the LNK file inside your \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ folder (or wherever you prefer}
Then just click on the LNK icon.

NOTE: You must have VJPhoneTools installed in your Storage Memory

VJPhonetools - FREEWARE (PPC)

WM2003 and WM5 phones compatible.

These tools are used with the PocketPC Phone Edition to make an SMS, Email or call from the command line.
This software is a replacement for my old tools, VJSMS and VJDialer.
This replacement is hopefully now Windows Mobile 2005 compatible. This new release features the ability to send an SMS directly, without having to write the text in the SMS editor. So you can have a link on your today screen with an icon of your better half, setup to send a message "I'm on my way". Click the icon and the SMS is sent off with no further keypresses or tapping.

The cab installs shortcuts on your program menu to show how to use this release. Please use these to learn usage.

VJDialer is used the same as the old version,
eg: "\Program Files\vijay555\VJDialer.exe" 07812 1234567
will dial 07812 1234567

VJSMS is also used the same as the old version,
eg: "\Program Files\vijay555\VJSMS.exe" "12345" -body "I want to give you money!"
will start an SMS to recipient 12345 with text already in the SMS.
Remove the -body switch if you don't need to start with text.

VJEmail is a new tool, but predicatbly does the same as VJSMS but starts an email.
It assumes that you have already set up a POP3 email account on your PDA .
Syntax: VJEmail [-body TEXT]
eg: "\Program Files\vijay555\VJEmail.exe" "paypal@vijay555.com" -body "I want to give you money!"

VJSMS and VJEmail can be used to start blank SMS and Emails by just using command line ""
eg VJSMS ""

VJSMSSender provides new functionality, sending an SMS from the command line, with optional notification.
Set up a command line and then just launch it to send an sms with no interaction.
Be careful - it will send SMSs so you could end up spending cash easily.
However, notification is given, but can optionally be disabled.
eg: "\Program Files\vijay555\VJSMSSender.exe" 1234 I want to give you money!
Will send an SMS to recipient 1234 with text "I want to give you money!"
Note no " " speech marks required anywhere.

VJSMSSender will split the command line at the first space, so no spaces in the telephone number!
Everything after the first space is assumed to be a message. The message can be a maximum of 1000 characters.

On WM2003SE you will get a notifcation bubble that will dismiss itself after 13 seconds, if you don't click it first.
If you want no notification, use the switch -silent
eg: "\Program Files\vijay555\VJSMSSender.exe" 1234 -silent I want to give you money!
Be extra careful here because you won't know that the message has been sent!


Redial v1.00 - FREEWARE (PPC)

Powerful small tray utility to automatically redial a number if it is busy.

Supports Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, WM 2003 SE & WM 5.0

Released as Freeware!

Redial Key Features

* Redial a busy number automatically at scheduled interval
* Pop-up quick dialer
* Activate / Deactivate via tray (visual feedback of current state)
* Simple installation