Sunday, June 29, 2008

JB Piano

Have you ever wished to have a piano that could fit in
your pocket. Well now you can! ClimbWalls has decided to make just
that. JB Piano features original art, and solid ideas to bring a great piano
and more to your Pocket PC.

JB Piano sports a beautiful, double-shelved, 49 key piano with rich, authentic piano tones!

Version 1.7 includes Step and Real-Time recording! With Step recording, you can sequence with notes ranging from 8th to whole notes.
With Real-Time recording, JB Piano will record exactly the way you play it. You can change the tempo, and can now interrupt the play with a functional Play/Stop button!

1.7 now allows you to save and load your sequences in text form.

The new version is updated to work with the latest Pocket PC operating systems.

In this version we have even included a mini-sequencing recorder!
Record a favorite song, an idea, or just random notes. You can view the note sequence and spaces in the display. You can even control the tempo of your song!

Simply press record, and start playing. To add pauses, press the "R" button.
You will see in the sequence window exactly what you've played.
Press the record button when finished.

To step-record, press the boot in the record section. Now select the note length, then play the note you want. To add a rest, select the note length, then the "R" button and play any note to insert a rest.

What's more, JB Piano 1.7 also comes with a great bonus display.
You can visually see the notes you play by on a staff view!
This same display includes a sequence screen while recording.

Finally, we are still giving it away for FREE.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


New Customizable App Launcher

- a TouchFlo 2 style clock
- notifications for new email, text messages, missed calls, and voicemail
- One for programs with TouchFlo style interface (up to 9 pages of 9 buttons each)
- One for contacts with TouchFlo Style interface (up to 9 pages of 6 contacts each)
- One for Favorites with the ability to take a screenshot of the web page for "Visual Favorites" (up to 9 pages of 4 Favs each)

The configuration is built into each screen. Simply tap and hold to make the buttons start to shake, then tap the button you would like to configure, or tap the background to change the background image and change how many program, contact, or favorite buttons you would like.

Musicman247 of XDA-Developers


Google2GO! is a mobile application for Google services, similar to Yahoo!Go.

This application is not related to Google in any way.


Windows Mobile (Professional OR Standard) 5/6

Windows Mobile .Net framework 2.0 or greater

Data/Wifi connection

Screen Resolution of 320×240 or 240×240 (required)

Access to all Google mobile services including:

* Google Web/Image Search
* Google Local Search
* Gmail
* Google Calendar
* Google Reader
* Google Docs
* Picasa
* Google News
* Google Notes
* Google Checkout
* Google Product Search
* Google Finance
* Blogger
* Google Driving Directions

The Tech Turf

Thursday, June 26, 2008


an iPhone like note program

Must drop MoNotes folder on storage card root.

1.create new notes
2.all notes are autosaved to a txt file in MoNotes folder
3.Open previous notes.
4. Clear list, Delete list and delete item
5. If you start on list and want to continue later then just hit ok. If you want to shut down then File > Exit

After note is created type into textbox then click add
to delete an item select the item then click right soft key then delete item

rolls1400 of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Nimbuzz is a FREE all-in-one solution for Internet-enabled mobile phones that allows you to take your IM buddies with you -- wherever you go.

Nimbuzz on your mobile promises you:

* Free Chat, Group Chat and Chatrooms
* Free Mobile VoIP calling (coming soon!)
* Free File, Photo and Ringtone sharing
* Free Voice Messaging
* Free Text Messaging (within Nimbuzz)
* Free Phonebook Backup and Restore
* Free "Buzz" notifications (to get your buddies online!)
* Local-cost Mobile Calling worldwide
* No phone credits to purchase
* No credit cards required



Here's an utility to scroll the current window.

Since i got my first PPC, i didn't like the way you're supposed to read stuff, i wanted to scroll down, but pressing the down key jumped one page down. I wanted a smooth scroll, so i made one myself.

How it works:
1. Run the app
2. Minimize it (either with your favourite task manager or tap Start/Today)
3. From now on, the UP/DOWN keys scroll the content of the current window - smooth scroll
4. When you're finished with it, run it again, or activate it in your task manager and press ok in it (left softkey)

1. Right now, you can disable/enable the scroll on Toshiba G900 with the Camera button - each tap switches between scroll / old up-down. If there's enough interest in this, i will make the button accesible, so everyone can use this feature.
2. It doesn't work in Start/Programs and in Word/Excel (maybe Powerpoint) - I don't know why
3. Volume Up / Volume Down also scroll (a bit faster) - this won't work on some devices that have custom use for the volume keys.

RPG0 of XDA-Developers

EdgeWay PocketPC Utils

Shut down or reboot your Windows mobile 2003,5 and 6 Pocket Pc XP style, powerdown your screen saving battery power while allowing applications to continue running. Battery button calculates how much battery time you have left based on current power consumption, for example one can see how much time is left with the screen on varying levels of brightness, wireless on or off etc.. Also displays charge/discharge rates and temperature. Memory stats display available memory for running further applications without impacting current running processes. Heat sensor, when set runs in background and notifies you on screen and with alarm bell when your battery is getting warm or hot, so as you can extend battery life. Access Windows Mobile components with a collection of shortcuts all in one convenient place, allowing you to free up your start menu for other applications.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

VOIP in WM6.1

This cab allows you to use VOIP under Windows Mobile 6.1

install in your phone.

Then, go to Today menu, Programs, Sip Config Tool, input your provider settings and save. Then, go to Today menu, Settings, Today, Items and check "Internet Calling". Then, go to Today menu, Settings, Phone, Internet, and select "Only if cellular is not available" or "whenever available" according to your needs.

Softreset your phone, and after that, connect to a wifi network. You will notice that in your Today screen, the VOIP line has changed from "No service" to "Available". If you want to make a VOIP call, click on this line, and will change to "Selected". All the calls you make from now on will be done using your VOIP line.

destr0 of XDA-Developers


"LockAndOff" will lock hardware buttons on your communicator, then immediately turn the device off. It doesn't require installation, and has been fully tested with Windows Mobile 6.


Monday, June 16, 2008


aka MiniMuncher

WordStreamer (aka MiniMuncher) is a speed reading tool. It works on the principle that our brains only process text when our eyes are not moving. WordStreamer simply streams a text file one word at a time, at a rate specified by you. Since your eyes are not traveling from word to word, this allows you to read at a faster rate in no time by simply pressing up to increase the rate at which the words are displayed.

werD of XDA-Developers

Thursday, June 12, 2008


check your cellular packet link speed or hotspot speed

The system requirements are:
- a Pocket PC Phone or classic one (e.g. if you want to test hotspots) based on Windows Mobile 2003 SE or newer; a WM5+ Smartphone should work as well but was not tested.
- .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed on device (on WM6 devices preinstalled by default)
- any Internet connection on device (if no WiFi or Cable, a packet data connection is activated automatically)

kartam of XDA-Developers

Monday, June 09, 2008

OS Clean Calendar

Freeware application to delete all your appointments and tasks.

This will remove all your device's appointments and tasks.

WM5/WM6 Standard/Professional OS


Friday, June 06, 2008

Windows SideShow

Allows you to use your Windows Mobile device as a Bluetooth SideShow device.

Windows® SideShow™ for Windows Mobile® is an application for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PCs and Smartphones that allows you to use your Windows Mobile device as a Bluetooth SideShow-compatible device. This enables you to use your phone as an extra window into your PC. You can both access your computer’s information from your Pocket PC or Smartphone, and control the computer through a gadget interface. While the phone is out of range, or when your computer is off, you can continue to view content sent to the phone previously. This makes it easy to send information to the phone that you'll need later on.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista Business; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Ultimate
A Bluetooth-capable Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Standard, or Windows Mobile 6 Professional device with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed.

A Bluetooth-enabled PC. Note: this release is not compatible with computers running Toshiba Bluetooth drivers. See the “Troubleshooting” section below for more information.


Remote Debugger

A tool for developers that allows one to debug an application over IP without ActiveSync.

This enables you to debug an application on a remote PC if the PPC is connected to internet (say, via wiFi);


Teh Name Days

The absolute Name Day reminder in your Today Screen!


* Today plugin with minimum memory consuption!
* Shows name days
o Static
o Dynamic
o Holidays
o Your friend's namedays based on your contacts!!
* Ability to create extra name days.
* Easter calculator!
* Also reminds birthdays!
* Sunset/Sunrise indicator!
* Battery indicator!
* Safe Mode! Your PPC can't start ? Keep moving the mouse (stylus) just befor the today screen appears and Teh Name Days will ask you to exit!
* Auto updates when new version is available!


Turbo Mobile Event

Your most flexible call manager!

* XML configugration
* Call blocking or call answering, can be set to master mode (kill cprog.exe!)
* Profiles
* Rules
* Scheduler
* Multiple lines
* Today plugin
* Master mode
* Cell id profile
and more!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

EZ Note

make avatar

A quick and easy way to jot down notes and edit contacts without having to take out our stylus all the time, , while having something that looked and felt better than the normal Windows Mobile environment, so we've now released EZ Note for FREE!


* Customized Graphics, which looks a lot prettier than the drab Windows Mobile stuff
* Intuitive keyboard which make typing up your notes easy
* Highest Quality predictive text
* Full screen keyboard
* Notes editor
* Contacts editor



An easy, yet more powerful input method for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices.

With TopKey, you can choose from tons of pre-defined keyboard layouts, or even create your own custom keyboard!

We even threw in some very clever predictive text input. And to top it all off, it's fully skinnable so it looks and feels much better than the normal Windows Mobile input keyboard. And we'vedecided to release TopKey for FREE!

Simply download it, install and run the application, and TopKey will allow you to start typing away in any language from Albanian and Azeri to Slovak, Swedish, and Ukranian (and more, obviously) with complete ease.



Monday, June 02, 2008

Bluetooth Remote Control

a Remote Control software using Native Bluetooth Transport without ActiveSync.

With this software, you will be able to control remotely your desktop mouse and keyboard, applications like Winamp, iTunes, the Windows Mixer, the Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, Media Player Classic, PowerDVD and the Vista's Media Center. You'll also be able to pause your favorite music software when the phone rings, then play it back when you hang up. You'll also be able to extend the application to add your own application.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Music Software - iAno look - 4 instruments - 2 octaves

Features :
*2 octaves (iPhone Look)
*4 Instruments (Piano, El. Guitar, Drums and Violin (hehe iPhoners doesn`t have this)
*Supports WM5 or 6, WM2003 and QVGA, VGA devices
*Changeable instruments, if you do not like supplied ones go insert your own in mp3 format.

nmilosev of XDA-Developers