Monday, September 29, 2008


Upvise Personal Edition

From public sources of news or reference content like Wikipedia to your indispensable personal data, Upvise makes it easy to sync information between your mobile phone and your web account. and access on-the-go

Free Mobile Personal Apps

Access Wikipedia on your mobile phone

Imagine having the entire knowledge of the largest collaborative encyclopedia in the world at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Just type in any word on your mobile and download instantly the entire Wikipedia article specially formatted for your mobile device. You can also bookmark any article to a create a list of favorites in your account.

Read RSS News

Sitting in another useless meeting? Just pick up your phone and start reading the latest news feeds on the spot. With the Upvise RSS News app, you can add your favorite RSS feeds from your web account and download them instantly on your mobile. You can also bookmark any interesting article to your list of favorites.

Mobile Contacts

Manage your contacts from your web browser and get them automatically on your phone. Type in some contact information in your mobile when you meet someone, and it is automatically uploaded to your web account. With the Contacts app, your contacts are always in sync between your mobile and your web account.


Send a quick note from your desktop to your mobile. Type in some information you want to remember in your mobile and retrieve the note later on from your web account. With the Notebooks app, you can store and classify your notes by creating personal notebooks, and access all your notes on-the-go.

Shopping Lists

Manage your shopping lists on your desktop and your mobile. You can maintain several lists, for different types of shops or items, i.e. one for groceries, for healthcare items, for household items,...



Control mouse remotely including scroll wheel.

- Touchpad for devices which don't have GSensor
- Keyboard
- GMedia - applet to control apps like Winamp, PowerDVD etc...
- Game Controler - but this can be more difficult because of windows driver required
- GRemoteServer for Windows and Linux!!!

-Unzip attached file
-Install GRemoteSetup.CAB on you device
-Run GRemoteServer.exe on you PC
-Enter correct IP address in GRemote app on you Diamond or press "Find" button
-If you use GSen remember to add this app to GSen config
- This app use UDP 5656 port so disable it in firewall on your PC (NOT in router)
- Tap and hold you screen to move mouse or use "Withouttouch" mode (press pad centre)
- Communication between client and server is realized with TCP/IP so you need to use any network connection

* - WiFi
* - USB
* - BT with Personal Area Network

marbalon of XDA-Developers

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Minimal DIALER


First install one of the dialer cabs and then install one of the addon cabs.
To revert back to original minimal dialer first uninstall the addon and then reinstall the dialer.

pauldgroot of XDA-Developers

Brins0net ScreenRotator

An application for the HTC Diamond which will rotate the screen so that it is always the correct orientation for the devices rotation.


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Plunge into the most breakneck adventure to destroy the most insidious corporations in the universe.

Use your deadly heavy tank in a terrific world in which eye-catching textures and vivid graphics on top of high-quality music tracks raise your spirits to save the land by destroying nasty flying Symbos.

• 6 different worlds with unique textures including the final battle
• Superb graphics and special effects
• Inimitable sound effects and music from the famous Minsk disk jockeys DJ MoHaX



iDialer is a finger-friendly dial pad for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.

It's simple, easy to use, speedy, and well integrated with iContact! It works with both VGA and QVGA, in both portrait and landscape mode! The included "default" skin has an iPhone feel with diamond-like menus.

iDialer is a work in progress... planned future updates include:

* GrandCentral dialing
* Better OS integration
* DTMF sounds


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diamond Hacks

Want to unleash the full potential of your Diamond?

There any many hidden options within the operating system, that usually would require you to hack the registry of your device yourself. But with this program, it will do it for you, quickly and easily. Want an option on for a few minutes? No problem! Just uncheck it!

This program is mainly for those who either don't feel comfortable editing the registry themselves, or just want an easy way

Triangle Powers

WoW Player

Need an application on your Windows Mobile device so you can view yours and your friends' characters profiles for World of Warcraft? Then this is the program for you!

This program requires the .Net Compact Framework 3.5 be installed on your device. If you get an error on startup stating you need a newer version of the framework, please download the 3.5 Framework from Microsoft.

Triangle Powers

Rename "Start" in system tray

Changing from Start to Begin.

For those of you wondering on how to do it, you need the following tools:

1. ResHack
2. ROM Extractor

a. Extract the shellres.dll.0409.mui from \Wndows (replace 0409 for your device code) with ROM extractor
b. Dump the file in Windows and open it up with ResHack
c. Look for the String Data folder 321 and open it. Once there, you will see the word "Start." Just replace it for whatever you want.
d. Copy the file back using ActiveSync. File explorers will not allow you to copy over a system file in use.
e. Soft Reset.
f. Enjoy

egzthunder1 of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Media Remote

Media Remote is software that enables you to remotely control media (MP3/Video) playback on your computer.

It is created to enforce laziness - using Media Remote on your Smartphone it is possible to change song that is playing on computer from comfort of your bed. Also it can be handy if you are living in duplex home and have speakers all around house (I evny you) and want to showoff. Remote control of video playback is one additional useful funcionality that comes to mind.

Media Remote

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HTC Cavalier WM6.1 ROM

cooked WM6.1 ROM for cavalier, c730 smartphone by cruzzmz

1st ported WM6.1 rom for Cavalier, SYS taken from Blackjack II rom.

cruzzmz of XDA-Developers

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lemur Searcher

LemurSearcher is a powerful searching software for your handheld. It will help you to find any information you ever need.


* Easily search for files & folders on your Pocket PC
* Find text strings within files
* Use wildcard characters
* Form composite search query
* Specify search areas
* Shell execute objects found
* Open folder containing object found
* View full info of objects found


* 110 KB on storage device
* OS: Windows for Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0
* This program needs .NET Compact Framework 1.1 SP3 or higher to be installed on your device

Lemur Software

Start Bar to Bottom

Move your Start Bar to the bottom of your today screen.

shayder of XDA-Developers

Saturday, September 20, 2008


GSync is a tool for windows mobile, which synchronizes the schedule of events and timing of your pocket PC with Google Calendar, in the future probably will do the same with the heading outlook and that of GMail and perhaps also with other services.

The application is young and is working in progress then accept criticism and suggestions :()

How does GSync? First you must give details of their Google account, then once loaded their calendars to Google is possible to decide which calendar to import. Simple no?

Installation: The application is distributed as a file. Cab self and requires the presence of version 2.0 of. NET Compact Framework (free, downloadable from the site of microsoft).

Once copied the file. Cab on the device just click to start the installation.



Indispensable software for shared expenses calculations

* on vacations
* at dorms
* at the restaurants
* ...

The software is designed to work on the handheld PCs (Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile).

And it is absolutely FREE.



eWallet is a free digital wallet and password safe application for Windows Mobile powered devices to store passwords, accounts and other sensitive data in an easy but secure way.

eWallet uses 3DES encryption which is state of the art encryption technology. It stores your passwords, your web registrations and associated information in a database (a file) protected by a single password. eWallet allows you to store passwords and codes in a convenient location for when you are on the move.


* Quickly find your entries by using the filter box.
* Unlimited number of categories
* Unlimited number of records in each categories
* Sort entries by clicking on a column header
* Access via secure login authentication
* Full text search
* All passwords are encrypted using 3DES encryption algorithm
* Backup facility
* A very original and easy-to-use user interface
* Fast random password generator
o Custom length
o Modify password character set
o Special character support


Friday, September 19, 2008


The fast and easy way to get news, sports, entertainment, blogs and podcasts on your Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Why you'll love FetchIt!

1. Any RSS, ATOM or Podcast feed will work!
2. One Click For All Smartphones & Pocket PCs
That's right, it's the same executable for all square, VGA, thin and fat devices. No additional SDKs. It even looks and feels the same.
3. Elegant User Interface
Our patented SlickUI technology lets you flick between views. It's clean, effortless and beautifully animated.
4. Blazing Performance
Our super-threaded design lets you download feeds, listen to a podcast and read news all at the same time!
5. The Speed Reader
Give your eyes a break. The Speed Reader lets you read faster and improve comprehension!
6. AideRSS PostRank™ News Filtering
PostRank gets rid of all the junk in your news feeds. It makes reading news more fun and dramatically reduces bandwidth!
7. The Latest Worldwide Weather
FetchIt gives you up-to-the-minute 7 day forecasts straight from WeatherBug! Over 200 channel presets with stunning visuals and detailed information.
8. Channel Radar
FetchIt! will update your channels on-the-fly to ensure you are always looking at the stuff you want. It's really neat and saves you time.
9. The Ultimate Channel Guide
Download feeds from the Internet, import OPML files and organize your feeds in a way that makes sense.
10. Find It Fast
Our real-time search lets you see results as you tap.
11. Smart Sync
You can configure FetchIt! to download your stuff hourly, daily or when you cradle your device. It also includes an auto-update feature!
12. Smart Move
Shuffle data between your device and storage card without jumping through hoops.
13. Share What You Know
FetchIt! perfectly integrates with Pocket Outlook, contacts, Internet Explorer and online blogging services.
14. It's Cool! (And FREE!)
All of the little details in FetchIt! make using it so enjoyable. What are you waiting for?



Enjoy the shopping with SaleCalc

A smart tool running on you PPC to calculate the item price to pay after dicounted percentage.

System requirement:

Windows mobile 5/6

Sale Calculator

Install Builder

Install Builder is a free standalone application that allow novice user to create setup cabinet for Pocket PC and Smart Phone.

Install Builder use a simple ini file to store project settings, you can use simple editor like notepad to edit the ini file.

The setup cabinet contain binary encoded and xml installation file plus all application files. It support two installation mode (ActiveSync --> PPC, PPC --> PPC). The setup cabinet can copy files, make shortcuts and add registry keys.

Requires the .Net Framework 2.0 too!

lycj of XDA-Developers


SpoonDo! is a simple application for Windows Mobile, designed to replace the default Outlook Tasks functionality.

Unlike the default tasks application, SpoonDo! is finger friendly, so everything can be done without using the stylus.

SpoonDo! presents the tasks in different folders distinguishing between different type of tasks.

By clicking on a folder, a list of tasks is presented – sorted by the due dates of the tasks (if exist).

Using the arrows enables easy browsing between folders and tasks.

SpoonDo! holds a simple method for adding and modifying existing tasks, so that using the Outlook tasks will become simple and effective.

When adding or modifying a Task, it’s very easy to enter the details, including optional information such as priority, due date and reminders.

The ‘Urgent Tasks’ folder presents tasks from all categories which are due to end soon.

þ Finger friendly user interface

þ Arrange tasks in different folders

þ Easy task creation

þ Special view for urgent tasks



MPlayLIstManager - application with the help of which you can to create and to manage your playlists directly on your Pocket PC device.


* Create playlist
* Edit playlist
* Delete playlist
* Start playlist

System required:

* Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0, 6.0
* .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher


Monday, September 15, 2008

Answerkeys Disabler

Tool to disable accepting or rejecting calls accidentally by pressing the buttons on the touch screen.

Please either restart your device after installing, or start the program through the start menu. It will autostart on device starup, but won't autostart directly after installation.

drvdijk of XDA-Developers


Windows Mobile G-Sensor and Light Sensor Enabled Alarm Clock

Using Klaxon is pretty straightforward; it's more or less like the standard Clocks and Alarms application.

G-Sensor Instructions:

Flip your phone over to snooze.
Shake your phone to turn the alarm off.

My Brain Hurts

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Earpiece fix for OMAP phones

If you are trying to use VOIP on many phones you will notice that the audio comes out of the rear speaker. If your phone is based on OMAP and uses the TWL3016 baseband process (e.g. excalibur, herald, Pheobus) then I have a fix for you. This fix should work with Skype too.

It is a service that overrides settings inside the baseband processor by watching the registry value for the Speaker setting:


When it sees a change in the value of this key it will change the audio routing. This key is changed whenever the Speaker option is changed in the phone canvas.

Currently it will only take action when there is a change! This is important as the routing gets reset whenever the phone mode changes, whenever the media player runs and so on.

It also monitors a system wide named events "AUDIO_SPKON" and "AUDIO_SPKOFF". Kick either event and it will see it and make the change.

If anyone wants to write a home screen plugin then you simply need to add:

HANDLE hSpkOn = CreateEvent( NULL,0,0,L"AUDIO_SPKON")
SetEvent( hSpkOn );

CAB file automatically starts the service.
- The Source includes a Solution that builds all the pieces. Open with VS2005. You need the WM6 SDKs
- The CAB file install 2 exes in Program Files\AudioRouting. SpkOn and SpkOff i.e. Turn on and off the speaker.

TheSilverRing of XDA-Developers

Saturday, September 13, 2008


TouchFlo 3D inspired stopwatch that can take up to 10 split times, save and restore results in form of a xml file.

Version 1.0.1
- QVGA and VGA versions available.
- That small "closing app"-bug corrected.

Verison 1.0:
- Only for VGA-screens!

nitramk of XDA-Developers


a small utility for Windows Mobile powered phones that will log all missed and completed phone calls to the standard outlook calendar.

This utility generally useful if you need to log your phone calls for billing purposes or if you want to keep a longer history of your phone log. Any questions or comments are welcome.



Birthdays is a plugin for today screen which reminds you birthdays of persons in your contact list.


The plugin will is very small and takes up little space on your PDA.
Age of persons
The plugin can show the age of the persons after their names.
Look ahead and back
You can set up the number of days the plugin will look ahead and/or and show birthdays to you.
Format of date
You can set up the date format to suit your needs.
The plugin is very customizable. There are options for size of vertical margins, showing the plugin icon, displaying the age of persons, font size, wrapping long lines and more.
The plugin is also able to remind you anniversaries. You can set it up to remind only birthdays, only anniversaries or both.
From version 1.2.1, localizations are supported. You can make your own localization as well.
Verbose/Brief mode
In verbose mode, the plugin shows you dates and names of persons who have birthdays and/or anniversaries. In brief mode, the plugin shows only the number of persons who have birthdays and/or anniverasaries. If you tap the plugin, the window with details is displayed.


Friday, September 12, 2008


"Kagaku" is a simple Periodic Table of Elements.

It displays the PTE on a scrollable screen. Tap on an element to view details or pick an element from a list.

If not already done, please install the VB runtimes before you install Kagaku.



"Bekken" is software for the purpose of viewing device-related system information.

1. Device ID, framework version, o/s, network, memory, battery, etc.
2. Shows active serial ports
3. Shows available storage cards
4. Shows special directory paths
5. Identifies running processes (can be closed)
6. Identifies running applications (can be closed or launched)
7. Shows IP configurations
8. Lists installed software
9. Lists shared libraries
10. Lists installed alfcen software (can be launched)
11. Online icon (if device is online)
12. ActiveSync icon (if device is hooked up)
13. Scans for native and added system fonts
14. Shows installed .NET frameworks plus location
15. Identifies provider, IP Address and country
16. Sets system clock with server time
17. Modify device identity data

This software seeks the registry for data. No attempts are made to read hard coded system data. Bekken is tested with Pocket PC 2003SE and WM6. Before running Bekken, please make a complete data back-up, as you should always do before installing new software.

Known Issues:
# Identification of built-in BT and WLAN may be incorrect depending on the device.
# Some devices do not allow reading the device ID.
# Device description (maker, model) shown as entered in Setting/System/Version Info/Device ID, which some devices may not provide.

Licence: Freeware (as long as beta)



Tooei (Japanese for 'Projection') is a simple photo viewer tailored to the Pocket PC.

igital photo files packed in directories must be placed underneath the subdirectory 'albums' under the application directory. For example:

\RBS Tooei\albums\holidays
\RBS Tooei\albums\family
\RBS Tooei\albums\hobby

Here, holidays, family and hobby contain the photos. Image sizes should measure either 320 x 240 (QVGA) or 640 x 480 (VGA) pixels. Ratios different from these will stretch the photo.

Upon selection of a photo album the number of photos contained will be displayed. Check 'Auto' for a slide show in selectable intervals from 1 to 10 seconds. Uncheck 'Auto' to browse through the album using the top and down hardware keys on the Pocket PC. Press 'Full Screen' to open the full screen viewer, tap anywhere on the full screen to close it.

• Supports QVGA and VGA sized images
• Supports JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF format images
• Fullscreen display
• Rotates 90 or 270°, no landscape capability required
• Slide show in intervals from 1 to 10 seconds, no effects
• Once-through or loop show
• Browseable preview images
• Simple as 1-2-3

Licence: Freeware (as long as beta)



To date, the classic "Taiyoukei" is the largest database of the Solar System and beyond for Pocket PCs

1. Ephemerides
2. Chart views from all planets
3. Data and visualizations of natural satellites
4. Eclipses and inner planet transits
5. Meteor shower data by month
6. Comet ephemerides
7. Minor planet ephemrides and orbit plots
8. Analemma
9. Twilight visualization
10. Sun, planet and star compass
11. Celestial object monitor (altitude and azimuth gauges)
12. Minima of Algol schedule
13. Pleiades Chart
14. Space travel simulation
15. Online references, incl. a Local Star Chart
16. Solar System Model
17. and much more...



"Tenki" is a simple general-purpose weather application for the Pocket PC with an expandable database over 200 pre-selected worldwide locations.

Locations for which weather information is available can also be picked from a world map. Weather data is downloaded from, parsed and tailored to the Pocket PC.

Tenki offers three basic modes, current weather, forecast and a weather station.

NASA TV and Weather TV opens the Media Player, however, broadcasts are not available at all times.

Licence: Freeware (as long as beta)



port of Descent for Pocket PCs

This port is not finished but it is possible to get into the game and try it out.

Basically, this build should work on any ARM based Pocket PC with a 16-bit graphics display and GAPI 1.2 (i.e. there should be a gx.dll somewhere on it).


You need an ARM based Pocket PC device, of course.

To be able to play you also need to have the data files from the full version of Descent 1.5 for PC. If you have a full version prior to 1.5 you should be able to upgrade to 1.5 by applying the patches

Descent for Pocket PC

Dr.Web Anti-Virus

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows Mobile protects communicators and pocket PCs from viruses and other Internet-threats specially designed to infect mobile devices.

It is compatable with any device that has Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE/5.0/6.0 installed.

Dr. Web

Bar Code Manager

Save all your bar codes into this program and have the cashier scan the image from your Pocket PC.

The API (BarCode.dll) is simple:

1. Create a BarCodeSerializer object.
2. Set the DisplayNumber property to your bar code number you want to process.
3. Use the IsValid property verify it is a valid 12 digit bar code.
4. Use the MakeValid property to make a valid 12 digit bar code from an 11 digit number. Some cards only show 11 of the 12 digits. The 12th is used as a "check" digit.
5. Use the CreateBitmap method to create a bitmap of approximately the desired dimensions.

In a possible future release, I might extend the bar code manager to take a picture with a high resolution camera and import a bar code number. That would be an interesting computer vision problem!

My Brain Hurts

Thursday, September 11, 2008

NRG MiniWeather

Chome Weather plugin


- Autoupdate according to Yahoo servers' time + 10 minutes + 1-5 random minutes (so we don't all hit the server at the same exact times)
- Update in 15 minutes when no connection is found.
- First forecast day info comes from Yahoo... the rest from
- Verbose status information as the script is running.
- Minimal set of icons to save space.
- Detailed Forecast panels can be turned off in "Advanced Options"
- Application will not automatically refresh the screen while the phone's keypad is locked.
- Built-in leftover notifications removal tool, in case you want to uninstall. See "advanced options".

NRGZ28 of XDA-Developers

Vibration Feedback

This Software lets the phone vibrate when the touchscreen is touched.

This feature is knwon from the Samsung Omnia Phone for example. It gives a better response and feeling for a finger tip on the screen.

It consists of two parts. The first one is VOA aka vibrate.exe (which is already mentioned in different threads) by Const and a configuration part VOAConfig by Kisja.

VOA by Const
It's a little application which runs in background and reacts on user activities with vibration.

- Vibrate always on touch events (mouse down, or mouse up)
- Vibrate only if SIP is active
- Vibrate on Key press (hardware keys)
- Adjustable vibration (duration in ms)
- configuration over command line parameters
- fully event based, so only battery consumption while vibrating
- No runtimes needed (pure C++ application)
- Works with WM 5+ (not 2003)

VOAConfig by Kisja

This application makes the configuration of VOA more simple.

- Choose activity mode (always/SIP only) (-onsip 0/1)
- Enable Vibration on Keys (-onkey 0/1)
- Enable VOA on startup (autostart)
- Choose vibration duration/strength (-len x)
- Start/Stop VOA
- Saves settings in registry
- Source code open (VisualBasic .NET/VS 2008 Solution)
- .NET 2.0/3.5 Runtime needed

Kisja of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A MPD client for the PocketPC that displays current song information and allows the user to manipulate playlists.


Some noteable features:

* Album art fetched from Amazon in the background
* Kinetic scrolling on all lists.
* Gesture-based control.
* A Today Screen plugin


* Windows Mobile 6 (it may work on 5, I'm not sure)
* .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or better
* A network connection
* A MPD server



6 useful text messaging utilities in 1 cool app.

PowerSMS is a mobile application for people who love text messaging. It enables a number of interesting communication scenarios, which are either cumbersome or impossible without it.

PowerSMS does not replace your phone's built-in text messaging features. Instead, it works with the same folders and messages you already have. It's simple, performs tasks quickly, and gets out of the way. Use PowerSMS to improve communications with your family, friends and colleagues, and they'll wonder how you do it!

* Note to Self: Need to capture a thought or send yourself a reminder? With PowerSMS, there's no fumbling around to type your own phone number or search for a contact.
* Group Message: Texting the same set of people over and over again? PowerSMS lets you create groups of contacts, and drastically reduces the number of clicks required to text them.
* Auto Reply: Ever ignore a phone call while you're in a meeting or movie theater? Let PowerSMS respond to those calls automatically with a text message, thus politely letting them know when you'll call back.
* Schedule SMS: Schedule greetings or reminders in advance. PowerSMS will automatically send the message even if you forget. Especially appreciated by loved ones.
* Cool Stats: Let PowerSMS analyze your messages and tell you interesting things like when and with whom you text the most over a given period. Just for fun or to verify your bill.
* Backup & Restore: Switching phones? Just need to get rid of old messages? PowerSMS will help you archive, transfer or export messages to your computer or to another phone.


Lemur Plotter

Software for plotting 2D functions and analyzing them.


* CPU: 200MHz or higher
* 16 MB of memory
* 160 KB on storage device
* OS: Windows for Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0
* This program needs .NET Compact Framework 1.1 SP3 or higher to be installed on your device


Monday, September 08, 2008


Lock and unlock the touch panel and buttons using the G-Sensor

SensorLock is a program designed for the HTC Touch Diamond (and will probably work on the HTC Touch Pro too).

SensorLock allows you to lock the device's screen and buttons, thereby preventing random button and screen presses while the device is in your pocket.

Locking and unlocking is simply done by rotating the device around its longest axis (clockwise for locking and counter-clockwise for unlocking) and can be done in any program (Media Player, TomTom etc) without disrupting normal device operation.

surfsmurf of XDA-Developers


CD Cover Manager for Windows Mobile (Smartphone/PocketPC)

With SeekCover you access your device remotely and copy CD Covers / Album Art to any folder on your device.
Using the 'Search Online' tab, you can find and copy artwork quickly to your device at ease.

Downloaded Album Art is automatically shown using Windows Media Player for Windows Mobile.



Type less, find more.

Boopsie's smart prefix search means instead of typing out the whole word, all you need is the first few letters. Example: "Harry Potter." In Boopsie, that's "ha po." Easy!

Boopsie is a mobile search provider. However, we like to call it mobile find - because Boopsie finds things, it doesn't search for them. The Boopsie client is a thin, yet powerful, layer between you and what you are trying to find. Boopsie does not 'contain' the data; it creates and uses special indexes to find the data on other content providers' sites. Boopsie Inc. is also the name of our company.


Turbo Contact backup

Backup your Contacts easily.

* Save all your contacts to a XML
* Save all your SIM contacts to a XML
* Restore all your contacts from a XML
* Restore all your SIM contacts from a XML
* Delete all your contacts
* Delete all your SIM contacts


Saturday, September 06, 2008


Collect as many diamonds as possible in two logical games!

mDiamondz (Mothiva Diamondz) has colorful pixel-art graphics with visual effects, long time playing song and beautiful sounds. The game let You to choose one of following language: english, german, spain, french, italian, slovak, czech and hungarian.



Gomoku is a classical Japanese game known also as Five-Stones, Five-In-Row, Five-In-Line, Nought&Crosses, Make-Five, Renju, Gobang, Piškvorky... The winner must have a continuous line of five stones (marks) of the assigned to the player. The line might be either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

mGomoku (Mothiva Gomoku) is a battle between heaven and hell on Your PC or mobile device. Select Your favourite character (devil or angel) and play the game on 19x19 board. You can choose one of three strategies and 5 possible levels (depth of thinking) per each strategy.

mGomoku has colorful pixel-art graphics with visual effects, more than 10 minutes in three songs and beautiful sounds. The game let You to choose one of following language: english, german, spain, french, italian, slovak, czech and hungarian.



Horloge is a simple analog clock.

Requirements: WM 2003 SE or higher


Friday, September 05, 2008


Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile® 6.1 (v1.0.3) (9.1 MB)

The Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile® 6.1 is a set of tools, plug-ins and documentation that allows you to develop and test XPERIA™ Native Panels, XPERIA Web (HTML) Panels and applications for Windows Mobile 6.1 for XPERIA X1 phone.

The Microsoft® Visual Studio® IDE Plug-in allows you to develop and debug XPERIA Panels that run on the XPERIA X1 phone using the included XPERIA X1 Device Emulator.

XPERIA Panels are Windows Mobile applications that extend the Today Screen API in order to provide a Full Screen immersive experience. Developers can create XPERIA Panels for the XPERIA X1 phone using the Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1.

Sony Ericsson

Oops I'm Late!

Ad Supported Version

How it works

1. Enter your appointment information in your Calendar as you would normally, either on your phone, desktop or web.

2. Turn on your GPS (built-in on some phones). Check the FAQ if you don’t have a GPS.

3. Open Oops I'm late! on your phone. The program will connect to the internet in an attempt to geocode your information using Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Search may also be used as a geocoding source. Standard and professional only. A failure to resolve the address will result in a request for more information.

4. Verify Attendees from your late/arrival notification. (This is a chance to make sure the big boss isn't listed.)

5. Forget about it; drive where you need to go, when the late status has been determined by the settings you provided, your contacts will be notified accordingly; text messages can be sent even while you are on the phone.


Thursday, September 04, 2008


G7ToCE is an application to edit Waypoints, routes, events, and track logs and store them to various file types.

It can also transfer data to/from Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance/Eagle GPS units.

This program can be very useful for people using off-road navigators like CompePocket, Oziexplorer, GPs Tuner, ...