Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SMS Chat Update

I've added a download link for PPCs.
This is a preview of the latest version of my SMS Chat application. Anybody interested?

The latest version uses a webbrowser class so the fonts can now be customized to suite the users taste. e.g. color, size, weight, style.

* add/update a new number directly to your Contacts list.
* messages are numbered so it is easier to copy/paste/save a particular message line
* delete a message window
* easily save the last message sent to a particular text file in your SD
* paste a contact name and number from your Contacts list to your message box
* smileys are now supported (although it is still limited)
* sms group sending
* individual sms tone for each contact
* block unknown numbers' sms message
* blacklist numbers for sms
* incoming message tone volume is independent from the set system volume
* sms sent counter
* option to show/not show incoming sms in the Inbox.
* call blocking with sms sending to VIP numbers

NOTE: SMS Chat works on WM5 OS only. I've tried it on a WM6 emulator and it worked but on an actual unit, the sms is not intercepted by the application (must be a bug or something.) The only solution for this is to use Mobile In The Hand API which costs too much for a freeware (i can't shoulder it alone.) If anybody would be interested in this application to work on 2003 and WM6 OS, a few donation would help a lot :-)

July 31, 2007 update:
very crude version of sms chat for PPC:
Download PPC cab
you'll need netcf v2
install both cab files to your SD
for portrait view pa lang ito kasi i just roughly ported it from SP to PPC. i'll try if i can fix this sa landscape view.

Monday, July 30, 2007


The purpose of the game is to get rid of all cards in a hand.

A deck of 36 cards is used, from 6 to Ace.
At the beginning of the game each player gets 5 cards.
There are no trump suits in the game.
The deck is laid in the middle of the table.
The first move is made by a player who has more points in his hand or won the previous game.
He lays any card.
The next player can cover this card with a card of the same suit.
It is only possible to lay a card of the same value if it is a six that is covered.
If a player does not have a required card, he has to take cards from the deck until he takes out a card required or the deck comes to the end.
If there are no more cards in the deck, the upper card of a pile of open cards is taken away and left open on the table, the rest of the cards are turned over and serve as a deck again.


Friday, July 27, 2007

John Cody’s SkweezeIt!

Do you dread clicking on a link in your email or RSS reader because you know how painful it will be to load that full-size page into Pocket Internet Explorer?

Well, have no fear...SkweezeIt to the rescue!

Now, everytime you click on a link (from a program other then IE), you will be prompted with the above question. If you answer YES, it will automatically filter it through Skweezer.com so it will load much quicker!


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Sim/IMSI checking opensource security for us all

once setup at every boot it compares your IMSI number with the one stored, if it's a match it plays a little sound and that's it. If it's not a match, it locks the device and displays your email and a request to please get it back to you. It also send you the "new sim's" imsi and phone number via a SMS.


Hey, I didn't know you could do that!

Someone just pointed out this feature I didn't know existed in Windows Mobile. When you have a contact highlighted you can press the d-pad Left and Right keys to change communication methods for the person (work, home, mobile, txt, email etc). Watch really close when pressing Left/Right, and you'll see the tiny "w" turn to "m", "h", "e" etc.

I suppose this is most useful for alternating default phone numbers - when you press Talk, the selected number is dialed. Previously I used to just open the contact and select the number I wanted to call from the card view. My coworker thinks this is much faster. Agree?
- MelSam


Keep Recordin'

Keep Recordin' is a very simple, intuitive and lightweight mobile audio recorder.

t is a nice replacement for the standard Windows Mobile audio recorder, because it allows to choose a directory in which recorded audio files will be stored. Keep Recordin' also suppresses ambient noises and stores audio files in chronological order.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


NeoBassinette 3.0 is a new stand-alone NICU data collection tool.

This NICU rounding tool was designed for my personal use. However anyone can feel free to use it. If you do use it and have any ideas, suggestions, comments or corrections, please feel free to leave a message! I'll get to changes as soon as I can...

-bill lefkowitz


del.icio.us plugin for Windows Mobile

Use del.icio.us to store and share interesting sites.

If you’ve not used them before, the idea is to have a popup window that gets prefilled with the URL and name of the page you are looking at in your browser, lets you add a few tags, then submit it to del.icio.us when you hit ‘Save’.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Contact Manager Update

Your contact at your fingertips

Contact manager is a finger friendly contact application for PDA phone, it will allow you to scroll to you list of contacts, call them and edit them.

What's new? (0.11)
- Localization support
- Bug fixes
- Updated default theme
- Setting to adjust image position
- Multiline information are supported
- Memory optimization


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Power Mode

Power Mode - the best way to know the battery status on Windows Mobile Today's Screen

Auto Text Settings
Display the Power Status (Battery or AC)
Display the Percentage of Battery

zion product

Today's Time

Today's Time is an better replacement for the default 'Date' Plug-in found in Windows Mobile 2002 onwards.

Skin able Analog Clock
Weekday, Date and month display
Battery Status
Digital Time
Clock hand animation (when device comes out from standby)
All in one Today's plug-in

zion product

Mobile Media Center

Mobile Media Center is the cool way to enjoy the photos, songs and videos stored on your computer via a smart phone. Wherever you are, you can listen to your favorite tunes. Or trade photos and videos with your friends.

It's fast. It's fun. And it's free!

Cool benefits

* Show off anytime and anywhere
Enjoy your photos, videos and songs. Share with friends and family.
* Never be bored again
Hate waiting around? Stream your favorite music and video files to your smart phone.
* Feel good always
Feeling down? Access vacation memories, your favorite songs and cheer up!

mobile media center

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


VITO FindMe is a free GPS utility for Pocket PC Phone Edition that will help your friends immediately find your whereabouts just by sending an SMS.

You want to know your friends' whereabouts
If you want to find out current location of your friends who use VITO FindMe, ask them for their codeword and send it via SMS to their Pocket PC Phone Edition. In return you will receive an SMS with their coordinates that can be looked up at Google Maps.
* easily spot your friends on Google Maps
* send your location additionaly via email
* protect settings by password
* send SMS from a regular cell phone and see your friends location on a desktop!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MA PersDays

Persian Calendar (Jalali Calendar) + Islamic Calendar + Christian Calendar+Alarm


Monday, July 16, 2007

Mobile Search V2

Improved Navigation, Cache, Movie Searching, GPS, Traffic reporting and more!

The Mobile Search team has released V2 of the rich client application for Windows Mobile, as well as a major update to the browser based interface. Whether you have a J2ME (Java) phone, Windows Mobile phone, or any other device with a mobile browser, Live Search has you covered with maps, directions and business search. The J2ME and Windows mobile applications add a bunch of advanced features not possible in the browser based app. There's also a beta version of the client app for Blackberry devices.

team blog


A step further than raw numeric coordinates.

Definitely it is more comfortable to see map on screen but not always it is possible, and usualy you have the paper map with you anyway at least for planning the route. On Pocket PC you can see wide area nor details. Never both of them. I cannot imagine route planning without unfolding paper map on a table.

So if you think similar way (greetings for mountain hikers, kayak travellers, bikers, and special greetings for BIRDWATCHERS) the GridHIKER is for you.
- Displaying Geographical grid for position between Lattitude -80S and 84N.
- Displaying UTM grid for position between -80S and 84N with small exceptions at irregular zone joining arround Norway and Svalbard Island.
- Displaying current position on grid.
- Can very easy set and store 6 Place Points - Home, Car, Target and 3 Way Points.
- Can draw and store your way for last 600 points. Each point is set when you change direction.
- Manual entering of position (and converting between Geo and UTM).
- One click changing of grid labels (top, bottom, left, right).
- Zoom In and Zoom Out of grid (smallest rectangle 10 pixels, biggest according to screen size)


Saturday, July 14, 2007


POIGroup is a plugin for TomTom Navigator (5 and 6). It can enable or disable severals POI at one time.

It adds 2 icons in TomTom Nav's main menu.
One for enabling, and one for disabling.

You can set up 4 groups of POI.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Count Six

Track Up to Six Running Counts

Count Six makes it easy to keep running counts of up to six things at once:

* Exercise laps or reps
* Soccer, baseball and other sports scores
* Product or supply inventory
* Phone calls
* Emails
* Interruptions
* Event attendees
* Birdwatching counts
* Anything else you'd find it useful to have counts of

Count Six is fully skinnable on your Pocket PC! We've included a few skins with the installation, but you can make your own too.

Count Six's big buttons make it easy for you to use while running, walking or greeting people. Just touch your screen with a thumb or finger. Or use your hardware buttons!

Ilium Software

Pocket UFO

The Pocket UFO is a remake of the popular game of the last century X-COM Enemy Unknown (UFO Defense) for the Pocket PC devices. The game is a turn-based strategy with the RPG elements. The excellent graphics and exciting gameplay are attracting the gamers all over the world till present. This game is absolutely FREEWARE!

* 9 landscapes
* 11 enemy types
* 3 armour types
* More than 40 ammunition objects
* Amazing gameplay
* Excellent graphics

SMK Software

Monday, July 09, 2007


SpyderPlayer is an audio player for pocket pc PDAs.

Why did I make another one when there are plenty of good ones out there? (MortPlayer, GSPlayer, Pocket Player... etc). The reason is simple: When driving (stopped at the side of the road of course ...) playing a particular song out of many is excruciatingly difficult. I'm too used to the Jump feature in Winamp. I love the simplicity of typing a a few chars to hunt one song out of a few thousand. No existing player has this (that I could find...) so I decided to code it myself.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

HTC D810, 838Pro, U1000, P800w WM6 ROM

The official WM6 upgrade for Dopod 838 pro, D 810, P 800w is sighted at the official website, HTC Asia.

HTC Asia

Thursday, July 05, 2007


gpsVP comes with a worldmap which is very small and contains very few details. You are supposed to get the maps you need yourself. But for some areas there are no maps from independent authors. I have great news for you. You can download free detailed basemap from Garmin.


Little Snazzy Drummer 2005

Digital metronome and recorder in one !

Platform : SmartPhone 2003, 2003SE, Pocket PC 2002 (you need .NET CF), Pocket PC 2003
Developed by : MS Visual Studio 2003 .NET with C#
Tested on : iPAQ 3850, Motorola mpx200 & mpx220


ALarm Clock 2007 lite

More than your alarm clock!

Platform : SmartPhone 2003, 2003SE, Pocket PC 2002 and later.

Developed by : MS Visual Studio 2003 .NET with C#, required .NET CF 1
Tested on : Motorola mpx200 & mpx220, iPAQ 3850, MDA Vario, QTEK 8310, SPV C500, E-TEN X500, M700, G500 a M600, QTEK 8500


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Outlook Contacts Photo Import

Outlook Contacts Photo Import is a C# .NET developed software which
will help all Outlook (TM) users to import thumbs contact's photos!!!

It's compatible with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 always via Windows (TM) platform!!!
This is a great software beacuse if you customize contact's photo you will see it on your Smartphone, tested on Windows Mobile 5.


* Simple to use
* 1 executable (+2 dll which will bring outlook power to this application)
* You can choose folder where fetch Contact's photo
* You can choose Outlook Contacts folder, anyways it reverts to default one
* Command line input so you can simply add .bat or .lnk to your configuration
* Multiple matches! (ex.: if there is no "Surname Name.jpg" it will reverts to "Work.jpg"
* Since 0.3 version it's walk across categories
* .NET 1.1.4322 or .NET 2.0 (you may need to ask compiled version)


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sqij - Weather

Get weather information for any city in the world on your mobile phone.

Like all SQIJ applets, all wireless data is kept to a minimum, saving you money!

Setup Note: after installing the SQIJ application software and signing-in, select the 'Add a Sqij' icon then enter 'weather' in the Search box.


· Windows Mobile 2003SE or later
· Sqij