Saturday, October 29, 2005

send sms to unknown caller

I'm not sure for other roms, but in O2 rom, there is no send sms option in the call history if the caller is not one of your contacts.

How to use it:
In the Call History screen, highlight the unknown caller number, then launch xbar and the corresponding assigned key of the xmc file.

Item and app used:
1. Voyager O2 rom
2. Xbar 2.5

Download link

Friday, October 28, 2005

Copy sms content using xbar 2.5

i compiled this simple xmc file to automate the copying and saving of sms' content to a word file.

What you need:
1. Voyager w/ O2 rom (not sure w/ other roms)
2. Xbar v2.5
3. WordPad (saved in my memory card)

What it will do:
copy the contents of a sms and save it in a txt file

How to use it:
while you are in the window of the sms you want to save, lauch xbar and then press the key assigned to the xmc file.
after the xmc has been executed, all you need to do is type the file name for the text file and save it. It will be saved in your \Storage Card\My Documents\.
Download link

Here is a video of how this xmc works
Video DL

Resend Last Failed SMS using XBAR 2.5

download this xmc file.
I use a Voyager with O2 rom.
On the mainscreen (homescreen), just launch xbar and the key where you have assigned this xmc file.

Forward to Many using XBAR2.5

I use a Voyager with O2 rom.
Use this xmc file.
Change the numbers in the xmc file to your group contact numbers using notepad.
How to use:
after reading the sms (while you are still in that particular sms window) press the action button to launch xbar, then press the corresponding shortcut key kung saan nyo inassign itong xmc file.
It will automatically do this:
1. press right softkey (Menu)
2. press 4 (Forward)
3. enter the numbers of your group contact
4. press left softkey (Send)
5. press right softkey (Menu)
6. press action button (Delete the original sms)
7. press Home button (go back to Homescreen)