Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shake 2 Send

Send contacts between devices

Basically, what happens is, you shake two devices at one time, and a server pairs the two.
Then one selects a contact and they both shake to transfer it.

1) Download the client.
2) Extract the ZIP file onto your phones Storage Card. (More than one phone)
3) Download the server.
4) Extract the server ZIP file onto your computer.
5) Run shake2send_server.exe, and disable any firewalls that might pop up.
6) Run shake2send.exe on two (or more) phones.
7) Enter your computers IP address, and a unique name.
8) Press connect, and shake two devices at the same time.
9) Press Send on one device, select a contact, and then shake the device.
10) When the file moves to the other device, shake it, or press Accept.

Shake 2 Send

Monday, December 28, 2009


Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot to share the Internet with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

Software Based WiFi Router

Take any Internet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers

Connect with Mobile Devices

Easily connect any number of WiFi enabled devices to your network including laptops, phones, gaming systems, and more

Secure and Reliable

WiFi enabled devices can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other WiFi access point and are kept safe and secure by rock solid WPA2 Encryption

Absolutely Free and Unrestricted

Don't break the bank paying for mutiple WiFi connections on the road, Connectify is free and can actually save you money



Info ticker for your phone

StatusTicker is an app to replace the Carrier Name with a status monitor. The ticker will display phone info, weather, stocks, sports, you name it.

StatusTicker Features:
- Lotsa new bits of info on what was your phone's static network carrier name. Now you get system messages and stuff you need to know right there where you can see them at a glance.
- Not only does it display on the home screen panel, but also tickers on your incoming and outgoing calls. I know, sweet.
- It only works when you want it to. If you can't see the info the ticker sleeps.
- Low battery warning and ticker hibernates.
- Now playing track info from windows mediaplayer.
- Works on PPC as well as SMartphone.
- Works on Windows mobile 5 and 6! Take that Titanium.
- Missed call alerts. You can set the frequency in the ini. This is the spot for other important alerts to get in the short line.
- Seperate ini file for your settings
- Application Program Update reporting



FPSEce is a PlayStation emulator for your Windows mobile device.

First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE (which now is called Windows mobile).

For playing your PlayStation games on your Windows mobile or Windows CE based device on the hardwareside you need enough free space on your storage card, a fast CPU, and enough memory on your device.

On the software-side you need FPSEce (which you can download for free on this website), PocketISO to compress your images (if you like), an image of a PlayStation-game you own,and a PlayStation-BIOS for use with FPSEce.

It‘s a small freeware-tool which helps you to compress your images and clean them up (i.e. remove videofiles).
It‘s easy to use and you can view the adviced settings for your game on the compatibility-page.


Flushing Memory

SMS Backup Application

This is a simple sms manager that store every message in the file "sms.txt" stored on the root of the smartphone.
so this software presents three little pages: one for sending sms, one for the list of the last 30 sms and one to view the full sms!

unzip and copy the content in program files and execute the exe! at this point will be a windows of evaluation because i used inthehands library but don't worry because that doesn't have time-limitations.
if you want, you can create shorcuts to autostart the application or a shortcut in program files menu.

Flushing Memory

Autumn Dynasty

An exotic painting becomes an epic battlefield in this strategic battle of the barbarians

Barbarians, gunpowder and dragons! The traditional Chinese painting becomes an epic battlefield in Autumn Dynasty—an ink-brush, real-time strategy game set in a mystical, Far-Eastern fantasy world. Direct your armies with brushstrokes in the spirit of classical maneuver warfare—employ terrain, positioning and cunning stratagems to defend your lands and conquer your foes!

Autumn Dynasty

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthday SMS

Auto send SMS to your contacts on their birthday

This basically allows a user to set up time when the device will wake up and check if there are any bdays(after 2 hrs) and if there is then it will send a user configurable message to that contact.
This app also allows the user to add all his contacts bday from contact list to the calendar as an appointment.
NOTE: This app will send messages to only those contacts who have been added thru this app.

Steps to use it:
1. Go to options and add contact Bdays.
2. Set a generic BDay wish message.
3. Set the scheduler default is 00:00Hrs
4. Options-> save and exit.

How It works:
1> Select all the Bday from the contacts in outlook contacts and add those in the calendar as an appointment.
2> User configures a birthday message to be sent thru the SMS to the BDay BOY/GIRL.
3> Select a scedule time at which the app will run and check if there are any bdays to be wished. (threshold time is 2hrs). This is done by creating a notification to save memory and battery.
4> After checking for any bdays the app will reschedule it self for the next day at the same time.
5> If there are bday in calendar it will send a SMS to that contact with ur wish message.


Birthday SMS

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Google Voice Easy SMS

a free application for Windows Mobile that allows easy text messaging (SMS) via your Google Voice account.

It’s free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
Sends messages via the 3G data connection, meaning your outgoing SMS costs you nothing
Interfaces with your phone’s contacts list
Connects directly to Google via SSL to send your message, no man-in-the-middle servers that could potentially harvest your Google Account password
Signature support
Send to multiple recipients at once
Easy SMS will become completely open-source after I get the chance to comment some of the code, tidy up, etc.

Windows Mobile Smartphone (aka Windows Phone); software has been tested on versions 6, 6.1, and 6.5, but the program may work with other versions.
.NET Compact Framework 2.0
A Google Voice account
3G or WiFi connectivity
If your 3G plan charges by the kilobyte, be sure to keep track of your usage; this program uses very little bandwidth, but don’t try to blame data charges on me
You must abide by the Google Voice terms of service when using this program

Google Voice Easy SMS

Sunday, December 20, 2009


HoxMobile is a Chinese Chess (Chinese: Xiangqi, Vietnamese: Cờ tướng) program inspired by HOXChess.

It is developed in C# and requires .NET CF v2.0 to run. The project has been tested on Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, screen size 240x320 (QVGA).


SU: Additions

SU: Additions is freeware subcollection of 20 Addition solitaires

Additions collection includes such games as:
Add Up Tens, Affinity
Base Pyramid, Block Ten
Fifteen Rush, Five Piles
Inverted Pyramid
King Tut
Monaco, Monte Carlo
Pharaohs, Pyramid
Seventeens, Simple Pairs
Thirteens, Triangle

Main Features:
Supports portrait and landscape orientation. Square screens are also supported.
Three card skins with sharp and clear graphics
Categorized solitaires list by game type, playing time and complexity
Editable favorites list
Current game state saved for the last 10 played solitaires
Play modes:
Pocket PC version: drag&drop, tapping or keyboard
Smartphone version: 5-way navigation pad or keypad
Unlimited undo
Show Next Move feature
Card movement animation
Supports timed game
Adjustable game field color (Pocket PC version only) and card back
Advanced Pile View option
Best times table for each solitaire
Statistics for each solitaire
Game rules for each solitaire
Minimum Requirements:
For Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or greater
670K free memory
For Smartphone
Windows Mobile 5.0 or greater
QVGA screen
640K free memory

SU: Additions

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This utility is installed on a windows mobile device and logs all incoming and outgoing calls to the device calendar.

Example: This can be used to log every call you make that needs to be tracked for data/billing purposes.


Manila Profiler

Profile Switcher App in Manila Style.

Manila Profiler

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


GXmark is a free benchmarking utility to evaluate and compare gaming performances of different devices or simply to measure the benefits of overclocking your device.



A tool for calculating various medical equations and scores written in c# with easy extensibility via editing an xml file.

Currently the list of supported equations is quite short being limited to the ones I use regularly:
- creatinine clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)
- Maddrey discriminant function
- Child-Pugh score
- Well's DVT and PE scores
- TIMI score
More will be added on an as required basis.


Monday, December 14, 2009


Type over 50 words per minute!

Move over T9, here comes Swype
Swype works with an on-screen QWERTY keyboard like you have on the tablet version of Windows and on the iPhone. But instead of tapping letters out, you press your finger or stylus on the first letter, then, without lifting it, move it to the remaining letters in the word. When the word is done, then you lift.

It works. Even on tiny small screens, it is intuitive and fast, and you don't even have to run the tutorial. Basically, it's an amazing new input method.

A built-in 65,000-word dictionary corrects obvious and even creative spelling errors. A word menu pops up if the correction is somewhat ambiguous; in our tests, the top choice was usually correct, and it can be selected with a simple swipe upward.

Little tricks make it possible to capitalize words (jerk the stylus up and down) or select double letters (wiggle the pen over a letter).

You can type 55 words per minute on his product. Discount the developer's advantage: Real human beings should be able to motor along at about half that, we estimate. *From Cnet

Main features are...
Simply Trace a Path
The word “quick” was generated from tracing the path shown above in a fraction of a second, by roughly aiming to pass through the letters of the word. A key advantage to Swype is that there is no need to be very accurate, enabling very rapid text entry.

You can go fast and be sloppy. There’s no need to try to accurately hit each key. Just make a reasonable effort to trace through the word and Swype will do the rest.

Easy to Learn
The keyboard layout is QWERTY, so there is virtually no learning curve if you’ve already learned to type on a regular keyboard.

Natural Feeling
The smooth motion of sliding from letter to letter feels very natural, not to mention fast.

Finger-Tip Operation
Swype can be used equally well with either a stylus or your fingertip. You don’t have to be precise; so even if you have a large finger that partially obscures the keys, Swype still works!

You can go even faster since Swype automatically enters spaces for you. (Spaces are prepended in front of each word entered by Swype).

Auto Spelling Correction
Not only can you go fast and be sloppy, in most typical cases, Swype will even correct misspelled words. For example, trace out “freind”, and Swype will automatically generate “friend”.

Capitalization Shortcut
Save time by capitalizing any letter in a word with a simple gesture: just slide from the letter to off the top of the keyboard and then continue entering the rest of the word.

65,000-word Learning Dictionary
Chances are the word you are typing is already in the Swype dictionary. But if it isn’t, just tap it out once followed by a space, and Swype will automatically learn it for next time.

Statistical Tracking
Keep track of your speed using Swype’s built-in statistical tracking.

Accented Characters
Words with accented characters (“diacritics”) require no special action - just Swype the word and the correct spelling will be entered. New words with accented characters can by typed by tapping and holding on the letter to see all possible variations.

Over 50 Symbols
Most common symbols are on the main keyboard layer and can be quickly entered by tapping on the key and sliding off the top of the keyboard. Many other symbols are readily available on Swype’s second keyboard layer.

Automatic Help
Swype detects when you may be having trouble or might be able to benefit from a particular feature, and prompts you with helpful tips and instructions.

Interactive Tutorial
Get up-to-speed quickly with the fun and fast Swype interactive tutorial.

Advanced Features
When the Swype software is first started, it runs a short piece of test code to estimate the overall speed of both processing and file access in its current environment. This estimate is used to establish a default value for a “Swype Operation” parameter that can be adjusted by means of a slider control displayed in the user options.

Input Slider
The slider is labeled at the far left with “Faster Response” and at the far right with “Sloppier Input.” This slider setting controls a broad range of internal parameters that determine the breadth of the initial database search to identify the most likely matching word for each entered input path. It also controls a large number of other thresholds, such as how close the path needs to come near a key in order for that key to be potentially considered as a “match” to the path at that point. The slider is initialized to the determined default value, which results in an average response time of less than 250 milliseconds. This means that, on average, Swype will generate the intended word for an input path within ¼ second of when the stylus or finger is lifted from the screen at the end of the path

Swype is faster than existing text entry methods because it has built-in intelligence that does not require users to hit each letter accurately. Also, tracing a smooth, continuous path is much faster than “target-tap-lift-target-tap...”. Even novice users can quickly achieve sustained data entry speeds of over 40 words per minute.

An application requiring from 500K – 900K (depending on options, when compiled for the Windows Mobile platform).
65,000-word language database with an average size of approximately 250K.
Input path analyzer,
Word matching search engine with accompanying word database,
User interface – which is customizable by OEM’s.

Over 40 words per minute on touchscreen devices
Standard QWERTY layout
Use a stylus or finger
Ideal for all screen sizes and resolutions
Multiple languages compatible
Supports common editing actions
Single Tap Predictive Text
Easy tips and tricks to Swype faster
*Holding extra long on a letter shows all variants that it has (In other languages)

Current language databases:

Known issues:
The programs may have conflicts with latest 6.5 builds.
The program might not work on some none WWE ROMS.
Overlap in some 6.5 ROMs.
Swype’s built-in statistical tracking doesn't work.

Editing .zdb.le files. (.zdb.le files look like main dictionaries of this application, By editing it we are able to add more languages. Their structure is still not described.
Making the program compatible with most applications.
Fixing overlap in some 6.5 ROMs.

Must do/have:
Install to device memory
2mb free memory
Touch Screen
If you are using this input in none WWE ROMs, Copy whole Swype folder from your locale programs folder to /Program Files/ (Device Memory) to get this working. (Solved with new CAB files)
A soft reset feels good after installation (Not necessary)


Friday, December 11, 2009


an application similar to GoogleMaps but relies on OpenStreetMap.

It's finger friendly and showing the map on fullscreen.

GPS support and GSM triangulation (if no GPS device is present) is built in.

The downloaded map tiles are stored on your phone/storage and only new ones are downloaded.

It's tested and working on HTC Diamond (VGA) with internal GPS and on HTC Wizard (QVGA) with external GPS. And it should work on all other devices with .NET CF 3.5 as well.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


GPS2day is the GPS related Windows Mobile application, which was implemented as Today Screen plugin for mobile devices.

Currently GPS2day program works as GPS informer. It shows a various types of information for users, such as:
Current geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude)
Course and speed
Some information about satellites and fix type
Exact current date and time from the satellite atomic clock
And battery life state which is important when you using GPS device



CEntrilo is a client for the Ventrilo voice system.

It just features the basic stuff like

- channel browsing / jumping
- setting / reading comments
- speaking with others
- setting server:port, username and password
- you can get mfcce400.dll below also
- voice recorder button as PushToTalk key if “trigger level” is set to ‘0'
- just click on the empty(!!) PTT textbox and press the key you want to be assigned as PTT key


Monday, December 07, 2009


Watch the image from your pda's camera in a Web browser

This little app is called LiveCam and it allows you to watch what your phone's (rear) camera sees. Currently still images are taken every 5 seconds, and you can only see still images in browser but in future I'ma make it able to transfer real-time video! The app is totally uncustomizable for now. It contains whole lot of bugs. The app consists of 2 parts joined in 1 executable:

- a camera server that takes picture every 5 second
- a small HTTP server that allows you to see the most current image.
App could be possible only thanks to Alex Mogurenko's DirectShow .NET CF
- Copy LiveCam.exe and DirectShow.NETCF.DLL to one folder wherever on your device.
- Ensure you have at least 400kB free space on your device root folder.
- Check your device name in Start > Settings > System > About. E.g. mine is HTC52, some may be Pocket_PC or alike. You may change it for more friendly for you or easier to remember if you want but do it now.
- Connect your phone to WiFi or ActiveSync/WMDC. Wait until the connection is established.
- Run LiveCam.exe. Click "Enable Cam" button (don't worry there's still a camera disabled text, if you see picture from your camera then everything's allright). Click "Enable HTTP" button (same here, don't worry of the HTTP disabled text).
- Run your PC's web browser and point to http://your_device_name:1222/
e.g. http://HTC52:1222/ Should be working.
- If you want to use it via data connection you must first activate it, however it won't work if you don't have external IP service.
- If you want to access it from an Internet computer (not in your subnet), please redirect 1222 port on your WiFi router, check your Pocket PC's IP.

Known bugs/limitations:
- Only 240x320 available res (will be fixed)
- Only still images, no video (5 seconds)
- No auto-refresh in web server must refresh manually to see current image (will be fixed easily)
- No customizable HTML page (will be fixed easily)
- No customizable HTTP port (will be fixed easily)
- No way of turning Flashlight (should be fixed)
- May hang up or eat memory as I didn't try it for longer time. Please always use the Give up button to exit app so that resources are believed to be released then.


Sunday, December 06, 2009


Appointments in Titanium

BlueProdigy is developed it in C/C++ in all of it's doing (animations, overview-update, apointments-scrolling, clock-resizing,...) and using it's own notifications for clock, alarm and calendar. Only the control of menu and language by menu is in mortscript - but that has no effect on performance - because it's only for changing settings.

So - it's extremely fast and has no noticeable effect on battery.

- Portrait & Landscape
- MUCH LANGUAGES already integrated (en,us,de,fr,es,tw,ru,au,it)
- Correct Timeformat & Start of week for this Languages
- You won't be asked for your language - Plugin uses settings of JMLToday to identify your LAnguage
- Full skinable!
- Skin support by menu
- Buttons-Support (JMLPanex) - over full PAnel to expand/collapse/jump to apps/...
- Installed by TICS - so you can use it in each Titanium Theme like Bliss, Neo,... (and can make you special skin for it)

- Settings by Menu:
-- Calendar: Max Days = how much days do you want to see? ( up to 365)
-- Calendar: Max Items = how much appointments should be displayable?
-- Animation-Speed (1-300 ms)
-- Skin-Choice (you can choice of the skins which are in V1 or each other skins you made or downloaded
-- Choice of call of your Apps for Calendar, Alarm, Clock by menu
-- manual calendar update (is done also automatic by system if next appointment shall appear

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Don't steal my phone

DSMP is a software you install on your Windows Mobile phone. Once setup, you'll forget it. It will consume only 100kb of Flash, and no memory.


DSMP provides numerous features not seen yet in competitors' products.
Remotely accessible features:
Wipe your phone personal data remotely (call history + contact + SMS + mail + calendar + storage card), so the thief never know the
Reset the phone remotely (with loop mode, displaying a message between each reset)
Slut mode. In this mode, the phone send a bunch of SMS to the given number with the given message
Get the phone GPS position if available, or at least the complete Cell ID
Ring the phone (even if set to silent mode)
Get all the contact in SIM + last call history
Clear the thief's SIM contacts
Make the thief's call you back
Get the owner information + Cell ID
Password isn't saved in clear, so it's quite impossible to see it


DSMP is coded in clean and simple C++ using WTL for the only config dialog.
There is only few class used, and it's very easy to improve or enhance.
Here's how you'll use the software:
Step 1

Copy both file from archive (name hidden to avoid Google search) on your storage card, or your phone.
With your phone's file explorer, click on the exe file you've just copied to start setup.
Step 2

Picture 1

Don't show this screen anymore.
When enabled, launching this application won't do anything.
To display this screen again, send a SMS to this device with confdlg command.
Recommended value: On when setup is done and working

Monitor SIM changes
The first time you run the software, the IMSI of your own SIM card is read, and used later on.
When enabled, the application is run once after each reset to check the SIM card number.
If it doesn't match the number set below (current card) then a SMS is send to the number given below, containing the new phone number, GPS coordinates if available, and CellID.
Recommended value: On

On new SIM detection send a SMS to
Enter the phone number you want the software to send SMS to. Don't use your phone number as it'll be probably out-of-service when it should be used.
A list of your contact is displayed, but press enter to make sure it's validated.

GPS tries before giving up
The number of times to try to get GPS position before giving up.
Set to 0 if you don't have a GPS.
Recommended value: 50

Provided you know the password, you will uninstall the application while pressing this button.

Configuration done
This install the software and register all COM objects deep inside your device.
WARNING: Once this button is pressed, (and "Don't show this screen anymore" is checked) the software is not accessible anymore (it's not visible anywhere). The only way to see this windows again is to send a CONFDLG SMS.
Only do this once you've checked everything is working allright
It's recommended to soft reset your phone to let the phone load the final configuration

Step 3

Once the software is set up (but before clicking "Done or Ok"), you can send a SMS to check it's working

The sms must use the following syntax:
dsmp # COMMAND # password # optional_reply_number
* with no space around "#", this is to avoid a direct Google search if the thief get the SMS message in clear to understand how it works.

COMMAND is any of:
pos : Get the current GPS position and CellID
whereRU : Ring the phone so you can find it. Please notice that the ring runs even if set to silent, and the ring is unstoppable for 60s.
confdlg : If you've set "Don't display this screen anymore", this is the only way to show the config screen. No password is asked on the config screen. For example, if you've sold your phone forgetting to uninstall the software before, sending this SMS will allow the buyer to change the password to whatever he wants.
kill : WARNING This *destroys* all personal data (including call history, contacts, calendar, email, SMS, storage card). Use this if your phone was stolen and you plan to social engineer (see below).
rst : Soft reset the phone
rstl:msg : Reset the phone in loop, display msg for 20s between each reset. msg must not have any # in it
contact : Get all the SIM card contact and the last call history (useful for social engineer)
slut:msg : Send SMS in loop to the given reply number. You must set a number in the optional_reply_number or you'll receive a crazy bench of SMS. This is useful if you failed to get back the phone, you'll send this command with a taxed reply number.
clearsim : Clear the SIM contacts (don't try this on your phone)
call : Place a call to reply number. The call is visible on the phone, so you should make sure the phone isn't used while doing this, and you should send a 'kill' command to remove call history.
owner : Get owner information (likely the thief will change this, you might get his name), and the complete Cell ID of the phone
Best method to get back your phone if it's stolen

So, first don't try the "American methodTM". Your life and health worth more than a stupid electronic toy.
If you loose your phone, first call your operator to close the line. The chance are high it'll be found by a trustworthy person, that will call you back if you've set your owner informations to another phone number than yours. It's a good idea to give back some money to this person. The justice sometimes require sponsors too.
Well, sadly the world isn't perfect, and you might get your phone stolen, in that case, if everything is set up you'll receive a SMS with the new number, GPS pos + Cell ID.
Then don't be overspeeded.
Once you get the phone number, write it on a paper than send a "kill" command (followed by a "rst" command) so the thief won't have any information about you. Remember the game that you will play next is based on the amount of information you'll dig.

In the following paragraph, I'm using "he" for the thief gender, but you could read whatever you prefer.
You must first get the maximum number of informations about your thief first. It's a good idea to get all the current informations ("contact", "owner", some "pos").
You can send some "pos" early in the morning, or late in the day once it's stabilized you'd now where the thief lives.
Then, if you believe the police will do something with this information, go to the police and give them all the informations.
Else, you'll have to social engineer:
Call the thief, from a phone that is not registered in the yellow page
Don't call him "a thief", but ask if he has found this phone recently, and if he can bring it back to a police station in the next minutes
Likely, he'll lie, telling you it's his phone. In that case, call him by his name (if you have received the owner name), tell him you know where he lives (if you get the GPS position), and some interesting contacts (if you received some) with the phone number of those
Then, try to be as convincing as possible, tell him that you could call the police and let them capture him, but you accept to let him free ONLY IF he goes in the next minutes to the police station to give back the phone
Tell him that he must tell the police that the original SIM card wasn't working so he puts his card inside the phone to get the last number and that the last number called is the one you're calling from. The police will likely call this number.
Tell him that you track him, so you know where he goes and if he doesn't goes to the police right now, you'll call them. Similarly, if he destruct the phone, you'll still call the police.
Likely, if you feel he won't go, you can add a time pressure by telling him you'll call back in few minute (2 mn not much) to know his answer. Just before calling, send a "contact" message to see if he called someone.
If that didn't work, then call him back, and also call someone in his contact list so he can hear the conversation, and tell this person something like:
"Hi this is police officer John Doe, we caught 'thief name' while he stole a phone. He asked us to call you. I highly advise you to come here to the police station + address + get him before he tells too much to convict himself.".
The idea is to make the thief furious, and force him to go the police station before this person arrives there. Tell him that if it brings back the phone NOW, you tell him how to justify this call to this person. (The excuse is simple, "this is a very bad joke from my girlfriend's ex boy")
If that didn't work, and the police doesn't do anything, well you can consider your phone is lost. But don't give up.
You will be able to send a "slut:msg" command to an overpriced number. This will send a bunch of SMS to the given number, charging the thief's bill.
You can also clear his SIM contacts with the "clearsim" contact.
You can also "kill" the phone's data at regular intervals.
You can also make the phone place calls to overpriced phone number with "call" command.
Send some "whereRU" command at 3 AM, it's very irritating.
You can call all the contact number and tell them that he is a thief and he doesn't want to give back your phone.
Most likely, he will destruct the phone. But the trust he'll loose from his friend will hopefully teach him the lesson.

It's very important to know the weakness of a tool before trusting it.
Unless you cook your own ROM, the software won't survive a hard reset. However, it's unlikely the thief knows how to hard reset a phone
In some countries, the phone are locked to an operator, and you must unlock it to use on another operator. This is usually means flashing a rom, and thus you'll loose the software. A solution for this is to SIM unlock your phone before installing the software, so the phone appears to work on any operator
The thief could be very very smart and find the software on the phone and delete it. In order to do so, he must exactly know the software name, where it is and how to delete it. Please notice that the software doesn't appear in "Windows\Start up" folder, nor in any process list (because it's not RUNNING when it's possible to monitor the process). The software is run while the phone starts (and stops before the phone is fully started), and it's started by Windows Mobile upon SMS receiving (and stops after processing the command). The current version doesn't rename the software binary but any later version could, and hide itself by cloaking the executable name.
Only works on Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
Only available in English for now. As there is not much text, translation is welcome
If HTC or any Windows Mobile vendor can hear us, we would be proud if this software would be included in official ROM (we could re-license the software in whatever see fit). We only need 64 bytes to save the owner's genuine information, that could be in dedicated ROM or EEPROM.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009


The application name speaks for itself

Currently the interface is localized in the following languages:
Please look to "Menu" -> "Settings" -> "Language" to find out how to get GoogleTranslator in your native language.


Monday, November 30, 2009


XEyes for Win32 and Pocket PC

This is a port of Xeyes for Pocket PC machines. The eyes follow your cursor around the screen.


Friday, November 27, 2009

BT Spammer

BT Spammer is a tool for one time or periodical "spamming" all nearby Bluetooth devices (in visible mode).

BT Spammer allows users to set up and define own Message (plain text), Business card (vcard), and Picture (jpg).

Support for both Smartphone and Pocket PC platform (WM 5, WM 6, WM 6.1). MS Bluetooth stack required. (It wont work on Motorola smartphones, some HP's, LG's...)

BT Spammer


Find your parked car automatically

Devices running Windows Mobile 5 or later (touch screen).
Internal GPS.
Car charger.
Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5

FindMyCar runs in the background and uses the GPS to estimate where you last parked your car.
The GPS is activated mainly when connected to a car charger to eliminate battery drain.
Once FindMyCar succeeded in estimating your car's position, you can click the car icon. A Google map will show up (for that an internet connection is needed). On the map you will see a red balloon indicating your car's location and a blue balloon indicating your current location (if available).

Your speed is displayed in Windows mobile today screen. (There is a little lag, will try to fix it later).
GPS is kept "hot" when connected to the car charger - meaning that you get immediate fix when launching navigation software or any other software that uses the GPS.
You can now see the time that has elapsed since you last parked.

Install FindMyCar cab file to the device memory (not to storage card).
Run FindMyCar from the programs list.

To find where you last parked your car, click on FindMyCar Today Screen item, or on FindMyCar task bar icon at the bottom of the screen. A FindMyCar window will appear. Click on the FindMyCar car icon (in the middle). Your car's location (red balloon) and your location (blue balloon - if GPS signal is available) will appear on a Google map.
Click the ‘X’ icon to bring FindMyCar back to the background.
You may kill FindMyCar temporarily (till next device reset) by clicking "kill" in the settings window. You can remove it totally simply by uninstalling the application.

FindMyCar uses a virtual GPS port meaning that other applications can access the GPS at the same time, however there might be older navigation software that do not work in this mode. You can try to do a GPS port re-search in your navigation software or kill FindMyCar


Thursday, November 26, 2009


it uses a custom built alphanumeric text cipher to secure just about any text-related operations you can think of.

Enter a message in the interface, followed by a codeword, select 'sneak' or 'unsneak', and hit 'do it'. The app will then either securely encrypt the message, or decrypt it. Maybe good for those couples who both use WinMo

Tech note: Requires .NET CF 2.0 or later


Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a sliding block puzzle invented by Nob Yoshigahara in the late 1970s and first sold in the United States in 1996.

The goal of the game is to get a red car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving the other vehicles out of its way.

The board is a 6x6 grid with grooves in the tiles to allow cars to slide. The game comes with 11 cars and 4 trucks, each colored differently. The cars take up 2 squares each; the trucks take up 3.

Each puzzle card shows how the game is set up. While it is shown exactly which cars/trucks of which colors go where, placing cars of different colors in different squares does not matter since they are equal in size. This still makes it difficult to solve the puzzle using the instructions on the back.

The cards are each numbered. Higher numbers represent more challenging puzzles.

Cars and trucks can only be moved within a straight line along the track. They cannot be rotated.

Rush Hour

Pocket Slider

Slider puzzle for the Pocket PC.

You can select a picture from your phone or take a picture from your camera on your phone. Also, if your phone has an accelerometer, you can shake your phone to scramble the picture. This is the version currently supports screen resolutions of 240x320, 480x800, and 480x640. Now added a cheat to put it back in the correct order. Also, there is a configuration to put numbers on each of the tiles.

Pocket Slider

Dictate Recorder

Pocket Dictate is a Windows Mobile Phone voice recorder.

You dictate directly on your Windows mobile using the buttons on the unit. The software is designed to have all the features you need as easy to use as possible and reliable for day-to-day operation. If you install Dictation Recorder, you will quickly find it will replace your old dictaphone and, it will improve the turnaround on typing. It is suitable for most Windows Mobile Phones. Requirements: Windows Mobile 5 and 6


Record sound, voice, notes, music or any other audio.
Realtime waveform indicate the voice recording.
Storage wav file in a folder choosen.
Save recordings to your hard drive in wav or aiff format.
Designed to be simple and robust for professional and corporate recording applications.

Dictate Recorder

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PIN Manager

Securely store private Info Entries on the mobile phone

The PIN Manager is a free 'mobile safe' for the mobile phone, by means of which confidential information and data can be stored in the mobile phone – password-protected and encoded – such as for example your personal log-on data to the email account, the Messenger or to the online shop. With the picture feature, documents can be photographed with the camera of a mobile phone, assigned to an Info Entry and then safely transmitted to the valuephone account as well. The PIN Manager can also be used independently from the Portal. However, with the use of the Portal, valuephone not only provides a secure data storage (e.g. in case you lose your mobile phone), but also a convenient way to update your data.

PIN Manager

Shopping List Manager

Never forget your shopping lists on your kitchen counter again – simple have them with you on your mobile anytime

The valuephone Shopping Lists Manager conveniently and clearly organizes any number of Shopping Lists. On the mobile and in the personal valuephone user area, Shopping Lists can be set up, edited, saved and used again.
The Shopping Lists Manager has a special "Shopping" mode, which, among other things, provides the feature to mark an item as "Got it". Afterwards, you can hide the found or bought items. This immediately makes your shopping list easier to follow.
If your shopping list is particularly long, the search feature will help you find a specific item. Should you remember another item that you need to buy during your errands, you can simply add it to the shopping list as well and be well prepared for your next trip to the store.
In the overview of all of your shopping lists, you can see which lists you have already been able to completely or partially check off or which are still open. By means of the feature "Reactivate list", you can use the shopping list again for your next shopping errand.
Another tip: Why not just set up the according shopping lists for all of cooking or baking recipes?

Shopping List Manager


GSoudBox is an application for HTC Windows Mobile phones with G-Sensor. It plays a wide variety of sounds. The sounds are triggered by shaking the phone using a variety of gestures.

Compatibility: Windows Mobile 6.x (PocketPC) with G-Sensor
Screen resolution: VGA, WVGA

Main Features:
Wide variety of instrument sounds
Adjust the sensitivity of the G-Sensor
Touch optimized interface
Animated graphics
and much more!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

WIFI Remote Access

Browse the content of your Windows Phone 6.5 or Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 device from your computer's web browser using a WIFI connection without installing anything on your computer!

This free application will allow you to explore the content of your Windows Phone directly from your computer, through a WIFI connection without installing any client software on the computer!
All you need is to open your web browser, and type the IP address of your phone (which is displayed on your phone screen).
You will then be able to browse your data, pictures, and music and send files from your computer to your device. You can see pictures and listen music on your computer directly from the web interface.

It also features a registry editor, for people who like to tweak their Windows Mobile device.

Internet Explorer (6, 7 or 8) users on Windows XP or Vista (with .net framework 3.5 sp1 installed) or Windows 7 (.net framework 3.5 sp1 already included) will be able to browse their pictures from a 3D XBAP (XAML Browser Application) / WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) based user interface (as seen on the screenshots below). They will also be able to upload multiple files at once through this interface.

WIFI Remote Access


a free Google Chat client

Text messages
Finger Touch/Scroll Friend List
Marquee for long status messages
New email notification
Tab based Chatting
Notification on new Message (sound + vibrate)
Detect Invisible Users
Friend list sorted just like Windows client (Gtalk) on basis of availabilty and name.
Cool GUI

NovoTalk is written in C#, so .Net CF 3.5 will be required.
Might not work properly on smartphones.
Tested by on WM 5,6,6.1 and on HTC Touch with WM 6.5


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Find duplicate files in your ROM

The main feature of this program - it compares all the files in given folders binary and it can found duplicates even if the names of files are different.

HOWTO use:
1. Add folder to "Look in" list. You can use drag'n'drop.
2. Select "Search \ Start" from menu, or click "Start" icon on the toolbar.
3. If there are duplicates - you will see them in a list.


MS Voice Command - Advanced Config

This Mortscript app will configure the advanced properties of Microsoft Voice Command.

MS Voice Command - Advanced Config

Friday, November 20, 2009


it is based on ImapPusher 0.61 + (xmapPusher from fixup)

basic features:
# handling with original email programm (poutlook)
it will poll poutlook the send/receiver command if new messages are arraived via:
+ dealing with the profiles from poutlook
+ imap idle support
+ polling support (not ready yet)
+ scheduling of free time ranges
+ a lot of other features ...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Days 2 Birthday

Days 2 Birthday creates a list of birthdays from your Outlook contacts.

The birthday list will be arranged in date order. This will give you a quick look at whose birthdays are coming up and how many days until a birthday event arrives.

Days 2 Birthday

Flash Pimp Clock

A different visual clock, to read the hours see the left vertical columns and for the minutes see the right 5-rows columns.

To use:
- 5 colors to choose from, just press the bottom bar to change colors.
- If you prefer a 12-hour clock, simply click the left numbers after 13h.
- Exit with enter (keypad) or by pressing the top-right area.
- See the "normal" digital clock and date by pressing anywhere else on the screen.

- Needs FLASH 7, if it doesnt exit properly, you dont have it.
- Attached the CAB, already with the WM6.5 icon on install.
- Also added a separated swf file, to see it run on your NOKIA, PC or Throttle Launcher..

Flash Pimp Clock

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Send WinKey

Open Start Menu from exe

Send WinKey is tiny application that is emulating click (rather pressing button) of Windows Key... *
You can use it while binding / mapping your hardware keys (ex Xperia, Touch Pro etc.) when You need the "fast" opening of Start menu (not touching screen but pressing the button...)

Send WinKey

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FindMe by SMS

Replies with an SMS that contains GPS or CellID co-ordinates and a link to website that will show the Google map with that location marked.

Works in background and does not alert user that their location is queried. Restarts automatically if phone is power cycled.

The incoming SMS message must have this keyword:


If PIN protection is enabled the PIN needs to be specified in the incoming SMS message as well, eg:


If GPS is not available then app replies with link that includes the CellID information, and clicking on the link in the SMS message will bring up a map showing location of the phone tower with which the phone is communicating.

Simple to use.
Only starts when SMS received, and stops running after sending response. Does not use any power otherwise.
Developed on HTC Touch Diamond 2, so not sure how the admin screen will look on lower res devices...

FindMe by SMS


Free Bazi (八字) Plotting Tool for PocketPC

Ever wonder what your birthdate and birthtime has impact to your life and existance? Ever wonder when is the best time to start a project? the best time to get married?

With this free tool, you can "read" into the future and as well as your past.

Introducing the free edition of DM4PChart v1.00, the free tool that allows you to plot your 4 Pillars ( or Bazi ) for free on your Pocket PC!

This tool allows you to plot from year 1912 to 2049!

System Requirements

PocketPC Ver 4 and above, Windows Mobile
Less than 2 Mb of Space

Unzip the file, DM4PChartv1.01 Installation (PocketPC).zip
Copy the DM4PChart_PocketPC.CAB file to a removable storage (like SD, CF card)
Slot the SD, CF card into your PocketPC
Use the File Explorer in your PocketPC and click on the


Monday, November 16, 2009

Patient File

Patient Management for OB / GYN Doctors.

A unique and handy patient management database for the busy OB / GYN. Keep track of your patients information in a secure solution.

Patient File allows you to keep track of Rh, strep, blood type, LMP/EDD calculations, gestational age, parity, HIV, and other important information.

Patient File


This program is a pocket manual on the knots, besides the information of the single knots, you will find the animate instructions to be able to realize it.

It requires:
6 Mb of space
Compac Framework 3.5
it works with the resolutions 240x320-480x640-240x400-480x800


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fusion Voicemail Plus

Visual VoiceMail for all

Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0, a free, downloadable visual voicemail application by PhoneFusion, gives Windows Mobile phone users with wireless data and text messaging plans the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see—right on the device screen—a list of their voicemail messages. It also allows users to listen to voicemails directly from their phone.
A new feature—exclusive to Windows Mobile users—is that for the first time mobile consumers can receive faxes right on their smartphone. Users can use their existing mobile number or register a new number to receive faxes.

Another feature developed exclusively for Windows Mobile users is the ability to easily forward voicemails to any e-mail address or another Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox. Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 also integrates with the user’s address book and expands the ability to use touch screen gestures to navigate through messages.

Fusion Voicemail Plus comes with many features, including:

The ability to synchronize multiple voicemail boxes to one location.
The ability to view and listen to voicemails right from your phone.
The ability to send SMS (text) messages to the person who left you the voicemail. Send the message directly from the Forward voicemails application to other users on the system or through e-mail.
True Caller ID Delivery on each voicemail. If the caller is not in your phonebook, Fusion Voicemail displays the information from the phone company as the caller ID.

Fusion Voicemail Plus


Fullscreen torch application

Does your phone or PDA not have an external light on it? Do you want to use your phone's screen as a light?

This app lets you quickly create a white screen to use as a torch.

* Single tap of the screen to make the whole screen turn white. Tap again for the menu.
* Switching to fullscreen, backscreen brightness is set to maximum. Old settings are restored when fullscreen is exited.
* Minimise to program menu. So you can quickly switch between this and Windows Mobile itself, without closing the app.

Future versions
* Different colour screen.
* Gestures.

* Needs .NET Compact Framework 3.5+.
* Should work on all Windows Mobile devices.
* Non-touchscreen compatible (Windows Mobile Standard).



Windows Mobile 5+ Google Voice Dialer

No Data plan required. (Uses dial method)
Based on HTC "Black" dialer.

Integrates with contacts...shows contact picture and FileAs entry with your google number when connected.

One click GOOG-411.
PocketPC only (touchscreen Professional)
Adds Icon to Today Screen/Desktop tray for one click access.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Auto Answer Auto Speakerphone

This application allows auto answer for incoming calls and automatically turns speakerphone on without pressing any buttons on windows mobile professional devices.

The application is not code signed therefore you have to grant access if your device is appication locked.

1) The application should be running to enable the features to work.
2) The talk after (0-30) seconds should the less than the value set for call forwading otherwise your incoming calls will go to voicemail.
3) Assign a hardware button to the application to allow easy access. (Personally I use AE Button Plus to get more button options, I dont know if there are free alternatives)
4) On exiting the program your phone settings will be retained.

Q - I have installed myCar Profile but the app does not answer incoming calls
A - Ensure talk after (0-30) seconds is less than the value set for call forwading otherwise your incoming calls will go to voicemail. Also some lock screen software and call intercepting software may be interfering with myCar Profile. Add the app to the exclusion list or change appropriate settings such as [Don't use KeyBoard Hook = OFF in S2U2.] You may also disable offending software temporarily.

Auto Answer Auto Speakerphone

Friday, November 13, 2009

kAmMa's PokerTimer

This application is primarily developed for WVGA devices and tested on HTC Touch Diamond2.
It supports both main Poker tournament types - freezout and rebuy (with or without addon).

To-Do :
Switch between Freezout / Rebuy

This application requires .NET Framework 3.5

Version history:

- elapsed time in format h:mm:ss
- added graphical representation of level elapsed time

- bugfix: reset timer/settings when leaving Setup page

- added VGA support
- added Load/Save profiles

- added "Ante" support
- added Elapsed time for tournament

kAmMa's PokerTimer

Thursday, November 12, 2009


SuperCounter is a small application created to help you keep in mind the numbers you are counting.

You can reset the counter at anytime and you can turn of your phone and continue the counting the next day.... It saves the numbers....

SuperCounter is freeware but you can donate to the project using paypal.
If you donate 4 euro or more you will get some extra features in the aapplication. You will recive a key-file that will give you the posibillity to logg all your counting in a log, internal wiever for logfile inside SuperCounter and a windows-application that can show and print (and export to PDF) your log.


- Tap Green button to count.
- Tap Red button to reset.
- Tap Help to show Information.
- Tap LOG to show log-window and LOG-commands(Only for donators).



Adapting Menu Bar for WM6.5.x

this little app will customize the default behaviour of buttons.

Current features:
- Tap on close button: close the current app.
- Tap&Hold on close button: minimize the current app (default WM behavior).
- Tap on start button: launch a program(configurable on HKCU\Software\xTep\AMeBa\StarTapRun, by default quickmenu.exe)
- Tap&Hold on start button: launch default start menu (honeycomb).

Future features:
- Configurable behaviour for Tap/Tap&Hold on both start and close button.
- Run the app as service.
- User interface to configure the app.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Gapple is small and funny bubble game

The game is deticated for HTC Touch Pro and HTC Diamond.

The objective is very simple - score hitting positive bubbles and play as long as you can!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


a scripting tool which helps dump whatever you want from HaRET.

in other words: you will be able to dump your device, without needs of PC or USB or knowledge about this process

Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5
NetCF 2.0 or greater

Copy into root of your SD card: HaRET.exe and HaretScripting.exe
Run HaretScripting.exe and choose your script set
Use [HaRET] button, which will run HaRET.exe into Listen mode (port 9999).
Use [Execute] button, which will execute scripts shown below device selection listbox (disabled for now)



Say It. Get it.

With Tellme :
- Voice to Text Messaging.
- Voice Activated Dialing.
- Web Search.
- Businesses.
- Stocks.
- Sports Scores.
- Weather.
- Movies.
- Traffic.
- GPS enabled.


HTC Calculator

HTC Calculator – All Resolutions

This is the New HTC Calculator Build 1920 from HTC Leo. Its available in all resolution.

HTC Calculator

Monday, November 09, 2009

Kombat Fatalities

This application simply lets you carry a “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe” fatalities guide with you on Windows Mobile

Application Information:
Program Name: Kombat Fatalities.
Platform: Windows Mobile/Windows Phone.
Prerequisites: .Net Framework 3.5.
Screen Resolution supported: VGA, WVGA, QVGA.
Developer: Adel Ammari (AMNYA).

Kombat Fatalities