Friday, August 29, 2008

File Explorer Extension

Very useful File Explorer Extension

Requirements: PC2003, WM5, WM6

When it comes to file operations, the default Windows Mobile File Explorer is quite limited. This is a freeware by Hou Ming that addresses all the missing features that should have been included in the Windows Mobile stock File Explorer.

Here are some of the fantastic “must have” features it adds:

# Resizable header for easy sorting by file name, date of last modification or size
# Tree view of folders; you can now jump easily from a location to any other on your device in one step
# Show extension option for those who ask themselves the same question I do: “What type of file is this?”
# Icon view that enables the display of files as icons similar to your desktop computer
# Real time image preview; now you don’t have to open several files in order to send the one you desire
# Open with Program allows you easily select an application to open the specific file you select (useful in case you don’t have the correct file associations or when you want Album app to open your images instead of Windows default picture viewer.)
# File property context menu for easy renaming and attribute changing
# Open all executables with Parameters in case you need a special parameter when launching an application
# Sending shortcut to Programs for instant shortcut creation of executables placed directly in Programs folder in Start Menu.

By Hou Ming


Customize your PIE bookmarks!


* Compatible with WM2003,WM2003SE and WM2005 devices.
* Full VGA support !
* Add PIE favorites
* Delete PIE favorites
* Modify PIE favorites
* Pre-visualisation of Favicons
* Fully localizated software (English, French, *)

JDH Software


Customize your File Explorer!


* Compatible with WM2003,WM2003SE and WM2005 devices
* Full VGA support : application and skins
* Customize the icons of folders in file explorers
* Multi-skins support and skin file type
* Create/Delete folder's shortcut in start menu
* Read-only file type
* Professionnal interface with wizard
* Fully localizated software (English, French, *)
* More...

IconXT is compatible with the built-in file explorer, Wisbar Advance Desktop,Total commander,....
IconXT is partially compatible with Resco Explorer until 5.40. Stay stuned! Keep also an eye on the next Virtual Explorer !
But IconXT is not compatible with Gsfinder+.

JDH Software

Hide Folders

This will toggle the hidden state of your phone's folders.

johncmolyneux of XDA-Developers


Sunscape is an opensource alternative to the iPhone lock and similar to A_C's great S2U2.

Sunscape tries to allow the user to fully configure the screen locker down to the very last details as well as maintaining a small memory footprint and trying to be as compatible as possible with very many different devices.

- WM5/6
- Compact Framework 2.0
- Install to DEVICE and NOT storage card (thanks pilgrim011)

- fully configurable interface (including graphics etc...) based on a documented XML file.
- support for time, date, appointments.
- support for weather.
- support for battery, messages, notes, emails etc...
- uses pressure-points instead of "slide to unlock", future releases will include other nifty ways to unlock based on touch.
- has a small memory footprint and triggers based on time and load opposed to OEM "backlight" triggers.
- can hotswap portrait vs landscape, ie, it will automatically switch to landscape or portrait mode if this is activated by the user.
- has _separate_ configuration options for both modes.

and... many more...

SevenRains of XDA-Developers

My IDD Dialer

With the advent of more low-cost Voip IDD services, one may wish to store a few favorite IDD services.


* Manage IDD profiles
* Dial contact with selected IDD prefix
* Currently supports only Home, Work & Mobile numbers from PocketOutlook Contact items

The UnSub

Thursday, August 28, 2008


uTrack can be used to track mobile devices in a passive, non-intruisive way.

It can be configured to publish the location of a Windows Mobile powered device to any website or webservice. The only requirement is that HTTP GET request can be used.

The different items of information that can be published are:

* Longitude / Latitude
* DeviceID
* Date and time

When run, the application only shows a notifyicon and stays dormant until another application uses the GPS Intermediate driver. When the GPS device gets a fix on the position, uTrack will publish this information to the URL specified in the configuration window.

uTrack features:

* A lightweight Windows Mobile client whose sole purpose is to monitor and publish GPS coordinates.
* Four different parameters can be used in the GET request: Longitude, Latitude, Date/Time and the deviceID.
* The request can be tested using a easy to use option which opens the configured URL The uTrack settings screen in the default browser.
* A non-intrusive notify-icon to indicate GPS monitoring is active.
* Both support for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 powered devices.
* Auto start monitoring on device reset.
* GPS Intermediate Driver support.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Count

dartscore tracker

The Count
The Count is a program to keep track of your dart score. Click the field that you threw and The Count will do the counting for you. It will also keep track of the legs you won and give you suggestions for the possible check out.

Supports qvga and vga screens
Supports ppc2003, WM5 and WM6

System requirements
.NET Compact Framework 2.0
portrait screen (square screens are not supported).


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


a finger freindly stock tracker

Currently, you will be able to enter stocks and view the delayed trading price. Soon I will add stock history. This has been tested on my Diamond (vga), and works on the qvga emulator. Should be easy to use... Just press the right menu button. I will monitor this thread to answer questions.

And, btw... it is unsigned and required compact framework 3.5.

rklosinski of XDA-Developers

Throttle Lock

ThrottleLock is a little app to lock your device. It will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points.

Important: the default code is to click on the first point (the one on the top left corner).

By default the device will be locked automatically when goes into suspended state. Optionally you can also turn it on by executing the link at Startmenu > Programs > ThrottleLock. If you don't want the davice to automatically lock remove the link placed at \Windows\Startup.

Throttle Launcher

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


GPS2Clipboard gets the GPS position data and copy them to the clipboard from where they can be pasted to any application with a paste command (for example an SMS or e-mail editor).

As different programs may use different GPS data formats GPS2Clipboard can format them as sexagesimal, fractional, decimal and as a Google Maps link ready to be pasted in an Internet Browser or a Google Kml placemark ready to be used by Google Earth.
Moreover, GPS2Clipboard show visually the quality of the GPS signal to help in obtaining a good position data.

oruam57 of XDA-Developers


To copy folders as part of the UC process.

* .Net CF 2.0
* UC (Of course).

*Download the Zip file and extract xcopyce.exe onto your the root of your storage card.
*Add the following lines to your UC File

CPY1:\Storage Card\xcopyce.exe

DaveShaw of XDA-Developers

Large Text Scroller

You type in text then hit the button and that text will scroll across the whole screen infinitely.

I made it in flash and you type in your text, up to 15 characters then hit the button and there ya go. Scrolling. Large. Just copy the .exe to your device/card and run. It works good on Omap devices but better on 400mhz+ devices. I currently don't have a SmartPhone so if anyone could try it on smartphone and let me know if it works that would be great. I'm not sure if you can get into the text box without tapping it.

juiceppc of XDA-Developers

Sunday, August 17, 2008


A finger friendly file explorer

GSlide, "Generic Slide", is simply a explorer with a kinetic slider interface.

Right now it explores only files and folders, but pretty soon you will be able to iterate xml. Or any structured data actually.

For now it is only a viewer, so it wont mess around with files and should be harmless. Of course, as usual, no guarantees of any sort are given ;)

To install just drop the folder into your Programs folder. It works wherever you place it, but I have set up some example shortcuts with command line arguments which assume that you put it at the default location.


Saturday, August 16, 2008


UnlimitedCallLog is a simple program to provide you with real unlimited call log for Windows Mobile devices.

It records and categorizes all your incoming/outgoing phone calls and keep them in a text file.

To install, copy the two binary files to the same directory on your device.
The bottom-left button will enable/disable the program, and the top four small buttons filter the call log as: All, Answered, Outgoing, Missed.

DairyKnight's Blog

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cycle Profile

Cycle through "On", "Vibrate" and "Mute"

I made a "quick and dirty" utility to cycle the sound profile every time it runs. I did it to use it with my rlToday setup.

To install it: unzip and put the .exe anywhere on your device.

To use it: just run it. No GUI, no settings...

The program runs, checks the current sound profile and activates the "next" one. The sequence is: "On" >>> "Vibrate" >>> "Mute" >> "On"...

hypest of XDA-Developers

GeoTerrestrial GPSToday

GeoTerrestrial GPSToday offers a mind-boggling array of intuitively accessible features hidden behind a unique and clever interface.

* It utilizes intelligent algorithms to always maintain and display a fix on your position right on your today screen, without draining the battery.
* Always see your full street address, not just geo-coordinates.
* GPSToday always shows the distance to the nearest contact from your device's address book.
* Single tap to create a new contact with your current location as the address, or save the current location as an existing contact's address. Imagine not having to type the full street address on the PPC keyboard!
* You will never need the stylus to use GPSToday!
* Speed, heading and satellite data is shown clearly on the today screen whenever the GPS is running.
* In-pocket tap protection. A single tap on the today screen only operates the GPS in quick fix mode. To fully start the GPS in continuous mode requires an iphone like sliding motion, guaranteeing no pocket accidents.
* Single tap from the today screen to access fully draggable online maps!
* Always see all your address book contacts on the map. Just tap a contact to quickly call/email or send sms.
* Single tap from today screen to quickly do a yahoo local search around your current position and see the results on a live map. Just tap a result to call or open the website.
* High quality Yelp Reviews for local search results!
* Fetch the full street address for any point on the map.
* GPSToday automatically disables data access when your device goes into roaming mode.
* Install the GeoTagger add-on to have pictures automatically geo-tagged with current location!
* You can also manually geotag single or sets of pictures by selecting the desired location on the map.
* Supports 240x320, 480x640 VGA, 240x240 and 320x320 resolutions
* Now includes GeoTerrestrial GeoWeather which always shows you the current weather for your current location right on the today screen.
* Now includes GeoTerrestrial GeoLogger which allows for automatic logging of position updates to a file.
* And many more features.
* Best of all, its free!

GeoTerrestrial GPSToday

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dual SIM Today

Here it is a Today Screen plugin that allows the display of the IMSI code (or a custom label for it) of the current active Sim. Works for all dual Sim solutions allowing to always know which is the SIM in use.

From my personal experience I prefer the use of simple power on-off solutions because they consume the same amount of energy of a normal SIM. The digital solutions provide a nice STK application but the resource consumption is not acceptable (especially for HTC Hermes). This plugin solve the main problem of the simple power on off Dual Sim holders: knowing which is the active Sim.

Configure your custom labels in the Today option dialog for the specific item (Dual SIM Today).

Pelargonium of XDA-Developers

My TodayThemeChanger

Use TSK file that is not located in the //windows , //My documenst folder or the root of a storage card.

just copy to your device ands start the program.
Select a TSK file (does not matter where the location is).
Click apply and you are all set


No more cabs and registry editing!

Just copy your favorite fonts to a folder placed in the root and run ppcChangeFonts. No install required.

Requires: .NETCF 2.0

g77 of XDA-Developers

Makisu XML Maker

Need to create and import your e-mail and wireless account settings?!?!

Makisu is a Mortscript-based utility to create and provision XML files. Specifically, it creates XML files to set up e-mail and wireless accounts based on the settings you provide. For more information please read the documentation or check out the video tutorial!

bengalih of XDA Developers

Friday, August 08, 2008

OS Contacts Manager

A tool to edit contacts by batch.

With OS Contacts Manager, you can easily choose several contacts and change their Category, Ringtone, and Oist SMS tone, or delete them simultaneously.

Note: If you have a large collection of contacts, it will take some time for the application to load.

Download Video Preview

Download ZIP File


A tool to check your all current settings about the enabled network adapters.

This means, that when you establish some connection like ActiveSync/WiFi/3G/GPRS/CSD and run NetInfoBox (or by hitting Refresh button if the tool is already is up), you will be able to see everything about this connection like:
- Status and type of selected adapter
- MAC address
- IP address
- Network mask
- Primary DNS
- Primary WINS
- Speed limit
- ID of the adapter

aDEO of XDA-Developers


Free Computer Algebra System for Windows Mobile!

PocketCAS offers you quick access to solutions of mathematical problems on your PDA.

PocketCAS is a free interface to the open-source Computer Algebra System giac/xcas.
xcas enables you to quickly solve complex algebraic problems, e.g. symbolic and numeric integration and derivation of non-trivial functions, solving differential equations etc. It has also a huge support for problems of linear algebra, like solving linear equation systems, multiplying and inverting matrices, finding eigenvalues (and eigenvectors, of course) and much more. If you do statistics or number theory, you will like xcas' great functionality in those areas, too!



WMMiniBattery is a Windows Mobile 2003/5/6 software which shows the battery status at the top of the screen with a tiny (3 pixels) bar.


EdgeWay SmartPhone Utils

Collection of utilities that enable you to reboot your smartphone, turn off your screen, memory stats, countdown timers, unit converter and quick access to useful Windows Mobile features.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008


mToday is an application for you to switch between two today screen profiles to enable/disable pre-defined today plug-ins quickly and conveniently.

Usage Notes
1. Tap on the settings icon (second from the right) to go to the settings page.
2. Tick the today plug-ins you wish to enable for each of the 2 profiles.
3. Go the menu and save the profiles.
4. In the main screen, you can click one of the 2 icons from the left to switch to profile 1 or 2.
5. Alternatively, you can use the shortcuts created from the settings screen to trigger one of the profiles immediately.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

SpoonAlarm 2

Turn your Windows Mobile ® device into a useful alarm clock with the SpoonAlarm.

The SpoonAlarm is a simple and useful alarm application, combining a friendly interface with a loud mp3 based alarm capabilities.

With a couple of clicks—you can setup your next alarm, select your favorite mp3 song, configure your preferable snoozing option and all—using a friendly user interface designed to work with no stylus.

Designed to replace the default Windows Mobile ® alarms functionality, the SpoonAlarm is simple and intuitive to use, and includes few ‘must have’ features like:

² Finger Friendly user interface

² Support for both mp3 and wave files (to wake up with)

² Recurring Alarms

² Configurable Snooze

² 2-3 Clicks to configure alarm

What's new?
1. Recurring Alarm

2. Save settings on close

3. Support for both mp3 and wav files

4. New snoozer that also plays the songs (instead of opening Media Player)

5. More snooze options

6. Tray icon for easy access to the SpoonAlarm from the today screen

7. Auto start on star-up.

8. Bugs fixes


Brins0net EventSounds

A simple program for modifying the sounds made on certain system events.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Vasquez Talk To Me

Speaking clock

The file setup.exe modifies the few settings for the app.
Actor - which sounds set to use (only default available for now);
Format - hh mm only for now, to be joined by "o'clock", "and a half", "quarter to" and so on;
AM/PM - use am/pm or not where appropriate;
12/24 - use a 12 or 24 hours cycle.
Note that using 24 hours the AM/PM setting is ignored.

degritxda of XDA-Developers


Turn your WM device into a digital watch with the SpoonWatch!

The SpoonWatch will present the date and time on your mobile device with big fonts, easily readable during the night and all with zero clicks.

SpoonWatch Features:

² Big and Clear fonts— for night use.

² Automatic popup after turning on the device (can be turned off)

² Option to leave the screen ‘on’ for a period of time (configurable)



Turn your Windows Mobile device into a friendly handwriting tool with the SpooNotes.

If you are looking for ways to take notes quickly and easily (and think that using the virtual keyboard is not that convenient)—SpooNotes is the perfect solution for you!

Features List:

þ Different pen width and color

þ Different notes colors

þ Smart writing surface:

- Auto-expand option (while writing!)

- Easy navigation through the note

þ Unlimited undo

þ Zoom options

þ Save notes as jpg’s or png’s

þ Open from list, browse thumbnails, etc.

þ Send notes via mail

þ Pin notes (popup when device turned on)

þ Picture notes (take a picture and write on it!)

þ Screen orientation

þ Invoke from phone call (shortcut appears when talking)



LnkMgr is a link creator and editor for the Pocket PC.

It allows a user to effortlessly create and catagorize links in the Start Menu folder.


is the Programs folder located in StartMenu
If nothing is specified it will go into the StartMenu

To Create a Link: Simply change the catgory in the category dropdown to another catgory.

To Modify a Link: Simply select a different category from the category dropdown

To Delete a Link: Simply select the empty '' option from the category dropdown

To Create a Category: Click Menu and select Categories...

Derek Souers