Wednesday, October 22, 2008


finger-friendly "new appointment" tool

This little application allows you to quickly type a new appointment without using the stylus. It's a finger-friendly tool, very simple and easy to use.
For my job this tool is very useful, I hope will be the same for you too!

Omar68 of XDA_Developers

Simple Clock

Very simple clock application.

Instructions :
Just extract it and run the exe on your ppc

Requirments :
Windows Mobile 5/6 & 6.1 (tested on WM 6.1, HTC Wizard)
.NET CF 2.0

ather90 of XDA-Developers


The PDA Text Editor is a simple application that runs from your storage card on your PDA.

It not only runs from the card but it also saves all its text files there so you never loose them. And its totally free.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


You and the bounty hunter join forces to collect all the treasures, candies and gifts while eluding (or preferably destroying) evil guards who are trained to kill.

Put on your thinking torque, because there are a lot of riddles that need guessing if you want to make it through all of the levels.

You’ll see a multitude of Christmas backgrounds and hear original soundtracks. Make the holiday season even more magical, and download X-MAS Runner LITE.



Customize vibration on phone ring

This small program allows customizing vibration incoming call alerts.
Windows based phones vibrate either before the ring or constantly during the ring.
Having a short ringtone can possibly solve this problem, but with long mp3 ringtone the phone will constantly vibrate during the ring.

This program will enable Windows Mobile phones to produce short vibrations when the phone rings.
Vibration patterns can be easily changed by the user.
Possibly to match vibration patterns to the ringtone, so the phone will vibrate in a rhythm.

Very low (~11K) memory usage

This software is a freeware.

How to use
1. Install the CAB
2. Soft reset the device or manually run \Program files\VAlert\VAlert.exe
3. The program is hidden by default. To display program window (if needed), run the program again
7. In Phone->Options make sure ring type is Vibrate and Ring
4. Edit script.txt to change vibration pattern. Every line in the file is a pair of vibration length and note pause
5. From the program window run Menu->Test to test the created pattern
6. Perform Menu->Hide to hide program window

ochakov of XDA-Developers

Friday, October 17, 2008


Omnia like widgets


- Haptic feedback. When clicking on widget buttons you'll feel a small vibration.
- Can be run as a Today Plugin. (It must be the only one selected)
- Multiple Layouts/Pages support (up to 4).
- Support for Landscape/Portrait modes.
- VGA/QVGA/WQVGA support.
- Extensible/Open architecture. Anyone can create it's own widgets just using flash. If you need something "special" and know some C#, you can extend available commands through a custom assembly.

Implemented Widgets:

- Analog Clock
- Diamond like Clock
- Background Image Changer
- Bluetooth State (Can turn on/off)
- Wi-Fi State (Can turn on/off)
- Quick Dial.
- Layout swapper.
- Locker (locks widget dragging)
- Calendar (when tapped will link to \Windows\Calendar.lnk)
- Shortcuts Widget. This widget allows creating shortcuts to exe/lnk files. You can drop the widget as many times as you want.
- Missed Calls. Shows the number of missed calls. When double tapped will take you to the missed calls log.
- "Profile" changer. Lets you switch between On/Vibrate/Off modes.
- Weather. Shows you the weather for today. Current temperature and forecasted Min/Max for today.
- SMS information. Once you drop this widget once, if you remove it, it'll spawn automatically the next time you have an SMS message on the same possition you had placed it.

nicodega of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices.

It keeps track of your distance, speed and altitude.

G-Watch is in a very early development state therefore don't expect too many features - they will come soon!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Wauw! beta

Free entertainment on your mobile phone.

Get started with Wauw! now by opening with your mobile phone browser, and enjoy all our free entertainment!

Or go pro for FREE and enjoy your own media - download Wauw! Studio to your PC and use your phone to listen to all your music, hundreds of internet radio stations, access all your image files or chat with your friends via their desktops or social networks.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


following the time of the day

To install it :

1. Mortscript 4.1 or 4.11b must be installed on your ppc
2. Extract the archive into your Storage Card root directory (you should have a "\Storage card\AutomaticWallpaperChanger" directory next) and eventually put you own "xx.jpg" pictures (where xx is between 00 and 23) in the AutomaticWallpaperChanger directory
3. then launch the AutomaticWallpaperChanger.mscr (select the "Reinstall" option if you have used an older version).

Note : you can extract the archive in another directory if you want but don't forget to modify the AutomaticWallpaperChanger.mscr file according to this (beware to the "Moondir" and "Storage" values)

gorrunwe of XDA-Developers

Registry Changer Cab Creator

This tool will create a CAB file for Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 containing any of the selected registry entries.

If you uninstall the cab file, all registry entries will be reset back to normal. Check the options below that you would like to include in your cab file. These registry changes should work for WM6.0 and 6.1 devices. Use at your own risk.

Registry Changer Cab Creator


Tab-based and Finger friendly Text Editor for Microsoft Windows Mobile

NeboPad is a simple, but flexible text editor for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. It started out as a desire to have a Notepad like program for the Pocket PC. But why stop there! NeboPad is a tab-based text editor that allows you to have multiple documents open at the same time.


* Basic text editing functionality: cut, copy, paste, undo, save, save as, etc..
* Find and replace text within a document
* Favorites: Keep a list of frequently used documents
* Recent: Review recently edited documents
* AutoSave: NeboPad can be configured to auto save documents on a timer you configure (See Settings in the application)
* Full Screen mode: Run the editor in full screen to see even more text


Saturday, October 11, 2008

GB-SOFT GPRS & Audio Tweak

GPRS under control

Simple installation & Control panel

Switch GRPS always On/Off hold till for following connection.



VirusChaser is about preventing a virus from escaping!

Each turn, you can plot a single wall to try and block the virus, and it'll then move 1 tile towards the exit...

Each time you manage to capture it'll, you'll have to restart with 1 less wall at the beginning... How good a Virus Chaser can you get ?

XFlib Games

Diamond Profile Switcher

with this tool you can switch between 'volume on' and 'vibrate' by shaking your phone

Just run it and click on 'Hide', so that it always run in background.

Please test it and tell me if the sensivity is ok and if it's not drain your battery to much.

sushilange of XDA-Developers

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fake Call [beta]

A secret weapon against boring meetings and bad dates.

Fake Call is a quick and easy way to "call yourself" in order to politely escape social situations.

While pretending to receive a phone call is possible without any special software, this usually takes too many awkward key presses and fumbling. Fake Call makes it as easy as pressing 1 button, and provides an extremely realistic incoming call experience. It also includes powerful scheduling and personalization features in a simple, unobtrusive user interface.


* Schedule a Fake Call in advance, or generate one on demand.
* Simple, touch-friendly user interface to quickly schedule a call using predefined intervals (5 minutes to 1 hour).
* Select a caller from your phone's Contacts. The selected contacts photo and phone number appear when the phone rings.
* Totally realistic incoming call experience using your phone's default ringtone and profile settings.
* Fast, small and optimized for Windows Mobile using native C++ code. Does its job and gets out of your way quickly.

Trinket Software

Butterfly Game

Butterfly Game is puzzle fun for everyone.

You'll need to match sets of three or more like-colored bubbles to rescue as many butterflies as you can. Use your stick to slide rows of captured butterflies. You must hurry before time is over!

Supported languages: English, Polish.

Minimum requirements: Windows Mobile 2003.

Butterfly Game


PsychoTest is a tiny little Program to test your psychologic Condition.

It asks you some Questions and you have to answer them with Multiple Choice Answers. At the End PsychoTest shows you the Result as a Rating Text. You can even create your own Tests by using the easy Script Language. Up to 999 Tests with each 100 Questions (with optional a Picture) and each 10 Answers are possible by 10 Rating Texts per Test.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vibrate On Connect

This feature has been lifted from Diamond where the phone vibrates when a call actually gets connected so that you don't have to hold the phone to your ear unnecessarily.

This small utility has the foll. features :
1. Vibrates on Incoming / Outgoing calls
2. Vibrates only when the call is actually connected
3. Also vibrates when a call disconnects.

Tested on my Moto Q GSM.

'SmartPhones only' for now ...

Requires .Net Compact Framework 2+

shaileshashar of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Golf GPS

Golf GPS is a program written for Windows Mobile PDA's and Cellphones that have either GPS built in, or are connected to a GPS receiver (both Compact flash and Bluetooth should work).

Very simple to use, with or without touchscreen. Gives exact yardage to Front, Middle and Back of the Green. Also will tell you how accurate of a GPS fix you currently have. Making courses couldn't be easier with the help of the Course Designer(See Below). Also, courses made with the course designer are availible for everyone to download and use.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


WMRegOptimizer is a small tool that tries to optimize registry access - "defrag" it, if you will.It doesn't perfectly defrag it, but it goes a long way. This results in somewhat faster registry access for applications where this is the bottle-neck.

So this speeds up my device?
Not really. It lowers latency for certain system calls, which may result in some things being a bit faster. It doesn't magically make your device faster, but it may be more responsive in some situations.

Install the attached CAB on your device, and run WMRegOptimizer from your start menu.

Before pressing Go, make sure you do the following things:
- Close all running applications
- Uncradle the device
- Put the device in airplane mode
- Be sure your battery isn't on the low side

After the app says it's done, close it, and soft-reset your device.

The app may appear to freeze at times. Do not soft-reset or terminate the app. It will continue. The entire process may take up to 5 minutes.

Things going wrong is unlikely but by no means impossible, we want to minimize that chance. We do this by making sure as few apps and services as possible are using the registry. Mucking about with the registry is a dangerous thing, and if things do go wrong, often a hard-reset is needed to put things right again.

Why soft-reset
Some apps 'monitor' the registry, these will be informed of the changes. This is why you may for example get a QuickGPS popup or your backlight will go to full-power all of a sudden when the app is running. Soft-resetting makes these apps reread the correct data from the registry. The whole operation also messes with the registry a LOT, and this slows down the device as well (probably a bug or memory/handle leak in registry handling somewhere in WM). Again, soft-resetting clears this up.

This tool has been tested on my Raphael (Touch Pro), Diamond and Kaiser (TyTN II), and seems to work fine. Your milage may vary. The interface isn't much, but hey, it's about what it does

Chainfire of XDA-Developers


TouchLaunch is simple application launcher, which scans start menu shortcuts, and list them alphabetically.

Kind of similar to scoll launcher
but this has new quick alphabetic scroll function. This is very early alpha and my first program release.

-finger scrolling
-quick alphabet shortcuts
-skinnable ( only color modification for now )

avellant of XDA-Developers

Saturday, October 04, 2008


This is a little application that will simulate key presses (on the D-pad) or scroll while you tilt your device.

It will soon be usable in many games (e.g. racing games where it isn't really great to use the D-Pad). It is actually usable with a lot of desktop-softwares, like Manila, etc...

The application is at its very first beta release now and so you WILL encouter bugs and IT WONT be stable so try it if you want to but don't wine, instead post constructive suggestions, please.

Here is some explanations about the control panel:

Application name: This is where you introduce the application's name (the one which appears on the top of the window)
Tilt key: Which key the software simulates when you tilt your device to the left. The tilt side never changes, even if you rotate your device. It is based on when you hold your device in portrait mode flat down.
Tilt sensivity: this is a number (between 0 and 100) setting the tilting minimal for the action to be sent. The more you're close to 0, the more sensitive it will be. If you set it to 100, it will never trigger.
Interval: the interval at which keys are pressed. This means that if you set it too low, while tilting your device, a lot of keys will be sent. It is calculated in milliseconds. So if you set it to 1000, when you tilt your device, it will simulate 1 press per second, per key. Setting it low enough is useful for games, for example.

Scotchy49 of XDA-Developers

Windows Media Player Resume-Plugin

resume-plugin for the windows media player

Just install the .cab and everytime you press pause on the MediaPlayer it will save the playlist and the position. Afte you exit the player or the device resets it will resume at the same position.

Wolfman-XP of XDA-Developers

Friday, October 03, 2008

Windows Mobile SMS Sync

Windows Mobile SMS Sync allows users of Windows Mobile Devices (Smartphones and Pocket PCs) to backup their SMS (Text Messages). ActiveSync does not have any native support for this feature.

Some of the features in this release are:

* Streamlined installation application.
* Full Userguide.
* Ability to save to CSV file.
* Windows Desktop application for viewing and searching messages.
* Wizard for uploading messages to a SQL server database.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Tippy is a small tip calculator and bill splitter for Windows Mobile.

the screenshot speak for themselves: it’s small, it’s simple and it doesn’t do much (yet!).


BlitzCAD 2D

vector editing tool

You can create and edit 2D vector-graphic drawings and templates in blitzCAD just as you do in well known CAD applications. blitzCAD drawings are usually saved as .blitzCAD files, but you can also save them in .dxf format so you can export your drawings to other vector-graphic editors.

blitzCAD provides drawing by means of the following graphic entities:
• Stright lines,
• Polylines,
• Texts,
• Circles,
• Arcs,
• Ellipses and Elliptical arcs,
• Solids,
• Inserted Blocks,
• Free lines figures
blitzCAD allows modify drawing elements by means of:
• Moving,
• Scaling,
• Rotating,
• Changing line type, color, width, text style, layer and so on
• Erasing
For precisely specifying of the coordinates blitzCAD provides grid, object and intersection snapping.
The drawing area could be marked with a specified grid.