Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SoftKey Manager

A freeware SoftKey Editor for Windows Mobile, allowing you to change the defaults for your Today screen softkeys.


* Set Today Screen Left and Right SoftKey Names and Shortcuts.
* Easily set a SoftKey to anything in your Start Menu.
* Easily set a SoftKey to any file on your device.
* Easily set a SoftKey to an Internet Explorer Favorite.
* Reset to Defaults.
* Built in Soft Reset.
* Program Size Only 40Kb!

Fantastic Bytes

HKC G1000 Dual Sim Windows Mobile 6

This is my first hand look at the HKC G1000 Dual Sim Windows Mobile Pocket PC WM6

Home Screen

The first plugin of the default theme is called TodayShortcut

The first icon shows the day of the week, date, and a big digital clock.

The second icon will show 5 shortcuts for the SMS folders namely Create New SMS, Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and the Deleted Items.

The third icon will give you shortcuts to Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Missed Calls, All Calls, and Call Timers.

The fourth is an application launcher containing Search, Notes, Calendar, File Explorer, and Windows Media Player.
I haven't had the time to play around with the registry yet to determine if it is possible to change those shortcuts though.

The fifth icon is for the Settings. Owner Info, Power Management, Memory, Sounds, and Time.

The second plugin is the called Wireless Manager

This shows the 2 sim cards being used. For me, my SIM1 or main sim card is PH Sun Cellular, while my SIM2 or second sim is Globe Telecom PH.
A third icon shows the state of the Bluetooth connectivity.

Tapping on the Wireless Manager plugin will launch this window. From here, you can turn on/off the radio connection for one or both sim cards, and also the Bluetooth.

Dual SIM Function

The top bar shows 2 signal icons for both SIM1 and SIM2 which is fairly accurate. In between those 2 icons, the Data Connection Status for both sims is also shown.

When navigating to the Inbox, you will notice that the message icon includes a digit which is either "1" or "2". "1" means that the sms was sent to the SIM1 and "2" is for the SIM2. But all of the sms messages are stored in the PIM of the phone, unlike that of other dual sim phones.
I have experienced times when the digits in the message icon were not shown.

There is also an option to copy any sms message into either SIM1 or SIM2 memory.

When creating a new sms, if the "Send" (left softkey) menu is pressed, the main (SIM1) is used as the default sim to send the sms. The right softkey menu provides an alternative for the user to send via SIM1 or SIM2.

Yesterday, after installing a few applications, and doing some registry tweaks, i wasn't able to send or receive sms using both sims, so i had to do a hard reset.
This happened 3 times including this morning after i turned on the unit.
After the last hard reset this morning up until now, i haven't had that problem though. I'm still observing the phone right now, that's why i cannot go through with more application installations and more tests on the unit.

UPDATE: (April 30, 2008)
I've found the culprit! The OS somehow doesn't want to accept registry entries created by the message interception API.
Using message interception API, a "Rules" subkey is created inside the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Inbox registry. When the device is restarted, and the subkey is there, you won't be able to send or receive any sms on both sim cards.


While using one of the sim cards to call, it is possible to receive another call from the second sim card. An alarm is heard when this happens. You can put the first call on hold and then receive the second call.

Sometimes after talking to someone, even if i press the END button on the screen or the RED hardware key, the phone still shows that the call is still connected. I have to wait for it to hang itself up.


During bootup, it takes quite sometime to load the default plugins. I have tried running CorePlayer, Windows Media Player, and playing a flash game simultaneously but never experienced a hiccup.
I installed SPB Mobile Shell yesterday, i thought it would slow down the device but it didn't.
The 200MHz cpu is quite low for a PPC but somehow the G1000 runs smoothly.


G1000's battery is 1500mAh. This is my second day after fully recharging the device and my battery is still at 40%. Although my calls and sms sending isn't as heavy as my normal usage.
(May 2, 2008)
After 2 days and more than 200 sms send and received, and 25 incoming calls (24 minutes total) and 42 outgoing calls (43 minutes total), i'm now left with 30% battery life.
So this means that it's battery life is comparable to other Pocket PCs.


Samsung i600, HKC G1000, T-Mobile Dash

TransFlash cover

The Hot swappable memory card cover is better than some phone because it's not made out of rubber. The bd thing though is that it's made of plastic and it is susceptible to chipping.

to be continued.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Remove duplicate contacts

This is a very very very simple application for WM5+ PPC / SP (CF2.0) I rustled up in response to a need to remove duplicate contacts on a device.

It is an EXE only (copy to your device and run), which has a basic GUI which allows you to scan for duplicates, and then choose (after being told your duplicate count) whether to remove them. Contacts are compared based on 'File As', field, 'Email' field and 'Home / Work / Mobile' phone fields. If all those fields match, it's deemed a duplicate.

The application scans my ~200 contacts in under 2 seconds

Paul of Modaco


Comm Manager Settings
CMSettings was created to make the Comm Manager customization easier.
It allows the user to change between available stiles (skins), and select the desired Comm functions to use.

When the application starts, it will search the Windows folder for available skins. With this we can prevent applying a skin that doesn't exist.
It also makes a backup of your present Comm manager settings (see ROM default settings), in case you want to go back.
After this is very simple. Just select one of the available skin, change the functions to your likings and apply changes.
There's no need to terminate the Comm Manager process, as the application will do it for you.

FInixNOver of XDA-Developers

Friday, April 25, 2008

eliasweb Tools

Small-apps to make work better the PPC

Collection of small but useful tools for Pocket PC created by eliasweb

This application allows to kill the ActiveSync process when it's in idle state but it just hold in memory...


This application permits to recover some memory, sending WM_HIBERNATE message to all active applications... such as oxios hibernate, my application do the same but in auto-mode, and free up memory when there is not any window in foreground.

This application allows to save some energy in your PPC, enabling the OBEX and scanmode in Bluetooth/Irda only when it's enabled by user.
In this way only if user enables Bluetooth/Irda the PPC will receive data from other devices !

ProcessKiller alias HTCDlg_killer
This small program, permits to kill processes windows that holds memory still after closing them.
For example in some version of HTC Home, after selected the city for forecast , a child-process according to the record size of all cities in list will holds from 600 KB to 7MB in RAM !!!
To solve this issue, when the process is in a idle state, it will killed automatically by processKiller.
There are a lot of cases that processKiller it could be used... so the cab contains a configurator to add other processes over the real application.

eliasweb of XDA-Developers

SMS Tweaker

This application is to change from Threaded Mode from-to Normal Mode

To active your mode, press on the red button to make it blue (Blue button means the selected

mode is active)

in the picture (Normal mode) is active, and (Threaded mode) is deactive

PC Master of XDA-Developers

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EdgeWay Battery Tester

EdgeWay Battery Tester gives an accurate assesment of how much time your battery has left in hours and minutes based on current power consumption, for example you can see how much time you have left with your screen at full brightness or if you turn it down low, wireless on or off etc.. There is also a handy Reoot option which will perform a soft reset, stops running programs frees up resources etc.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Auto Lock

Another auto locking program

The difference is that it uses the Windows Lock and it is activated:
a. A few seconds after the screen has deemed.
b. After the device has waken up.

To install it simply copy the csdevctrl.exe to a folder and run it.

It will run minimized and if activated a simple window will appear.
By closing the window the program will exit , by clicking anywhere in the window area the program will minimize.

To uninstall it, close the program as usual and delete the file.

As a note, do not rename the csdevctrl.exe as the uninstall depends on this name.

It has been compiled for WM5 and WM6.

chrisstavrou of XDA-Developers

Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Tracker

Time Tracker teaches young children how to tell time using an analog clock. There are ten educational levels ranging from simple hour hand manipulation to complex double-digit subtraction. Upper level equations show a deactivated clock representing the "current" time in conjunction with the main active play clock representing the "configurable" time. Time Tracker uses dynamic leveling algorithm to adjust to the child's ability.

Pocket Tutor

Flash Math

Image Hosted by

This learning methodology is highly effective in sharpening children's computational capacity but lacks dynamic feedback.

Flash Math duplicates the positive aspect of flash cards and provides dynamic feedback. Also, Flash Math scales problems according to children's proficiency so that they are not frustrated by difficult problems or unchallenged by less intricate equations. The problems presented are for children in grades first through third in a standard US school curriculum.

Pocket Tutor

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Find a WiFi hotspot anywhere around the world

What does WeFi do for me?

WeFi helps you find the best available WiFi connection.
With Wefi you can:

* Find WiFi access spots on the map
* Add your own WiFi spots.
* See where your friends are, whether connected close by or world wide!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PocketOutlook Eraser

This very little Windows Mobile application will let you delete all your appointments, contacts and tasks.

This tool is very usefull when you’re going to recreate a pairing with a desktop Outlook: if you don’t delete all these things from your mobile device before connecting it to your desktop, they will be merged. In addiction, if you have the same entries on the mobile and on the desktop, those entries will not be synched after the pairing. This will happen at least with Windows Vista.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Call Block

Call Block is a simple yet effective tool to block unsolicited incoming calls.

With Call Block, all your unwanted calls will be taken care of!

keong5661 of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


DirMap is the best choice for representing your memory space usage.

DirMap represent the memory usage with a graphical view where each file and folder is represented as a rectangle which area is proportional to the size of the file/folder. Using this representation you can easily locate large files and folders.

Dirmap can also list the content of any folder by sorting all files and subfolders by size.



This game is for 2 to 4 players (humans & computer).

This is a game played with six dice. You must score at least one dice or dice combination to continue your turn. The last turn is defined by the first person to reach the end game score, this allows everyone one more turn. Person with the highest score wins.
The scoring combinations are listed in the "How to Play" in the game.

TheXter's PPC Page


This is a clone of the popular dice game "Yahtzee."

This will play single and triple versions. It also plays one or two player.

The Two player Yzee shows both players scores (see screeshot.) TripYzee! only shows one player at a time, however you can view the other players total by going to "Menu" , "View Scores"

TheXter's PPC Page

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Insert Contacts v1.01

Insert contact numbers when composing SMS messages.

- new GUI
- stand alone

- WM5/WM6 OS
- NETCF v2.0


Monday, April 07, 2008


Turn off & on the cellular radio on your WM device

This version works completely different the the previous releases and should consume fewer resources and battery power while running. If you’ve not tried RadioOff in the past, basically it turns off & on the cellular radio and a specified in an effort to conserve power. I found the utility to be particularly useful for my Blackjack, which normally wouldn’t be able to go overnight w/o charging. The new version should work on all Windows Mobile 5/6 devices, however it has been optimized for Windows Smartphone, so PPC users may find the interface hard to navigate.


Network Wizard

Thanks to HTC Network Wizard changing these mobile Internet settings is automatic and fast!

Do you travel a lot? Have you found the need to change SIM cards to avoid costly roaming charges? A lot of folks have and HTC has come up with a solution for folks that travel to different countries where a different SIM is needed. So you change the SIM and now you have to deal with the connection settings … not any more because thanks to the HTC Network Wizard, changing these mobile Internet settings is automatic and fast!

After installing, go to your \Windows folder and execute the Network Wizard.exe file

Download CAB

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Kills tasks even when you are not using your phone

NOTE: The method used to allow AppSentry to not run in background like other task managers is not supported on all phones/PPCs. I do not have a list of capatible devices. It will nto harm any device, but the schedule may not work as desired.

This Task Manager does not run in the background...

This Task Manager does not require you to run it...

This Task Manager kills running tasks at a schedule you set with or without notification.

There are 2 main ways to run AppSentry:

1. Manual: Run it from shortcut or map it to a hardware key. It will popup and show you the list of tasks running. If you selected the countdown option then it will countdown the number of seconds and the automatically kill the tasks. Without countdown. AppSentry will wait for you to click OK, Cancel, or Settings.
2. Scheduled: In options, tell AppSentry how often to run. After the interval you specify, it will popup and behave the same as above.

Other options include vibrate on popup, sound as the timer ticks down, and an exclusion list for apps you do not ever want to automatically kill.

Requires PPC, .Net 2.0, WM2003, WM5.0, WM6.0, WM6.1

This is an Alpha release. Tested on WM6 and WM6.1, and on Kaiser, Wizard, and Touch. Please post with any comments or suggestions. Thank you XDA!

NOTE: Be aware that arbitrarily stopping tasks is potentially harmful. I will not accept any responsibility for anything AppSentry does or does not do. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

sahoopes of XDA-Developers

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mode SMS

Threaded SMS Toggle for WM6.1

WM 6.1 introduced a new mode for visualize SMS: threading. But not all people love it.
Fortunately, we can modify it (it's a reg key)
For community, a little utility for choose visualization mode for SMS in WM6.1.
Change need soft reset.

bigix1 of XDA-Developers

Friday, April 04, 2008

oldSAP Favorites v1.03

Add a "My Favorites" program launcher to your WM6.1 sliding panel plugin.

a Freeware application to help you change your CWelcomeCenter plugin to be used as a "My Favotires Program Launcher" by editing the HKLM/Security/Chome/DefaultSettings/CWelcomeCenter registry.

inspired by THIS thread.

big thank you to NRGZ28 for the tweak.

v1.01 (April 2, 2008)
- added CMyApplication editor

v1.02 (April 3, 2008)
- added SETTINGS editor
- "Text2" registry editor

v1.03 (April 3, 2008)
- added SETTINGS Panel item order editor

Download Zip File

ICS Control

utility for controlling internet connection sharing

ICS Control is a GUI for configuring and controlling Windows CE Internet Connection Sharing for bluetooth pan, wifi, and (maybe) vpn sharing. It uses the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 because I used this project to learn C# GUI's.

ICS Control does not require or use the Internet Sharing app that some phones have. It talks directly to the TCP/IP stack and should work on any WM5 or newer OS as long as the device has the IPNAT driver (ipnat.dll) installed.

What can ICS do? It allows a private network (for example, an ad-hoc WiFi network) to access another network (for example, the internet) as long as the windows mobile device is connected to both networks. It should be able to share between any set of adapters. The common configurations of course would be:

Cellular to WiFi (probably the most common scenario, sharing internet access to a WiFi network)
Cellular to Bluetooth PAN
Cellular to USB

But it should also work with more "interesting" combinations like:

VPN to Wifi - get wireless clients onto a VPN
Wifi to Bluetooth - allow bluetooth network devices to access a WLAN.
Wifi to USB - basically the pda acts as a wireless network card for the PC (neat, eh?)

Here's a screenshot, and the zip. It contains a single .exe, it's about 40k.

Comments, bug reports, and requests are welcome.

lysdexical of XDA-Developers

rk-SMS Switch

Possible ‘Push LIKE mail’

Built with the idea of ‘Push LIKE mail’ where the device gets the SMS notification on ‘New mail’ from your email service. rk-SMS Switch intercepts the SMS and based on the SMS sender and/or message text executes the command line (such as \Windows\tmail.exe) to synchronize the emails.


* Your device is able to synchronize the emails using pocket outlook.
* Your device receives the SMS notification on new mail message.


* Push LIKE mail
* Not wasting bandwidth for keep checking the server at regular intervals.
* Saving the battery since you do not need always on gprs.

If you have multiple email accounts and want to make use of wifi network etc, then you might want to check up my other application rk-OSR which has support for command line execution.

tytnguy of XDA-Developers


Twobile (pronounced Twoh-bul, a mixture of the words "Twitter" and "Mobile") is a new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

With the rise of Twitter users and the increase in the adoption of Windows Mobile devices around the world, the need for a client that allows those Windows Mobile users to utilize as many of the features of Twitter as possible without needing to be at a desktop computer increased as well. And as the rates for mobile Internet access and the surcharges incurred by mobile providers for SMS messages increased, the need for a full-featured, yet simple-to-use, client presented itself as a need. Thus, Twobile was born! And even though Twitter provides a web-based interface for mobile devices, its functionality was not as robust as those found on the desktop-version of the web interface.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Organic Lock

The whole point of the program is to unlock you device not with some alphanumeric sequence or a simple key combination, but with a sequence/pattern of points on screen. I'm sure it was done before by somebody, but I didn't find anything and wanted to write my own.
The app consists of two parts (separate programs): the locker part (Organic) and the configurator (Technic).
Locker app has a locker screen (something like a screensaver/info screen; two types for now) and a sequence entering screen, where you need to repeat the configured sequence by taping the moving shapes.
Current version is in beta stage, so chances are there might be some quirks here and there.

rev3nant of XDA-Developers


PDAStatus is small plugin for Windows Mobile 'today' screen. It contains customizable set of status icons:

* Battery - Shows current power % and AC/Line mode, opens system Battery page on tap
* ROM - Shows available ROM, opens system Memory page on tap
* RAM - Shows available RAM, opens system Task Manager
* SD/CF card - Shows available SD memory, opens card root directory
* Display backlight brightness - Shows current level of display backlight (shows value depending on AC/Line mode), on tap opens device-specific backlight manager
* Balance - Shows current SIM-card balance, query and reply parsing options are customized in plugin settings. On tap proceeds immediate query

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


DoubleSkill is a simple and brain-damaging game

you have to control, at the same stylus, the bottom bar and the top 'raquette'... Use the Stylus or the Pad to do so.
If one of the 2 balls falls, it's game over !

Be careful, the game speeds up over time...

This is a horrible first version, with horrible graphics and no menu...