Monday, October 30, 2006

SmaryoContacts - FREEWARE SP/PPC


Auto dialing and play voice message.
Database is txt(UTF-8) format, easy to translate.
Full text index.
Export to XML or CSV or TXT.
Selected/Unselected the list item.
Auto SMS ane Email(WM5.0 only).
Calculator Program.
Full function free download


1.Download file and extract it to the directory of your desktop.
2.Connect your phone to your PC and run SDA_ApplicationUnlock on your PC.
3.Copy the Cab file to your phone.
SmaryoContacts2003(Smartphone(HTC) 2003)
SmaryoContactsWM50(Smartphone(HTC) WM5.0)
PPCSmaryoContacts2003(Pocket Pc 2003)
PPCSmaryoContactsWM50(Pocket Pc WM5.0)
4.Click on the Cab file to begin the installation process in your phone.
5.Installation OK.

SmaryoContacts for Pocket Pc2003
SmaryoContacts for Pocket Pc WM5.0
SmaryoContacts for SmartPhone 2003
SmaryoContacts for SmartPhone WM5.0

SmaryoMessenger for Bluetooth 1.0 - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Bluetooth chat,transfer file,send emoticons,full function

Features bluetooth chat Transfer file using bluetooth you can create phrase files by choosing you can send emoticons in smaryo bluetooth messenger. auto save chat message Download The Full Function Software For FREE.

How to install?
Desktop (notebook):
Double Click this file PCSmaryoMessenger.msi.

Pocket pc:
1.Copy to your pocket pc.
2.Click on your pocket pc.

Smartphone 2003
1.Copy to your Smartphone.
2.Click on your Smartphone.

Smartphone WM5.0
1.Copy to your Smartphone.
2.Click on your Smartphone.

System requirements.
Desktop (notebook):
1.Windows XP SP2,Windows Vista.
2. .NET Framework 1.1
3. Bluetooth USB Adapter (MS stack compatibility).
(v2.0 class1 up to 150 Mtrs distance)

Pocket PC: MS stack compatibility
Dell Axim x51 (And X50 with Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade)
E-TEN M600
HTC Himalaya (O2 XDAII, Orange m1000, iMate Pocket PC Phone Edition)
HTC Magician
HTC Universal
HTC Wizard
Intermec 700 Series
Intermec 730
Intermec CN2B
Intermec CN30
Intermec CK60
Symbol PPT-8866

Smartphone:MS stack compatibility
HTC Voyager
HTC Typhoon
HTC Feeler
HTC Amadeus
HTC Tornado
Motorola MPX220


Saturday, October 28, 2006


See what you have spent before the monthly bill arrives.

Telephoning everywhere and mobile surfing is fun. Never knowing how much you’ve already spent this month is not!
That's where Smaato Cost starts: Smaato Cost tracks all incoming and outgoing calls, data connections and SMS. You only need to download a free rate plan file and smaato costs gives you always detailed information about the costs you’ve already caused.

* Tracking of incoming calls, outgoing calls, volume based or time based data connections and SMS
* Extremely detailed entry of all aspects of your rate plan including (predefinied files downloadable):
o peak/off-peak times, weekends and holidays
o home zone
o different destinations (e.g. mobile to mobile, mobile to landline)
o roaming
o multiple profiles for different SIM-cards
o included minutes, SMS and data volume
* Powerful statistics engine with filters, graphical view, summary and single connections
* Friendly, intuitive and graphical-rich user interface
* After call display: See after each call, how much it was.

Extra features

* Download application updates over the air
* Easily share the application with your friends
* Download rate plan files


Hangover Remedy - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Acupressure Guide For Relieving Hangovers.

Acupressure is an effective way to relieve painful sensation associated with hangovers. This guide by Aaron Stein, PhD, is based on over 5,000 years of Chinese practice of self-acupressure.

- Step-by-step guide to relieving hangovers.
- Every step explains point location, direction of force, and duration of massage.
- No previous experience necessary
- Total treatment duration 10 to 15 minutes.

How acupressure works:
Nobody knows how acupressure works. Very often pain is caused by a self-perpetuating mechanism: pain causes the mind to be attentive to pain, that, in turn cases more pain and even more attention, and so on.
Most likely acupressure works by interrupting this vicious circle. How does acupressure interrupt the cycle? Stimulation of active points is thought to lead to increased release of endorphins. Endorphin is a natural body painkiller. Endorphin and morphine are chemically different molecules but, by coincidence, they have very similar 3-dimentional shape. This similarity in shape allows morphine to bind the endorphin receptor and reduce pain.
Thus endorphin released by acupressure stimulation may lead to temporal reduction of mind’s attention to pain, interruption of pain cycle, and following complete cessation of pain.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Talking Clock script

Script that speaks out the time.

1. Speaks out the time (or any wav file)
2. Can be set to chime every :00(hourly), :15, :30, and :45
3. Can be set to chime the whole day or at a specified time limit
4. Add speed dial key to speak out the present time.

1. PPC or SP 2003OS or higher
2. Mortscript

Mortscript for SP

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Photo Dialer shows you a "list" of your Photo Dialer people with their photo's in your Home screen. In order to use this feature just assign photos or any other images to your contacts.
You can scroll through the Photo Dialer by using the left/right function with the joystick. In the sleep mode the application shows small thumb nails of your favourite people photos.

Photo dialer feature list:
• Call your favourite people with two clicks only
• See photos of you favourite contacts directly on the home screen
• Add as many contacts to you favourite people caller list
• Fully animated graphical selector
• Smooth integration in the Home screen
• Fully compatible with outlook contact pictures
• Automatically synchronizes your categorized contacts from the PC


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


translated thru altavista: It is the program which calculates the fuel economy every of oil supply, the list it indicates. As for fuel economy calculation, "full tank method" is used basically.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pocket PC Installation Creator

This program simplifies the creation of installation for Pocket PC Devices. Eliminates the need of manually editing the required .inf files and calling the cabwiz tool for creating the cab(s) files.

Everything is working with dialogs, and the user interface is enough flexible and powerful to combine the related objects between them. For example, when creating a shortcut, the dialog will offer to choose from the files selected to be installed as the target of the shortcut.

And even more, can create a self-executable installer, witch includes the created cab(s) file(s) and automatically installs the proper Pocket PC application via active sync. No more manual editing of .inf files, searching internet for information how to make these files, command prompt for building cab(s) file(s).

For creating the Windows setup program uses the ezsetup application.


* Easy to use interface, all the functions are one mouse click away.
* Can save/open created installation projects.
* Supports all the cabwiz tags and options.
* Supports creation of multiple installs for various platforms (e.g. ARM, SH3).
* Creates compressed, self-contained, self-extracting Windows setup program.
* One click for creation of .inf files, cab(s) file(s) and installation executable.



Soft Keyboard Pocket PC Application

softKEY is a customisable full screen keyboard for your Pocket PC. Covering the entire screen area keys are large enough to be typed with finger-tips rather than with a stylus. The key layout; value, size and position can be changed individually for each key and thus customized 100% to your needs. The 3 line display makes it easy to cope with large amounts of text.

The illustration to the right shows a standard QWERTY layout. softKEY comes in a basic free version and a more advanced licensed version (see table below for comparison).

The clipboard is used to transfer text between softKEY and other applications in a simple manner. This approach allow you to use softKEY with most standard applications and further integrate softKEY with you own application in a more automatic manner.

The keyboard layout is defined in a simple text file, like this:
text absX 3 relY 0 25 25 a A
text relX 0 relY -25 26 25 s S
text relX 0 relY -25 25 25 d D
text relX 0 relY -25 25 25 f F
text relX 0 relY -25 25 25 g G
cmd absX 180 absY 190 50 50 ENTER 13


Monday, October 23, 2006


Program for a rapid change in the owner of PPC

Program for a rapid change in the owner of PPC (Owner) and further starting of programs with this owner. After introducing one time given, then it is simply necessary to select program, and owner itself is changed for the necessary name.
It is required.NET Of compactFramework 1.0
WM2003,WM5 Compatible.


Friday, October 20, 2006

SAP1 2003OS STK Fix

This is done using mortscript.

The problem with SAP1 2003OS is that it doesnt have STK menu. You can manually add it to your \Windows folder and create a lnk to your Start Menu but after you reset your phone, the files in your \Windows will be deleted.

1. Go to your Start Menu and click on the STK script icon. It will launch the quickapp.exe
2. Click "4" on your keypad to turn ON flight mode
3. Then click on your BACK button to go back to the quickapp window
4. Click on "4" again to turn OFF flight mode
5. Go to your Start Menu and use your STK MENU

Application Unlocked Tanager 2003OS


Thursday, October 19, 2006

PowerOff script

Auto Power Off script.

This script will allow you to set your phone to power off automatically every day.

NOTE: Install it in your PHONE MEMORY

1. Mortscript
2. Smartphone WM2003 and up OS


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blutooth Manager - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Note: this software developed by DR.YAR from

- save the BT files directly to the SD
- show the sender name
- there is a bar shows the receive status
- set a ring for receiving
- you can accept or decline the file or set it auto accept
- show all old files which received with the sender names
- search for BT devices ( shows pictures for devices , to know what is the kind of device ) and send for them
- you can switch on and off the BT from the same software.
- running on WM5.0 or older.
- you can swith it off then receive with the device BT without any problem

don't forget to put the file of software on startup folder on windows directory.

Thanks to its right of XDA-DEV


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This software allows to download internet audio podcasts and to hear them offline.


Monday, October 16, 2006


Now play the game that's sweeping the globe on your Windows Mobile Smartphone!

* Clean and legible graphics
* Optimized for single-handed use
* Compatible with all Windows Mobile® Smartphones (2003/2003SE/5.0)
* Support for any screen size (including QVGA)
* Full-screen mode (ideal for square and landscape screens)
* Automatically saves and loads the game in progress
* Optionally keeps the backlight on while playing
* Choose from a variety of pencil mark styles
* Auto-pencil marks
* Pencil mark highlighter
* New! Themes
* New! Bookmark
* New! Undo/Redo mode
* New! Auto-play singles
* New! Support for English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish languages
* Play the built-in sample puzzles
* Download additional puzzle packs
* Enter your own puzzles
* Display puzzle statistics, and more!

* Windows Mobile® for Smartphone 2003/2003SE/5.0
* Number keypad on Smartphone (does not support touchscreen input)

Installation Instructions
1. Download or copy the CAB file to your device and execute it.
2. Select "Smoresoft Sudoku" from the Games menu on your device.



dialDTMF a Pocket PC (Pocket Contact) plugin to dial telephone numbers using DTMF's (aka Dual Tone Multi-Frequency)

(tested under PPC2000 MIPS, PPC2000 ARM, PPC2002 ARM, Xscale WMPPC2003 and WM2003SE, WM5 - if you want your processor supported either build the exe's yourself from CVS or email me and I may look into it). There is a listed of known working hardware in the FAQ.

dialDTMF is free (in price) and released under the GPL (freedom of use). This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but is provided AS IS with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. As this is GPL there is nothing to stop you creating a fork, but if you do make a change/improvement, I'd like to see it! Please send me any changes.

* Free!
* Plugin to built-in Microsoft Contacts application.
* Works on basic Pocket PC 2000 devices all the way up to WM05 devices.
* Can be operated with one hand on most devices.
* Doesn't freak out on a landscape rotation (it uses a really small window size).
* Dials the FULL number that needs dialing based on the current location (can be used with a calling card if out on the road).
* Uses WAV files for tones so if you have a good phone short tones can be used (quicker to dial, potentially unreliable). Alternatively if your phone isn't great longer tones can be used which are more reliable (at the expense of dialing speed).
* Configurable pause between each tone played (registry setting \Software\Apps\dialDTMF\tonedelay), default 100 millisecs. You need a registry editor to set this parameter.
* Supports pauses whilst dialing (e.g. for calling cards) by using a comma (",") to pause for 1 second (use two commas ",," for 2 seconds, etc.)
* Supports normal numerics 0-9, "#" (hash or pound depending on which country you are in), and "*" (star/asterix). The extended A,B,C,D "digits" are NOT supported (I've never had call for them).
* Source/project code available. If you are missing a feature you can add it :-p

To dial:
* locally - remove the area code (and country code) then dial
* nationally (same country) - remove country code add national dialing prefix
* internationally - prefix with the international dialing code


Saturday, October 14, 2006


This is a Pocket PC version of the classic Battleship game. Unlike other computerized versions of the game, this one actually shoots back!

Just copy the executable to your Pocket PC and run it. It's completely self-contained. The easiest way to do this is just to click on the executable from your PPC's web browser.
Tap on the squares with question marks to locate and destroy the enemy's ships before the enemy (the computer) sinks yours!

To sink a ship, you must score a hit on each square occupied by the ship. Remember that the ships each occupy a different number of squares:

* Destroyer: 2 squares
* Submarine: 3 squares
* Cruiser: 3 squares
* Battleship: 4 squares
* Carrier: 5 squares

You can change the way the game behaves with the following options:

* Easy: When checked, this option will cause the game to use a weaker algorithm to choose a square to shoot at.
* Sounds: When checked, the program will play a short sound every time you or the computer fires a shot.
* Move Delay: When checked, the computer will pause about half a second before making its move.
* Sunk Notify: When checked, a message box will be displayed every time a ship is sunk.


Monday, October 09, 2006


PocketGrids is an application for jazz musicians on the move, mostly designed for saxophonists and pianists.

Quick grid editing, quick key change with whole piece transposition.

Chords are entered in concert key, the program always keep track of the concert key and provides transpositions (Alto/Bariton sax +9, Soprano/Tenor sax +2, if your instrument requires transposition, send me an email and I’ll integrate the transposition feature in PocketGrids.)



Wolfgang Thaler - My clone of the well-known and popular "mine search play". There are extensive options for the size of the playing field and the number of bombs as well as a Hiscore list. The control takes place with the stylus (short touching of a field lightly: Field is opened; long touching of a field lightly: Field marked).


Friday, October 06, 2006

Cleanup Recently Used Programs

This will remove the list of recently used programs from your Start Menu dropdown menu.

Application unlocked PocketPC


CopyPaste script

A copy and paste script.

Application unlocked Smartphone

1. Copy All
2. Copy Word(s)
3. Copy Line
4. Paste

Included in the cab file:
1. Mortscript.exe
2. Mortzip.dll
3. CopyPaste.mscr
4. Mortscript.lnk
5. Remap Voice Notes Button to launch CopyPaste.mscr


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Viovo Mobile Messenger - FREEWARE PPC/SP

Free calls from mobile 2 mobile!

No matter where you are, when you connect to any wireless internet connection, you can:
* Free calls mobile 2 mobile
* Free calls mobile 2 PC
* Text chat mobile 2 mobile
* Search your contactors

with your Moible phone as much as you like for free

How does it work?

What do I need?
Viovo is currently available on Mobile 5.0 (i-mate Model Sp5 or Sp5m). We are constantly working on compatibility with other mobile models. Registering for Viovo is free — just download the Viovo Messenger and start calling all your contacts who are signed-up with Viovo for FREE!

How does Viovo work from a mobile (Wi-Fi enabled)?

To use Viovo from your mobile, you need to download and install the Viovo Mobile Messenger that is compatible with your mobile handset from the Viovo website once your mobile (Wi-Fi enabled) is connected. Login to the Messenger using your username and password. If you are using Viovo for the first time, you will need to register to receive a username and password for Mobile Messenger.

How do I make a call?

Search and add all your contacts on Viovo, using Search Contacts and the search list from Viovo Mobile Messenger. Once you have added your contacts to your list of contacts on Viovo Mobile Messenger you can call them anywhere in the world on their mobiles (Wi-Fi enabled), PCs or IP phones by select the contact you want to call from your Viovo Contact list. … it's that simple, and it's free!

How do I receive a call?

All your contacts using Viovo can call you on your mobile simply by selecting the Call option from Viovo Messenger on their PC or mobile (Wi-Fi enabled). You will be alerted whenever you receive an incoming call. You will be able to see the name of the person who is calling if you have saved them in your list of contacts. To answer the call, select ANSWER. The call will be free for you as well as for them.



Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Date Time Calci helps to calculate the Time Span between two different dates.

This helps to calculate how much time is still remaining till the target date, useful in cases like target setting, project deadlines etc.,

Date Time Calci has multiple forms of output to choose from, like…

* Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds
* Days : Hours : Minutes
* Days : Hours
* Total Days
* Total Hours
* Total Minutes
* Total Seconds


Monday, October 02, 2006


cke is a general purpose text editor designed for the PocketPC handhelds. It includes several features that I have missed in other similar programs, such as simultaneous editing of multiple documents, customization of fonts, tabsize, indenting, sintax highlighting of different languages, wordwrap, ...

The present version lacks however of several useful features, which you will possible miss, as I do. Some of them will be present in future releases, however I will not work inmediatly on them until I'll have a more stable release with the present features.

This program is free to use, without any restriction, however if you like it and find it useful, you can support further developpement trhought a donation (see below). You can also help a lot reporting both bugs and/or suggestions.

You must think that the release is currently in an alpha state and is not very reliable. I must advice you in particular that I haven't yet implemented any out-of-memory handling, and that several file handling functions do not detect errors, however I think it is already useful as it is, if you are careful in saving edited files regularly.


* [cke snapshot] simultaneous editing of multiple documents. You can even open multiple documents at the same time through the comand line, (however you can't yet from the file open dialog).
* syntax highlighting through a syntax definition file. (The current release includes syntax files for c#, c++, html and TeX. Several others are downlodable from the download section).
* different document classes with the possiblity of different customization of: font (fixed pitched), font size, font width (a % factor), inter-line width (in pixels), tabsize, indentation, syntax, text colors, wordwrap, and sintax file.
* search and replace of simple text (in the future it will include regexps).
* external command launch from the editor. In particular, the "View in Explorer" is predefined (thought configurable), you can find several examples of customization later in this page.
* An improved fileopen system (the one included in WinCE is really poor), inspired in one I found for MFC, and that I have adapted and completed with more functionalities.
* Associate the program to extensions. Certain extension (.h, .c, .cpp, .htm, .html, .tex) have their own icons with the extension written on them, in order to simplify their recognition in the file explorer. The programs remembers the previous association and restores the previous situation when you remove the association. Beware that uninstaling the program does not remove the associations you might have. In order to do that you have to explicitly do it before uninstaling.

Future improvements:

Certain important features are yet not implemented in the program, examples are:

* Overwrite mode and block mode.
* hexadecimal view and binary files
* split window.
* regular expresions (regexps).
* diferent formats (unicode + code pages + UTF8 / DOS + unix ...)
* Multiple selection of files in file open.
* context help (based in the active language)
* dictionary search and word completion based on context. (science fiction).
* customize keyboard shortcuts and toolbars
* print

while some of theese are easy to implement others (like the word completion) are pretty difficult, ...
Help on the programm
There are several pages which may help you to work with the program if you have problems:

* the Help file of the program. You can access it also from the Start menu help button, it is context sensitive.
* General settings. (to be written)
* How to define a new class.
* Syntax files.
* Common comand settings. (to be written)


Mortscript v3.2b22 - FREEWARE SP/PPC

New Update.

- New commands: SendLeftSoft and SendRightSoft (emulate display softkeys on WM5 and Smartphone devices)
- Initialized some variables for more easy handling: TRUE (=1), FALSE (=0), ON (=1), OFF (=0), YES (=1), NO (=0), CANCEL (=2). In spite to other languages, they could be modified, but you shouldn't do that...
- "digits only" parameter for Input works in Smartphone/PNA version, too
- Bugfix: IniRead (and maybe some other commands) crashed in Smartphone/PNA version
- Set minimum resolution of 176x168 for Smartphone/PNA dialogs, since the system seems to pass a window size of 0x0 on some devices...