Monday, July 31, 2006

Oxios Memory 1.40 - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Release memory on your Windows Mobile

Oxios Hibernate attempts to release as much memory as possible without damaging the internal state of the Windows Mobile device (Pocket PC or Smartphone).

Oxios CloseApps closes down other applications by sending "Close" messages.

Oxios Hibernate 1.40
WM_HIBERNATE is a window message that is generated by the Windows operating system and sent to an application when system resources are running low. All applications should get the message and handle it by attempting to release as many resources as possible by unloading processes, destroying windows, or freeing up as much local storage as possible without damaging the internal state of the system.
Oxios Hibernate sends WM_HIBERNATE to all applications.

Oxios CloseApps 1.40
Each process started on a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone allocates memory, which cannot be released but is automatically freed when the application process ends.
Oxios CloseApps closes down all applications by sending WM_CLOSE messages


Saturday, July 29, 2006


Flash messenger for Pocket PC.

This application allows u to send a message and the recipient will get it on their screen but wont be able to save that message..

This software has been tested on WM2003SE with O2 XDA II mini..

Developer: Carty


Friday, July 28, 2006

Blimkeys Bug Fix

Yesterday i emailed Gabor, the developer of Blimkeys about a certain problem i encountered. This is the email i sent and the answer i got from him

Hi, i know you've made this program a long time ago, and i'd like to thank you very much for this great and useful app.
One thing, when i try to set the columns to 10 and rows to 3, the characters that come out are wrong. Is there a limit to the number of columns?
Thank you for your time

"Hi Charlie!

The max column size is 12, the max row size is 8, the max letter/key is
and the max board's number is 8. I don't use dinamic memory allocation,
so I
must to predefine this values.

But, there was a bug in the source code, the program repeated the
from the 8th key as you wrote.
I attached the corrected version. Maybe I left to upload it?

You can install this way:
- unzip blimkes.dll
- restart (soft reset) your PDA, and don't use blimkeys
- copy the new blimkeys.dll to your pda's \windows\ directory!
the old one)
- It's done.

Thank you for your mail!


Thursday, July 27, 2006


WR Tools ResInfo indicates most important system resources of a Windows of CE equipment to the task border in a multilateral dialog field as well as in the system file.

Short description
* On the first register map battery is indicated the charge to the main battery, the status of the main and safeguard battery as well as the battery running time of the equipment.
* On the second register map memory is indicated the allocation of the program memory and the data memory.
* On the third register map data medium is indicated the allocation of two not volatile storage media.
* On the fourth register map tasks are indicated all implemented processes and to their main windows.
* On fifth register register system the most important information is indicated to the system components and to the system configuration.
* On sixth register register attitudes can be configured to WR Tools ResInfo.
* On last register register info. information about the program is indicated to WR Tools ResInfo.
* The first status symbol in the system file indicates dynamically the charge to the main battery in per cent.
* The second status symbol in the system file indicates the allocation of main storage as well as the allocation of the program memory and the data memory.

File size: 137 KB
Type of file: Cabinet file
Operating system: Min. Windows CE 3.0
Processors: POOR, StrongARM, XScale
Conditions: April 2006
Languages: German, English
Description: CAB file for direct installation on equipment with arm processor


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


PocketPDF 1.0b allows you to easily convert text documents on your PocketPC device into PDF files. The resulting PDF files can be opened on a desktop pc or using Acrobat Reader 1.0 for PPC.
PocketPDF runs fast and efficiently, producing a PDF file in a very short time. It is built in .NET, and requires the .NET Compact Framework - see the main page if you don't have compact framework installed on your device.
See what everyone's talking about! PocketPDF has enjoyed a bit of time in the spotlight. It has been downloaded and used worldwide thousands of times. Check it out!


ActiveTweak 1.3

ActiveTweak is designed for the PC running ActiveSync. It allows you to do some things Microsoft never intended. Some Features:

* Set yourself up as a guest partner and never have it prompt you again
* Remove those installs you accidentally clicked on that will be run on the next activesync connection
* Stop the Application Manager from popping up every time you cradle your device.
* Delete Partnerships without having to wipe out activesync and reinstall.
* Change the communication timeouts on the sync. Slow Computer? No longer a problem! (tho you might want to check for spyware, if it's that slow....)

Activetweak 1.2 ensures compatibility with ActiveSync 3.8. There was an issue in ActiveTeak 1.1 with AS 3.8 that is now corrected.

Activetweak 1.3 adds the following functions:

* Auto-open the explore my device window
* Shutdown the ActicveSync Processes running on the PC, even if the device is connected
* Restart Activesync
* Remove ActiveSync from the Windows startup, so it does not load when Windows does.

Activetweak works with ActiveSync 3.8 through 4.2


SPB Extended Theme Generator

Being a Pocket PC theme, an extended theme changes what a standard theme should change (background, system colors, etc). However, it additionally changes the design of Pocket Plus indicators, taskbar battery indicator, and Close button task manager. Moreover extended themes contain native support for landscape mode.
Spb Extended Theme Generator is a free tool for creating extended themes. You can also create VGA Pocket PC themes using Spb Extended Theme Generator.
Spb Extended Theme Generator is an add-on for Microsoft Theme Generator that should be installed over it. After Spb Extended Theme Generator is installed additional step in Microsoft Theme Generator will appear.

* Landscape themes support
* VGA themes support
* Spb Pocket Plus 2.0 support
* 20 predefined today indicator sets
* 11 predefined taskbar indicators
* Add-on for Microsoft Theme Generator


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


YanCEyWare Reader is a Pocket PC based e-book Reader developed with an emphasis on fast and easy navigation of large hyper-linked resources. In other words, it's a very effective tool for use as a Scripture Reader. Key features of YanCEyWare Reader include the following:

* Navigation is extremely fast and intuitive using the built-in NavBar.
* Highlight or add text notes to entire verses or paragraphs.
* Create on-screen book marks and load or save entire book mark sets.
* Link across e-books. Lesson manuals and other materials can be linked directly back to the scriptures.
* History list gives fast access to the last 15 visited sections.
* Large image support. Images can be zoomed or sized to fit the screen.
* Full Screen display support.
* Quickly access footnotes and other links via pop-up windows.


Friday, July 21, 2006


WinVibePro 2.9.2 for PocketPC (VGA and QVGA) Music Player with Lyrics FULL (FREE)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
- PocketPC 2003 (Windows Mobile 2003)
- ARM series CPU including Xscale (400MHz or higher recommanded)

1) MP3 / OGG / WMA / ASF / WAV format playback
2) VU-Meter / Equalizer Spectrum / Oscilliscope display
3) Edit Playlist and Save function
4) MP3 / OGG / WAV / Playlist file Association
5) Hardware button mapping
6) Sleep Timer
7) Surround / Bassboost / Reverb / Echo effects
8) Play speed change
9) Support Showing lyrics when playing music
- ID3 Tag lyrics
- LRC, TXT file
10) HTTP streaming playback (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis)
11) SHOUTcast streaming playback (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis)



UPX4PPC is an application for you to compress EXE files.

Usage Notes
1. Tap on the "Add" button to add an executable file.
2. You can use the "Remove" button to remove a file from the list.
3. You can use the "Clear" button to clear the whole list.
4. Tap on the "Compress" button to start compressing all the EXE files in the list.
5. A backup of all the original EXE files will be created in the "\Temp\" folder.
6. The new (compressed) file size will also be reported in the list.

DEVELOPER: Vicott Wong


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Customising Icons on your PPC, Shortcut Icons & File Extension Icons

Big Thank You to Vicott Wong for this guide.

This guide will be separated into several parts:
1) How to view icons in Resource Files
2) How to customise File Extension Icons
3) How to customise Shortcut Icons

Part 1: How to view icons in Resource Files (EXE/DLL/CPL)

Firstly, you need a resource viewer so that you know what icons are found in resource files. You also need to take note of the index (think of it as address) for the icon you like in the resource file.

Sample Resource File: Download Here

You can try using my new freeware, RViewer, to view the icons in resource files. First of all, you just need to browse to the resource file you wish to view.
Then find the icon you like using Next/Previous or type in a number and tap on "Check".

Part 2: How to customise File Extension Icons

Take note of the index of an icon you wish to use. Also take note of the file path of the resource file.

In the above example, the path of the resource file is \iPAQ Filestore\My Documents\IconsLib.dll" and the index is "102". Next, you will need PocketTweak to customise the icon for file extensions. Let's customise the icon for DLL files in this example.

Launch PocketTweak and go to the "File Types" tab.
as shown below. Click on the "Edit" button to go into the 2nd screen and click on the "Edit" button to go to the 3rd screen.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
In the 3rd screen, use the "..." button to locate your resource file. Finally, add ",-102" ("102" is the index we had to take note of in the step earlier) at the end of the text box for "Icon:", as shown below.
Image Hosted by

Part 3: How to customise Shortcut Icons

Firstly, you need to take note of the resource file and the icon index of the icon you wish to use just like Part 2.

In this example, we are going to link to this EXE file:
\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe

The "normal" shortcut file (cedit.lnk) to this program looks like this:
44#"\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe"

You can open the LNK file using Pocket Word in order to see something like what's above. What's the number 44 in front suppose to mean? It's actually the character count for the file, including the "44". You can use the Word Count function in Pocket Word to do a quick check.

Now, let's say we are going to use the same EXE file as the resource file and the icon index we wish to use is 101. So, the icon path is \Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe,-101

In order to use this icon for the shortcut file, this is the preliminary code for the modified shortcut file (cedit.lnk). Note that the "?" sign is used and the icon path is pasted behing the "?" sign.
44#"\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe"?\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe,-101

However, the character count is no longer 44 now. Let's change it.
87#"\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe"?\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe,-101

But... the last number after the comma sign should be ignored in the character count. So, here's the final code for the LNK file.
84#"\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe"?\Storage Card\Logical Sky CEdit\cedit.exe,-101

Now you can save your changes with ease. The shortcut now has a new icon and still works (able to link to program).


PocketTweak is a small program for Pocket PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors.

The following settings can be configured with the current version of PocketTweak:
* To associate Extensions with Applications.
* Device power off time.
* Window animation.
* Menu animation. (Pocket PC 2002 only) new!
* System fonts.
* Font cache size.
* Scrollbar settings.
* Software Input Panel settings.
* Card battery warning.
* Pocket IE to use Clear Type Text.
* Clear history for 'Address' of Explorer.

PocketTweak has the following advantages over modifying the registry directly:
1. Safe
Modifying the registry incorrectly may cause the entire system to fail or crash, especially for inexperienced users. While PocketTweak does not have such risk.
2. Easy
When using a registry editor, you must know in advance exactly how and where to make the changes. While PocketTweak uses an easy GUI, you do not have to know anything about the registry to tweak your device.
3. Convenient
When tweaking under "Action" tab, all previous settings remain in the drop down list. Thus, you can easily go back to any former settings.

PocketTweak is a free software. License condition is written in a distributed file. Read the condition before using the PocketTweak.



RViewer is an application for you to view the icons found in EXE/DLL/CPL files.
Usage Notes
1. Tap on browse to select a resource file to load.
2. You can also tap on the "Zero" button to view the first icon in the resource file.
3. You can tap on the next/previous buttons to view the next/previous icon.
4. The searching of next/previous icon will stop after 200 blanks.
5. You can also type in a number (0-65535) and tap on the check button to jump to a specific index.

Developer: Vicott Wong


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


CeleTask is a powerful Task/Process Management Tool for Windows Mobile Smartphone.

1. Task Management: Include New Task, Close task, Switch Task and View Task Properties.
  2. Process Management: Include Terminate Process, View Process Properties.
3. Tool Management: Tool box with full customization support.
4. Hot Key Customization: User can assign a hot key for any command.
5. Built-in Utility: Include Power Status, Memory Status, Free Memory, Reboot System, Shutdown System, etc.
6. Command Line Support: Support command line for any command. CeleTask can execute any menu command in command line.
7. Full Support: Support Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone; Support QVGA and standard size screen.
8. Easy To Use: All of above, within an executable file only less than 50 KB.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Pocket Air Hockey is a 3D game giving you the most exciting experience and best choice for time-killing on your Smartphone / Pocket PC !
The current version is 0.5 which is free for downloading.

Air Hockey is a simple arcade game, the aim is to push the floating puck into the opponents goal using one's mallet.

OS Platform : Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 or above

Feature :

* 3D objects (Changable View angles)
* Fast and exciting
* Simple control (simply click on the table to control the mallet)
* More coming..


Monday, July 17, 2006

Airfadude's Day at the Farm - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Airfadude will be throwing a party. And all Airfagevians are invited!
Airfadude expects most of his friends will be celebrating with him. So he preapred all the food and drinks in advance. He is so excited!
But, what about the cake? He will be baking it himself (Yes, he bakes too!) He wants all his guests to be able to taste his very special cake on his birthday. So, to bake a very big cake that will feed at least a thousand people, he figures that he needs at least a thousand eggs!
Where would he get the eggs? Good thing his uncle has a chicken farm. So, he will go there and get all the eggs he needs to bake the gigantic cake.
Can you help him get the eggs he needs? Please...

DEVELOPER: greatbal

Smartphone 2003/WM5 (176x220/QVGA)

PPC 2003/WM5 (240x320)

Teksoft Tekcomm plugin v2.0 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Update for Teksoft Tekcomm plugin v1.0
-added toggle for phone connection (pre-last button)
-added status display for favourite SSID (last button)
-if AP is present but the device is attached to another AP (Access Point) you can attach to your favourite by pressing the last button -one hand navigation enabled for better access
-first button (icon) displays a small configuration window where you can input the phone connection and favourite SSID (you need to tap ok in the top right corner for the changes to take effect)
Known issues:
- phone connection and favourite SSID are not always restored after soft reset or enable/disable plugin
- HTC Wizard/Prophet/BlueAngel don't respond first time to wifi turn on (driver issue) so you have to turn it on first time or after soft reset

DOWNLOAD is for 2003 devices. is for 2005 devices. (320x240) is for 2005 devices. (640x480)


eDialer is a dialing application that would allow to dial a contact phone number using general dialing rules (including calling cards) through a phone line or using a speaker by generating DTMF tones. The application adds “eDialer” item into the standard menu of the contacts application. It was developed and tested on WM5 with QVGA screen. Let me know if anyone is interested in continuing the project under GPL.
Thanks to GPCarreon for the headsup.


Friday, July 14, 2006


Via your pocket computer enter the information about each fuelling of your car and RadiusFuel supplies all the important statistical evaluations including well-arranged graphs. Once you have this application you do not have to hold the bills of gas not even to remember the last odometer value. The car expenses will be always at your hand.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Running Programs - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Simple program that allows for a shortuct to be created to it that will open the Memory Settings and show the running programs list.

Useful with Today plug-ins like tdLaunch making it easy to see which programs are taking up space in memory. To install just copy the file to your device and run!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


- Sends any file (jpg, txt, exe, etc) from your Pocket PC phone to your friends Pocket PC phone (who must also use GSMbeam).

- Any data sent is checked for errors and reassembled before you get a confirmation at the sending end. This means that if you see the sent ok icon it is 100% certain the file arrived intact (although the receiver could still choose to reject the transfer). Conversely, if you received a file you can be sure it is intact and not going to contain corrupted data.

- Can (and should) be left running permanently without adversely affecting the normal operation of the phone.

- Sends long text messages. Using a GSMbeam message you can send thousands of characters in one message, and in only a matter of seconds.

- Has a built in file browser that is better in many ways to the built in File Explorer. See file extensions, rename, copy, delete and view detailed file properties.

- The file browser has a built in shortcut wizard. This enables you to generate shortcuts to any program or file on your device. Unlike other shortcut creators, GSMbeam file browser allows you to choose the icon used from any dll or exe in your windows or root directory

- GSMbeam can operate using a black list. Any incoming calls that have a number matching a black list number are rejected.

- All features are fully customizable, including packet size, maximum packet transmission time, the normal phone program details, hardware line devices and logging can be set to normal or a detailed diagnostic version.

GSMbeam has been tested on some of the most popular devices before release, including....
* XDA mini
* XDA atom
* JamIn
The non phone features work on normal pocket pc's and have been tested on assorted toshiba and hp/ipaq models.

Developer: OdeeanRDeathshead


Monday, July 10, 2006


I re-uploaded the BIG STORAGE ZIP File because the original link was dead.
Please refer to the original post XDA MINI BIG Storage 1.13 ROM from xda-dev.

File Joiner

rename the 1st file to:
rename the 3rd file to:
then execute the file to join the first 2 files.

Teksoft Tekcomm plugin v1.0 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Tekcomm plugin is a simple application for controlling the radio devices on your Pocket PC: Phone, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN.
As this application is freeware, we will do our best to support it but we cant allocate all our resources to it. As you can see this is a very simple application, and it might contain bugs (we didnt allocate much resources on testing either). Still, based on user feedback we might improve it in a future version.
This version works both on WM2003 and WM2005. Because of the differences off the mobile devices out on the market, there could be some models that wont support this software. We are trying to test it on the devices that we currently own.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Teksoft Speakerphone v1.0.002 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Image Hosted by
This version works both on WM2003 and WM2005. Because of the differences off the mobile devices out on the market, there could be some models that wont support this software. We are trying to test it on the devices that we currently own.

Version: 1.0.002
- Fixed on device boot refresh issue
- Fixed Settings\Today\Items freeze that was caused by an object initialized several times because the load/unload plugin dll caused by the today plugin container.
- Bubble removed
- supports speakerphone for WM2005 also
- user interface created as a today plugin
- functions supported: auto-reject call, auto-answer call, speakerphone toggle
- Hardware key assigned to toggle the speakerphone: Button 1 (can be changed from Settings/Buttons)



PocketMusic is the most popular MP3 player for Pocket PC. PocketMusic is available for free.

Now PocketMusic has Multilingual User Interface - English, German, French, Spanish.

PocketMusic plays MP3 files with all known bitrates along with possibility to recognize some not fully ISO compatible MP3 files, so you can enjoy your favorite music no matter how it's encoded.

Key features of freeware PocketMusic MP3 Player:
- Winamp 2.x skins support (over 9500 skins are available in the Internet)
- Customizable Interface
- Quality 10-Band Equalizer
- Various Sound Presets for Equalizer
- Spectrum Analyzer
- Great Playlist Editor



Thursday, July 06, 2006


PocketZeus Lite will let you code, compile, debug and run your program directly on the Pocket PC.
There is no time limit to the software and with most of the function of Pocket Zeus it is the perfect product to learn to program on the pocket PC.

What is the cost of Pocket Zeus Lite?
Pocket Zeus Lite is free.

What do I need to use Pocket Zeus Lite?
Simply install the software and you can start playing with the language.

Is there a way to run a precompiled program?
No you must compile the program each time you want to run it.

Are the source code files compatible with other Zeus products?

What are the differences between ZeusPro and PocketZeus Lite.
ZeusPro runs from the Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC. PocketZeus Lite runs on your Pocket PC.
ZeusPro lets you test on the Desktop but you can create EXE's for both the desktop and Pocket PC. PocketZeus Lite does not allow you to create EXE's.

The following commands are only available on ZeusPro
All GPS commands
All KRDB commands


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Image Hosted by
TodayAgenda displays appointments and tasks on your today screen up to 30 days in advance. It replaces the default Outlook plugin with a lot of more features.

* View appointments (including location) up to 30 days in advance
* View tasks (include status) up to 30 days in advance
* View current day and time
* Open tasks and appointments from your today screen
* "Complete" tasks via context menu on your today screen
* Create new appointments and tasks via context menu on your today screen
* Delete appointments and tasks
* Open calendar and task list (tap and tap'n'hold on the TodayAgenda icon)
* Anniversary function: for all day, free, yearly appointments without end date the years since the beginning are displayed

* Single line or word wrap for appointments and tasks
* Past appointments are striked out
* Plugin height can be configured (fixed, automatic)
* You can scroll through the list with the d-pad or by using the scroll bar
* "Compact Mode", to display even more appointments and tasks
* You can configure colors and fonts of the displayed items

Filter functions (elements you can show/hide):
* Empty days
* Daily appointments
* All day appointments
* Multi day appointments
* Past appointments
* Tasks without start/due date
* Overdue tasks

* Pen
* D-Pad (only PocketPC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5)
* The zip file contains installation guidelines and instruction manual

* ARM and XScale processor
* PocketPC 2003, PocketPC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.0
* QVGA and VGA
* Potrait and landscape

* German
* English


Monday, July 03, 2006

AutoFlight for PPC now available!

The famous and very useful Autoflight software by cyberhorse for smartphones is now available in PocketPC shareware version!

New Features:
1. The mechanism of alarm has been changed to compatible with Pocket PC. It works in a similar way of system's alarm.
2. It is compatible with Pocket PC, with two exceptions:
* Switching profiles be disabled.
* The hotkey of speaking time is double clicking recorder key.

Content & Features:
* Switches flight mode on/off at scheduled time
* Call forward at scheduled time.
* Power off at scheduled time
* Soft resets at scheduled time
* Switches profiles at scheduled time
* Endues Calendar with functions listed above.
* Reports time
o Reports time hourly
o Reports time immediately by double click volume up key (for smartphone) or recorder key (for Pocket PC).
* Sets alarms
* Runs/Opens a program/document at scheduled time
* Locks keypad automatically and unlocks keypad or phone by pressing only one key.

System requirements:
* Windows Mobile 2002.
* Windows Mobile 2003.
* Windows Mobile 2003 SE.
* Windows Mobile 5.0.


Clouds - Today Screen Theme

Clouds Theme with dialpad skin and splash image.



Image Hosted by
Change SIP and toggle SIP from command line.
Assign it to any hardware key to toggle the SIP.
This app will allow you to toggle the sip by loading it from the commandline.
However, specifiying a command line will cause the PPC to switch to that SIP AND toggle the SIP, so if no keyboard is shown:
"SipSwitch.exe Keyboard" will switch to Keyboard and display it. Use the same name as the SIP in the SIP menus.

DEVELOPER: Vijay555 of xda dev


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Soccer - Today Screen Theme

Soccer Theme



Image Hosted by
AM TasksPlus is a Today Screen plug-in that replaces the simplified tasks plug-in provided by the PocketPC manufacturer.
AM TasksPlus shows compact tasks statistics or a detailed list of incomplete tasks grouped by date (Actual, Due today, Overdue and Future tasks). The list can be easily switched between the compact and detailed form.

- Fully configurable. Allows you to set which tasks to show and how to show them, including the possibility to control the number and order of tasks. Different formats of view allows you to show tasks in form you like, in text and caption size you like. Tasks are filtered by categories.

- Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible. Supports new PIM notification system.

- Windows Mobile 2003 SE compatible. Fully supports hi-resolution screens with landscape rotation. Square screen devices are also supported.

- Small footprint. Installation size takes about 60 kb for the main library, additional language packs have approximately 7 kb each, but they are not required for run.

- On-screen menu. Standard operations as copy view, beam, send to bluetooth, delete task, or make task complete are accessible from Today Screen pop-up menu. Shell extensions are fully supported and included in the menu.

- Language packs. Distribution currently contains English (included in main library), Slovak, Czech, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Polish and Greek language packs. These packs are not required by the plug-in to run, so you can delete them. Additional language packs are coming.