Thursday, August 26, 2010


Another torch type application.

At the moment it has the following features:

- Normal Light (typical torch)
- Flashing Light (1 color flashing)
- Dual Light (2 color torch)
- Dual Flashing Light (2 color flashing synchronized)
- Dual Flashing Light 2 (2 colors asynchronous)



TodayXClock is a today screen plug-in lets you see a clock, calendar and alarm notification.

Compatibility: Windows Mobile 5, 6.x (PocketPC)
Screen resolution: All

Can be installed in memory or storage card.

The settings can be edited via registers...



"Deutsche Bahn" App

Train and bus connections in Germany now will be easy to track on this app.

+Search for Train and Bus connections in Germany.
+Correction if the town was not found by input.
+Travel time, delay etc...
+Travel Details with Tracks etc.
+Searching own position via triangulation

+Mobile Internet Connection


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Use your Omnia as a flashlight.

It uses the samsung sdk v 2.2 so only phones supported by it can use this application.

If you haven't already installed the sdk redistributable then download that cab and install that first.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Start Menu Back Gesture

use swype gesture to go up one level in Start Menu.

you go from left to right (works even in opposite direction) and if you move it with right, it puts you one level up.

Start Menu Back Gesture

Monday, August 23, 2010


LiteTrack is the right tool to record your route, save off-road paths, retrace a way, get your position on the map with detailed gps data (satellite charts, speed and much more). All staying offline!

Features (what you can do with LiteTrack):

- Display your position on the map and get detailed gps info (lon, lat, alt, speed, heading, DOP, hDOP, vDOP, and more)
- Download maps from OpenStreetMap sources directly to your device
- Track your routes, also off-road, and save them to files
- Append new tracks to existing track files
- Ability to view track files in a separate sheet (Track Viewer) and save to picture
- Ability to save your current position as a new POI
- Attach comment and picture to your POIs
- Import track files and POIs on the selected map
- Display charts about satellites detected
- Obtain specific data about each satellite (id, azimuth, elevation, signal strength)
- Get weather forecast, display compass, clock and track's progress using the "widget" feature

Notes: This app works offline, anyhow, a connection is required to download maps / get weather forecast (forecast from Yahoo! Weather)


Windows Phone 7 Splash Screen

How to use this splash screen on your Windows Mobile Phone

1. Download the .zip file below, extract the .gif and the .png files on your phone.

2. With a software like Advanced Config modify the original splash screen like this :

- replace the original splash screen with wp7_splash.png
- replace the startup animation with wp7_anim.gif

You can use only the .png if you want, in order to keep your HTC animation.

Restart your smartphone, and it should now work !


Updates :
- QVGA-VGA Version in Post 2
- Smoother animation
- Focus/Motion blur in order to have an animation closer to the Microsoft's version.

Windows Phone 7 Splash Screen

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Groovy Jump Free

a simple Doodle Jump clone for windows mobile.

Groovy Jump Free, a really absorbing PDA game based on the same principle as world-famous Doodle Jump on iPhone. The user plays as a penguin and controls it with accelerometer: the task is to jump from one ice platform to another, avoiding sharks, bears and other dangerous but rather sweet-looking creatures. The platforms can move, break or push the player forward; there is also a good variety of bonuses. The highest scores are displayed on the global chart!

Key features of Groovy Jump Free:
Addictive gameplay;
Accelerometer-based control;
Different kinds of platforms, monsters, bonuses;
Free of charge.
2800 score maximum

Groovy Jump Free

Monday, August 16, 2010


When we are in a group, it is not always easy to remember the order to be make at McDonalds...
If we are driving and that we should speak to a microphone, with kids screaming...!
And as we do not always pencil or paper in hand ... here is the solution (and only to date as I know), Windows Mobile, to be able, easily, take note of the order, read it after directly.

And also, why not send it by SMS... if you want your friends (or your wife) to speedy go to McDonalds !

Its usage is simple:
- Click on the image of the desired section:
1st line = Sandwiches - Beverages - Coaching
2nd line = happymeal - Menus - Salads
3rd line = Dessert - Breakfast - Specials
- In the category "Special" are of special items, limited in time
- Once in a category, click on the image to increment the counter (1)
- If you want to remove an item, click on "-1", then click on the item to a decrement
- If you want to erase all selections from the page of the current category, click on the trash
- If you click on "List" (top right), you arrive on the checkout. Here, you can completely erase button ("Trash") or send the command shown by SMS (button "SMS")
- To return to the first page, click on "House"
- To change the language, click on "Options" at the bottom left

Langue: french, english



Paycheck Estimator

This is a program used to estimate how much my paycheck is going to be. Once your information is entered all you will need to do is enter in the amount of hours and it will give you a break down of everything that should be on your paycheck.

Install the cab file.
Run Winpayday.
Menu >> Settings
Enter in your data:
Pay period- How often your paid
Pay Rate- The amount per hour
Overtime rate- How much your paid for overtime(ex 1.5 = Time and a half)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

MiniSMS Server

The idea behind this app is to have a remote access over your SMS.

What is it?
A mini custom webserver which allows you to access all your contacts over internet. and story doesn't stop here, you can send sms to selected contact from the rendered webpage. The SMS will be sent through your mobile
From v0.4 you can now fetch the SMS from your device to the webpage.
So now read and write both are possible

You can access your contacts over the Internet, send messages to them remotely from your mobile.
In case you forget your mobile at home and app is not running Don't worry just send "Start Server" and it will respond to your command So then just access the website and all your contacts are in front of you and the Power to SMS them.
Worried about your battery. Kill the battery sucker from the webpage

Ok enough of description now the setup part.
1. Download the cab and install it.
2. Look for SMS Server CP and open it.
3. The app is simple but has some settings, we will now see those.

Port Number: default is 5050, this will be used to connect to your device from internet.

UserName: Password: For setting up this value we need to follow some steps.
Here we are trying to create an entry for our device at it is free. Basically whenever we connect to internet the IP will change so we need to check every time what the IP is, so this step can be avoided by using this service. Just register a hostname for your device and access your device using this hostname, so no need to remember/find the IP of your device.
The username/password field are the one which you would use while creating the account in the

ServerName: here fill the domain name which you have opted for. Dont use Http just the domain name.

CurrentIP: buggy but will display your device IP(sometimes)

After this is setup
1.Click Menu and then Click Save.
2.Click Update HTML, this will generate the HTML which will be hosted on your device, and can be accessed through internet.
3.RemoteActivation is for enabling the Remote starting of server. Enabling it will allow you to start the server by sending an SMS having "Start Server" command. in either case you will receive the message back notifying you about the status.
4. In case you want to manually test/start it first click Update IP. this should be done when you have registerd a hostname on
5. Click Start server.

How to access the webpage.
Open your fav browser. write the hostname eg.
the 5050 is the port number which you have set up for connectivity at control panel.
If the server is running and every thing is fine you should see a webpage, it will have a dropdown containing all your contacts and a text field you can manually enter some number or just choose the contact and its number will be displayed in the textbox.
enter some sms text and click send, the page will show the status in case message sending was a success then success will be displayed else an Error. In case you want to stop the server click Stop Server this should kill the server running in your device.

register for an account.
Goto my services and choose add hostname under Host services
Enter a desired hostname with service type category as Host with ip address. provide any random IP address, this will be updated by the app later. refer the attachments also.

This is still under testing and may not work as expected... There is lot to be done.

MiniSMS Server

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salat(Prayer) Reminder

What does this application do?
•Gets 5 prayer times per day for current year. So you don’t have to find the times every day*.
•Sends SMS reminder to a friend, family or to yourself (multiple recipients), 10 minutes before the prayer time**.
•It does not run in the background (saves battery/memory/processor).
•Wakes up PPC from suspend/sleep mode and send SMS.
•Sets reminder as Appointment (default is set as task).
•Sends Test Message.

System Requirements:
•NET Compact Framework
•Windows Mobile 6.x
•Touch Screen
Note: App was never tested on non touch-screen phone and Windows Mobile 5.x

Salat(Prayer) Reminder

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HTC Menu Enhancement Loader

Htc Menu Loader is a little service application that loads htc menu enhancement in all windows build, even in windows mobile emulator!

Now it also replaces standard messagebox with a more finger friendly one and comes with a finger friendly config utility.

- install .net compact framework 3.5
- (W)QVGA: install cabs beginning with QVGA_WM65 from attached zip (W) (note: QVGA version is from HTC Mega/Touch2 rom version 1.33). Optimized for wm6.5.1 (start menu on top), works with vm6.5.3 with some graphical problems.

- (W)VGA: you should install/cook these packages into your rom:


- (W)(Q)VGA: install (Q) (also in zip file) if you have WM 6.1

- install one of these cabs (if you have HTC BootLauncher into your ROM)

- reboot

after reboot, you can use configuration utility into Programs folder to enable or disable enhancements. By default, htc menu loader is disabled, instead msgbox enhancement is enabled.

Registry key for configuration (or use use configuration utility!):

EnableSIP=1 ; 1 = enable ezinput sip menu popup, 0 show standard window sip menu (default 0)
EnableMenu=1 ; 1 = enable htc menu enhancement (default 0)
EnableMsgbox=1 ; 1 = enable messagebox replacement (default 1)

- EnableSIP=1 works GREAT if you want to access EzInput custom menu to access options, change language and layout

HTC Menu Enhancement Loader

Monday, August 09, 2010

SciLor's LeoCameraAnyKey

SciLor's LeoCameraAnyKey is a tool to use nearly any key to make a photo shot/video and zoom in/out (Perfect for devices lacking a camera button).

It has been confirmed, that it works on following devices:
-HTC HD2 aka. HTC Leo
-HTC Touch HD aka. HTC Blackstone
-HTC Touch Pro 2
-HTC HD Mini



VLCRemote is a Windows Mobile Application that enables controlling a VLC Media Player running on another computer in your LAN or Home Network.

The application is built using Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (v3.5). and relies on the VLC Media Player Web Interface.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mobile Shopping List

a simple shopping list application with HTC Sense Interface Style.

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 for WM

Mobile Shopping List

BundesLiga Pocket

Technical features:
-All information about BundesLiga.
-Live mode: Advise of more important events during match.
-Internet updatable (with new versions advise).
-Suported diplays: VGA (480x640), QVGA (240x320), WVGA (480x800), WQVGA (240x400) and FWVGA (480x854).
-Improved graphical interface.
-Vibration and sound advises.

BundesLiga Pocket

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Mobiletag is a unique mobile application that decodes all the barcodes.

Mobiletag barcode reader is an application for Windows Mobile devices, allowing you to read any type of standard barcodes - datamatrix, flashcode, fotokody, QR Codes, 1D UPC, EAN 13.Thanks to Mobiletag’s universal reader you’ll be able to - Scan & compare product prices in order to find the best offers for DVDs, books, video games, high-tech products. And many more references coming up every day. - Quick access to your favorite web content - videos, pictures, news, MP3s... and mobile functions such as Vcard and text messages. To use it, just open the application and start experiencing mobile web content without having to type anything at all. Just use your device’s camera.Languages - French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish languages.

Universal barcodes decoder (1D, 2D, QR Codes)
Allow to compare prices
Create an alert on your favorite items
Now compatible with HTC Touch HD2, Pro2 and Diamond2. Also Samsung i8000 and i900.
Application Requirements: Camera, Video


Retro Football Manager

Many years ago I played simple Football manager game on Commodore C-64 with my friends. We could selected one team of Italia and checked results on monitor screen. It was funny and addictive. Few weeks ago in a pub we remembered it. I learned visual basic and created this game. I hope, you enjoy it with us. - sesonet

System requirements:
Windows Mobile 6.x (WVGA)
Microsoft .net Compact Framework 3.5
Tested on HTC HD2 (duttys, energy)

Retro Football Manager

Friday, August 06, 2010


GogTasks for Windows Mobile was originally intended to be sold and distributed through Microsoft Marketplace for Windows Mobile. Due to restrictions from Microsoft on allowing Marketplace apps to use unsupported third-party APIs, The author decided to release it publically for free here.

GogTasks is a tool for synchronizing tasks between Microsoft Pocket Outlook and Google Task. It also provides a user interface for administrating the tasks which better suit the Google Tasks functionality. The UI is designed to allow finger control instead of the use of a stylus. Warning: GogTasks make use of an unsupported service from Google. There is no guarantee that Google doesn't make breaking changes tomorrow that renders this software useless.
Synchronize tasks with Google Tasks
Add, edit and delete tasks
Multiple lists
Subtasks (indentation) and task ordering
Task deadlines and detailed notes


Thursday, August 05, 2010


Reli Search & Rescue

ReliRescue enables your Windows Mobile Phone to broadcast your location to designated partners (over SMS or email).
Your location is obtained using Integrated or external (Bluetooth) GPS connected to your device.
This utility also enables any Windows Mobile platform to feed the broadcasted waypoints to track and locate the sender.

This Utility is provided for free (as long as it seems), however contains a time expiration mechanism so you'd come again to get a newer version from this site.

Features of this current version (partial list):

* Supports internal GPS or external Bluetooth GPS.
* Supports Smartphone versions of Windows Mobile
* Supports location broadcast over your Phone's SMS (Short Message Service).
* Status display: Speed, Alt, Destination to WP, Time to WP, SMS status and more...
* Supports recording a compressed track log

Data features:
* Connecting to the Internet through GPRS/UMTS/WiFi/USB
* Sending compressed track log to an email receiver.
* Translation of track log to Google KML (screen shot, sample KMZ file) and FAI IGC formats by server side (which sends email)

SMS Broadcast features:
* Supports broadcast to multiple phone numbers
* Supports periodic interval broadcasts (5, 10, 30 ... minutes)
* Supports reducing the amount of sent SMS messages by sending them only if you are on the move.
* Supports automatic detection of "landing/crash" situation and sends a message.
* Records a log of sent messages, so you'd know how many messages were sent and get their status.

* Power saving option to maximize battery life
* Fault tolerance: Cell tower detection and retry operation
* Night display, for seekers driving by night
* Automatic Broadcast notification on Low battery - useful to find your phone if lost...
* Responds query SMS
for example, if you enable remote query and the access password is 0000
the phone will send it's location upon receiving the SMS message r$0000

Tested platforms:
ASUS P525 - PDA Phone
ASUS PDA A639 - PDA with Windows Mobile 6 and internal GPS
HP iPAQ h4150
SAMSUNG SGH-i617 (Blackjack II) Smart Phone
SAMSUNG SGH-i780 Smart Phone
Qtek 9100 (Wizard) with Windows Mobile 6.1
Medion 95000 (=Mitac Mio 168)
Moto Q 9h Global - Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6 and internal GPS
HTC Tytn I - PDA Phone
HTC Tytn II - PDA Phone, with Windows Mobile 6.1
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch HD (T8282) (Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5)
HTC HD2 T8585 (HTC Leo)
HTC Kaiser
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Diamond P3700
HTC Touch2 (T3333)
HTC S710 (HTC Vox)
LG GM 750 (Windows Mobile 6.5)
Toshiba TG01 (Windows Mobile 6.5)
Treo Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional


Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Native IRC client for Windows Mobile

µIRC is a tabbed, UTF-8 compatible, single-server IRC client for Windows Mobile 5 (and above) touchscreen devices. Development is ongoing and it is already usable for basic chatting.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Mersad Persian & Arabic Language Pack

info :

Ultra fast
Most compatible with all ROMs
Ultra clean & lite
just add Persian & Arabic support ( nothing else )

Mersad Persian & Arabic Language Pack