Thursday, November 30, 2006


This is a programm for simple text editing with multiply pages.

This is a programm for simple text editing with multiply pages. You now don't need to switch between applications, all is in one programm. Install: To start working with our programm you ought to download this software into your Smart Device and run...

Requirements: Pocket PC 2003 or 2003SE .net Framework 2.0


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This is my first project.

OS RegTweaker is a collection of registry tweaks for smartphones.

List of tweaks:
1. Texter's Tweak - keypress timeout for fast texters
2. Keyhold Timeout - (*) key timeout for changing text input
3. Info Box Timeout - info window linger time
4. Backlight on AC - backlight timeout while connected to AC power
5. Backlight on Batt - backlight timout while on battery power
6. Light Detection - light detection switch
7. ASync Auto Cnct - switch to turn on/off Activesync connection when connected to PC
8. HS Timeout - Homescreen timeout
9. Anykey Answer - turn on/off anykey for answering incoming calls
10. Call History Max - maximum allowed call history list
11. Show SIM Contacts - show on/off SIM contact list
12. Display Timeout - display screen timeout
13. Ring/SMS Folder - ringtone and sms notification folder location
14. BT Name - device name shown thru Bluetooth
15. RSK Name - Right Soft Key button name
16. RSK Fnct - Right Soft Key function
17. Save Sent SMS - turn on/off sent SMS saving
18. Max Del SMS - number of SMS to be saved in Inbox/Deleted folder
19. Mail Folder - inbox Mail folder location
20. Attach Foldr - mail attachment folder location
21. Pict Folder - Picture folder location
22. Cap 1st Word - capitalize first letter of a sentence in text input
23. Grid StartMenu - turn on/off start menu grid view
24. SD Transfer Speed - storgae card transfer speed
25. WiFi Scan Interval - time between WiFi re-scan
26. Lunar Calendar - show lunar calendar
27. Cam Date Folder - add date in camera picture folder name
28. Keypad Light - keypad light timeout
29. Enable USB charge - turn on/off charging when connected to PC
30. Cam Folder - HTC camera folder location
31. Scrn Load Speed - speedup screen loading
32. Cam Key Fnc - remap camera button function
33. Headset Audio - headset audio gain tweak
34. ASync Name - activesync name
35. WM5 Boost - boost WM5 smartphone
36. SIM Operator - SIM carrier
37. Oprtr Name - carrier name shown

This application is still in it's beta version (for NON-QVGA). I've posted this beta to gather more information from other users.

Thank you to greatbal for sharing his time and helping me with most of the coding for this application.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


OPClip is a shared, multi-platform clipboard. t is very easy to use but provides a useful tool for everyday work on the PC or PDA.
Basicly, you can copy text snippets from the clipboard of a pc or pda to the clipboard of another pc/pda. To exchange information, OPClip uses a file, whose location and name can be customized and of which you can have many. These files can be located on a network shared forlder, in the pocketpc folder on your PC or in any other place accessible by the devices you intend to use the program on. You can even use the program on a single device, providing just an added clipboard.

OPClip has two main commands: copy and paste. This two command are accessible on the menu and as hotkeys on the windows version. On the pda version, the are accessible also on the menu button bar. What these two command do is simply copying the contenct of the clipboard of the device you are using to and from the shared clipboard. For example, suppose you are sharing a clipboard file between your pc and your pda. To put a snippet of text form the pc to the pda, copy it on the clipboard of your pc as usual, then paste it into the shared clipboard by hitting CONTROL-SHIFT-V (the default hotkey for paste on OPClip). Now the snippet of text is copied to the shared clipbord. Go to your pda and click on the copy button to have the shared content copied to your local clipboard of the pda. Now you can paste the content as usual on your pocketpc.



OPTasks is a Task list (or Todo list) for PocketPC. It is compatible with the windows mobile bundled software (pocket outlook), but it is different because:

* It is more flexible
* It is designed to have the most used functions only a click away
* The task list can hold more tasks in a single screen because of smaller font
* Same for categories, and the list is scrollable
* Icons on the menu bar, double click, no slow tap-and-hold and other nasty things like that
* Keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation
* Four filters to control task list contents

Planned features include import/export functionalities, advanced clipboard support, configuration and personalization, templates, cosmetic improuvements and others. I'm also looking for someone to develop the smartphone port.
OPTasks is offered to you as freeware. See the application's about box for more info.


Monday, November 27, 2006


SMS Notifier watches for incoming calls that are missed (i.e. not answered). Depending on configuration settings it does the following things:

* Send an SMS message to the caller (configurable contents), possibly containing also the end time of current appointment (configurable).
* Adds an item to calendar (containing the caller info)


The application requires the following to run:

* Windows Mobile 5 -based Pocket PC Phone device
* .NET Compact Framework 2.0


Friday, November 24, 2006


RemapSoftkeys allows to modify the softkey allocation on the Today screen. It only modifies registry entries, so you don't need to keep it installed after you set your new values... - Mort

The ZIP file contain the PPC executeable, i.e. you have to copy the contained file to the PPC and execute it there. For NewTray, it'd be usefull to create a shortcut in the startup folder. To do this, run the file explorer on your PPC, tap&hold on NewTray.exe, select Copy, then go to \Windows\Startup (or localized name, e.g. \Windows\Autostart for German Windows), right softkey, Edit > Paste shortcut.

Preview of the Application:



NewTray adds a menu with all "New" entries (like the New menu in PPC2000 to WM2003SE) to the system tray. The icon's a small yellow star...
(Sadly, not all entries work fine on all devices, since WM5 has no native New menu, nobody seems to check them. For example, new message doesn't work on P525...)

The ZIP file contain the PPC executeable, i.e. you have to copy the contained file to the PPC and execute it there. For NewTray, it'd be usefull to create a shortcut in the startup folder. To do this, run the file explorer on your PPC, tap&hold on NewTray.exe, select Copy, then go to \Windows\Startup (or localized name, e.g. \Windows\Autostart for German Windows), right softkey, Edit > Paste shortcut.

Preview of the Application:


Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm pleased to announce that I have today released the full nag-free version of CABviaActiveSync free of charge, previously only available to MoDaCo Plus members. - Paul of MODACO

So how does it work?

- CvAS installs on your desktop PC, and adds a right-click context menu for CAB files
- When you click the menu, the CAB is automatically parsed, copied to your ActiveSync directory, and a regular ActiveSync install is initiated
- When the install is complete, the CAB file stays in the ActiveSync directory, meaning you can un/reinstall in future, without having to archive the CAB away somewhere.


Calilei Calculator Basic - FREEWARE POCKETPC

The Calilei Calculator Basic is the perfect replacement for the windows calculator. The Calilei Calculator Basic is extremely fast and offers more functionality without being too complex. And you can get it for free!

Product Info
Version: 1.04
OS: PPC,2002,2003,WM 5.0
Restriction: Password


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


After a looooooong and bloody battle between me and eMbedded Visual C++ 4 installer battle, I have written a simple tool: FloatMe
. - _TB_TB_ of XDA-DEV

What does it do? Well, it changes the foreground window style (WS_STYLE) to something floating,

The windows can be moved and scaled; the [X] CLOSES the application (do NOT try closing the "Programs" window, or your CE shell will reboot)

The resized window can have its original style restored WITHOUT resizing of the window - you can obtain something like above. In order to restore - run FloatMe again.

Preview of the application:



While viruses for Symbian and Windows Mobile currently seem more like proof-of-concept studies, the Windows Mobile platform offers malware writers who already know Windows a very similar environment. Some may call it a hype, but that's what people said about spyware 5 years ago as well, and our opinion is that it's better to protect yourself before something happens than to do it afterwards.

Spybot-S&D for Windows Mobile uses a lightweight version of the detection engine of Spybot-S&D for Windows to detect threats for Windows Mobile and Symbian both, the later because Bluetooth worms could spread over OS borders, and while they would not perform on an incompatible OS, they would still waste precious space on the device.

Installation instructions: Please download the version for your device (there are different version for Pocket PCs and Smartphones) from our download page, then copy the file to your device through ActiveSync. Open the devices file manager and click on the file, and the installation will start. If you want to download it on the device itself, just point it at and download and install from there. After the installation, you should have a Spybot-S&D icon in your programs group.

Spybot-S&D for Windows Mobile is compatible to Pocket PCs and Smartphones running Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2002) up to the current Windows Mobile 2003SE


Monday, November 13, 2006


SIM contacts import utility for Windows Mobile 5.0

Options description:

* Parse SonyEricsson-style contacts. When enabled, SE-style contacts are parsed. Contacts with same name and with different "/something" a parsed into one.
* Raw import. Contact name is stored in usual way
* Add timestamp to First Name - when selected, First Name is added with "-SIMDDMMYYYYHHMMSS" suffix. Useful for playing around with options - you can easily find and delete wrong-imported contacts.
* Name order - different phones store contacts on SIM in different way. E.g. SE - phones save contacts like Last Name, First Name, but Siemens creatures store them like First Name,Last Name. Comma is a delimeter, anyway. When name consists of 1 field, it will be stored in First Name or Last Name according to selected radiobutton.



DBNavigator for Windows Mobile 5.0

Database content of your Windows Mobile device was always a bit mysterious. But now you can investigate your DB data with DBNavigator and even change some values.

This application intended for software developers and QA specialists, that needs research how Windows Mobile store DB data. Please, use this tool with caution, because when you change some data without proper changes in correspondent data - you can easily corrupt DB integrity.
Now we are provide this appliction as is, for free, because we investigate if this tool has some potential for future marketing.

What's DBNavigator features?
Application can view and edit EDB and CEDB format of Windows Mobile databases. All values shown in raw format, and often this can be used to look for "deleted" data and even for recover it by editing DB. Application supports both portret and landscape screen orientation.

System requirements
Only Windows Mobile 5.0 devices are now supported.

Preview of the application:


ACiD Sync 1.0 Lite Edition

Ever want to synchronize the memory card on your Pocket PC or Smartphone...

Well now you can! Looking for an easy way to transfer your music, pictures, movies and Podcasts? Finding ActiveSync synchronization of "My Documents" just a little too lacking? Want to shrink down your images before putting them on your device? If the answer is yes─then you need ACiD Sync

ACiD Sync Features Listing:
* Our #1 feature─our #1 goal: Reliability
* All memory card types supported -- SD card, Mini-SD, CompactFlash etc.
* User can specify storage card directory: "SD Card", "Storage Card", "SD Card 1", "SD Card 2" ...
* "Relationship Support" and Multi-card aware -- Acid Sync will ignore "foreign cards" that may have been left in the Smart Device before syncing
* SmartRecovery for those times when the sync process is broken or when files have been copied or deleted during the sync process
* Two themes to choose from: the fun and flashy Acidic Theme and the Corporate Theme



Worried you have documents on your CF/SD card others might be able to recover if you delete them? Selling your PDA and want your documents securely removed? When you delete a file, the file is still there. The pointers to the file are what are removed. These files can be easily recovered.

FileShredPPC Takes care of that. Once the files have been shredded, they won't be able to get them back without extreme measures.

How Does it work? It first opens the file, and overwrites it with a series of nulls, ones, or random data. This process is semi-randomized, and depends on how many overwrites you choose, which can be anywhere from 1 to 10. It then truncates the file to a zero byte file, and deletes it.

Securely delete your files and don't worry about someone opening your financials on your sd card with a file recovery tool and a pc SD slot. I'm told by a reliable source that an overwrite setting of 7 or higher is DoD standard.

DIRE WARNING: it is possible to delete ANY file on your ppc. Be sure you know what you're deleting. If you need to remove a file from the list, tap and hold on the file and choose "Remove from list". Once shredded, it is gone. So be sure you want it disposed of.

In FileShredPPC 2.0 and higher, You can now wipe free space. Click on the "Free Space" Tab, choose the volume you want to wipe the free space on, and click on "Wipe Free Space". Depending on the size of the volume, this might take a while. I wiped the free space on my storage card (about 18 meg of space) with the default 3 passes, and the file access ran at about 10KB/sec. Your mileage may vary here. Obviously, wiping the free space on a nearly empty 1gb cf card will take a while. You might want to put the device in a cradle or plug in the power cable while this runs, as the constant file access will drain memory heavily on wipes of large quantities of space.

The Volume dropdown might contain nonstandard directory names. In an effort to allow for storage cards and cf cards with custom names, i filter out the common directory names, like "\windows", etc. if you see a directory here, don't panic. It will simply fill up the free space of the flash volume anyway.

FileShredPPC Info:
License: Free / Donationware
Prerequisites: .NET Compact Framework

Preview of the application:


Quick Memo for PokeP - FREEWARE POCKETPC

'Quick Memo for PokeP' for Windows Mobile 5.0 (Supports VGA mode only) is a Today plugin which displays text on Today screen
Preview of the application:



'Reboot PokeP' for is a Today plugin which allows you to reboot your Windows Mobile 5.0 device by tapping on icon


Saturday, November 11, 2006


Stopwatch for Windows Mobile is a compact stopwatch application which allows you to count times up or down. You can also specify the initial time where to start the timing from. Stopwatch uses simple controls and clear 7 segment LED display for displaying the elapsed time.

Version 1.0, 04.11.2006
* Up & Down counting
* Preset time values
* 7 segment display
* Accuracy: milliseconds
* Portrait & Landscape mode
* Context Menu


Windows Mobile 2003
.NET CF 2.0 (runtime)

Note! Version 1.0 has been tested only on Windows Mobile 2003!



Familiar with OmapClock? Its that nifty program you can use to either ‘underclock’ or ‘overclock’ your Smartphone. Let me share this simple utility to help set the desired clock speed. I decided to work on this after reading a forum post about OmapClock not retaining the clock speed.

With help from MortScript, the Smartphone can retain user-specified speed. I have arranged the scripts to a friendly interface. All you have to do on the phone is click on the links.

This file comes with no warranty. I will not be held liable for any damage whatsoever arising from or resulting to user’s use or inability to use his file. Kindly proceed at your own discretion. If you are interested, consider the following…

A. Requirements:
1. Windows XP OS
2. Microsoft Active Sync program
3. Application-Unlocked Windows Mobile-based SmartPhone running SP2003/ WM2003SE OS ONLY (tested only on C550)

B. How to use:
1. See to it that your phone is docked to PC.

2. Launch ‘ClockSpeed.exe’

3. There are 3 boxes you need to set up.
(1) Disp. Time Out (sec) = this is your phone’s Display Time Out in second. I usually have it set to ‘30′. This is the value that MortScript will take in the event that you revert to default speed.

(2) Default Speed (Mhz) = this is the default clock speed of your device. You can launch OmapClock.exe to find out the current clock speed. On my C550, it reads 180.

(3) Target Speed (Mhz) = this is your desired clock speed. You can use lower or higher values compared to device default speed. Effect varies.

I have only included 100 as the lowest value and 276 Mhz as the maximum speed. My unit shutdown on 288 Mhz as if telshell was nuked! Bothersome 288.

4. Click the button when everything’s set then wait for a couple of second until you see this on your PC screen… (click OK)

5. On the phone, allow CAB to be installed. You won’t be able to install the CAB on a phone under High Security state.

6. Click on ‘Clock Speed’ folder on your phone’s Start Menu. You will find 4 links inside…

Thanks to gpcarreon


Friday, November 10, 2006


PocketRun is the new personal assistant for runners, joggers, bikers, cyclists and all athletic ones.

PocketRun is a new freeware for your PocketPC or PDAPhone running on PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.

With PocketRun, you are able to manage your runs, records, average time and have graphics about your progress.

PocketRun is completely free and easy to use.

Don't forget to install .net compact framework



KoolCalc is a ultra lightweight scientific calculator with full features. It supports all basic, trigonometric and logarithmic/exponential functions within a single 20kB file. Isnt that amazing ?!? Additionally a tape-calculator like log keeps track of all results allowing to quickly reuse any previous result. KoolCalc has been designed be small, easy to use, supporting everyday needs, and easy to be customized in upcoming versions.


Thursday, November 09, 2006


Password-Based File Encryption and Compression for the Pocket PC

Crippin was designed to protect confidential files (text documents, spreadsheets, graphics, photographs, multimedia, etc.) in case a Pocket PC is lost or stolen. It’s been designed to be…

* quick-and-easy to use
* small (minimal executable size)
* miserly (with respect to storage required both during and after encryption)
* secure (using 128-bit RSA encryption, where available, and wiping both passwords and unencrypted data after use)

Crippin is compatible with all versions of the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile operating system and hardware, whether based on ARM, MIPS, SH3, or XScale processors (please let me know if you find a platform on which it doesn’t work).

It doesn’t require .NET, Visual Basic, or MFC libraries - the only files it adds to the Windows system directory are shortcuts and a help file. It’s small and efficient and won’t put a strain on your Pocket PC’s resources.

Most Crippin-encrypted files are less than half the size of the originals, so it can be used purely for compression too. If you only want to use it for compression, just leave all the password fields blank.

With Crippin, you only need to type a password once in order to open an encrypted file, edit it and re-encrypt it. You do have to remember to close the application and re-encrypt the file once you’ve edited it, but that only takes a few taps of the screen so is not too onerous.

The appropriate dialogues pop up automatically, with fields pre-filled whenever it’s safe to do so. Consequently, if encrypting a number of files with the same password, that password only has to be typed once for each file (confirmation is only required for the first file).

There are also various batch encryption and decryption operations, allowing some or all of the displayed files to be encrypted or decrypted using a single password. This allows multiple files to be processed efficiently, simply by placing them all in the same folder, or by setting or clearing their “hidden” attributes.

Crippin includes a tap-and-hold context menu, which allows it to be used as a simple file manager: moving, renaming, copying, deleting and changing of files’ hidden attributes.

There are two versions of Crippin available – a full version which allows passwords of up to 255 characters, and a free version which uses very short passwords (it truncates them to 2 characters). The free version provides fully functional file compression, but only limited security (enough to prevent access by toddlers and grannies, but not professional hackers).


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

XDA Mini Big Storage DL Link (11/8/06)


SAP1 2003OS DL Link



Organize your Monthly Budgets using Budget Diary.

Keep track of the Expenses & Income every month.

View the Progress Bar representation of each income/expense representing its contribution towards the total.

Filter Records with Expense Filter / Income Filter.

Supports Windows Mobile 5.0 & Landscape mode operation.



Organize your Travel Claims using Milo Diary.

Enter unit price for the travel, input the start & end of your odometer & let the software calculate the claims for you.

View the Progress Bar representation of each month’s claims representing its contribution towards the total.

Organize claimer records for any number of Vehicles you travel for the business purpose.

Supports Windows Mobile 5.0 & Landscape mode operation.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Instant SMS Sender Lite v3.0 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Handy application for Bluetooth phone users. You can use your Pocket PC to send and receive SMS messages via your phone. Application is fully integrated with the Pocket Outlook. You can send messages from the contact list and received/sent messages will be saved into Outlook mail folders.

Main Features

* Supports international characters;
* Contact lookup when a new message arrived;
* Supports Delivery report Notification;
* Integrated with Pocket Outlook.
* Sent and received messages are stored in the Outlook folders.
* Supports sending long SMS messages;

Hardware Requirements:

* Pocket PC with Bluetooth or Infrared port
* Intel XScale or ARM CPU
* GSM Mobile phone with Bluetooth or infrared port

Software Requirements:

* Windows Mobile 5 operating system

Limitation for the Freeware Version:
The outgoing message length is limited to 20 characters.

How to install InstantSMS Sender

By extracting the files from zipped archive, you will find 'VmBtISmsSetup.exe'. Execute the 'VmBtISmsSetup.exe' on your Desktop PC to install the application on your device. Do not forget to connect your device to your Desktop PC by ActiveSync to transfer the program to your device. After the installation is done, you will find a configuration utility in your Programs folder.
How to use InstantSMS Sender

First you have to make sure that following conditions are met:
1) Bluetooth Radio is enabled.
2) Phone is paired with the PDA.
3) Phone is configured on PDA as a dialup modem.
4) You shall disable the Bluetooth connection authorization in your phone, otherwise it will ask your confirmation from the phone every time you are trying to use the application.

There are two ways how to start the application.

* Tap and hold the person name from the contacts list. Then select "Instant SMS" from the popup menu. The selected contact will appear on the screen automatically.
* Go to the "Start/Programs" menu and select "Send Instant SMS". Then you can select a contact from the drop down list. Starting application this way will allow to send it into the background by pressing "x" icon. Selecting "Cancel" will close the application.

After the contact and phone number are selected. you can type your message. The Request Delivery check box allows you to receive a delivery confirmation report from your provider. This feature may not be supported by your phone or by provider.

If you wish to send a message with non-English characters, you shall select the "Unicode" option. That option allows to send any local characters including Chinese. The receiving side shall support the same coding in order to read the message.

You can receive SMS messages only when the application is active. The incoming message will be displayed in a popup window. Incoming SMS messages will be saved in your "Inbox" outlook folder.

Please note that your wireless service provider may charge you for sending and receiving SMS messages. Contact your provider for details.
How to uninstall InstantSMS Sender

You can uninstall the application via 'Remove Programs' option in Control panel. There is an entry named 'V-Mobile Software InstantSMS Sender'. Select the entry and press 'Remove'.



PPCFinder provides all the rich search features of the Windows Search Assistant combined with a powerful PPC Cleaner.

· Easily search for files on your Pocket Pc. Search by...
· Filename wildcards
· Date
· Size
· For text strings within files
· View full filenames, size and date
· View search results in full screen
· Resize Search columns
· When you find your files you can:
· Delete multiple items (handy for cleaning up many files)
· Open
· Cancellable search (Fully threaded for full responsiveness)



Death Drive is an arcade racing game with advanced battle system. Player not merely drives the car but also fight the enemies.

Starting off the game with a meager sum and weak auto, player can begin practicing for the races against the other drivers. Enemies will try their best to remove player from the race, permanently.

The winnings can be used to upgrade cars, weapons and parts to make the car impervious to harm, a juggernaut of firepower, hurtling down the tracks.

The game is based on our voxel engine that provides 3d landscapes rendering on platforms formerly thought unavailable for 3d graphics. Death Drive also has advanced control capabilities: player can use rather arrow pad of his PocketPC or touch screen or wheel to drive the car, fire and navigate menus.

System requirements: PocketPC 2002 or PocketPC 2003 Mobile, 200 MHz or above, color 320x240 display.

Game features:
3D landscape
5 different locations
19 circuits in 4 stages
32 weapons and parts
5 different cars
15 enemy characters
rear mirror


HTC Hermes SIM Unlock . test release

World's 1st free SIM unlock for HTC Hermes devices.

It can be used in all HTC Hermes devices, this includes the following: HTC TyTN / O2 XDA trion / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / Vodafone 1605 VPA Compact III / Orange SPV M3100 / Dopod CHT 9000 / Dopod 838 Pro / hTc Z / Qtek 9600 / iMate JasJam / Cingular 8525 / Swissom XPA v1605 / SoftBank X01HT / UTStarcom 6800 / Vodafone PDA 1605

This is free to use, but at your own risk, i take no responsiblity for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your phone by this unlocking procedure. It may invalidate your warranty. Full caution is advised.


* Enter bootloader mode on your Phone. To do this, simultaneously hold side OK and POWER buttons together and reset with stylus.
* Connect your phone to your computer using the USB lead.
* Run the MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe program. This will reflash your phone with a patched radio ROM required to unlock.
* Wait patiently.
* Once the MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe upgrade completes, it will be closed automaticaly or it will end up saying "Upgrade Error", but the patched radio ROM will be flashed anyway, dont worry about that error!
* Soft reset with stylus (Device will not be hard reset and no data will be lost)
* Allow your phone to reboot. Once it has, put a SIM from another company and the phone should ask you the Unlocking code
* Enter this CODE: 22051978
* Process is (hopefully) complete!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Update: Registry Tweaks script

Cabfile No Delete tweak. (among others)

Check it out

Mobile Secretary - FREEWARE POCKETPC

This app allows your Windows Mobile device to automatically respond to a missed call with a custom text message and optionally with your current calendar information. You can customize the messages for various groups of people as well. What if someone calls from their home phone number? Well, as long as you have a contact's various phone numbers in your contact database, the text message will always be sent to their mobile phone.

There are 2 standard groups that you start off with. The "" group applies to a caller who can be found in your contacts, but has not been assigned to a group you created. The "" group applies to a caller that cannot be found in your contacts. You can create as many other groups that you'd like. Contacts can only belong to one group at a time.

This is an enhanced version of the application that I used to demonstrate some of our .Net APIs that were introduced in Windows Mobile 5.0. In addition to Windows Mobile 5.0, you'll also need the .Net Compact Framework v2 installed on your device.

I'll be posting the source code soon so that you can see how this app works as well as get a survey of the Windows Mobile .net APIs.

Some of the managed APIs that are used in this app include:

* The State and Notification Broker (SystemState Class)
* Send a Text Message (SmsMessage class)
* Sms Interception (MessageInterceptor Class)
* Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook
o Contact Class
o Appointment Class
o Custom Properties
* SelectPictureDialog
* ChooseContactDialog
* Phone class

Hope you find it useful as an application, a sample, or both! - by BCross


Playlist Manager - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Updated (QVGA compatible and PPC version available)

Create and edit Windows Media Player playlists directly on your Smartphones!
Requirements: versions for SP 2002/2003/2003 SE/WM5.0

SP 2003/2003 SE/WM5 QVGA compatible (.net version)
PPC version (2003/2003 SE/WM5) (.net version)

Friday, November 03, 2006

VistaHide Battery Gauge 1.1.1 - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Smartphone Screenshot:

PPC Screenshot:

So my idea was to have a fullscreen gradient bar that would look "behind" VistaBetaTWO's WA2 Aero skin. And I've done it (and it only weights 12 kb!). - ins0mniaque of XDA-DEV

The registry keys are kept for each resolution, which I will write as "W x H". (e.g. The base key for my device (240 x 240) would be HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\). All of these keys are independant (i.e. If you need to only modify the height of the bar, you only need to create the Height key.)

Options :

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\X
- Window's left position. Default : 0.

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Y
- Window's top position. Default : 0.

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Width
- Window's width. Default : -1.
- Note: Any value below 0 means fullscreen.

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Height
- Window's height. Default : 4.

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Thresholds\Critical
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Thresholds\Low
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Thresholds\High
- Value between 0 and 100 which represents the gradient thresholds.
- Default : (Critical) 0.05, (Low) 0.25, (High) 1.00.

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Background\Light
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Background\Normal
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Background\Dark
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Critical\Light
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Critical\Normal
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Critical\Dark
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Low\Light
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Low\Normal
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\Low\Dark
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\High\Light
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\High\Normal
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Colors\High\Dark
- Colors! If you look closely at the screenshot, you will see that the bar is "beleveled". The light color is the top part, and dark one the bottom, everything in between is normal. Want to disable "beleveling" ? Set the light, normal and dark to the same color.
- Default values ( Light, Normal, Dark ) :
Background : RGB ( 64, 64, 64 ), RGB ( 32, 32, 32 ), RGB ( 0, 0, 0 )
Critical : RGB ( 255, 127, 127 ), RGB ( 255, 0, 0 ), RGB ( 127, 0, 0 )
Low : RGB ( 255, 255, 127 ), RGB ( 255, 255, 0 ), RGB ( 127, 127, 0 )
High : RGB ( 127, 255, 127 ), RGB ( 0, 255, 0 ), RGB ( 0, 127, 0 )

[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Excluded Regions\{Anything}\X
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Excluded Regions\{Anything}\Y
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Excluded Regions\{Anything}\Width
[DWORD] HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\W x H\Excluded Regions\{Anything}\Height
- Now for the fun part... This is how you can remove "parts" of the bar. For every key in "Excluded Regions", it will read a rectangle, and exclude it from the window.
- Default value : No excluded regions.

Example (I think it's necessary ) :

Here are the keys needed to achieve the look in the screenshot (at 240 x 240). It uses all the default values, except for 4 excluded regions (one per line).

HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 1\X : (DWORD) 13
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 1\Y : (DWORD) 0
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 1\Width : (DWORD) 11
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 1\Height : (DWORD) 1
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 2\X : (DWORD) 11
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 2\Y : (DWORD) 1
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 2\Width : (DWORD) 15
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 2\Height : (DWORD) 1
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 3\X : (DWORD) 10
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 3\Y : (DWORD) 2
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 3\Width : (DWORD) 17
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 3\Height : (DWORD) 1
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 4\X : (DWORD) 9
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 4\Y : (DWORD) 3
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 4\Width : (DWORD) 19
HKCU\Software\VistaHide\Battery Gauge\240 x 240\Excluded Regions\Line 4\Height : (DWORD) 1

EDIT: Forgot one neat feature... If you launch it while it is already running, it will close the running instance.

- Default height is now 3 pixels instead of 4. I just find it nicer that way
- Added missing code needed to handle correctly screen rotation, and it is now working in version 1.1.1.
- Implemented code to make it work with the Smartphone edition. It is partly working.


Thursday, November 02, 2006


Image Hosted by
JumpyBall is a new freeware 3D arcade game for your Pocket PC or Smartphone

Ride the bouncing ball!

Guide your ball though the levels, avoiding the holes and choosing the fastest path.
The hardest way is often the quickest.
Can you be the fastest ?


* 3 levels with increasing difficulty
* An original game mode: auto-jump
* Musics and sounds
* Original color 3D graphics
* Chronometer : be the fastest !
* And more!