Monday, January 30, 2006

Callfilter FREEWARE

CallFilter is an application that allows to manage your Microsoft SmartPhone incoming calls.

Operating modes are the followings:

* block calls for selected contacts
* block calls for unknown caller ID
* block all calls except selected contacts


Friday, January 27, 2006

Game Emulators for C550

from the post of Kien Phan Parallax20 of MODACO:

I've been hunting on the net for good console emulators for the smartphone and came across PicoDrive and PocketSNES. Unfortunately neither of these emulators worked properly on my C550. So I decided to try and fix it so I could play my favourite games on my phone. More...

The list include:
1. PicoDrive
2. PocketSNES
3. PocketGnuboy
4. MameCE3
5. PocketNester

XMC quick reference

XMC files are use to "automate" some of the key strokes you usually use repeatedly on your phone.

You can run .xmc file or make shortcut to it
You can add xmacro lines, must start with "xmacro=" and ended by a ","
or command line (\windows\calc.exe) or file name (\storage card\music.mp3)
where a=command and BBB=param
s-Sleep (int) millisec to wait before next command
d-Press Key (int) ScanCode of th key
u-Release Key (int) ScanCode of th key
k-Press & Release (int) ScanCode of th key
p-Paste Text (str) Text to insert in the current cursor pos
c-char (char) Press key of the char (ex: x)
X-set X pen (int) Coord X on the screen
Y-set Y pen (int) Coord X on the screen
D-put pen (no param) but it's a BIG 'D'
U-release pen (no param) but it's a BIG 'U'
P-set pixel to X,Y hex color in BBGGRR
w-Wait window 10s window title or class (can be empty)
W-Wait window inf. window title or class
T-Terminate process process
t-Terminate window window title
b-Box (str) Text to display in the Box
x-xBar internal (int) id of the following command
0 - Crontab check (Reserved)
1 - Kill selected task
2 - Kill all except sel. task
3 - Kill all tasks
4 - Destroy sel. task
5 - Switch to sel. task
6 - Crontab on/off
7 - Home (Today screen)
8 - Minimise Sel. task
22 - Clean
23 - Display info
93 - Wake up
94 - Turn On Screen
95 - Turn Off Screen
96 - Hide xbar
97 - Refresh xbar
98 - Show xbar
99 - Quit xbar

D and U are not supported in all Smartphone software.

For X and Y, you must set in pixel, but you can use SystemUnit by using negative value.
In SystemUnit, screen is 65535 x 65535 (even in landsacpe mode) ex: X-32768 for the middle of the screen

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

greatbal's Playlist Manager SP

Create and edit Windows Media Player playlists directly on your Smartphones!
Requirements: versions for SP 2002/2003/2003 SE/WM5.0
Last updated: January 2006 (Beta 2.0 version - WM5.0 compatible)


Thanks to WM Rey for this info.

Monday, January 23, 2006

xBar 3.1 beta

from XETRA:
Hi all

V 3.1 beta is available, please test it and tell me what you think about, and i will plubish it as 3.1 final.
Thank you for your help

Smartphone :
Smartphone QVGA :

OK Crontab indicator (clock form : hh!mm)
OK new xmacro screen off, OFF, wakeup ...
OK - key\wakeup.lnk when wake up
ok you can disable the back key (add key\27.xmc with xmacro=x96,)
OK disable animbar ANIMBAR=0/1 dans cfg.ini
ok new crontab manager (ppc compatible)
OK bug fixed : MEMTYPE
ok -- you can customize icon of any app you want (icon/class name.ico)

// TODO :
-- /key/applicationname/ or /appname/key & /start to customize key for each app
-- dos command like (copy/delete file)
-- position of the xabr in systemmetrics
--direction pad is not inverted in vertical skin mode...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Decertify SPV C550 / Hurricane

First download this regedit file and SDA Unlocker file and remove the ".txt" extensions.
Copy the regedit file to your \storage\windows\start menu\ folder
Open Reg edit and change the values shown here:
HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies\00001001 = 1
HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies\00001005 = 40

After changing the values above, use the SDA Unlocker to unlock your phone (while it is synced with your PC.)

That's it. Now you can install any app you want.

Thanks to GPCARREON for the help.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Michael P. Calligaro made a Smartphone and PocketPC program that automatically shuts off your phone every night.
Read more here..

Thanks to GPCARREON for the info.


Visit SMS CENTRAL . The site has a lot of collections of sms jokes, quotes, etc. You are encouraged to submit your own collection of sms's also.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Smartphones Show

A television programme all about smartphones, but broadcast over the Internet. Think of it as a video podcast ('videocast'). Most people are now on broadband around the world and you should have no problems downloading each programme (around 35 to 40MB) and watching on your desktop, iPod or smartphone.