Friday, June 30, 2006

Fish - Today Screen Theme

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I made this simple TSK for myself and would like to share it with you. It's not a "complete" theme though.



Nyx Hex Editor v.1.0 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Hex Editor for your Windows Mobile device. ou can view and edit any types of files of any size, edit bytes using any type of view: denary, hexadecimal, binary or symbol. If you've changed value of byte by mistake you can return it to initial value anytime, Nyx Hex Editor remembers it for you until you saved a file.


Thursday, June 29, 2006


PocketGoogle is a small application for PDA devices with Windows Mobile OS. It’s replacing functionality of available for PDA in stripped visual form here and allows you search the Web from standalone application. You can go to the selected URL, in this case original page content is converted to PDA version.

PocketGoogle using Google API and to properly working you should obtain free Google Search API Key from site.


* Windows Mobile 2003 SE or Windows Mobile 5.0
* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0


PocketGBA rel. 060526 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

PocketGBA is an emulator software that emulates Nintendo's hand-held game machine, GameBoy Advance on your PocketPC devices.

Compatible with:

* Device : PocketPC with ARM(or XScale) CPU / QVGA or VGA devices
* OS : PocketPC2002 / PocketPC2003 / WM2003SE / WM5
* Required 'fmodce.dll' for generating sound
* PocketGBA is coded with PocketPC2002 SDK, instruction set in ARM version4, fmodce.dll and gsGetFile.dll. It will work with PocketPC2002 or above OS version, if you can get .dll files for your OS version.

Some cartridges work with following options :
o Sound On/Off
o Cartridge masking On/Off
o Patch cart. On/Off
Try changing these options... if your cart. does't work.
Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu doesn't work if SOUND is ON.

PocketGBA converter, PocketGBACon

PocketGBACon converts VisualBoyAdvance(VBA)'s save file into PocketGBA's save file.
This program also convert PocketGBA's save file into VisualBoyAdvance(VBA)'s save file, but this converting is unstable.

* VBA -> PocketGBA
o Select VBA's save file(*.sgm)
o PocketGBACon converts selected file into PocketGBA's save file(*.sv0)
o Copy converted file to your PocketGBA 'SaveData' folder
o Notes that '*.sv0' is a save file of SLOT#1.
* PocketGBA -> VBA
o Select PocketGBA's save file(*.sv0)
o Select cartridge(ROM) file(*.gba)
o PocketGBACon converts selected file into VBA's save file( *1.sgm )
o Notes that this converting is unstable

* FREE software.
* Support for 32MB cartridge files.
* Support for .gba files.
* Sound emulation : Direct Sound A with DMA mode(noisy).
* Save/Load emulator state with 2 slots.
* Editable Virtual Game-pad.
* Redefinable hardware control buttons.
* Various drawing mode.

DONWLOAD PocketGBA (use gsGetFile.dll)
DONWLOAD PocketGBA (doeant use gsGetFile.dll)

DOWNLOAD PocketGBA converter

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CurrencyConv 0.5 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

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CurrencyConv is an application for you to check out the currency rates and convert a sum from one currency to another.As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via my contact form.

Usage Notes
1. Simply choose the source currency and the destination currency.
2. Type in the amount to convert for the source currency.
3. To get the latest currency rates, connect to the internet and click on the 'Update' button.

Other Notes
* Please note that it is not possible to add in currencies that are not in the list.

Developer: Vicott Wong


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Sompy Weather beta2 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

The Sompy Weather is a very easy and simple weather forecast Today plug-in.
You can check a weather forecast of any city in the world.

System requirement
-OS: Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC(Phone)
(2003, 2003SE, 2005)
-CPU: Intel Xscale
-Memory: 69KB



This plugin shows an Analog clock on yout Today Screen.
The plugin is VERY customizeable too.
Thanks to Rotlaus of xda-dev for this Free plugin


Sunday, June 25, 2006

SMS Sent Notification tweak PPC

This tweak is for the message sent notification in pocketpc.

Use a registry editor and go to:
HKCU\control panel\notifications\default\options

change the dword value to whatever suits your needs.

here are the following dword value and corresponding results:
0 - show icon
1 - show icon and play notification sound
2 - show icon and vibration
3 - show icon and vibration and play notification sound
4 - same as 0
5 - same as 1
6 - same as 3
7 - same as 3
8 - show icon and notification bubble
9 - show icon and play notification sound and show notification bubble
10 - show icon and notification bubble and vibration
11 - show icon and play notification sound and show notification bubble and vibration

Saturday, June 24, 2006


UI Tweaker is a collection of 4 utilities used to customise the outlook and color scheme of the Pocket PC.
This collection includes a simple theme manager and utilities to change the system colors as well as the Today color scheme. It includes PT Explorer, TdyScheme Changer, WM5Color Changer and SysColor Changer. As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via my contact form.

Usage Notes
1. Click on a module to view its short description.
2. Double click on a module or use the "Launch" button if you wish to launch the selected module.

Other Notes
1. WM5Color Changer is only compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0.
2. TdyScheme Changer does not fit well into square screens or landscape modes.

Developer: Vicott Wong


TdyScheme Changer v0.4.3 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

TdyScheme Changer is a Pocket PC application to change the today scheme colors.
It is also able to change the color of the taskbar and soft keys for Windows Mobile 5.0. It is also possible to remove the gradient effect of the bars and set the colors to black. As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via my contact form.

1. Please note that this program does not fit well in landscape modes or square screens.
2. Also note that black bars do not work when Windows Default Theme is in use.
3. Please untick "Use Base Hue" checkbox before upgrading to v0.2 or later.
4. Please untick "Use Black Bars" checkbox before upgrading to v0.4 or later.
5. Previously, "refresh.exe" was installed in "\Windows\" folder. After upgrading to v0.3 or later, "\Windows\refresh.exe" is no longer needed as the program will be using "refresh.exe" in the program installation folder instead. You can delete "refresh.exe" from the "\Windows\" folder if it is still there after you upgrade to v0.3.
6. For Today Background Image, please use an image of at least 320x320 for QVGA support and 640x640 for VGA support.
7. For Start Menu Image, please use an image of at least 240x320 for QVGA support and 480x640 for VGA support.
8. Refer to Readme.txt for detailed help.

Developer: Vicott Wong



DictMgr is a collection of 4 utilities used to modify the built-in or add-on dictionaries and one reference tool.
It includes DictEditor, T9Editor, WordCorrector, SpellChecker and AcronymReference. As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via my contact form.

Usage Notes
1. Click on an icon to view its short description.
2. Double click on an icon or use the "Launch" button if you wish to launch the selected module.

Developer: Vicott Wong


Teksoft Speakerphone - FREEWARE POCKETPC

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Teksoft Speakerphone is a simple application for the 2003 devices.
All that this application does is to allow you to easily activate the speakerphone while in a phone call. For this we have added a couple of triggers:
- From the Programs shortcuts
- By pressing the Button 1 (the calendar button on a HTC blue angel)
- By tapping on the titlebar icon, and choosing the last option ("toggle-speakerphone") from the popup
- By pressing one of the standard phone's cprog buttons that is now called "Speaker"

Yes, we can control the way other applications are functioning. We can shape and transform their interfaces if needed. We have injected our own code inside the cprog application (the phone application) on runtime, so we could change its interface and provide the missing functions (the speakerphone). We can also use the empty button (as in one of the snapshots below) but that button is used during the call (the Hold button) and it might be needed. Any suggestions might help for an improved next version.

The popup offers 4 options:
- no-action: this is the default state, there are no automatic tasks to be performed
- auto-answer: this would automatically pickup your calls
- auto-reject: similar to the previous, but it will automatically reject the incomming calls
- toggle-speakerphone: this option enables or disables the speakerphone during a call

Note: killing the cprog.exe process might be dangerous because of the code injection that Teksoft Speakerphone has created on runtime. It could lock your device, and a reset might be needed. So try not to kill cprog.exe while Teksoft Speakerphone is installed, if possible.

As this application is freeware, we will do our best to support it but we cant allocate all our resources to it. As you can see this is a very simple application, and it might contain bugs (we didnt allocate much resources on testing either). Still, based on user feedback we might improve it in a future version.
This version works on WM2003 only. It was mostly tested on a HTC Blue Angel.


Friday, June 23, 2006


PlusCalc is a freeware Pocket PC calculator with support for entering expressions.
It also has support for scientific and programmers functions such as boolean functions on binary and hexadecimal numbers.

Requires .NET CF runtimes


UpTime Meter plugin - FREEWARE POCKETPC

UpTime Meter plugin is a "real uptime" tracking utility for PocketPC / PocketPC 2002 / Windows Mobile 2003/ WM2003SE.
The features of this utility are:

* autoreseting timer after battery is full charged (optional);
* saving current timer value on PocketPC soft reset. This feature may be switched off if you want to track uptime between soft resets;
* tracking uptime for each used application;
* tracking battery discharge history;
* forecasting remaining uptime based on discharge history;
* you may create text report for future review/analyze.


To install this plugin download distributive, unzip UpTimeSetup.exe file to your Desktop PC, start it (on desktop!) and follow appearing instructions. Please soft-reset your device after install completion.
Removing plugin

Currently removing this software is two step process:

1. Tap on the plugin, choose "Unregister plugin" in popup menu and answer "Yes"
2. Reset your device and remove "AE Software UpTime" software:
Start -> Settings -> "System" page -> Remove Programs

Note: If you will try to remove plugin without unregistering you will see "Uninstall unsuccessful" error message due to file sharing violation.



PocketXpdf is a no-frills viewer for native PDF files for the Pocket PC platform. The rendering engine is a port of Xpdf.
The program is currently in an early development stage. PocketXpdf has been tested on an ASUS MyPal running Windows Mobile 2003 and on a Dell Axim X51v running Windows Mobile 5. It has not been tested on earlier versions, so it cannot be guaranteed that it will work on these systems. The Screenshots on this page are taken from the Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 emulators provided with Visual Studio.

Known bugs and limitations
* Zooming in too far will make the program run out of memory and cancel the zooming.
* Some PDF files may crash the program. Please report!
* No support for non-western character encodings.
* No support for PocketPC 2002 or older Smartphone editions.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Check Out Real-Time Traffic Condition of All Major Roads in Hong Kong
"HKTraffic" is a simplified web browser designed exclusively to view real-time traffic condition from the web site of the Transport Department of Hong Kong SAR Government. Now you can access the TD web site in a friendly way and plan your route earlier!
* [New] Support updated HKSAR TD web page
* [New] Use cache image if unchange
* Enhanced UI control and list nearby cameras
* Zoom control using up/down buttons
* Support portrait and landscape mode (requires WM2003SE)
* Save snapshot function
* Optimized for GPRS connection
* Support both English and Traditional Chinese interface
* Support map zooming for accessibility
* Donate-A-Function!



Plusmo is a free "offline" web browser and RSS reader for your phone. If you're tired of waiting while browsing the web on your phone.
Plusmo channels content from web sites in advance so you can read it instantly anytime, anywhere. There is no waiting since all the information is downloaded and locally stored on the device.

There are also a number of cool "gadgets" that you can setup - these are mini applications you may find useful on your phone to find cheap gas nearby or locate the nearest Starbucks.

Best of all, Plusmo is completely FREE!

What can you do with Plusmo?

* Channels: Your favorite content delivered to you. Read the day’s news in pictures, view cartoons, catch up on your favorite gadget blog, get your dose on celebrity gossip, keep up with your local sports team, read movie reviews and lots more.
* Gadgets: These are little utilities that you can personalize like traffic reports, weather, locate cheap gas nearby, find the nearest Starbucks, local events, movie reviews, search classifieds, search eBay and more.
* Create your own: If you don’t find a channel, quickly create one at Plusmo and share it with every one. All channels are user created. It’s fast and easy.


* Offline Browsing. Even when there’s no signal, your content is cached and available on your mobile device.
* Friendly user Interface. An easy-launch icon grid of your personal gadgets.
* Cool image slider. Browse your favorite content in pictures (cartoons, blog posts, pictures from Flickr).
* Built-in RSS reader. Built-in XHTML-browser and RSS reader with optimized content delivery.
* Periodic Synchronization. Let the web come to you - setup a daily or a weekly update schedule. Browsing is local and fast.
* Advanced Bandwidth Settings. Low, Medium, High and Custom settings to control the amount of content and image sizes.



QuickClear is a Pocket PC application to help users clean up the system quickly by clearing the temporary files stored under "\Temp\" folder and also Cookies/History/Cache.
For the convenience of clearing temp files quickly from the today screen, it would be good to create a shortcut to the program and place it in your Start Menu or your favorite launcher today plug-in. As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via my contact form.

1. Simply run the program to start cleaning up the system.
2. You can create a shortcut to the program and place it on the today screen to clean up the system conveniently and quickly.



ClearTemp is a Pocket PC application to help you clear temporary files on your system easily.
You can choose which of the 4 available temporary folders to clean up. You can even change the location of the temporary folders (Cache, History & Cookies) to the Storage Card or Storage ROM. If you have a custom folder which you wish to clear, you can also add it in. The program also allows you to clear your Recent Program List and your Internet Address History. As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via my contact form.

1. You can tick/untick certain folders to clean.
2. You can also clear the Internet Address History or Recent Program List by ticking the relevant options.
3. Click on "Clean" button to start clearing selected folder(s).
4. You can click on the "Options" button to go to the Options dialog.
5. In the Options dialog, you can change location of temp files by making the change in the dropdown list.
6. You can also specify the location of Custom Folder 1 and 2 in the Options dialog.
7. Click on "Apply" button to confirm the new location of the temp files and/or custom folders.
8. After changing the location of the temp files, please exit the program, save your work and perform a soft reset to complete the process.

Other Notes:
- Clearing of Recent Program List is not supported for Windows Mobile 5.0.
- If you use Opera, you can add \Application Data\Opera\cache4 as the custom folder.


toosten SIMname V1.9.4 Beta - FREEWARE PPC

Image Hosted by
Tool for dual sim users.
This Tool offers the possibility of assigning each SIM to designating and a freely selectable Icon.


toosten flight mode v2.1 - FREEWARE PPC

Tool to turn flightmode on and off.
This small Tool turns on on flight mode or the telephone again. Ideally in order to put this function on a key, in order to switch times fast the telephone off and/or change the SIM! To the application one can transfer also a parameter now, thus can one with the help of various programs the telephone time-steered in the flight mode send or again "wake"


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TodayWarrior - FREEWARE PPC

This is a plug-in for the Today screen that allows us to do the most habitual tasks when we are working with WIFI.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT: This line can be selected from Options panel

- Access to the Power panel of control panel
- Current power percentage of the battery
- Current elapsed time from the last full charge of the battery. It can also show that we are charging or operating with external power.
- Tapping this field we can select to reset Elapsed time. Useful on battery change.
- Remaining Time with the current consumption rate: An estimate of how long the PocketPC will last at the current discharge rate. It can indicate also, the remaining time to reach 100 % of charge or that the battery is fully charged.
Tapping cyclically Remaining time field the display change to Battery Volts, current (mA), power consumption (mW) and battery Temperature in ºC and ºF. This data is only available in some PPCs :

- Power off button.
- Reset Button: Will display a message for confirmation.
- Icon Always ON: Touching this icon changes it to a green color. In this state the PPC will not turn off although we have it set in the energy options. Useful when scanning networks or downloading files. It is deactivated manually or automatically on having charged the battery or if the remaining battery level is lower than 25 %.
- Icon Memory: It starts memory control panel.
- Icon Today: It starts today element control panel.
- Backlight slider: it allows us to change the screen brightness when we are using the PPC with batteries. Turning the backlight off is prevented. The maximum value is user-selectable from options panel
In the options panel there is an option to Turn Off the PDA when the battery lever goes down to 4% in order to protect the battery from running down.

WIFI MANAGEMENT : This line can be selected from Options panel

- Icon of WIFI Card ON/OFF:
- Grayed: without card or not recognized by TodayWarrior.
- Red: OFF and in green ON .
- Blue: For NDIS cards..
- Optionally can be deactivated for PocketPCs with their own mechanism to do so. If deactivated on Dell X50, the icon calls the internal On/Off utility.
- Shows current connection speed of WIFI card when connected. While disconnected, but card on, it shows negotiation speed of the card. The type of letter is Bold and there are no selection arrows. Works with PRISM and NDIS cards
- Connection speed selector: it can be selected between 1Mb/s, 2Mb/s, Car 1-2Mb/s, 5.5Mb/s, 11Mb/s, Full AutoMb/s. To enter in, tap on the current speed of the card. To go out tap again. The type of letter changes to normal and the selecting arrows appears. If we change the speed, on having gone out, the new speed will be applied and the radio will go off momentarily, which can cause a few seconds of disconnection of the LAN. Works on all Prism cards and some NDIS ones. NEW
- Icon of Activate/ deactivate the Network Scanner.
- When green it scans every two seconds.
- When red, it store the latest scanned networks.
- When yellow, the card is associated to an AP.
- Information about available networks:
- In scan mode shows SSID, Rx level with a color bar and digits, radio channel used and if WEP security is enabled (W) or is Open (O). If several networks were received, two arrows appear in order to change the network displayed (rotational). Normally the most powerful network is selected.
- In stand-by mode, if the NIC is associated to an AP, shows the information.
- Extended information of the connected network and Internet access testing. It is necesary to have WifiKnife. installed.
- Automatic association with available networks and internet access test. It is necesary to have WifiKnife. installed.
- TodayWarrior plays a sound when a new network is found and maintains the lost networks for 30 seconds after they disappear.
- AvantGo sync panel access icon.
- Access Icon to WZC (Wireless zero configuration) to connect to the available networks. Holding this Icon we can activate/deactivate WZC. It will be necessary to do a soft reset.
- Red: WZC deactivated
- Green: WZC activated.

- It is selectable to show energy bar, WIFI bar or both. Select it from Control panel-today-TodayWarrior-options:
- It is possible to select the maximum bright level for the bright slider. This is useful for machines like Acer, HP4150 and others.
- “On also applies to Backlight” avoid turn off of the backlight when the “always on” (On) icon is pressed (green mode)
- “Slider modifies also AC Backlight” allows simultaneous change of Backlight bright for Battery and AC modes in PPC that have this option.
- Disable prism detection avoid the detection of the card as a Prism when it have drivers for NDIS 5.1
- “Disable WIFI On/Off Control” is useful for machinas that has yet their own WIFI On/Off button. If enabled (checked) on the Dell Aximn X50 takes the same function
- “Turn off at 5% battery” is an option to Turn Off the PDA when the battery lever goes down to 4% in order to protect the battery from running down.

Freeware Option: You can download and use the program freely. You cannot ask the author about the use of the program. Of course you can tell him about bugs you find, but this page is the only user manual and support you have. In it, are explained all the functionalities and options of TodayWarrior


Skype for Pocket PC™ 2.0 - FREEWARE PPC

Skype on the go with Skype for Pocket PC.
Make voice calls and chat for free, no matter where you are. It’s easy to use and available when you connect to WiFi or 3G.
In order to use Skype for Pocket PC, your handheld must meet the following minimum system requirements:

* Windows Mobile 5.0 or 2003 for Pocket PC
* 312MHz processor
* High speed wireless Internet connection over WiFi or 3G*



Image Hosted by
Task manager like Windows for Pocketpc.
* WM5 Softkeys support
* less CPU load
* Application icons in the task view
* faster screen refresh
* no flickering in the process view
* context menus everywhere
* DLL list of a process
* file information (directory, version info)
* GUI in WM5 look and feel
* more features
* fixed some bugs and memory leaks
* ready for VGA devices, square - and landscpape resolution

It is extensively optimized for minimum memory- and CPU load. You need to copy the cab file onto your device and to execute it there for installation.


JGUI GreenCaterpillar - Today Screen Theme

Image Hosted by
JGUI's Today Screen Theme for pocketpc.
"The first installers I can share:

Boot Screen:
the second one "Windows Mobile" changed to green hue.

Today Screen Theme:
portrait, landscape and square orientations

New Phone Dialer:
you have to have the E-TEN M600 skin dialer installed on your device, before you start my replacement. GreenCatapillar will only replace images. I'm sure you can find it in the Internet easily.

Smart Dialer:
not included yet.

Today Screen plugin:
is developing already"


Second Boot Screen and Phone Dialer

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Word Completion Dictionary Editor - FREEWARE PPC

A tool to edit PocketPC Word Completion feature dictionary.
ocketPC has internal mechanism intended to help user write text - word completeion feature. You enable or disable it and change some its options in System > Settings > Input. But there is no way to add your word to dictionary or change words, that system learned from you (yes, it does it sometimes).

Two dictionaries may exist: main and temporary, dyncompdict.dat and dyncompdict.tmp. I can't tell right now, why there are two of them and whats each of them is intended for.

Each word in dictionary has weight - characteristic that defines word position in popup list. By default, weight = 0 assigned to each word. Maximal value, that you can specify is 50.
Actually, you don't need to change this, system will increase it automatically upon word usage. But sometimes it is useful to customize look of popup list.

Using this utility, you can create, edit and delete one of two dictionaries. Dictionary will be alphabetically sorted, when saved. Words shorter than 4 letters, will be discarded - system will ignore such words anyway. Duplicate words also will be discarded. This done to keep dictionary smaller - there is some limitation on its size - about 7-8kb, larger dictionary will be truncated. Later I will implement size limitation and some optimizations for that.

Now you can use clipboard freely. You can do cut/copy/paste with text in textbox and words in listview. You can copy any list of words, separated by spaces or newlines and paste it directly into listview. If you want to add weight to some words, specify it separating by comma directly after word. If you paste word, copied from listview somewhere outside this program, you may see its weight, appended at the end (if word had weight higher than 0).


Requires .NET CF runtimes


FreeCell for Pocket PC is a Pocket PC version of Jim Horne's classic Windows card game.

FreeCell for Pocket PC is one of the most advanced versions of FreeCell available. Major features include:

* Supports game numbers up to 2 billion, including the Microsoft 32,000.
* Unlimited Undo available
* Guest mode
* Adjust the number of available FreeCells, from 4 to 0.
* Save game across sessions (New in 1.1)
* Supports WM5, Landscape, Square screen and VGA. (New in 1.1)



This is a Pocketpc Today plugin. It will show you...

Image Hosted by
- operator name
- signal strength
- today call time ( outgoing only )
- monthly call time
- missing call list
- SMS counter
- free of charge phone call list in options dialog


Monday, June 19, 2006


Small battery meter and memory/storage card status display...
for Windows Mobile 2003 and WM 2003 Second Edition PocketPC devices. Supports VGA resolution. Shows battery meter in the top taskbar, configurable, can replace clock by clock+battery meter.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sytem Information for SP2003 Version 1.0 - FREEWARE SP

Image Hosted by
The file is an exe only...
Simple Display of:
- Memory
- Power
- Sytem
- Storage
- Version of Phone
- Metrics
- Colors in System and
- Time
created by xavierjohn22 of AIRFAGEV


Friday, June 16, 2006


In short btCrawler is a simple bluetooth scanner...
It scans for visible devices in range and can perform a service query. You can also query for services of your own device. In the device list: COD means "Class of Device" (see bluetooth specification for more info). In the output window, when the sdp services are listed, "ChId" means Channel ID, which is the RFCOMM Channel the service is listening on. It supports both, landscape and portrait screens.

It *should* run on Windows Mobile based devices which meet the following criterias:

- MS Bluetooth Stack (WIDCOMM / Broadcom ist NOT supported)
- Works on: Windows Mobile 5, PPC2003, PPC2003SE, Smartphone 2003, Smartphone 2003SE and Smartphone with WM5


Start the .exe and simply press the Scan button to detect devices in range which are in "visible mode". After devices have been found just press the SDP button to query for services. You can query for own bluetooth profiles by pressing the SelfDiag button. That's it...

Usage for Smartphones

- Start with Menu->Scan
- Press the ACTION Key to get a List of detected devices and choose one
- Select Menu->SDP
- Use the joystick buttons to scroll the results and get back to the device list



This is text editor for Pocket PC with TXT, RTF, HTML and XML support and integrated international on-screen soft keyboard...
What's New:
* XML output is done.
o Now you can save files in PPC-edit to Word 2003 XML format.
* Settings saving & loading
* HTML import - decode HTML and do not decode HTML
* backspace non-scrolling fixed -(when you are on some scrolled part of document (not the first "page"), the backspace key will delete previous character on press, but will also scroll to the beginning of document
* Localization: Context menu, messages, main menu, dialog boxes
* RTF saving progress dialog now shown when saving RTF. Better than no-wait screen that looks likePPC_edit has crashed/cycled.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

EXT ROM download link

For those who tried the BIG STORAGE ROM upgrade...
I have uploaded the EXT ROM extracted from the orginal ROM of my XDA Mini.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Image Hosted by
Stack 'Em game for Smartphone/PPC (2003/WM5)By Greatbal
Test your eye and thumb coordination with this game. Just stack those moving blocks and earn points! Your goal is to reach the top.

Another freeware game written with compact framework for Windows Mobile devices (Smartphone and PPC), with OS 2003/WM5. This Beta version has 7 levels. The object of the game is to stack as many blocks moving around the screen as possible. Earn points as you do so.

Press Action Button or Key#5 to stop those moving blocks.

Thanks to WM RJV

CityTime Alarms Beta 2.0 - FREEWARE SP

CityTime alarms is usefull alarm clock for your Smartphone. Now with new alarm type - mobile task, so you can run a program or a script file at a give time, support for landscape devices.
- Added a new alarm type of Mobile Task, so you can run a program or a script file at a give time.
- Added support for landscape devices, including the Q.
- Fixed a few minor display bugs.
- Increase in world time cities from 1 to 4.
- New menu layout for easier navigation.



XnView let you easy and fine viewing of pictures/photos on your PocketPC.

It has the following functions:

- Importation of approximately 400 graphic formats
- Export of approximately 50 graphic formats
- Support of the files multipage tiff, GIF animated, ICO animated
- Change of size
- Copier/Couper/Découper
- Adjustment of the luminosit?du contrast...
- Modification of the number of colors
- Application of filters (blur, average, emboss...)
- Application of effects (lens, wave...)
- Mode full screen
- Diaporama
- Course in labels
- Convertion by batch
- Creation of labels
- Capture screen
- Creation of board contact
- Creation of files multi-page (tiff, DCX, LDF)
- Support of sources TWAIN (Windows only)
- And much of other things...


Big2 1.10 - FREEWARE PPC

Big Two is a popular card game in the Asian countries...
Big Two is a very popular card game in the Asian countries. You go around putting Poker hands, and the first to put down all the cards wins. In this game, you're playing against 3 computer players. Based on Woo Kok Tang's Big Two for Palm, but I rewrote it from scratch. The rules are slightly different from that version.


SysColor Changer - FREEWARE PPC

SysColor Changer is a Pocket PC application to change the system colors, e.g. system text color...
As this application is still under testing and development, I would love to gather suggestions from the users. You can drop me a message via Vicott Wong.

Usage Notes
1. Select a component from the dropdown list that you wish to change.
2. Tap on the color box to select a color for the component.
3. Tap on the "Apply" after selecting the colors for all the components.
4. Exit and Soft Reset to activate the changes.
5. You can also use the "Reset" button if you wish to restore the system default colors.
6. Export allows you to save the current color scheme if you like it.
7. Import allows you to use a color scheme from a file that has been saved previously.

Other Notes
* Some color components may not work properly. Hence, I would require help to identify the components which do not work so that I can remove the tweak.
* If all the tweaks do not work at all, please let me know which OS your Pocket PC is operating in.


FLITE text-to-speech - FREEWARE PPC

Here's an interesting project. This is a Pocket PC 2003 compile of the FLITE 1.3 speech synthesis engine.
FLITE is a subset of the fine Festival engine. It offers a full text to speech system with various APIs, as well an environment for development and research of speech synthesis techniques. Even if FLITE is only a subset, it still compiles to about an 2,5 Mb executable.

There is no source-code available for this item, since I didn't really code anything. FLITE is maintained by the CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) and already boasts experimental Windows CE support, so all I did was craft a project file and the little GUI. The source code for FLITE is available here.

The main authors of FLITE, Kevin A. Lenzo and Alan W Black excuses the "poor" speech quality. The sample rate is only 8 KHz and the speech rules are supposeably not one of the best samples around, but it shows the potential.
Installation Requirements
Pocket PC 2003


TskMgr v1.3 - FREEWARE PPC

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From DotFred of
"I made a little application that will give you a lot of informations of what is running on your ppc."
- allows to activate/terminate a running process
- shows cpu usage
- activate/close tasks
- shows all windows and details
- shows all modules, threads and windows per process
- allows to show/hide, enable/disable and close any window
- allows to highlight a specific window to see its location on screen.
- creates automatically a shortcut in /Windows/Start Menu/Programs/System/Task Manager.lnk
- use of context menus
- minimize to tray
- Service Manager added
- added context menu for Service Manager
- Run Window like in XP


Monday, June 12, 2006

tMan v0.9.4 - FREEWARE PPC

tMan is a tiny task manager...

What's New in 0.9.4

* Added: Mapping of Close/Minimize/Show menu to Tap/Tap-and-hold/Gesture
* Added: Soft-reset menu item (optional)
* Added: Screen-off menu item (optional)
* Added: Screen Rotation menu item (optional)
* Added: Task List can be invoked by HW key
* Major code changes
* Major optimizations
* Improved stability
* A lot of bugfixes

Operating system:

* PocketPC 2003/SE
* Windows Mobile 5.0


Reensoft Outliner - FREEWARE PPC

It is the real Outliner.

Organize your thought, your information with ReenSoft Outliner... You can use it as text outliner, task manager, shopping list, or even simple project planner. You can use it as whatever you can imagine.

Feature List

* In-place editing - You can edit without any dialog box. It does not disrupt your thought with dialog box while editing.
* Fully customizable columns - You can make any column as you want. It has column types like string, category, number, date, flag, progress, priority.
* Automatic calculation - Change of any column make changes of its parent or child columns automatically as you set. It can calculate the checkbox, number, date, flag, progress automatically.
* Powerful undo/redo - You can undo/redo upto 5 levels. Undo/Redo menu item text will show you what you can undo/redo now.
* Intelligent drag and drop - You can drag and drop any item to any position.
* Easy navigation - You can expand/collpase any item to show/hide sub items.
* Find/Replace - You can find or replace any text in your document.

Download 14 Days Trial and get a Registration Key

Saturday, June 10, 2006

PhoneContacts - FREEWARE PPC

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It's a simple Contacts replacement with search keypad...
This is the first project for PocketPC by F.T.D. of xda developers.

Friday, June 09, 2006

ReminderList - FREEWARE SP

version 1.2.0
ReminderList application, where you maintain list via web-site, with seamless retrieve and update list from phone...
- Create and maintain your ReminderList via a standard Web Browser
- Retrieve your ReminderList via your SmartPhone 2003 based cellular phone, check off the items as you put them into your basket - and finally update the master ReminderList
New in version 1.2.0
Long item names
Long item names will now be displayed in a "zoom-manner", so you no longer have to guess the last characters of items with 30+ characters names :-)


MPointer 1.00.2 - FREEWARE PPC

The MPointer application gives you a mouse pointer on your USB host enabled PPC. It needs no installation. Just copy the executable file to any location on your PPC. After you connected the USB mouse, call the application.

Remember, MPointer is NOT a driver, it is an application. MPointer uses the standard builtin USBHID driver (if any) of your device.