Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NetQin Mobile Antivirus

Featured by all-directional and fast virus scanning, convenient and timely on-line update as well as accurate real-time monitoring

NetQin Mobile Antivirus is a powerful and practical mobile phone antivirus software that is designed to protect the security of your mobile phone in a comprehensive manner.


Designed based on original technology of layered mapping of virus "core" characteristics, the core scanning engine of software can perform accurate full scan for mobile phone without omission and false alarm, so as to guarantee the information security of mobile phone. In addition, considering fully the limited resources of mobile phone in calculation, storage and electric quantity, NetQin has optimized the scanning algorithm and strategy, so that this software can complete scanning with extremely low resource expenditure, having no influence on the normal use of other functions of mobile phone. In the scanning process, the user can suspend or stop scanning at any time, so that the integral process is more convenient and friendly.

This software can sensitively and accurately monitor SMS, MMS, PC cable, network port,GPRS, various data communication interfaces such as Bluetooth and Infrared as well as file systems, and thus ensure to intercept the intrusive virus at the first time. In addition, the monitoring engine can detect any malicious link contained in SMS and thus remove the potential threat in time.

NetQin pays close attention to the latest mobile security threats in the world and issue the latest virus library update in time, so that the users can access Internet and download updated updates through client-end. Meanwhile, NetQin has made special optimization and compression for update data, so that the users can obtain the up-to-date protection at low traffic tariff. For the convenience of users, this software provides the function of task scheduling. After the user has set up the scheduling frequency, the software will perform automatic update and scanning on schedule, without need for manual operation.

NetQin Mobile Antivirus

Monday, September 28, 2009


Add schedules of your favorite sports teams (NBA, Soccer) to your calendar

iCalendarFactory is tool that adds the games of your favorite sports teams directly to your calendar. You just need to run the program and select your favorite sport and team. After this the app will downloaded your team’s schedule for the next month and add it to your calendar automatically!

Sports available: Football, soccer, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, College Football.



CloudGPS is Java ME mapping application using OpenStreetMap data and CloudMade services to provide following:

- view different maps with panning and zomming
- use GPS (internal, bluetooth) to show current position
- find objects by name
- find route between two points
- route to destination using turn-by-turn instructions
- record and replay NMEA
- caching tiles without artifical limits
- will work on various devices
- and has some options


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nektra Contact Manager

Nektra Contact Manager is a finger friendly contact manager specifically designed for busy people who need to manage a huge number of contacts.


Finger friendly controls
List controls provide a smooth scroll
Contacts can be grouped by Company or by Groups (touching the bottom tab Contacts button you can switch the views)
Sms list
Phone calls (touching the bottom tab Calls button you can switch calls views: Incoming, Outgoing, Lost, All)
Keyboard for contacts fast search (press 'Undock' button)
Favorites can be accessed in iPhone way
Scroll with the finger or using the right side scrollbar to go to a certain place
Contact photo display

Nektra Contact Manager

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fusion Voicemail Plus

Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0, a free, downloadable visual voicemail application by PhoneFusion, gives Windows Mobile phone users with wireless data and text messaging plans the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see—right on the device screen—a list of their voicemail messages.

It also allows users to listen to voicemails directly from their phone.
A new feature—exclusive to Windows Mobile users—is that for the first time mobile consumers can receive faxes right on their smartphone. Users can use their existing mobile number or register a new number to receive faxes.

Another feature developed exclusively for Windows Mobile users is the ability to easily forward voicemails to any e-mail address or another Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox. Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 also integrates with the user’s address book and expands the ability to use touch screen gestures to navigate through messages.

Fusion Voicemail Plus comes with many features, including:

The ability to synchronize multiple voicemail boxes to one location.
The ability to view and listen to voicemails right from your phone.
The ability to send SMS (text) messages to the person who left you the voicemail. Send the message directly from the Forward voicemails application to other users on the system or through e-mail.
True Caller ID Delivery on each voicemail. If the caller is not in your phonebook, Fusion Voicemail displays the information from the phone company as the caller ID.

Fusion Voicemail Plus

Thursday, September 24, 2009


An AWESOME note program!

Simple Note Program for Windows Mobile. Compatible with all device and all resolution (QVGA, WVGA, VGA, WQVGA).
.NET CF 2.0 Needed!



GPS Application Plugin for Titanium

Logs your GPS Coordinates at an interval of 5 minutes

How does it work?
After running the application, it will turn ON your phone's GPS and log your current coordinates in a csv file. If it is able to get a valid coordinate, it will turn your GPS OFF and then wait for 5 minutes before turning it ON again.

- First Panel:

- tapping on the panel will turn on the GPS
- first text line shows the status of CGPS (on/off)
- second text line shows the number of satellites and the status of your phone's GPS
- third line shows your Latitude and Longitude
- right soft key's function is to close/exit CPGS
- Second Panel:

- will allow you to send an sms to one of your contacts with your last logged GPS coordinate and also a link to open Google Maps (installation is required on the receiving phone) and point your location.

Download CGPS_v1.0.cab

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walk of Fake

Ever wondered how one can have his name on Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Here's the answer: with Walk of Fake you can put your own star on the sidewalk near your favourite star, and also show your friends the placement award plaque.

To exit the sidewalk or the award click the upper right corner.

Walk of Fake

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GPS Speedo

Basically it's another speedo that is driven from a GPS signal.

It has been tested on a HTC Touch HD and Diamond, but should work on any WM device with a GPS feed.

.NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed.
Current Features
User configurable background colours
Day/Night colour schemes (Choose by clicking on the top status bar)
Rotatable (Portrait or Landscape)
Gesture enabled (Move between screens)
Planned Features
Addition of location page
Option to log your current location
Option to create a output file to upload into Google Maps etc
Option to log raw GPS Messages (Prob not on this one)
Addition of Speed Camera Warnings
Installation Details
.NET Compact Framework must be installed
Load Cab file onto your device and run
This loads two fonts to your device (Transponder AOE & Transponder GRID AOE)
Once run will create \My Documents\GPS_Speedo where it keeps the settings file(s)
Other Issues
If the app crashes, currently I don't have a global error handling, but you will receive the error message to the screen. If this happens please try to post it here so I can investigate.
You may need to install another .NET Framework Cab to read the messages.

GPS Speedo

Monday, September 21, 2009


Logger application for your Windows Mobile 5.0 phone. Records GPS and sensor information on your phone.


Logs GPS position and other data
Logs GSensor data (Only on supported HTC phones)

There is no installer in the zip-file - so you have to copy the .exe-file onto your device manually and run it via the file explorer.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

551x23052 Full Tweaked ROM

551x23052 FULL Tweaked ROM (RIL2 Unpatched)

This is a FULL SYS ROM.


Download 551x23052 FULL Tweaked ROM


Change the SIP from a shortcut

Changing SIP (software keyboard) type is both cumbersome (that small finger unfriendly arrow near the SIP icon) and slow (the selection menu does not popup for a noticeable time). Worse on Topaz (Diamond 2) the menu has 2 levels: one for select between Touch Input full QWERTY and Phone Keypad and one for select other SIP types.
SetSIP allow to change the SIP, including the two Touch Input layouts from a shortcut.

Requirements and compatibility

SetSIP was developed for HTC Topaz (Diamond 2) with WM6.1 and requires Compact Framework 2 or above. It should work on many other phones but the test is up to you. Touch Input layouts selection make sense only on phones with Touch Input / EzInput.


Run SetSIP.cab and install in main memory.


Use Remove Programs in Settings.

Shortcuts creation

Installation copies two files in your phone, SetSIP.exe and SetSIPShortcut.exe and adds a shortcut named "SetSIP Create Shortcuts" to Programs. SetSIP.exe is the actual utility that changes the SIP as specified by command line parameters inside shortcuts. Creating the shortcuts manually is possible but cumbersome (see ReadMe.txt for details). Therefore, the SetSIPShortcut.exe utility scans your phone for all the installed SIPs and creates shortcuts for all of them. For Touch Input / EzInput SIP it creates shortcuts for all the layouts.
To create the shortcuts go to Programs and tap "SetSIP Create Shortcuts". After a while a popup dialog will inform you of the program termination and of the name of the directory where the created shortcuts are.



Beautiful units/currency converter

Supported unit types:


Windows Live Streamer

Windows Live Streamer is program for uploading videos from mobile phones to upload servers.

Few of supported servers:

• YouTube
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google Reader
• Silverlight (Windows Live)

Windows Live Streamer

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OS GPS Convertor

This Pocket PC program converts positions between WGS84 latitude & longitude and Ordnance Survey (OS) British & Irish or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) worldwide grid references. It displays positions in multiple formats.

It can be used with:

TomTom Navigator - to create a Point of Interest (POI) or Itinerary file ... then show on map, navigate to, etc.
Destinator - to create a Favorite file ... then show on map, navigate to, etc.
OziExplorer CE - to show the position on a map ... then create a waypoint, go to, etc.

OS GPS Convertor

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Shut off your screen whenever you don't need it

Shut off your screen and touch screen mechanisms to conserve power
Saves your battery life!
Set delaytime in seconds

To turn the screen back on, just tap any hardwarebutton
To turn the screen back on, you may also tap the powerbutton twice
NoScreen is absolutley free



Add, edit, copy or delete registered filetypes on your PocketPC with ease!

Add new file extensions
Associate a registred file extension with another program
Delete unused file extensions
Copy registred filetypes
Change the icon of registred file extensions - even easier with the (NEW!) IconSelector
Change description of filetypes
Languages: English and German (NEW!)

myExtensions is absolutely free
Look & Feel from desktop Explorer (-> Registered filetypes)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Copy ALL album art from PC to Phone

Works for S2P, Nitrogen, Windows Media Player, HTC Audio Manager and probably all the other more obscure ones as well.

What it does:
It looks though all your music folders in your phone and copies the album art over from your PC

It doesn't copy them if they're already there (clever, huh?) which makes it very quick

What it doesn't do
It doesn't organize playlists, sort things into alphabetical order or play music or anything like that


Monday, September 14, 2009


A simple application for taking notes.

- List of notes
- Copy Past text
- Insert current date
- Insert current time
- all notes saved as separate text files
- portrait and landscape



Redirect your GPS navigator program audio output to any bluetooth handsfree or headset.

This program can be configured to launch by a hardware button or with a link in your favorite program launcher.
What BTAudioNav does:
Turns bluettoth ON it it is currently OFF (Only Microsoft Stack)
Redirects all PDA audio to the car handsfree or tho the byke bluetooth helmet, etc.
Starts the GPS navigation program configured.
If while working a call is received, we can manage the call as usual.
Once the call is ended the audio is redirected again to the handsfree.
When the GPS program is ended, the audio is redirected again to the PDA speaker, the Bluetotoh radio
is turned OFF if it were OFF initially and the program exits.
Copy the BTAudioNav.exe file to the navigation application folder.
Create a link to the navigation application executable in the same folder.
For example, in your desktop, navigate to your mobile device, find the iGo8.exe file, and with the right mouse button select Create link. You can do also wiith copy/paste link in Resco explorer
Rename the link to NavApp
For example, if you have igo8.exe.lnk rename it to NavApp.lnk (maybe you can't see the .lnk extension but it is there).
Start BTAudioNav.exe



This program provides encryption facilities for Windows Powered Devices, allowing the user to encrypt/decrypt files from within the device itself.

ideIt! Pro for Windows Powered Devices supports the popular and proven for its efficiency RSA algorithm. An additional algorithm - DES - is also supported, which can be used on top of RSA.
The HideIt! Professional version for Windows Powered Devices is fully compatible with the HideIt! Professional for Windows NT, 2000 and XP

- Windows Powered device using Windows CE 2.11 or newer.
- 31-580 kB storage memory, depending on the platform and available user options.
- Connection between the handheld and host PC, via Microsoft ActiveSync 3.x.

- Establish an ActiveSync connection between the handheld and the host PC.
- Execute the installation executable and follow the installation instructions provided.
- When the CE Application Manager window appears, you can either install the program in the default location or on a storage card. The default location corresponds to the internal storage memory of your handheld.

Installation Package
Installation Executable: HideItProCE

Supported platforms:
Palm-size PC (MIPS/SH3, Windows CE 2.11): Casio E-10x, Compaq Aero 15xx, HP Jornada 4xx, Philips Nino 3xx/5xx, Everex, Trogon C2000 Plus.
Pocket PC (MIPS/SH3/StrongARM, Windows CE 3.0 or later): Casio E-115/E-125/EM-500/EG-800/E-200, Compaq Aero 21xx, Compaq iPAQ H31xx/H36xx/H37xx/H38xx, HP Jornada 5xx, Palmax PD-131/PD-600c(@migo).
Handheld PC (MIPS/SH3/SH4/StrongARM, Windows CE Core 2.11 or later): HP Jornada 6xx/7xx, Sharp Mobilon and all other devices running Windows CE 2.00 or newer.

Support and license agreement
The program can be used for free ONLY for personal use. Any other use, requires a registration fee.
Please see the license agreement included in the installation package.


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Facebook's Famville calculator

FarmValue is a simple calculator for Facebook's FARMVILLE:

It calculates the best crop for you to plant, by simply:

- Write down the number of hours or days of your next visit.
- It imeiatly tells you the best 3 crops for ou to plant.
- When you press the one you choose, it asks you for you plantation size (doesnt have to be accurate).
- It then calculates how much you are going to receive if you plant the hole field minus the plowing costs.

The data.txt helps for future updates, it uses this simple rule:
- Crops are separated by hours or days to harvest.
- The first value on the arrays is the name of the crop, then the market cost, then the sell price and finally the time it takes to grow.
- The maximum hours or days is only references for the +/- buttons.
- The maximum crops on the databse is also a factor
- And finally the cost it takes to plow, in case they ever change it.

Needs Flash 7 to run!

Link to online version: http://farmvalue.sytes.net



GEOPROJECT software is offered by the Floornature portal for project management on your Pocket PC.

View and work on your projects at any time using the many options offered by GEOPROJECT:

Calculate surface areas and perimeters

Draw any area, including doors and windows

Export drawings in DXF format, compatible with all architectural CAD programmes

You must register before you can download GEOPROJECT.
Registration is free of charge and allows you to stay informed about all the news on the portal and Geoproject updates.

Size: 349 Kb.
S.O.: Microsoft Windows CE for Pocket PC version 2.0 or later.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


PdaMonitor is a small utility that continuosly shows battery percent, memory, etc.

- Processor usage.
- Battery charge.
- Current consumption.
- Free memory.
- Memory percentage used.

It has three small lines in the top of the screen.
The first one shows the instantaneous processor use percentage. It's always green.
The second One shows the battery charge state, and it's colour the current consumption in hundreds of mA.
The third one shows the free memory percentage from the one assigned to run programs, and it's colour the number of 10MB free blocks.


Contacts Search

This is application for fulltext searching in contacts.

Supporting multi pattern search and option 'Case sensitive search'.
New optional large font option (finger friendly) and Scroll result with finger.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5 - tested
.Net Compact Framework 2.0
Support QVGA, VGA and square screen display - tested

You can search in contacts informations :
* Full name
* Full home address
* Full work address
* All contact phone numbers
* All contact emails
* All contact IM address and Nickname
* Contact Body
* Company and Job title
* Categoties
* Department
* Children
* Manager
* Assistant Name and Phone
* Web page (Only valid URL are supported - valid URL contains http://)

Application shown all found contacts in result grid when search text are found in contact information.

You can use multi pattern wildcard *
Example : scot*com found contacts 'Scot Vicom' and 'Scot and Company'

You can set option "Case sensitive search" when you need.

In result grid are shown abbrevs for selected informations. When search text are found in this information, column contains word 'Yes'.

You can open contact from result by double click on it or pressing Enter key on main cross button.

Contacts Search

Friday, September 11, 2009


Epilepsy Detector Application

Epdetect is an accelerometer based mobile phone application that uses advanced signal processing to detect epileptic seizures. It runs on most mobile phones that support SMS messaging, movement detection and GPS position location.The addition of the seizure detection signal processing enables the phone to function as a wearable seizure detection system, with remote signalling to carers. Epdetect monitors the wearers movements, distinguishing between normal movement and movement associated with a Tonic–clonic seizure. If a seizure is detected, Epdetect will contact your carer with your status and GPS position.

Epdetect will monitor the movement of the person while the phone is in their pocket or worn on a belt. The software will differentiate the movements associated with epilepsy from normal movement.

When a seizure is detected it will warn the person that it is about to send an SMS message to a carer, in the case of a false alarm the person will be able to cancel the SMS alert. The SMS message contains time, GPS coordinates (if the phone has GPS) and a short message, allowing the carer to raise the alarm and take remedial action or call an ambulance. When the person recovers they press a button to cancel the alarm, which will initiate an end of emergency SMS message.The Epdetect user interface screens:Detector Active Screen:
Status Message – A “Seizure Detected – press the clear button for 5 seconds to cancel” message will be displayed.
Audible Alarm – An audible alarm will sound immediately upon detection of a seizure.
Count Down Timer – A countdown from 30 seconds will be displayed to enable the user to press the cancel button prior to sending the outgoing SMS alert. The countdown timer is adjustable from 1- 60 seconds.
Clear Button – A large ‘clear’ button graphic is displayed to allow the user to clear the detector active status, which also cancels any outgoing SMS alert. The ‘clear’ button must be pressed for 5 seconds within 30 seconds to prevent the outgoing SMS message.
Alarm Active Screen:
Status Message – A “Seizure In Progress – press the cancel button for 5 seconds to signal the end of a seizure” message is displayed.
Audible Alarm – A second audible alarm will continue to play until the alarm active status is cleared.
Cancel Button – A large ‘cancel’ button graphic is displayed to allow the user to clear the alarm status, which also causes an end of seizure SMS message to be sent. The ‘cancel’ button must be pressed for 5 seconds to cancel the alarm active status.
Additional Message – A message saying “This person may be having an epileptic fit” will be displayed on screen.
Advanced Options Screen:
Back-Up Accelerometer Data – Tick box, which if ticked saves the raw accelerometer data that caused the last alarm condition to a file.
GPS On/Off – Tick box, which if ticked activates the phone’s GPS to generate location information, which is appended to SMS messages.
Carer No 1 – The mobile phone number of the first carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active.
Carer No 2 – Optional, the mobile phone number of the second carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active.
Carer No 3 – Optional, the mobile phone number of the third carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active.
Alarm Message – The SMS message that will be sent when an alarm is active.
Cancel Alarm Message – The SMS message that will be sent when an alarm is cleared.
Detector Active Sound – Selects the warning sound to play when the detector is active.
Alarm Active Sound – Selects the sound to play when the alarm has not been cancelled (could be an audio file such as; “Help this person is having an epileptic seizure”).


Thursday, September 10, 2009


size and select a threaded hanger rod

Need to check whether the proposed hanger rod can take the load? Need to calculate the tensile stress of the selected hanger rod? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with tRod Sizer - a small, mobile and handy tool for sizing of threaded hanger rod.

Aim: creating a mobile design environment for the practising engineers & designers in today's mobile world.

Results: Instant solutions at your fingertips.

- calculate threaded rod diameter, tensile stress or maximum load capacity.
- built-in thread dimensions as per ISO Metric series (SI units) & Unified UNC series (IP units).
- fully mobile & independent program for Pocket PC & PC.
- in SI & IP units.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Countdown timer

SpoonMission is a configurable countdown timer, with support for multiple timezone clocks.

It's primary function is to countdown to lift off/touch down of SpaceShuttle missions, but can be used for any timing purposes.

Currently this is in pre-alpha stage of development - it doesn't work properly and has missing features. I uploaded it for anyone who wanted to play with it, or feedback ideas.

Operating System: WinMo 6.1 (should work on 5 and 6.5 - untested)
.NET Compact Framework: 3.5
Screen: Resizable. Tested on WVGA (should work QVGA, VGA - untested)



Plug-in for students to display class schedules. Supports 2 weeks.

- Switch off the Titanium
- Set CSchedule
- Start Install
- Fires Update
- Includes Titanium

System requirements:
- Windows Mobile 6.5
- Titanium
- QVGA (portrait and landscape orientation)


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bubble Wrap

If you have to kill some time, it is always fun to pop bubble wrap, unfortunately it may run out...

Not anymore...

Virtual bubble wrap is the way to go. Pop as many bubbles as you can within 45 seconds, they do regenerate in a funky sort of way.

If you pop all the bubbles before one has a chance to regenerate you get your time left on the clock times 5 added to your score.


As always if you get opengl error messages, copy the attached libGLES_cm.dll into your windows directory

OS Requirements: Windows Mobile 6.0 and up, OpenGL
Screen Support: VGA, WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA

Bubble Wrap

Monday, September 07, 2009

InCall Lock

Lock Send/End buttons on incoming call

InCall Lock will temporarily disable Send (aka Talk, Green) and End (aka Red) hardware buttons when you receive an incoming call in order to prevent accidental call pickups/rejects while you are pulling your device out of your pocket. All other hardware buttons are untouched.

After you answer/reject your call the application will release the buttons, so you will be able to hang up, put calls on hold etc. using hardware buttons normally.

The application, after being launched, will remain resident in memory but will not use any CPU cycles at all as it relies on WM Notification system and doesn't do any polling. As it is using WM internal event system, it should work regardless of OS language, installed dialer etc.

This is a zero config application and has no options (yes, this is a feature). I personally needed an application that would do just this - temporarily block these buttons. If you need a device locker, try PocketShield or other available solutions.

How to use:
Install attached cab
Soft reset or launch "InCall Lock Toggle"
To enable/disable InCall Lock temporarily, use InCall Lock Toggle in your Programs menu.
To disable it permanently, just uninstall via Settings - Remove Programs

InCall Lock

Saturday, September 05, 2009

LnkMe v1.1

Create SMS and Call shortcut files with just a few steps.

Manually creating shortcut files for sms and call sending to specific contacts requires using a text editor (in PPC and PC) and then manually typing text codes and memorizing the phone number for that particular contact, then repeating the same procedure again and again for each contact.

I've created this simple application to automate all of this. I hope it will also be useful to other people.

The shortcut files created will allow you to automatically create a new sms for a particular person, or make a call to a person, depending on what lnk file you chose to create.

change log:
- multiple contacts LNK creation
- fixed call shortcut bug
- option to add SMS body in SMS shortcut link

oldSAP LnkMe v1.1 CAB

Thursday, September 03, 2009

IMAG to Date

IMAG to Date renames image files, JPG, GIF, and BMP to Date Formatted filenames, MMddyyyyHHmm_RID (R.I.D. Random ID). The dates are based on the Date when the file is created.

You’ll probably hate the way Camera application saves the image file, which was “IMAG####.jpg”. This kind of naming will cause a problem when backing up the image files in your PC/MAC specially when the file already exists in your backup drive but different picture, the only thing you could do is to rename the file in your mobile device. For example, you have “IMAG0050.jpg” in your mobile phone and you want to move that in your PC/MAC but a file “IMAG0050.jpg” already exists but has different picture? Probably the first thing you’ll do is to rename “IMAG0050.jpg” in your mobile device into something different.

Now to make things easier, IMAG to Date is created to help from that problem.

IMAG to Date

TMS UnInstaller

If you have a ton of installed applications on your mobile, you will need this nice replacement for the ugly "remove Programs" of windows mobile component! This program will allow you to find the application you want to uninstall very fast by searching for it name or visually by its icon!

Key Features:
1. Shows big Icons of installed applications for easier recognition.
2. On the fly search in the list of the applications (with 0.5s delay after typing)
3. Uninstall all applications (it can uninstall even itself!), and removing main registry entry if the application uninstalled incorrectly.

1. Windows Mobile 5 or newer (Please don’t try it on WM2003 or older, they are not supported because they using a different mechanism)
2. .Net compact framework 3.5, you will find it in here.

TMS UnInstaller

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

RAM Sweeper

RAM cleaner

How it works?
Instead of ending the process from a blacklist to gain some RAM this will kill everything except the processes that are included in the ramsweeper.txt file(white list), this way you will gain the max possible RAM. I've also included an option to run any program with optional parameters after every RAM sweep.

Configuring RAM Sweeper
RAMSweeper.txt is located at \program files\RAM Sweeper and it contains the white list, the format of this files is very easy:

EXC process.exe -> will add process.exe to the white list (process wont be killed)
RUN "apppath" -> will run the defined program after a RAM sweep
RUN "apppath" Parameter -> will run the defined program with the defined parameter
here is an example of each possible commands:
EXC RAM Sweeper.exe
RUN "\Windows\Linterna.exe"
RUN "\Internal Storage\Program files\ssmaho\SSMaPaT2.exe" \ssmaho.config --hook
The default file contains the following entries:

EXC cprog.exe
EXC connmgr.exe
EXC device.exe
EXC filesys.exe
EXC gwes.exe
EXC poutlook.exe
EXC repllog.exe
EXC services.exe
EXC shell32.exe
EXC RAM Sweeper.exe
EXC SIPGT_app.exe
EXC iLock2.exe
EXC accsensor_app.exe
EXC LargeDisplayStart.exe
EXC rapiclnt
EXC changescreen.exe

Important Note:
This will run without any problem on the diamond and probably HD,Raphael,topaz,rhodium.... but with older devices you will maybe have to add some important processes to ramsweeper.txt or you will kill them and may have some problems (freezes, some programs may stop working...). Just use a taskmanager to check the processes (i attach a simple task manager i've made).
.NetFramework3.5 is needed

RAM Sweeper

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

SMSer v1.2

Send sms to multiple contacts.

Smartphone and Pocket PC versions available

How To:
- type your message on the first box. if you want the name of your contact to appear in your message, just type in @@@ where you want the name to appear inside the message.
- add contacts in your list: Menu > Add Contact
- save your list for future uses: Menu > Save List
- load your list: Menu > Load List
- sending sms: Send menu will show SIM1 and SIM2 because this application was written for ACER DX900 dual sim phone but using it on a single sim WM device will also work.
- after pressing send, the application will hide itself, and will reshow itself after the task is done.

change log:
- Smartphone version uploaded (Sept 1, 2009)
- character counter for sms body
- repeat sending to multiple contacts

- added ability to PASTE in textbox
- multiple lists

oldSAP SMSer v1.2
oldSAP SMSer SP v1.2

oldSAP SMSer v1.1

SMSer v1.0