Saturday, April 29, 2006

CeleTask 2.0 - FREEWARE (SP)

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CeleTask is a powerful Task/Process Management Tool for Windows Mobile Smartphone.
1. Task Management: Include New Task, Close task, Switch Task and View Task Properties.
2. Process Management: Include Terminate Process, View Process Properties.
3. Tool Management: Tool box with full customization support.
4. Hot Key Customization: User can assign a hot key for any command.
5. Built-in Utility: Include Power Status, Memory Status, Free Memory, Reboot System, Shutdown System, etc.
6. Command Line Support: Support command line for any command. CeleTask can execute any menu command in command line.
7. Full Support: Support Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone; Support QVGA and standard size screen.
8. Easy To Use: All of above, within an executable file only less than 50 KB.

1. Installation: Copy CeleTask to any directory in your device (e.g. \Storage\Program Files\CeleTask). If necessary, you can use create a Start Menu shortcut in CeleTask Tool Edit dialog. Also, you can set CeleTask as an auto run program, or assign CeleTask to some system keys (See Tool dialog).
2. Uninstallation: Execute Options -> Uninstall command in main menu, then CeleTask will remove all its settings in Windows Registry (Include Tool Item). Uninstall command will not delete CeleTask executable file. You can delete CeleTask directory manually.

Download HERE


Sunday, April 23, 2006

PPC Camera 'Save Folder' Tweak

Inspired by GPC's C550 Camera 'Save Folder" Tweak

1. First, set the camera settings to save the images to the Storage Card

2. Using a Registry Editor, go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\AppDefSettings\Image and change the SaveFolder string to your desired folder name. Ive change mine to - photos as shown below

3. Now when I take a snapshot, my images will be saved in \Storage Card\My Documents - photos folder

Friday, April 21, 2006

Remote Keyboard for Pocket PC - FREEWARE (PPC)

Remote Keyboard is a program that connects PC keyboard and mouse to your Pocket PC over ActiveSync connection or TCP/IP network. It works as a Soft Input Panel (SIP), also called input method, along with Keyboard, Letter Recognizer or Transcriber in Pocket PC devices.

Pocket PC Connector, one of the components, works on PC side to redirect keyboard and mouse inputs to Pocket PCs.

Using PC keyboard and mouse to entry data to your Pocket PC has never been easier. Just switch on Remote Keyboard from the corner of the screen, run Pocket PC Connector in PC then you are in business.

While using Remote Keyboard, clipboard data from PC will be sent to your Pocket PC in real time.

Remote Keyboard has been tested on wireless connected Pocket PCs (Wi-Fi or Pocket PC Phone Edition). With the feature to auto-search for peers on LAN networks, you will be ready to use keyboard from any PC in no time (within corporate or home network environments).

Remote Keyboard supports non-windows machines to connect via telnet protocol. You can use Linux or Unix workstation keyboard too.

It is fast that your mouse pointer moves smoothly on Pocket PC screen, and your key inputs appear instantly.

Remote Keyboard is a freeware.

Download Remote Keyboard:
Remote Keyboard for Pocket PC all processors (ARM, MIPS, SH3); Freeware.
Pocket PC Connector for Windows (Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP); Uncompressed, no setup required, download and run

Magic Button - Pocket PC Task Manager - FREEWARE (PPC)

There are plenty of Task Managers available for Pocket PC. However if you are still searching for the right one, try this software.
Why Magic Button worth considering to download and replace your existing one:

* It is free.
* Does not take up any of your screen real estate, yet easy to access.
* Located on title bar but does not cover any standard info, i.e. Sound icon, notification icon.
* Very small foot print (memory usage). Only 71 KB executable file does it all (help file is 8 KB extra).
* Makes close button really close applications. Just in case you haven't noticed, the default one only minimizes them.
* Compatible with latest and greatest Windows Mobile 5.0 (new in version 2.0).

Magic Button looks clean and blends surprisingly well with the Pocket PC theme. For those who do not want too fancy or too complicated Task Manager, this is for you.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

DontForget - FREEWARE SP

An application which will notify you anytime you have unread SMS or MMS,
missed incomming call or missed reminder.
You can set and customize everything you want to be always informed.
You will never forget about any call, sms, mms etc. with DontForget application.

And dont forget ! DontForget is freeware !

System requirements
- Windows Mobile 2005 (Smartphone edition) operating system
- QVGA resolution (320x240)
- .NET Compact Framework 1.1 installed (should already be present in all WM5 powered smartphones in their ROM)



Friday, April 07, 2006

cLaunch - FREEWARE (PPC)

I have a new O2 XDA mini and i've decided to add a new section here.
This is my first post for PPC applications.

cLaunch offers the following features :

* Launcher is displayed on Today screen.
* It can display 8 group and multiple page.
* Each group tab can be hide from display.
* It can hide the border of the tab label.
* It can define display height in Today.
* It can import shortcut from system to current group.
* Users can change group name.
* It can reverse the position of the arrow.
* Background picture, setting icon and arrow icon can be set up.
* Icon name can be enable and display.
* It can disable menu bar.
* Menu bar can be at the bottom.
* Each group can have different setting of margin, icon size etc.
* Tab border can set to 3D.
* Setting icon and Arrow icons can be disable.
* Short cut can change to other icon.
* All data use by cLaunch store in "\Windows\cLaunch.dat"
* Import function can browse the directory
* Tab extended line that wrap around can be turn off
* If the file path is "#Arrow up","#Arrow down","#Arrow left","#Arrow right" or "#Settings", it will perform cLaunch functions.
* Support 480x640 screen


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nine Way Keypad version 1.1

It is a Smartphone common flaw that the five-way navigation keypad is too small to operate. its miniature degree can cause misoperation frequently. Therefore, NineWayKeypad software has provided one kind of solution: The user can switch the function of keyboard between characters and navigation. Moreover, under navigation function status, there are additional editing functions: Select text, Copy text, Paste text and switch between another editing keys (Page Up, Page Down, Home, End) and additional directions (Left Up, Right Up, Left Down, Right Down).

About version 1.1:
* Add menu item to select hot key between HandUp key and Record key to switch the status of keyboard.
* Improve operating when unlocking key or phone.
* Disable key under status of key or phone locked.

About version 2006.03.30:
* Improved main screen displayed on QVGA.
* Add EXE installation file for download.

System requirements:
* Smartphone2002.
* Smartphone2003.
* Smartphone2003SE.
* Windows Mobile 5.0


Thanks to TOINK of AIRFAGEV for the info.