Friday, December 29, 2006


Freeware poker of the more traditional sort. So far includes 7-card stud, 7-card stud with twos wild, 7-card stud with twos and threes wild, and 5-card stud. Choose 2 to 7 players.

Everyone starts with $1000, and anyone who drops below $100 is out of the game. The objective is to be the last player standing (or sitting.) MBroPoker uses old "Vegas" rules; so the house takes 10% of the pot up to $4. This guarantees that eventually it'll come down to two players, and finally one. If you are that one, you can make it to the Hall of Fame; the ten quickest people to be the last player remaining.


Thursday, December 28, 2006


BaseHue color setter.

This application is a complement to greatbal's BaseHue Express for WM5 Devices

After setting your basehue color using BaseHue Express,

use a registry editor and navigate to:
and you will see the value of the color you chose.

Then navicate to:
and enter the same value.

After a soft reset, the basehue value set by BaseHue Express will revert back to the original value (14008200)

Execute BaseHue.exe and you will see the color change to your previous choice.

Create a BaseHue.exe link file in your \Windows\Startup folder so that when you reboot your phone, the basehue color of your choice will automatically be applied.



SMS Plugin labeler.

I've created this application just because i got bored at the
"Text Messages (0)"
label for the SMS plugin on my homescreen.

- change the plugin label to your choice (when there is no unread sms)
- plugin's label will show the number of unread sms. it will also show the last received unread sms' first 20 characters and the sender's name.

TIP: if you dont want any label shown when there is no unread sms, just type in a space or " "
The 'new' label will only appear after your have received AND read a new sms after executing the application and saving your new label. You can also do a softreset after saving your new label.

- WM5 operating system

Updated (1/06/07)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

mccMassMessage - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Send SMS, Mails and MMS to predefined Groups with two klicks



Free Personal Information Manager

Secure all of your important information in one easy access place with PIM Booster.

PIM Booster provides you a secure, well-organized store for whatever you can keep your private information.

PIM Booster enables you to set up folders and store the information in a secure and easily accessible way. You can have one folder for your passwords, one for your logins, one for your list of business ideas, etc.

Nobody but you can access this information. You can have only one master password to enter the program and that all I need to remember.

* Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0
* 200 MHz ARM processor or better
* Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 or better


Saturday, December 23, 2006

merry CHRISTmas

an early greeting.

quoted form OUR DAILY BREAD

"All those who heard it marveled at those things which were told them by the shepherds. --Luke 2:18

Elmer Kline, a bakery manager in 1921, was given the job of naming the company's new loaf of bread. As he struggled to come up with something "catchy," he found his answer in an unlikely place. While visiting the grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he stopped to watch the International Balloon Festival.

Later he described the sight of the beautiful hot-air balloons launching into the Indiana sky as one of "awe and wonderment." The thought stuck, and he called the new product Wonder Bread. To this day, the packaging for Wonder Bread is brightened by colorful balloons.

Wonder, however, is a word that evokes something more significant than a loaf of bread or hot-air balloons. One dictionary defines wonder as "a cause of astonishment or admiration." It's a word that captures the experience of all the people surrounding the events of the coming of Jesus into the world--the angels, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and all the people they told. Luke said they "marveled" (2:18). For all of them, trying to understand the birth of Christ was an exercise in wonder.

As we celebrate Christmas, may we be filled with wonder at His love and His coming! --Bill Crowder

Have you felt the joy of the shepherds,
Who were first to behold the sight
Of that holy Child of Mary
On that wonderful Christmas night? --Brill

A wonder-filled life is yours when you know the Christ of Christmas."

Friday, December 22, 2006


Export contacts in xml files with this new utility. Useful for export, modify and re-import mass contacts files. XML Contacts Backup has nice interface very friendly and easy to use. It's always good to have your contacts backed up, why not in XML format for better accessibility and editing.

All the selected contacts are exported in a separate xml files, so be sure to select for destination folder something like "contacts backup" otherwise you gona get bunch of xml files in your parent folder.


Ilium Software Screen Capture - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Take Screenshots on Your Windows Mobile Device

Ilium Software Screen Capture is a free, fast, and easy screen capturing program for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. Download a copy today and you'll be able to take screenshots quickly, whenever you need to!

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
Using Ilium Software Screen Capture takes just five simple steps:

1. Start the program on your device
2. Use the Options menu to define the App key you want to press to take your screenshots
3. Leave the program open - do not hit the Exit button yet
4. Take your screenshots! (If you have sound on, you will hear a camera "click" noise when the screen is captured)
5. To stop the program, open it again and hit the Exit button


Thursday, December 21, 2006

VB/C#/C++ Converter Demo

Convert between VB, C#, C++, and Python fast and effectively.

Your task of converting VB/C#/C++ projects to VB/C#/C++ just got a lot easier. Converting VB/C#/C++ to VB/C#/C++ no longer needs to be a laborious and time-consuming effort. Using the conversion utilities, you can save countless hours of painstaking work. No other converter is as accurate or as reliable.
Demo Edition allows project and folder conversions of up to 1000 lines and code snippet or ASP.NET snippet conversions of up to 100 lines at a time in addition to offering dozens of sample code conversions.

* Instant C# converts VB code to C#
* Instant VB converts C# code to VB
* Instant C++ (VB Edition) converts VB code to C++/CLI
* Instant C++ (C# Edition) converts C# code to C++/CLI

zaTelnet Light - FREEWARE SP/PPC

zaTelnet is Telnet/SSH1/SSH2 client for PocketPC with MS Compact Framework and Smartphone devices.


* support Telnet protocol
* support SSH1 protocol (not realesed for SF edition yet)
* support SSH2 protocol
* partially emulate terminal VT100 (basically enough for working with Midnight Commander and others console programs)
* full screen
* different font size for console
* portrait and landscape orientation
* 240x240, 240x480, 480x480 and 480x640 resolutions
* change font size and orientation without shutdown session
* four variants of software - for MS CF 1.0, MS CF 2.0, MS Smartphone and MS Smartphone 2005
* Scrollable custom size screen
* Server fingerprint options
* special float keyboard for CF1 and CF2
o user can to change keyboard location
o choose transparent or opaque mode
o minimize one
o change keyboard font size


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Shopping List by Miroslav Voltemar

A handy shopping list manager in your Smartphone. Helps you remember all your shopping list items, organize them or send them via SMS if needed. Best of all it's FREE.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Try to pass on a path.

Before the beginning the game field is partially filled in with units. It is necessary, installing new units so that in any direction was no more than five units, to connect all units in the continuous path.
There is a unlimited number of levels In the game. from a level to a level the complexity of game will increase.
To install the game simply copy it in any folder of your PPC and... the installation is completed. Start it and play. Registration is not required. To uninstall the game simply delete it.

License: Freeware
Operating systems: Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE, Windows Mobile 5.0

DOWNLOAD 2003/2003SE WM5

Monday, December 18, 2006

Phone Themes Studio

Would you like to create and sell your own phonethemes? well, you can - phonethemes has created the 'PhoneThemes Studio' toolkit'. Artists and designers can use this Toolkit to create stunning multimedia products in a new format. PhoneThemes provides copyright holders access to the rapidly expanding market of mobile device personalisation using their existing assets.

PhoneThemes back office system infrastructure allows copyright holders peace of mind by protecting assets and guaranteeing appropriate payment every time a phonetheme is provisioned.

Once you become an approved author you can create phonethemes for any platform supported by Phonethemes:

* Nokia Series 60
* Microsoft Windows Mobile SmartPhone
* Microsoft Windows Mobile PocketPC

The toolkit will publish the themes you create for your own device play and test on. When you're ready to begin selling your themes the toolkit will upload then directly into our server, creating all the necessary animated preview images and allow you to set categories, prices and put in a description. Themes are listed both on the Internet and mobile portal and will also be available for sale via SMS in applicable countries.

To become an approved author please read the following Author's acreement and then contact us by clicking here.


oldSAP Utilities - FREEWARE SP/PPC

A simple collection of smartphone utilities.

Included in the cab file are:
1. HardReset.exe - A hard reset clears the RAM and returns the device to factory conditions. This implies that after a hard reset you lose all the data that is on your device and the device is just as it was when you first purchased it and turned it on. All programs installed, data entered, settings adjusted on the device will be lost and only Windows Mobile and other applications that come with an original installed device will remain. This can become useful if your system is severely bogged down and soft resets do not help any more.

2. PowerOff.exe - turns off your device.

3. SoftReset.exe - A soft reset of your device is like rebooting a desktop; it clears all active program memory and shuts down all active programs. It restarts the operating system and preserves any saved data, but you will lose any unsaved data. This feature is useful when a device hangs, is bogged down or when a program is operating strangely. A soft reset is also necessary after the installation of some programs.

for WM2005 Smartphone and Pocket PC



YaRPNcalc is an RPN calculator written in C# targeting the .NET Compact Framework. t's designed for the limited screen size of Pocket PCs. YaRPNcalc is freeware.
Why another RPN calculator?

Two reasons:

* I wanted an RPN calculator for my Pocket PC with big buttons, big enough to use the calculator with the fingers instead of the stylus.
* I wanted to learn about .NET Compact Framework development as well as getting more fluent in C#.

What features does it have?

* BIG buttons
* simple to use
* RPN input method. Two line visible stack
* basic arithmetic operations
* different display modes (Auto, Fixed, Scientific, Engineering) with possibility to choose number of decimal places
* different bases (Dec, Hex, Oct, Bin) with possibility to choose between 8, 16 and 32 bit 'word size'
* Deg and Rad angle modes
* the usual stack operations (drop, swap, clear) including undo
* arithmetic functions
* logic functions
* statistics functions
* combinatorics functions
* conversion mode, including user conversions
* constants library, including user constants
* short and long display modes in constant library with possibility to show value
* quick constant and quick conversion function
* colour coding
* stores last settings
* optionally stores the stack
* regional settings aware (decimal point symbol and thousands separator)


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Snooze is an alarm program I've been working on for a while. - rogueqd of MODACO

It has multiple recurring alarms that play either .wav or .mp3 files. It can also change the phone profile or run an application of your choosing.

Snooze is designed for QVGA WM5 smartphones, it should work on any QVGA WM5 device although there is no touch screen support. It may work on WM2003, but I have not tested this.

I've been using Snooze for a few months now, so there shouldn't be any major bugs. There are a few minor quirks that you may or may not notice. One is that you must unlock your phone to dismiss or snooze an alarm, cest la vie.

I've tried to make the interface intuitive, so I won't write a whole bunch of instructions. Mp3 or wav files must be in the application directory, or \My Documents\ or \My Documents\My Music\. If you have Snooze installed to a storage card, they can also be in either of those two folders on the storage card.

Snooze requires .NET CF 2.0 to be installed on the phone. I've only tested this on my i-mate SP5, so comments about performance on other phones would be appreciated.

Snooze uses FMOD 3.75 to play mp3 files, fmodce.dll for WM5 is included in the cab, for other WM versions you'll need to get the correct fmodce.dll from


Crimson Fields - FREEWARE SP/PPC

This the first port of the Game Crimson Fields for Pocket PCs and SmartPhones. It can be used on QVGA and on VGA devices.
There is a port for Desktop Windows too and it contains a level editor.
Known problem: You have to start the game in portrait display mode, but the game has a built-in landscape mode. The SmartPhone version is only playable in english language.



Free Skype-to-Skype calls

Make free Skype-to-Skype calls to users anywhere in the world with Windows Mobile devices. Simply connect to a WiFi hotspot, sign in and select a number from your contact list.


Friday, December 15, 2006


In this puzzle game, you have to find out where the walls on the edges of hexagons are located, given the number of visible cells from each cells.

Compiled for ARM tested on iPAQ hx2750 PPC2003/SE.
English / Français, rules described in the software / règles incluses.
Install: just one file to manually copy on your Pocket PC from the zip.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

New "New message" - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Here's a small replacement for the "Message" entry in the "New" menu.

It's mainly made because the original entry doesn't work on my P525, but it might be useful for others, too. It should also work fine with WM2003(SE), though I haven't tested it.

- New entry "Message+" in "New" menu
- The original "Message" entry is deactivated, but can be activated in the settings (WM2003, rider in menu entries) or registry (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Extensions\NewMenu\ {1D210285-ABE7-11d2-8442-0000F87A584A}\Enabled).
- Can be invoked directly in the start menu or tools like PocketPlus, iLauncher, ... (\Windows\MortNewMsg.exe, if the link isn't created proberly)
- Choosable account/service (SMS is default if available otherwise the first entry)
- Ability to filter by groups, recipent types (cell phones, all phone number, eMail addresses) and recipent name (search over "Show as" field)
- Multiple recipents possible (unselect previous selection by tapping again if you tapped the wrong one!)
- Search field has focus after start; (de)selection in listbox is possible with fire button - so it's easy to use with keyboards (though it's better to switch to "abc" mode on P525)
- Activates message area in the system's dialog, so no tab or tapping is required

However, there might be some troubles (performance/memory usage) if there are very many contacts.

The screenshot's from the German version, but the attachment's in English.
There'll be no other translations, because that'd be a bit complicated in this case.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


DontForget is easy-to-use and fully configurable missed events notifier for Windows Mobile 2005 based Smartphones. But it is not just an extension for Windows Mobile operating system which should already be present and preinstalled. Except that DontForget will repeatedly inform you about missed events by sound, vibration, notification window or by LED and you will never forget about urgent SMS or important call, you also can customize its behaviour completely, in certain profile, in Flight-mode or in preset time period.
E.g. you can switch all notifications off at a time when you are usually sleeping. DontForget also can automatically switch your device to certain profile, switch to the Flight-mode or switch the device completelly off in given time of deactivation.
Fi­nally you also can handle (slow down or completelly disable) standard LED blinking also on devices (like HTC clones) where the LEDs are controled on hardware level. And DontForget is distributed as a freeware and is up to you if you will spend a short time by reading (and opening) any advertisement here or contribute some small money directly via PayPal system for special school for blind children.

System requirements
• Only Windows Mobile 2005 Smartphone edition operating system and higher is supported. You may install it on WM2003(SE) powered device but some features will not work or will not work correctly – especially missed events notifications. Support for these platforms is not planned nor in the future. The same hold for PocketPC devices with WM2005 – some features may not work correctly and this version of the DontForget is not indented for PPC. Full featured version for PocketPC devices should probably be available during the year 2007.
• By default QVGA (320×240) resolution is supported including landscape oriented displays (240×320) or square-shaped displays e.g. 240×240 (Pic.1). Also lower resolutions are supported e.g. 176×220 but you have to scroll a bit more to see whole text.
• .NET Compact Framework 1.0 must be installed. This should already be present in all WM2005 powered smartphones and you don't need to install it.

nstallation and Updates
Standard CAB installer is available. Download the CAB-installer from this pages to your PC. Copy CAB-installer to any location to your mobile device (e.g. via ActiveSync) and run CAB-installer on your device and follow instalation's in­structions. Installation to the storage card is also supported. The same procedure holds for updates. When installed, run administration utility „DontForget Admin“ in order to set-up all parameters and features first. The link to it you can find in „Start“ menu after successful installation. More info you can find in download section.

Multilanguage support (localization) – available languages
DontForget, starting from version 2, comes with a new localization strategy. Now the new language version can be added without any code changes just by creating and adding new *.lang file. Czech and English language is implemented by the program itself and these languages are always present. There is also no need for special *.lang files for these internal languages.
Curren­tly there are several other languages available (bundled in LanguagePacks): German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Russian and Slovakian. The number of languages available can change. You also may create new localization for your native language if you want to share it with other DontForget users in your country. Please send me an e-mail in this case and I will provide you with all necessary files and infos for such translation. All languages as LanguagePacks you can find and download in the Download section. When installed, all available languages will appear in the DontForget's Admin menu „Language“ automatically – according to available *.lang files in your installation folder (Pic.2). After DontForget installation English language is always selected by default. To change the language use Admin's menu item „Language“.

Program description – how it works
DontForget consists of two parts – modules. First is „DontForget Admin.exe“ (Admin for short), which serves as a preferences center. Everything, every feature of the DontForget can be set in this Admin module. A link to the Admin (which is automatically created during installation) you can find in Start menu. Admin must be run (at least once) before you start using DontForget main application to setup all parameters and can be used later any time you want to change the behaviour of the program.
Second part is „DontForget.exe“ called also main application. This module is running in the background (windowless) and monitors all missed events and notifies you about them. A shortcut to it is automatically created during installation and added to the \Windows\StartUp folder to ensure DontForget will start automatically after reboot.

Program features setup – Admin (DontForgetAd­min.exe)

As stated this Admin module must be run (at least once) before you start using DontForget main application to setup all parameters. Once the Admin is running main module is suspended and activated (run) again when the Admin is closed. It means you will not be notified about missed events and also LED blinking will return to original state when the Admin is active. Main module will be activated automatically when the Admin is closed – except of the choice „Terminate service“ from the Admin's menu.
Admin can be run from the Start menu by choosing „DontForget Admin“ shortcut. The user interface of the Admin is divided in few parts for better navigation. You can use up/down cursor keys to navigate between options. All options will become stepwise visible when you are moving up or down over them. Relative position is shown on the right scroller.

Horizontal scroll mode (left/right movements)
Beside vertical movements between options allows DontForget also horizontal movements which is very useful if you want to read text which cannot be not fully displayed on display – longer and more accurate item's label can be used now. Of course, horizontal movement is not possible on items which are using left/right keys as a common mechanism for internal movements inside the item e.g. on text boxes, where the left/right key advances to the next or previous character. But… DontForget allows you simply switch to so-called scroll-mode by pressing and holding the „0“(zero) key until the scroll-mode is activated which is indicated by the green S-like icon on the tray (Pic.3). Next time you press (and hold) „0“ key the scroll-mode is turned off. Once the scroll-mode is active you can use left/right keys without any restriction and move the content of the window even when some text-box is active. This can be useful if you want to read immediatelly some very long label e.g. above the text-box currently activated. Warning: scroll-mode remains active until you switch it off by 0-key or until Admin program is closed. During scroll-mode are left and right keys exclusive dedicated to DontForgetAdmin i.e. also in other applications the left/right keys are not working as expected – keys are exclusively „used“ by DontForgetAdmin.

And now I would like to describe all possibilities and features including some hints and tips.

Monitored events
In this part you can set-up which missed events should be monitored a reported. You can choose if you want to be notified about missed calls, unread SMS or MMS, missed reminders (calendar entries or tasks) or unread e-mails including push-mails. Support for voicemail will be added in the next release version.

Reminder settings
• Via option „Sound to play“ you can set the path to the sound file you want to play as a notification. Only WAV sound format is supported. Just activate the text-box and press Enter (accept button) or use Menu option „Select Sound…“. If you prefer to not play a sound during the reminder leave the „Sound to play“ box completelly empty. You can also use attached trolley.wav sound file as a sound if you want.
Tips: in the case you encounter a problem with playing wav files try to modify/convert it as follows: 8-bit, Mono, 22kHz and PCM audio format. For conversions you can use Windows PC application called „Sound recorder“.
• In „Repeat interval“ option you can set the time between notifications in minutes. E.g. value equals to 5 means you will be notified each 5 minute until some missed events exists. By selection 0(Off) you can switch off all notifications – which is also indicated by red-exclamation-mark icon on the tray.
Note: Even you select 0(Off) you will be notified via LED if this option is enabled (see below).
• „Limit repetition rate“ option allows you to limit notification count. Once set to e.g. 6 DontForget will stop notify you about missed events after 6th notification. Notification is automaticaly renewed when the number of missed events is changed e.g. new missed call detected. And don't forget you will still be notified via LED.
• „Show notification window“ option determines whether DontForget will show the window with notification details during notification (Pic.4). Most users prefer to not show any window because they have SMS or e-mail count shown on their homescreen.
• With the „Enable vibration“ option you can enable or disable vibrations during notification. Vibration will be used only in the case, you set this option to on and your currently active profile is using vibration for incomming calls as well (vibration is switched on). If you want to use just vibration, without any sound, you can leave the box „Sound to play“ in the Admin empty.
• „Enable LED alert“ enables LED alert for notification. If switched on, DontForget will remind you by accelerated blinking (ca. 1 per 1.5 second) of the main LED-light of your device (instead of default ca. 1 per 3 seconds). LED alert is completely separated from other options for notification (e.g. by sound) and LED alert is immediatelly activated (30 seconds as a max.) after some missed event is detected.
• Note about sound volume:
DontForget will play selected sound (on reminders) using the same volume level you have set for „Ring volume“ in the device's Settings i.e. according to setting in: Settings->Profiles->[YourCurrentPro­file]->Ring volume , it means according to your currently selected profile. If the current profile has „Ring volume“ set to „Off“ (E.g. Silent profile) – DontForget will not play any sound.

Deaktivation settings
Under some circumstances can be convenient to deactivate missed events notifications – e.g. in the night or during the meeting or so. In this part you can set all options for automatic deactivation of the DontForget. Just keep in mind, you will still be notified by LED even the DontForget is deactivated. If the status icon is enabled (see below) DontForget shows red-exclamation-mark icon on the tray – indicating DontForget is deactivated. DontForget is again automatically re-activated when no reason (defined by options set) for deactivation is valid e.g. current time is out of the time period set.
• Option „Deactivate in Flight mode“. DontForget is automatically deactivated if the device is switched to the Fligh-mode.
• Option „Deactivate in following profile“. DontForget is automatically deactivated if the device is switched in to the selected profile which you can choose as a sub-option.
• Option „Deactivate in following time“. DontForget is automatically deactivated within time interval you set e.g. during the night. DontForget is automaticaly deactivated according your settings and again re-activated automaticaly when the interval elapses. The period must be set in format „from-to“ i.e. HH:MM – HH:MM e.g. „22:30–8:00“ which means: DontForget will be automatically deactivated in 22:30 and re-activated again in 8:00. 24hours time format is used. If this option is set and enabled you also can set an action which should be automatically performed when time deactivation begins i.e. on time „from“ (when deactivation is initiated) e.g. 22:30 in our example.
• Sub-option „Switch off device“. Device is automatically switched off in deactivation time i.e. 22:30 according to our example
• Sub-option „Switch to Flight-mode“. Device is automatically switched to the Flight-mode in deactivation time i.e. 22:30 according to our example
! For both option above holds following scenario: DontForget will try to switch the device off or switch to Flight-mode. If there is no currently active call, confirmation window with notification text is shown (display light is automatically switched on and you can hear a beep) a count-down will begin (Pic.5). You have 30 seconds to cancel this action (e.g. switching device off) by selecting Cancel (or select OK if you want to perform the action immediately). Otherwise (when 30 second is over) the action will be automatically performed. This gives you an opportunity to interrupt this automatic transaction.
But if there is an active call (you are talking with someone) DontForget is deactivated but the action is postponed – repeatedly by 1 minute. Each minute DontForget will again try to do the action(e.g. switching device off) checking you are finished with the call. This will repeat 15 times as a maximum. If there is still an active call after this 15 minutes delay DontForget will ignore/skip the action – action will not be performed.
• Sub-option „Switch to following profile“. Device is automatically switched to selected profile in deactivation time i.e. 22:30 according to our example regardless of active call

• Option „Show state icon“ enables/disables showing the information icon on the tray (except of home-screen) so you can check application's state very quickly (Pic.7). When this option is switched on DontForget will distinguish between following cases: icon not shown = DontForget.exe is not running, icon green exclamation-mark shown = running and notification is active, icon red exclamation-mark shown = running but notification is not active, currently deactivated.
• Option „Slow down LED blinking frequency“. Using this option you can change the behaviour of the main LED of your device. Now you have a posibility to slow down or completelly disable standard LED blinking even on some devices (like HTC clones) where the LED-blinking cannot be simply and programmaticaly changed because the LEDs are controled on hardware level. By default your device is blinking ca. once per 3 seconds. DontForget now comes with alternative method how to control at least the main LED and gives you a possibility to control this behaviour so you can change or disable the green-light LED blinking. You can use it also to make the LED blinking on missed events (which is once per 1,5 second) more expressive. This option is indepedent from the rest of DontForget's set­tings even when DontForget is deactivated (but running). Choose one of predefined blinking rates (4–20 seconds) or choose „0(off)“ to switch the LED-blinking completely off. The setting becomes active when the Admin is closed and the main application is started up (which is done automatically).

Admin's menu entries
Menu item „Select sound can be used as an alternative to set the path to the sound file you want to play as a notification. With menu item "Test…“ you can test the sound of the reminder, vibration or LED alert. This will always replay the sound using middle-level volume regardless of the profile set and also vibration are used, if the option „Vibration“ was set, regardless of the profile. Choose „Exit without saving“ to exit administration program ignoring all changes made. Menu item „Terminate service“ completelly terminates DontForget application (both Admin and the main application) which is useful and recomended before an update (some DLLs can be locked) (Pic.6). Menu item „Language“ allows you to select appropriate language. An finally, „About product“ will show current version of the DontForget you use. Most important menu item is located in the left menu and called „Apply and exit“. By this, all settings made in the Admin will be saved, Admin will be closed and the main application DontForget.exe will be executed automatically and DontForget becomes active.

Generally speaking
• With respect to CPU load optimalization and in order to minimize power requirements and forcefully for bigger battery holding time are all events, conditions, detections and checks taken in ca. 30 seconds intervals. Hence you can note a small time shift between the time set and reality e.g. deactivation is performed 22:30.21 and not exactly 22:30.00.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


HEX Mobile is a HEX editor (like WinHEX), but it's for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

HEX Mobile has theese features/limitations/bugs:
THEORETICALY file size is limited up to 2'147'483'646 bytes (2.1Gb) :)
Amount of unsaved editings is limited by your free RAM amount
In this version, if you want to append several bytes to a file, you have to immediatly write theese bytes in file (br) When in a "save files as" dialog, you should first choose the directory, then you can click on any file to overwrite it or press * to enter a new filename
When creating a new file, you have to save it first
Opening files from command is not supported yet!
If you see some interface elements are greyed (disabled), it means that this feature is not implemented yet
Undo work only relatively the original value of the byte. Example: you have original value 0xFF, you edit it and write 0xF0, then you edited it once again and write 0x0A. Then you press UNDO and you'll have value 0xFF.
Jumping to offset is little buggy yet...

It is written in C# and needs .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to be installed on your device! Note that you can install .NET CF 2.0 only on Windows Mobile 5 smartphones!!!
This is the first version and I can't guarantee normal work if you have changed system fonts to any other!
Supported screen resolution: 176x220, QVGA


Reset Smartphone using Hard Reset .NET - FREEWARE SMARTPHONE

Another freeware app from GPCarreon.Purpose: hard reset Smartphone using 1 button click. File is independent of Clear Storage utility which comes only to Orange handsets.

A hard reset process will revert Smartphone settings back to factory default. All informations stored on the phone’s internal memory (\Storage) will be erased. To cite few examples…System settings, Inbox messages, phonebook entries, homescreens, programs installed, registry keys/ tweaks, etc. You may need to backup contacts and other important files before a doing a hard reset.

A network-unlocked phone (openline) will remain network-unlocked after a hard reset. An application-unlocked phone will not retain its unlocked/ decertified state though.

There are several ways to do a hard reset. The conventional way is through hardware/button combinations ak.a. the manual method. Another way is using a standalone file. Orange handsets for instance are pre-installed with a ‘Clear Storage’ utility. You can also use PC-based utilities able to hard reset the Smartphone.



Friday, December 08, 2006


This is a simple application to adjust your phone's backlight.

Full - Full Backlight On
Dim - Low Backlight

Smartphone 2003 up

NOTE: Use at your own risk.



Alarm Info is designed to give you the ability to see the system alarm status on the homescreen. Being a standard homescreen plugin, you are able to scroll to it, click on it, and then set the alarm to the time desired. The alarm information is all that is entered, so it is a fast and easy process to set the alarm. Instructions on how to install the plugin are provided with the plugin.


* WM5 version included in zip file
* Uses theme colors to display alarm
* Quick and easy alarm setting by simply clicking on plugin
* Control of text and spacing provided in plugin setup

Minimum Requirements:

WM 2003 Smartphone OS


Thursday, December 07, 2006

OS SMS Update

This is an update.

I have added a few features to my OS SMS Group sending application for WM5 Smartphones.

- send to a single contact
- send multiple SMS to a single or group contact
- ability to add group contact number using your phone's contact directory.


Monday, December 04, 2006


Switch is a "Task-Switcher" for Pocket PC's and Palm-size PC devices.

Using this application you can switch between running applications and/or close them. Switch is a task-switcher without unnecessary overhead. So it's simple, fast and just does its job. The Pocket PC edition also supports Landscape mode now.

Switch does not occupy the entire taskbar like other applications of this genre do. So you can continue using other applications (e.g. TaskbarDate) which do something on the taskbar.

Since version 1.25 Switch is also optimized for WM2005 devices. At the moment Switch can be used on the following platforms: Palm-sized PC, PPC2002, WM2003 and WM2005. Switch may also works on PPC2000 but who is still using it?

I'd like to thank Kees Bakelaar who has contributed to the Dutch translation of Switch!


* Integrates into the standard Windows CE taskbar
* Show desk (displays today screen; the name can be changed using tweaks)
* Close current (closes the application which is currently on top)
* Close all (closes all running applications)
* Close all but current (closes all running application but not the application which is currently on top)
* Plug-Ins
* Ignore (ignore configured application names)



Using CCrryyppttoo you can encrypt and of course decrypt confidential files. But don't forget your passwords!

I have been looking for an encryption/decryption utility for a long time... Of course I found some interesting applications (freeware and commercial) but there was no one that was really good and free/convenient. I also found commercial encrypting software but that one I've found has caused some problems (very often I had to do a soft-reset in order to turn on my Pocket PC). Another application was not able to decrypt a file on a storage card after the software was reinstalled (e.g. when the Pocket PC suffered from a hard-reset and this even I knew the passwords!)

After that experiences I decided to develop my own encrypting/decrypting utility in order to protect my files especially those which are stored on a storage card like SD and CF cards.



Voyager is a file explorer for Pocket PC's with some additional features than the standard file explorer.

Voyager is based on .NET technology. So you need to install the .NET Compact Framework (CF) if you are not using Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) or later. Newer devices have the CF framework already installed and you just need to install Voyager. Voyager 3.0 works with PPC2002, WM2003 and WM2005!



Allow people with a camera phone to publish on internet, on the fly, (with 3G or GRPS) their photos or videos (with optional comments) without any HTML or web knowledge.

Currently the application publishes a mini website and updates it each time you take a new picture or video. This means that you need a personal web site but you don’t need any HTML knowledge. Average time depends on the network : for example with 3G, it needs 15 seconds to upload a picture and update web site. The only thing you need to do to make it works it's to set up FTP connection on the settings page. You need to provide the directory where the web site will be uploaded (like www/mypic ). This directory must exist ! If your web site supports PHP you can check option called PHP support, transfer will be faster.

Requirements: Windows mobile 5 .Net Compact framework 2.0 72ko for the application. An internet connection (3G, GPRS)


Saturday, December 02, 2006


Group SMS Sending for WM5 Smartphones.

- 10 SMS groups
- 10 contacts per group

- WM5 OS
- NETCF v2.0



A WM5 Tray Bluetooth Mode Switcher

btIO is a simple Bluetooth Mode Switcher that resides in the tray.

It *should* run on Windows Mobile 5 based PocketPCs with the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

Copy the CAB file to your device and double click it.
The program is installed to \Program Files\btIO\btIO.exe and a shortcut in the autostart folder is created.

There are three icons:

Green BT-Icon = Bluetooth is enabled and in discoverable mode
White BT-Icon = Bluetooth is enabled and in connectable (invisible) mode
Red BT-Icon = Bluetooth is disabled

You can switch between connectable and disabled by simply pressing the icon in the tray bar.
When you tap'n'hold the icon a menu apears that lets you set the mode you like, and lets you exit the program.

That's it. Enjoy it, it's freeware.



Task manager and battery indicator.

- Tap on [X] button for smart close
- Tap and move on [X] button for minimize
- Tap and hold for popup-menu
- Can show battery indicator in task bar
- Can show Date, GMT time, Zodiac time, memory, power percent in task bar
- Can show Favorite Programs in popup-menu
- Can show Running Programs in popup-menu (task manager)
- Can show more function button in popup-menu
- Can open multi excel file


Friday, December 01, 2006


Keep Contactin' is a simple address book application. It allows you to manage your contacts in the similar way the Microsoft Pocket Outlook does and also has advanced sorting fuctionality (sorting contacts by First/Last Name, Address, Phone Number and etc.)



The utility stores your body weight over a period of time, allowing you simply monitor developing of the weight and also leave comments on every measurement.



Keep Savin' is a small and simple personal bookkeeper. It will help you to track your expenses and earnings as well as categorize them.



Keep Workin' is an easy-to-use, mobile time tracking utility Yet simple, it serves as electronic time sheet and automates employee time collection. The utility records the time of arrival and departure of the employee. The "Statistics" function summarizes hours worked on a daily basis.


Thursday, November 30, 2006


This is a programm for simple text editing with multiply pages.

This is a programm for simple text editing with multiply pages. You now don't need to switch between applications, all is in one programm. Install: To start working with our programm you ought to download this software into your Smart Device and run...

Requirements: Pocket PC 2003 or 2003SE .net Framework 2.0


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This is my first project.

OS RegTweaker is a collection of registry tweaks for smartphones.

List of tweaks:
1. Texter's Tweak - keypress timeout for fast texters
2. Keyhold Timeout - (*) key timeout for changing text input
3. Info Box Timeout - info window linger time
4. Backlight on AC - backlight timeout while connected to AC power
5. Backlight on Batt - backlight timout while on battery power
6. Light Detection - light detection switch
7. ASync Auto Cnct - switch to turn on/off Activesync connection when connected to PC
8. HS Timeout - Homescreen timeout
9. Anykey Answer - turn on/off anykey for answering incoming calls
10. Call History Max - maximum allowed call history list
11. Show SIM Contacts - show on/off SIM contact list
12. Display Timeout - display screen timeout
13. Ring/SMS Folder - ringtone and sms notification folder location
14. BT Name - device name shown thru Bluetooth
15. RSK Name - Right Soft Key button name
16. RSK Fnct - Right Soft Key function
17. Save Sent SMS - turn on/off sent SMS saving
18. Max Del SMS - number of SMS to be saved in Inbox/Deleted folder
19. Mail Folder - inbox Mail folder location
20. Attach Foldr - mail attachment folder location
21. Pict Folder - Picture folder location
22. Cap 1st Word - capitalize first letter of a sentence in text input
23. Grid StartMenu - turn on/off start menu grid view
24. SD Transfer Speed - storgae card transfer speed
25. WiFi Scan Interval - time between WiFi re-scan
26. Lunar Calendar - show lunar calendar
27. Cam Date Folder - add date in camera picture folder name
28. Keypad Light - keypad light timeout
29. Enable USB charge - turn on/off charging when connected to PC
30. Cam Folder - HTC camera folder location
31. Scrn Load Speed - speedup screen loading
32. Cam Key Fnc - remap camera button function
33. Headset Audio - headset audio gain tweak
34. ASync Name - activesync name
35. WM5 Boost - boost WM5 smartphone
36. SIM Operator - SIM carrier
37. Oprtr Name - carrier name shown

This application is still in it's beta version (for NON-QVGA). I've posted this beta to gather more information from other users.

Thank you to greatbal for sharing his time and helping me with most of the coding for this application.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


OPClip is a shared, multi-platform clipboard. t is very easy to use but provides a useful tool for everyday work on the PC or PDA.
Basicly, you can copy text snippets from the clipboard of a pc or pda to the clipboard of another pc/pda. To exchange information, OPClip uses a file, whose location and name can be customized and of which you can have many. These files can be located on a network shared forlder, in the pocketpc folder on your PC or in any other place accessible by the devices you intend to use the program on. You can even use the program on a single device, providing just an added clipboard.

OPClip has two main commands: copy and paste. This two command are accessible on the menu and as hotkeys on the windows version. On the pda version, the are accessible also on the menu button bar. What these two command do is simply copying the contenct of the clipboard of the device you are using to and from the shared clipboard. For example, suppose you are sharing a clipboard file between your pc and your pda. To put a snippet of text form the pc to the pda, copy it on the clipboard of your pc as usual, then paste it into the shared clipboard by hitting CONTROL-SHIFT-V (the default hotkey for paste on OPClip). Now the snippet of text is copied to the shared clipbord. Go to your pda and click on the copy button to have the shared content copied to your local clipboard of the pda. Now you can paste the content as usual on your pocketpc.



OPTasks is a Task list (or Todo list) for PocketPC. It is compatible with the windows mobile bundled software (pocket outlook), but it is different because:

* It is more flexible
* It is designed to have the most used functions only a click away
* The task list can hold more tasks in a single screen because of smaller font
* Same for categories, and the list is scrollable
* Icons on the menu bar, double click, no slow tap-and-hold and other nasty things like that
* Keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation
* Four filters to control task list contents

Planned features include import/export functionalities, advanced clipboard support, configuration and personalization, templates, cosmetic improuvements and others. I'm also looking for someone to develop the smartphone port.
OPTasks is offered to you as freeware. See the application's about box for more info.


Monday, November 27, 2006


SMS Notifier watches for incoming calls that are missed (i.e. not answered). Depending on configuration settings it does the following things:

* Send an SMS message to the caller (configurable contents), possibly containing also the end time of current appointment (configurable).
* Adds an item to calendar (containing the caller info)


The application requires the following to run:

* Windows Mobile 5 -based Pocket PC Phone device
* .NET Compact Framework 2.0


Friday, November 24, 2006


RemapSoftkeys allows to modify the softkey allocation on the Today screen. It only modifies registry entries, so you don't need to keep it installed after you set your new values... - Mort

The ZIP file contain the PPC executeable, i.e. you have to copy the contained file to the PPC and execute it there. For NewTray, it'd be usefull to create a shortcut in the startup folder. To do this, run the file explorer on your PPC, tap&hold on NewTray.exe, select Copy, then go to \Windows\Startup (or localized name, e.g. \Windows\Autostart for German Windows), right softkey, Edit > Paste shortcut.

Preview of the Application:



NewTray adds a menu with all "New" entries (like the New menu in PPC2000 to WM2003SE) to the system tray. The icon's a small yellow star...
(Sadly, not all entries work fine on all devices, since WM5 has no native New menu, nobody seems to check them. For example, new message doesn't work on P525...)

The ZIP file contain the PPC executeable, i.e. you have to copy the contained file to the PPC and execute it there. For NewTray, it'd be usefull to create a shortcut in the startup folder. To do this, run the file explorer on your PPC, tap&hold on NewTray.exe, select Copy, then go to \Windows\Startup (or localized name, e.g. \Windows\Autostart for German Windows), right softkey, Edit > Paste shortcut.

Preview of the Application:


Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm pleased to announce that I have today released the full nag-free version of CABviaActiveSync free of charge, previously only available to MoDaCo Plus members. - Paul of MODACO

So how does it work?

- CvAS installs on your desktop PC, and adds a right-click context menu for CAB files
- When you click the menu, the CAB is automatically parsed, copied to your ActiveSync directory, and a regular ActiveSync install is initiated
- When the install is complete, the CAB file stays in the ActiveSync directory, meaning you can un/reinstall in future, without having to archive the CAB away somewhere.