Thursday, July 31, 2008


For receiving bluetooth in card even in standby

this is program help you to recieve bluetooth files directly to storage card even when device in standby

just install the cab file on main memory and go to:

Start -> Settings -> Connections -> OBEX Inbox to choose where u want to recieve files

alain.j.j of XDA-Developers

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pocket Uno

Uno (spanish for "one") is a card game played with a specially printed deck.

The game was originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins. Uno is one of the world's most popular family card games. Just play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word. Try to rid yourself of cards before opponents do! Rules are simple but the gameplay offers hours of fun.


* Multilanguage: English, Esperanto, Russian
* 3-level opponents AI
* Game progress auto-save
* Smooth adjustable graphic
* Stilus-free gameplay


* Pocket PC (WM 5, WM 6)
* QVGA (240x320, 320x240)
* .NET Compact Framework 2.0


OS Fake SMS - beta

Insert a new Fake SMS in your inbox.

There is no icon for the application, the sms' sender name, message, and tone are all hard coded since this is a beta version.

Download Cab

Monday, July 28, 2008

Splash Screen Randomizer

Splash Screen Randomizer Swap for a random splash screen at startup.

Splash Screen Randomizer is comprised of two applications. The first is a very small application[SplScrnRnd] that runs at startup and either replaces your splash screen file or changes the associated registry setting. This gives you a new splash screen each time you boot! The second app[SplScrnRnd Settings] is a tool to adjust SplScrnRnd's settings and customize the splash screens that you load. By default you'll be greeted with a random image each time you boot, but you can choose to use a specific screen you like or import your own images and randomize those!

werD of XDA-Developers


Using MortgageCALC for PocketPC you can quickly establish the costs and affordability of major asset purchases.

MortgageCALC has the usual "standard" loan calculator functions, plus:-

* Interest compounding periods options of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual
* Repayment frequency option of Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually.
* Interest only calculations.
* Amortization calculations, with advanced features, including Lump Sum Payment and Redraw calculations, changing Interest Rates, fees and repayment variations.�
* Ability to apply a Index Rate to loan repayments to see effect of accelerating repayments.�
* Graphing of amortization calculations,
* Loan comparisons (up to 10 user defined P&I Loans),
* Programmable Calculation/Funding Tables.
* Conversions,
* Reports can be "pasted" into other PocketPC applications,�
* Lots more...

Greg Fisher

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Metronome Software for Musicians

TempoPerfect is a Metronome that runs on your PC, Pocket PC or Smartphone and can be controlled on a PC using your mouse or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect provides a clear and precise beat that can be acurately adjusted for the correct bpm. TempoPerfect is an essential tool for any musician.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oist v1.4

Individual SMS Tones for each contact...and More!

- New Core (probably will work even when using other sms related applications)
- set and play individual sms tones for each contact
- unread sms and missed calls reminder alarm
- forward incoming/outgoing sms, including sender and body of the message to a specific number
- send incoming/outgoing call details including number called, call start/end time to a specific number
- remote control. send a text message to the phone using a specific password to retrieve a contact's information

Note: for the sms forwading of sent sms items, when using the default tmail.exe, it will work fine, i tried it with Vito SMS-Chat but it doesn't work (i'll try to fix this)

v1.4 update (7/21/08)
- alarm scheduler: Play sound(wav or mp3), and show a message box
- no more tray icon on today screen
- Remote Control Feature: retrieve unread sms
known bug:
- sometimes the incoming sms tone plays twice
- vibrate option for alarm scheduler not yet working

v1.3 update (7/14/08)
- play sound when sms is sent
- vibrate option for reminder
- sms scheduler (timed sms sending)

Menu Items:
Tones - set default/unknown number/reminder tones
Play Sent Tone - turn on/off the sent sms tone
Receiver - set the specific number for the sms and call details forwarding
Password - set the password needed for contact details retrieval
Test Vibrate - check if the Led number indicated is correct of the device
SMS Scheduler - create/edit/delete timed sms sending
Set Oist - set individual sms tones for each contact

How to:
Contact Details retrieval - send a sms message with body
<your password>#contacts<space><name of contact>

Unread SMS - send a sms message with body
<your password>#sms

the remote control feature is useful when, for example, you left your phone at home and need to get the contact detail of someone from your contact list. it has a lot more possibilities like soft reset the device, etc...

Download v1.4 Cab File

Download v1.3 CAB File

Down Call

Schedule a voice call on your Mobile

This nifty little application allows you to call any number that you specify after the set amount of time. Very handy for a forgetful person like me. When u promise a call to some one instead of setting a reminder set the time you want to call that person and punch in their number. hit countdown and the application will start a timer counting down the time @ which it will make a call. Now I get to blame the mobile service provider , for the bad line when I called my friend…

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BT Spammer

BT Spammer is a tool for one time or periodical "spamming" all nearby Bluetooth devices (in visible mode).

BT Spammer allows users to set up and define own Message (plain text), Business card (vcard), and Picture (jpg).

moneytoo of XDA-Developers

Friday, July 18, 2008

SMS reports eraser

This is a simple small program, who can erase, so called: delivery report, automatically after the selected time.

If you use SMS message option: Request delivery notification,
you probably quick notice, you have to delete all such reports manually.
What could be quite hard, if you send many messages.

This program will do it automatically.

You can set the time, when it will erase reports, after the last one you've got.
Additionally, this program can announce the delivery notification with a special sound, at your will.
In this case, you don't need look on screen, and turn the backlight on, because you hear the notification.



The program for a PDA exporting religious data

The program allows to import religious holidays information of your choice into your Outlook calendar:

* Judaism Hebrew calendar
* Astronomical events (time of sunrise, sunset; time of occurrence of stars)
* Weekly chapter of Torah
* Prayers
* Jewish holidays
* Notes (an origin of the Jewish holidays, the celebratory menu, posts and so forth)

* Catholicism Catholic holidays, Saint of the day
* Notes (an origin of the Catholic holidays, the celebratory menu, posts and so forth)
* Julian calendar



Allows individuals and organisations to collect field data and return the data to a central database for storage and review.

Input options are:

* Signatures
* GPS Collection
* Dates
* Free Text
* Checkboxes
* Drop Down Lists
* Image Collection

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


show time remaining to next appointment

- .NET CF installed
- WM5 or higher (tested on WM6 and WM6.1)
- 50KB of internal storage memory

Some informations:
- tapping on today plugin launches main application
- application is completly freeware (BSD based licence will be included in final version)
- unknown VGA compatibility - on emulator looks good, but I don't have VGA device to make tests
- doesn't support all-day events
- informs about appointments from today and tomorrow
- it has multi-language support - take a look on xml files in program directory: you can make your own translation
- english (default), polish and finnish languages included

Install to internal storage, not memory card!

miloszz of XDA-Developers

Monday, July 14, 2008

Route Tracker

With Route Tracker you can create routes and add several route points containing text and/or images from your current position.

If gps is available it will take the current longitude, latitude and altitude. Without a gps module information of the current cell id and the location area code are saved.
For each route a report can be created which can be saved as a html file.

PocketPC with .net compact framework 2.0 and SQL Compact Server 2005 (already installed in WM6 professional)
(tested on a WM6 professional device without gps)

known issues:
after uninstall the db and the images will not be deleted

heliosdev of XDA-Developers

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Snap2Face is a free Facebook client for Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC and
Smartphones). With Snap2Face you stay in touch with Facebook friends all the time.


* Sleek, graphic-rich user interface
* Set your status while on-the-go
* View friends' status and detailed information
* View friends' friends and send friendship requests
* Get notified of events like wall post, message, poke, or friend request
* View your pokes, wall, inbox, and friend requests, all in full text
* Poke friends, send message to friends, and post on friends' wall
* Access you and your friends' photo albums
* Upload photos from built-in camera or file folder
* Import friends' profile photos to Outlook Contacts (photo Call ID)
* and more...



If you have a bluetooth headset, then BtMusic will redirect all your audio to the wireless headset.


* Use BtMusic to redirect device audio to a bluetooth headset
* Supports listening audio books or music
* Supports navigation software
* Supports Skype or other VOIP software
* Automatically resumes after a phone call
* Automatically resumes when a headset is connected
* Automatically enables A2DP (for stereo headsets)


* Windows Mobile Classic (PocketPC) or Professional (Phone Edition)
* Microsoft bluetooth stack
* Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (installed in ROM on WM 6)


Friday, July 11, 2008

FSD - CallCapturer

A finger friendly call answer/reject screen

CallCapturer is an alternative to the WM callID screen, written in C# CF (so you'll need .NET CF 2.0 or above) for touch screen devices.

CallCapturer will start as silent, and will appear when you get a call!

l3v5y of XDA-Developers

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Live Cell Phone Traffic Cams

The Live Cell Phone Traffic Cam application is available free of charge to cell phone subscribers with data plans on any wireless network. It works on popular cell phone models and more are being added all the time. For an up-to-the-minute list of phones that are currently supported click here.

The application is easy to install and easy to use. A simple series of menus allows you to select traffic cameras along the roads you travel and to save your favorites with the push of a button.


Quick GPS

Quick GPS for Pocket PC version 1.00 (build 615.715) from the HTC Corporation is included in the Windows Mobile 6 build for the AT&T Tilt.

Quick GPS can speed up the amount of time for determining a users GPS position by downloading the latest satellite information via an Internet Connection (such as GPRS, ActiveSync, etc). Quick GPS is intended for use in conjunction with Telenav but will provide the same experience if a customer is using another GPS Solution.



mdNavMobile is a waypoint-based GPS navigation solution for the Windows Mobile platform. It can guide you from waypoint to waypoint while keeping you informed of all relevant navigation data.
All NMEA-data from a GPS is automatically logged to file so you can 'replay' a trip with variable speed.
mdNavMobile Features
- GPS info: Latitude, Longitude, COG, SOG, Height, Satelites, HDOP and NMEA-stream
- Waypoint info: CTS, DTG, TTG, VMG, XTE
- Trip info: Total distance, Start, Travelled distance/time, DTG, TTG, ETA
- Reverse and Reset trips
- Scroll to next/previous waypoint
- Logs full NMEA stream from GPS to Storage Card
- Simulation using NMEA-log files with variable speed (factor 0.01-100)
- Create/Edit Trips and Waypoints
- Trip-files also editable with notepad
- Totally free



Your task is to arrange a picture within a specified time. It's not as easy as it seems becuse if you don't arrange the elements properly you will destroy some part of the picture. There are hints to help you but they cut the remaining time.

- 20 levels
- high quality graphics (photos, 3d and handpainted)
- very good gameplay
- nice music
- user friendly interface
- free for all

Friday, July 04, 2008

Hands free Voice Reminder

A voice recorder with reminder ability

This app has 3 screens:

You can record up to two minutes messages (can be changed). The record is saved to temp file with time stamp.
Pressing "save" will save it to "\App path\Records".
Pressing "Schedule" will save the file as above and go to Reminder screen

Reminder:Here you can set a reminder to your voice message.
Tip: Press and hold the arrow buttons to fast change date and time.
The "Record" button will send you back to the recorder.
The "Set" button will set a reminder witch will trigger the Records app in the scheduled time.

In the scheduled time a sound and vibration will remind you of your voice message.
It will continue to vibrate and play sound every 15 seconds until you press any ware on the screen.
On the screen you will see all your records with ability to play and delete. You can reschedule a reminder.

Make a backup of your device.
Extract all files to where ever you want and run "reminder.exe"

yairlanz of XDA-Developers

OS Remind Me v1.2

Reminds you of Unread SMS or Missed Call Notifications.

Intervals for the alert is at 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.

The cab file will install the application in your \Program Files\OS Remind Me\ folder

WM5 - WM6.1 PPC

v1.2 changes:
- added vibra option
i used OpenNetCF API for the vibration. It calls on the Led notification of your device to cause the vibration. But not all devices have the same Led index to vibrate. So you have to click on the "Vibrate" menu item and see if your device vibrates. If not, increase the number shown by the textbox by increments of "1" then test the vibration again.

v1.1 changes:
- fixed reminder not playing when backlight is off
- changed UI
- user can now change the reminder sound through the application menu

Download CAB File v1.2


HTC splash screen tool

nbimg is a command line tool which allows to convert HTC Splash Screen images from NB to BMP and create NB splash screens from BMP format. Any splash screen size is supported


Thursday, July 03, 2008


Stream video directly from your mobile phone.

This product keeps you connected with your friends/family whenever, wherever. Anybody with a web browser can view what you are streaming. Call using OctroTalk or regular cell phone to convert it into a Video Conference. Multiple options to stream video over GPRS/CDMA/3G/WiFi connections.


* Crisp and high quality pictures.
* Very Little Delay.
* JPEG Compression.
* Options to configure Frame Rate, picture quality etc.
* Easy to use, streamlined UI.
* P2P video conferencing coming soon .
* Register to view or stream at


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today Item Remover

A small app that will allow you to remove items from your today item selection screen.

FYI This is NOT REVERSABLE so either backup your registry or you will need to hard reset/Reinstall the plugins to get them to show up again

How To Use
1. Unzip to your device and launch the exe inside
2. The application will list all of the today item plugins you have (except the date)
3. Select the items you wish to delete
4. Tap Menu > Remove Items
5. Today Item Remover will remove these items from your registry, therefore clearing them off the Items tab on the Today applet.

RickoT of XDA-Developers


This tool work exactly as windows ping command, but it's more compact. All you need in just one box: type IP address or host name, check how many hops you will want and hit [Ping] button. Enjoy!

aDEO of XDA-Developers

NS Birthday

This is a birthday reminder for your mobile device

The main difference of this software in contrast to other birthday reminders is, that it shows some additional information about a person (e.g. zodiac sign, photo (if exists), days left till birthday and so on). All information the program retrieves from the contact book of your mobile device.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Does anyone know how to disable the "Message Not Sent" message that pops up when a SMS sending is failed?
I'm trying to create an application that resends a failed sms automatically or notifies the user.
My problem is that this message gets in the way.

Here is what i already have:
- detect sms sent
- sms sent counter
- detect failed sms sent
- incoming sms can be automatically moved/copied to a specific folder