Saturday, November 29, 2008

T2 Remote Touch

Remote Control your PC with your Windows Mobile phone

Remote Touch has a lot of powerful features which can make controlling your PC fast and easy.

Click mode:
You can think of this mode as being in front of a PC monitor with a touch screen. Pressing on the screen is like clicking on the mouse. You can tell you are in Click mode by the Remote Touch Menu at the bottom of the screen. The text 'Scroll', 'Menu', 'Keys' and 'Overview' are all white.

There are 4 ways of interacting with your server:
Single Click: Press and release the area of interest on the screen.
Double Click: Like a mouse double click, press and release the area of interest twice in quick succession.
Right Click: Press and hold down the area of interest till the equivalent of pressing the right button of the mouse event occurs. e.g. Try pressing and holding on the Start button and watch the right click menu appear.
Drag n Drop: You can press and move the object to the area of interest on the screen. e.g. Dragging a file from one folder to another folder in Windows Explorer.

Scroll Mode:
Scroll Mode is quite a powerful way of panning around the nearby desktop screen quickly. When you press Scroll at the bottom left of the screen. It will turn Red to show it is enabled and the screen will become grey. If you press Scroll menu again, it will change color back to white and the rest of the screen will be back in color indicating you are in Click Mode. Watch the video to understand better.

There are 3 features available in Scroll Mode:

1. Panning: By dragging your finger or stylus across the screen you can pan around fast & easily.
2. Zoom in: By tapping on the area of interest you can zoom into the region you are interested.
3. Zoom out: By pressing and holding on the area of interest you can zoom out and see a larger area of the desktop surface.

Overview Mode:
When you press Overview at the bottom right of the screen. It will turn Red to show it is enabled and you can see the entire desktop screen in the center of the mobile screen. The red rectangle shows the area of the screen you were viewing in Click Mode. If you press Overview menu again, it will change color back to white and you will be back in Click Mode. Watch the Using Remote Touch to understand better.

There are two features in Overview mode:

1. Change viewport: Tapping the screen in overview mode will move the area of viewing (the red rectangle) to tapped region. When you switch back to Click Mode you will see the new selected viewport region.

2. Rescale viewport: Pressing and dragging the screen, shows a blue rectangle. This allows you to select any region of the desktop you want to see in Click Mode.

Menu Options:
Upload File - Click this menu item to upload a file from your mobile to your PC.

Send Paste - Before starting Remote Touch, copy text you want to send to your server, then click this menu item to transfer it to the server.

Setup - This menu item lets you configure your connection with the server. This is the same dialog you get the first time you run Remote Touch on your phone. You can change your download path, connect to a different server or change the quality of your connection. I'll write another feature blog on the setup dialog next.

Reset - This is a very useful feature to reset the aspect ratio to 1:1 with your desktop. So if you mobile has a 640x480 screen, after pressing this menu item you will be looking at 640x480 of your desktop screen. This is useful also when changing the orientation from landscape to desktop and to get the scaling correct.

Exit - No prizes for guessing. It quits the software. :)

Setup Dialog:
Address - This is either the IP Address (e.g. or URL ( of the server you want to connect to. Change this to connect to a different server (requires restarting Remote Touch again).

Port - This is the port which is the server you are connecting to is running on. The address and port is pretty common across all remote control apps.

Password - The is the password which the server uses. If you don't use a password (it's optional), the communication between the client and server isn't encrypted. I strongly suggest using a password which encrypts the communication between client and server. Also I suggest using a password different to other passwords.

Download Dir - This is the location to save files received from the server. I strongly recommend setting this to your storage card as it affects battery life and remote touch performance if you select the phone's main memory.

Speed or Quality - If you want high performance through WiFi or 3G or connect remotely using 2G, GPRS I suggest using the 'Speed' setting. It will degrade the quality of the connection but improve performance and battery life considerably. Quality setting transfers data to give the best possible visible quality for your phone. If you plan on looking at photos etc, I suggest Quality. If you are using your phone as a remote music player controller or remote while watching a movie I would use the Speed setting.

T2 Remote Touch


a small weather app for windows mobile.

I'm not yet ready to release a version as an important feature is still missing (configuring the city where you live ).

It makes use of the weather API and also downloads the images from there.

Goal is to make it as finger friendly as possible, and support multiple resolutions (currently running in VGA) while keeping it simple feature-wise.

Developing under #develop 3.0 with .net CF 2.0 and it's my first Windows Mobile app

- Just unzip anywhere on your PPC

V0.1 beta:
- very early first release, use at your own risk!
- downloads weather data on start
- refresh by pressing the big weather icon
- customizeable only via xml settings file
- language can be changed by changing path (e.g. from .com to .de) of google URL in settings XML
- 2 settings with DE and EN languages available, just copy to the same location as the exe and rename to Settings.xml

Known issues:
- Weather icon download sometimes interrupted and icons get dl'ed only half, reason not known yet -> possible solution, delete cache
- °C / F not changed on using different language URLs, might show wrong units#
- only tested with VGA, no idea how QVGA or other resolutions will look like (the code however should adopt to the resolution)


Friday, November 28, 2008


battery performance logging program.

A logging program to troubleshoot when and under what conditions the PPC
uses the most power. The program provides a rolling graphical display of the
latest data (Voltage, Current, and Temperaure) as well as saving additional
information into the log file. Log entries can be recorded at 1, 5, and 10 sec
intervals. New to version is a battery Benchmark program.


Copy the cab file to your PPC and Run


1. The program will display the current battery status as soon as it is run.
2. To begin logging, Select Update/Log and select Logging-> Log Location and
enter the storage location for the log file. (the log file may reside
either in main memory of on a storage card. If you place the log file
on a storage card, please see the note below.
3. To start Logging, select Update/Log -> Logging -> Start
4. To Start Logging, Select Update/Log -> Logging -> Stop

What information is logged.

1. a. Date and Time
b. Is AC Charger Attached
c. Battery Voltage
d. Battery Current (Discharge)
e. Battery Temperature
f. Battery level (%)
g. Pertinent System events:
a. Active Application
b. Speaker Phone Activity
c. Phone Radio Off/On
d. Phone Active Data Call (EVDO/1xRTT Activity)
e. No Phone Service
f. Phone Searching For Service
g. Bluetooth Power State On/off
h. Bluetooth Hands Free Audio in use (BT Headphones)
i. Bluetooth Hands Free Control in use (BT HF Headset)
j. WiFi Power On
k. WiFi Connected
l. Bluetooth Connections Count
m. Bluetooth Connections Descriptions
n. Cellular Connections Count
o. Cellular Connections Descriptions
p. Phone Call (Talking)


Please note that if you select the storage card for log storage, when waking
the phone up the phone may take up to several minutes to wake up depending on
the log frequency and length of time the phone has been asleep and whether
power saving is enabled for the Storage Card. This program will continue
sampling in sleep mode so when the PPC resumes all of the data that is in the
cache will be dumped by the OS prior to waking up!

Battery Benchmark Module.

This module places the phone in a standard state (screen and backlight on,
data connection active and Bluetooth radio on and discoverable). Then performs
a 5 minute continuous data download, followed by a 20 minute telephone call.

on the test settings tab of the benchmark module, you can specify a location to
download from, It is currently set to download adobe Reader 9 (I Just looked for
A large file to download) You can also set the telephone number to call and a
keep alive number to dial periodically to keep the call active. Currently the
program is configured to call the TELLME service and dial a 3 digit code every
15 seconds to keep the call Active. TELLME times out in 10 minutes, so the
program actually make two separate 10 minute phone calls. Afterward the report
file will be saved to the location of your choosing....




long life for your battery - radio off, email sync on

The idea is: Radio consumes not unsignificant battery power, especially when you're travelling. Sometimes you dont have to be available for calls...
LongRunner turns off the radio part and keep that for defined time interval. Then it automatically sync all POP/IMAP accounts, the On interval should be long enough to even receive SMS.



This TOOL allows to change the font of the device

it is possible to change the size and to import new fonts.


iLap beta

GPS Racing Lap timer.

iLap Features

GPS based windows mobile lap timer.
Use either an external or internal GPS
Supports Windows Mobile 5 & 6.
Supports 320x240, 640x480, 800x600 and 200x400 displays.
Records lap, section and split times for your track day sessions or for all kinds of sports like motorcycle/car track days, bicycling, running, sailing.
User defined tracks that can be saved and reloaded for reuse on return to a particular track for comparison to earlier sessions.
Displays lap time and comparison against fastest lap and speed at gate passage.
Review and browse lap and split times after the session.
Supports metric and imperial (english) units.
Easy definition of start/finish and split time gates using large on screen buttons for adding and removing gates on the fly out on the track.
Large, clear lap timer display for easy viewing.
No beacon/transmitter needed.
Free to use beta version.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Crosswords (or xwords, to use its Sourceforge project name) is a free, open source implementation of the rules of Scrabble™ for handhelds.

It is currently shipping on PocketPC (including Smartphone) and PalmOS.


AC Time Tools

Monitor and measure time with alarms.

Virtually unlimited number of stopwatches, countdowns and t-minus instances.
Stopwatch and countdown do not have time limitation, they can go over 24 hours.
Available on Windows Mobile 5/6 and Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

AC Time Tools

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Kovula is a tool to collect and visualise menstruation-data.

It is build for PDA under Compact Framework 2.0 and resolution VGA and QVGA.



When you have to sketch something quickly without the need for fancy features, this small application is fit for the task.

All the application does is to display a full screen white page for you to draw on. The down button will erase the doodle and the center button will close the application. This application weights under 50kb and was designed to give me a paper to draw what I’m trying to picture something.



Vibrate on touch

This program is a touch driver to handle the touchscreen presses and vibration. A settings program exists to configure how the vibration works.

Since this is a touch driver, there is no program you need to run to start it.

It has been tested on an HTC Touch and HTC Touch Pro for several days with several stability issues corrected.

Global enable/disable option
Variable duration of vibrate
Disable during Phone Call option
Settings Program- Settings->System->Touch Response Settings


Monday, November 24, 2008

Pencil Box

Pencil Box is an extremely light and simple drawing tool for your Pocket PC.

It does not have tons of features, however, it allows to create really nice pictures, quick and easy! Pencil Box consist of only necessary things: eight pencils, eraser and canvas to draw on. Try it out - maybe it will become you favorite!

Pencil Box

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Rubik's Cube on your Pocket PC

record the game,
replay the game,
macros to facilitate the assembly of Cube,
algorithm assembly to help,
support screens of any resolution (sqvga / qvga / vga / wvga).

System requirements:
Processor: ARM 200Mhz or higher
OS: Windows Mobile 2003 or higher


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Notification Repeat Enable

Unread MMS, SMS, MISS CALL and EMAIL alert notification repeat.

Tired of third party software/program just for the repeatative notification? It's worth to spend even 1kb of memories just for the repeatative notification since windows already have it built in.

This is a little registry tweak to enable it. It will not take any memory to run it.


Notification Repeat
Notification Repeat


Originally created to add functionality to S2U2Settings.

Can edit:
S2U2 Lock/Unlock wave files.
S2U2 Text
S2A Text
S2U2Unlock Path (what is launched when S2U2 unlocks).

Install and load.
Select wav/exe files by clicking on the "..." buttons next to the text box. (NOTE: No file filters are applied, so you need to select the correct kind of file your self!!!)
Edit S2U and S2A text.
Hit "File->Save", and then hit "Close". (iLock is automatically restarted! )

S2U2 (1.02 or above)
.Net CF 2.0

S2U2SettingsPlus supports MoDaCo AppToDate!



a simple program that will automatically activate WiFi on wifi enabled devices at user-specified locations.

- It will auto start on a reboot, if you don't want this, please delete the shortcut in the startup folder. I will fix this that the form will close at startup, because this is pretty annoying now.
- It will not start after installing the cab-file. You need to start it yourself.
- Before first use you need to add locations.

Requirements :

- PPC (with netcfv2)
- phone
- wlan


Friday, November 21, 2008


Jump like Super Mario with your GSensor

BeMario - Jump like Super Mario enables you to jump like the good old 8-Bit Super Mario. Every time you Jump the "Jump" or "Coin" Sound is playing.
The Theme Song is also included.

You can set the sensitivity by double tapping the screen. The Red horizontal line shows the current sensitivity.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


SharpSword is a tool for Pocket PC and Windows to assist in memorizing Bible verses.

It features the following:
Quick, easy access to review verses
Built-in, searchable KJV Bible
Helpful exercises which enhance rapid learning
Group verses under different categories
Review a range of verses together, or split them up
Customizable review periods
"Skinnable" interface (change colors of controls, etc.)
May be used with other Bible versions (with a bit of text work on your part)
Completely Free!
Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 5 or above
.NET Compact Framework 2.0
Currently uses about 1.8 MB installed


Haptic Feedback

it's pointless and battery consuming. but i love it - nir36

Currently, there are no options. It's on, or it's off!

run "Haptic Feedback" from the programs menu.

By default, it installs a shortcut to launch at startup, but if you don't like that, delete "\Windows\Startup\HapticFeedback.Startup.lnk".

If Haptic Feedback is already running, starting the link again will cause it to exit.

No external frameworks are required - pure C++
Supports MoDaCo AppToDate

Coming whenever I have enough time to implement it:
Settings - lots!
A settings application
Some features I haven't yet thought about... Suggestions anyone?
Support for keyboard response
Sound on action

No point in a screenshot, as there is no form!

Haptic Feedback


It is a cipher algorithm created and develop by Mitchelle V. de la Cruz.

It is not base on other cipher algorithm. It was not invented or design today but it was started on 199xs. Yes it is not the same in structure when it was first design but the main goal was to make an unbreakable cipher algorithm. The strength of Bulambod is in the secrecy of password, even programmers, hackers, geniuses or even aliens know the source code it doesn't matter. Bulambod can be design to used infinite password length. You can brute force it but its like your counting stars in the universe or counting grains of sand in all the beaches. You can use even any number systems even number systems that was not invented. Bulambod is a formula, its not difficult as you may think, its simple, its small, it has lots of good usage but beware, and a plea, warning from the author his asking and will condemn anybody who will used this code in any malicious software especially to harm the masses. All rights reserved 19xx to infinite. Anybody has no right to used this algorithm without the approval of the author.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Mobile Mute

MobileMute is a little program that allows you to mute/unmute phone calls via a hardware button.

It will also launch any other program of choice if a call is not in progress (that way your hardware button doesn't get wasted). I had searched for this functionality for while without much luck. So, I decided to write a quick little app to do it for me.


w0lf's Translator

a Windows Mobile interface to Google Translate

Wolf's Translator uses the Google Translate engine to provide translations.
It's a small program I wrote, because I find it useful to be able to translate From/To so many languages at any time and it's much easier to use on the mobile phone than the web-based version of Google Translate.

In order to run the program, .Net Compact Framework 3.5 has to be installed on the device. (if you don't have it, just search google for ".NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable")
Of course, you also need an active Internet Connection.

Currently, the following languages are supported by Google Translate: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czezh, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Please note that the translations are not always very accurate, but if you have a text in a different language you don't know, it gives you a good idea about what it means in most of the cases.

A nice feature of Google Translate (also present in the application) is the Language Auto Detect feature: you have a text written in I don't know what language, I tell it to translate to English, for example, and it not only translates it, but also shows the language of the source text (try this by checking the Autodetect FROM Language check box).

A feature that right now is missing, but I'm planning to include in a future version is being allowed to save the favourite language pair, so when you open the program it will automatically select your favourite languages.

This program has been tested so far on HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro (VGA) and HTC P3600(Trinity) (QVGA).

w0lf's Translator

Friday, November 07, 2008

Iris Browser

The Iris Browser is an advanced, high-performance and versatile application that is specifically designed to function in resource-constrained environments. It brings the full Web experience to mobile phones, set-top boxes, mobile Internet devices, portable media players, Ultra-Mobile PCs and other embedded devices - in a fast and user-friendly manner.

Torch Mobile


A simple exe that just toggles the wifi on and off.

One of the most common tasks i do many times a day, is turn the wifi in my ATT Tilt on and off. For this I have to go to the Comm Mgr and toggle it on and off. I've always wanted a one tap way of doing it, and had used BatteryStatus in the past, but its icon was too small. With Manilla2D, we dont even have that option anymore, but we do have the nice big manilla launcher.

So i put together some C++ code from myself and from samples around the web, and made a simple exe that just toggles the wifi on and off. I've cabbed it up, so that it will install into \Program Files and put a shortcut in \Windows\StartMenu\Programs called AKToggleWifi.
You can now add it to the Manilla launcher and it will show up as in the attached screenshot.

You can uninstall it from the Settings\System\Remove Programs.

I havent tested it on any device except my Tilt/Kaiser running a 6.1 ROM from Sakajati (Hyperdragon/Blackstone).
- akarnik


Thursday, November 06, 2008


Get Stock Quotes & Charts!

Since we have all been having fun watching the stock market recently, I decided to write a quote/chart app, using the style of that fruity excuse for a phone as a springboard. So I present for your enjoyment an app called "Ticker Tape".

Requires .Net CF 3.5
See the 2nd post for revision history and features.
Please read the FAQ and the planned Future Features - your question or suggestion may already be there.

As always, your thoughts and bug reports are appreciated!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


High quality arcade game for mobile device.

You have to collect all the fruits and you must avoid the opponents. 60 levels, 10 opponents and lots of fruits is waiting for you in the different worlds.

- 60 levels
- high quality graphics
- very good gameplay
- nice music
- user friendly interface
- advanced particle system
- pixel perfect alpha channel
- free for all


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This software allows you downloading big files directly from your pocket PC.

It supports resuming, multi-thread downoading, queueing, statistics measurement etc. Downloading large files from freely available public Wi-Fi networks does not longer require a laptop: your Pocket PC is now sufficient for it!


Email Scheduler

Email Scheduler is just that, an email scheduler.

You know how exchange accounts (ie ActiveSync) are able to have a daily schedule to download messages and regular POP and IMAP accounts can't (ie, stop polling at 9pm and start back up at 7am)? This fixes all that and does so without having a constantly running program to do so.

Email Scheduler

Monday, November 03, 2008

StartBar Toggle

enable or disable Start Bar i.e. Top Bar.

At first its of no use, But one example is to use it with S2U2, assign StartBarEnable.exe to run whenever the device is unlocked by editing S2U2 registry settings & it'll disable the Start Bar, Later you can enable it by running StartBarDisable.exe

StartBar Toggle


Create .CAB configuration files for Windows Mobile

How does this work?

This page will allow you to create a self-installing .cab file with configuration settings for your windows mobile phone. What this script does is turn your wap-provisioningdoc xml code into a .cab file. This functionality is left out of Visual Studio, and all the good cab creators are not free. This is quick, free, and easy!



missing "missed call" and "missed sms" reminder for WM 6.

the idea here was to keep it simple. the program can vibrate and or generate a chosen sound at a set interval, to notify the user that there are missed calls or unread sms messages. it will wakeup the device if needed to give the notification.

to use:

install the cab on the device or the storage card.
launch the application and set your preferences.
click apply, the program will minimize. it is neccessary to keep the program running to have it generate new reminders.



This is a simple text editor for Windows Mobile.

It allows you to open text (and other text based) files.


* Open/Create/Save text files.
* Supports cut/copy/paste by right click
* Text input area resize as-per SIP (virtual keyboard) space.
* It is a standalone executable (no installation required)
* Extremely light-weight and with minimum memory consumption.



The app uses the weather feed from yahoo (or

When you run iWeather, you need to connect to the internet. Same for the Settings.exe.

How to:
1. open Settings.exe
2. enter your LocationID
3. press ENTER
4. press Done-Button
IMPORTANT! It is nessessary to stay online!

Things to do:
- fix battery-bug in Settings.exe
- adding more than one location
- open settings by pushing the "i"-button
- caching data for offline use
- maybe integrating settings into iWeather
- maybe different language support
- ...


CT Scheduler Lite

CT Scheduler Lite is a simple program which allows launching programs, documents, media and other files in accordance to your time plan.

Tasks can be scheduled to launch based on definite time, dates, day of the month and days of the week. The program has an ability to activate and deactivate scheduled items. There is no need to delete and create them again.

CT Scheduler Lite