Wednesday, February 28, 2007

RJV SMS Scheduler

A free SMS Scheduler for PPC.

• Unlimited number of scheduled SMS
• Unlimited recipients (individual contacts and groups)
• Send to Group
• Program doesn't run in the background
• Notification for each sent message
• Best of all it's FREE!!!


ChARMeD Disassembler

Lets you disassemble executables on your Pocket PC!

So far it has been tested in Windows Mobile 5.0 and works great as you can see.
Not sure if it works on Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition, crashes during disassembly on my device.


Monday, February 26, 2007

BytesWired Registry Viewer

BytesWired Registry Viewer is an utility that allows user to explore and view PocketPC registry.


* View key/value/data
* Supported various data type: String, Binary, DWord, Multistring, Expanded String
* Auto find last selected registry key on startup
* Free


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WR-Tools ResInfo

WR Tools ResInfo indicates most important system resources of a Windows of CE equipment to the task border in a multilateral dialog field as well as in the system file.

Operating system: Min. Windows CE 2,0 with standard Shell processors: MIPS, SH-3, SH-4, ARM, StrongARM, XScale, x86

Languages: German, English



15 Puzzle

The 15-puzzle is constructed with 15 numbered sliding tiles packed into a 4x4 frame. The object of the puzzle is to arrange the tiles in the right order using free place to slide tile by tile.

System Requirements

Platform: 2002/3.x, 2003, 2003SE, 5.0

Processor: ARM, MIPS, SH3

Available RAM: 500 KB
Screen Sizes Supported: 320x240, 640x480



Keep Bluechattin'

Keep Bluechattin' is a free, simple, Bluetooth-chatting (Bluechatting) application. It allows you to initiate chat with virtually any Bluetooth device via sending out and receiving unsolicited messages in form of e.g. vCards. It can also perform iterative range scanning and automated message broadcasting.

WM2003 or WM5



Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Skinnable calculator for your Smartphone and PocketPC.

* Simple, one-hand usage for PPC's with keypad/keyboard and Smartphones.
* Skinnable (see below).
* Works well with most popular screen types : 176x220, QVGA portrait, QVGA landscape, Square (240x240).


JGUI Vista Skin

Do you want nicer look and feel, on your mobile smartphone?
More useful and easier for all your daily needs?

This program was designed for Microsoft Smartphone devices with landscape screens, basically.
There are lots of reasons to try it on other phone devices with Windows Mobile system.
Specially, because it uses hardware keys instead of touch-sensitivity screen for daily operating.

And YES! It's freeware in base functionalities, forever.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

CCDialer v2.0 BETA

Calling Card Dialer application for Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Tired of punching in the Calling Card Number + PIN + Contact Number. Here's the solution. The application stores the calling card numbers and your recently called long distance/international contacts. Next time you have to call your contact in another country, all you have to do is launch this application, select the contact and the calling card to use. The application will then dial the calling card number, supply the pin and also dial the contact.

- Stores more than one Calling Card Numbers and PIN. Supports upto 20 calling cards.
- Allows you to select a contact from Pocket Contact. Remembers the 5 recently called contacts/numbers.
- Stores their Home, Work, Mobile, Car, Home 2 and Work 2 numbers.
- Allows you to select between your many Calling Cards for your call.
- No need to remember any calling card number or contact's international number
- Designed for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and 5.0 Smartphones. Written using .NET CF 1.0. - Is compatible with QVGA Screen and Landscape screens.
- Re-dialing is easy. Once a contact is dialed using CCDialer, if you want to re-dial the contact, you can go to Call History and select the contact in the Call History marked with the suffix "- CCDialer." You don't have to launch the application again.



Friday, February 16, 2007

NS Contacts Backup v1.2

updated version can now be used on a Smartphone.

· Now the program is smartphone compatible
· Some minor improvements


DOWNLOAD Smartphone PocketPC

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Talking Clock

Another Talking Clock application for Smartphones and PPC.

Windows Mobile OS 2003SE and UP


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CT AlarmClock for Smartphones

Standard Windows Mobile alarm-clock has significant inconveniences. At first, it does not allow defining the weekdays for everyday alarm.

CT AlarmClock is a simple utility that allows you to define time and weekdays for your daily alarm. It plays standard system alarm as it defined in your Profile and Sound settings. There is no need to manually disable your alarm-clock every Friday anymore!

Another annoying feature of standard WM alarm-clock is a selection of 'Snooze'-interval at morning. If you are too sleepy and would like to snooze another few minutes, it is definitely better to just press one key instead of opening menus, analyzing and finding appropriate item on your mobile... :)

CT AlarmClock has just two buttons in alarm-window: Dismiss and Snooze. There is no need to run through menus if you want to snooze another few minutes. Just press 'Snooze'-button and go on sleeping. The 'Snooze'-period is set to 5 minutes.


SMS Chat update (2/14/07)

New Features added for SMS Chat.

Menu Item Changes:
2. Edit Chat
c. Paste Msg #.. - choose which message number to be pasted in the Send Box
d. Save Msg # to Txt.. - choose which message number to be saved in a text file. The text file will be named based on the chosen (focused) combobox1 item
e. Del Msg #.. - choose which message number to be deleted from the chat box
3. Chat Files - this will create a new Chat Window named "chat files" and will contain the text of the chosen txt file
5. Paste - paste text in the Send Box
a. Smileys - contains 3 sub menus (3 different smileys)
b. Personal - contains 5 sub menus
c. Fraction - contains 5 sub menus
d. Contact # - contact name and number will be pasted
e. Del Msg Box - erase the texts in the Send Box
NOTE: contents of items 5.a to 5.c can be edited by editing the myword.txt file inside \Storage Card\Program Files\oldSAP\SMS Chat\ folder.
The Menu Item Title and the Text to be pasted are separated by the "+" sign.

7. Options
b. Blacklist - on/off sms black listed numbers
g. Edit Blacklist - edit the blacklist numbers
i. Default Tone - set default sms tone
j. Reset Counter - reset the sms sent counter


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pocket Notes

Pocket Notes is a program for PDAs, which turns your Pocket PC into a note-book. ou can use pens with different width and color, and You can also use marker pens.



LookMOBILE is the latest image-viewing client developed by the IDELIX team for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile handheld devices. It enables users to explore JPEG, bitmap, GeoTIFF, or TIFF files using IDELIX's patented PDT lens technology. The LookMOBILE image client includes the latest user interface lens design that our team has developed for small screen devices.

Operating System:
File format:
Pocket PC or Windows Mobile
Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
Tested on: HP iPAQ hx 2750, HP iPAQ hx 4700, Palm Treo 700w
Choice of .cab or .exe


Monday, February 12, 2007


Chat Style SMS application.

This is a PocketPC version of SMS Chat for Smartphones.

i havent been able to test this thoroughly because i dont have an actual PPC unit. i only tested this (which ran) on my emulator.

kindly share your feedback, comments, or suggestions. Thank You.

NetCF v2.0


PDA Keyboard v.1.0 Light Edition

This keyboard will help you forget quite easily the old days when inserting a piece of text on your Pocket PC was a problem!

PDA Keyboard v.1.0 Light Edition futures:

Full-screen layout
Sip Input Panel
Sounds and visualization
Automatic clipboard data transfer
Double click button protection
VGA Support
Windows Mobile SE Support
Color adjustments
Screen rotation


Connecting Jigsaw

Connecting to the same picture! Solve the puzzle!

"Connecting Jigsaw" is a special Jigsaw puzzle game, every pieces of jigsaw must be connect to the same number (or the same picture). Player should put all nine pieces of jigsaw into the gameboard.

Game function features :
* Free!! Just download and play it!
* 3 Difficulty Skill Level
* Easy rules, easy to play.

Win 3.0 CE, Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003 Windows Mobile™ – based device with a StrongARM or Xscale processor, minimum of 4MB RAM.



" Easy! Fun! and FREE!!"

"Click the white ball, don't click the black ball!" is the only rule for this game. You must tracking the white ball, and click on it. By the other side, you have to beware avoid clicking the black ball! Beat this game! Challenge yourself!

Game function features :
* Free!! Just download and play it!
* 2 different diffcult level.
* 20 stage challenge!

Win 3.0 CE, Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003 Windows Mobile™ – based device with a StrongARM or Xscale processor, minimum of 4MB RAM.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Porta+ 15 Cells Game

A Free logical (puzzle) game for Windows based (Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and/or Smartphone) handheld devices. Arrange the cells in the correct order (from 1 to 15) in order to win.

DOWNLOAD Smartphone, PocketPC

Friday, February 09, 2007


The ScreenyxRSS is a full featured RSS News Reader that enables users to add their own news channel and has multi-language support, podcast and vidcast capabilities.


* Unlimited feeds of all major RSS formats – choose from our list of feeds, OPML list or add your own favourite URL.
* Localised content – news and advertisement (including competitions) in selected countries
* Multi language capabilities including Chinese and Japanese*
* 2 viewing options – ticker or tree list formats
* Portrait or landscape
* Online (Wifi, GPRS or 3G) or offline (activesync) updating of feeds
* MS Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005 compatible
* Premium local contents in selected countries eg. stock quotes, real time sports results (to be introduced soon)
* Import OPML
* Podcast and Vidcast enabled
* Full customisation available eg. speed of ticker, automatic download settings etc.
* Enterprise customisation
* Ease of use and attractive user interface
* Free version updates


Thursday, February 08, 2007

SafeMode 2 for Smartphone


SafeMode 2 for Smartphone was developed using the experience gained with SafeMode 2 for Pocket PC, and features an advanced Smartphone crash protection system:**

- SafeDirect, an absolutely new feature, exclusive for the Smartphone version. This allows direct boot in and out of SafeMode, without additional soft resets. This is really important on Smartphones, where each soft reset takes a lot longer than on Pocket PCs.

- it's started very early (4th application - the first 3 are required Window Mobile applications) in the startup process, allowing a better control over what and when it's allowed to run.
- while entering SafeMode, it stops all known 3rd party application types, such as:

* Services - these are system applications; they are not visible with the task manager, and generally run in the background
* Startup applications - startup links, placed in "Windows\Startup"
* Home plugins - SafeMode 2 disables all Home plugins, replacing it with it's own interface, as a reminder you're running in SafeMode
* Pocket Internet Explorer plugins (such as MultiIE)
* Other extensions, found in system registry

*SafeMode 2 is distributed as shareware. You may use it for 14 days, after that you must purchase a license. Purchasing a license allows you unlimited use of SafeMode and free upgrades.

** This application may not work on some device models. While I've made all possible efforts to ensure 100% compatibility, this is something it can't be done. Please test this application before purchasing a full license.

Read More HERE

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CT Scheduler

Auto-launch of different tasks on your smartphone is very useful feature. It allows automating your repetitive and routine tasks in the most natural way. Unfortunately, standard Windows Mobile OS does not have such functionality.

CT Scheduler adds a new functionality of automatic launching programs, documents, media and other files in accordance to your time plan. Tasks can be scheduled to launch based on definite time, dates and days of the week. It is very convenient, because the workday schedule and weekend and holiday schedule can differ. The program has an ability to activate and deactivate scheduled items. There is no need to delete and create them again.

Below are some examples of CT Scheduler usage:

1. Sound Alert. Select desired audio-file to run in 'Program / File' field and then set the necessary time parameters. You can also select any specific media-player in 'Program / File' field and desired audio-file in 'Parameters' field.
2. Switching Profiles. Select '/Windows/autoprof.exe' in the 'Program / File' field. Then enter '-s ProfileName' in the 'Parameters' field. 'ProfileName' must be English name of the desired profile, for example 'Meeting'.
3. Downloading web-page. Select '/Windows/iexplore.exe' in the 'Program / File' field. Then enter the desired URL in the 'Parameters' field.




Possibility to automatically turn Off and On the phone module on your smartphone is very useful feature. It allows you to extend battery life and avoid loud calls at the very undesirable moment!

SleepWell! adds a new functionality of automatic turning Off and On the phone module in accordance to your time plan. Events can be scheduled based on definite time, dates and days of the week. It is very convenient, because the workday schedule and weekend and holiday schedule can differ. The program has an ability to activate and deactivate scheduled events. There is no need to delete and create them again.



Pocket Humanity

Pocket Humanity is a free turn-based strategy game for Pocket PCs.


Works on all Pocket PC 2002, 2003, 2003se and Windows Mobile 5 devices. On Pocket PC 2002 and 2003, you must have at least .Net CF sp3 installed.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


During its work Plugin gathers and aggregates the battery discharge statistics. Then it calculates the remaining work time with the current battery charge and current time of the day. The more days you use it the more accurate Plugin will tell you the remaining time. Two or three usual days will be enough to see it really works! Please note if it has no statistics (stat file name is invalid, for example) time is evaluated as most battery plugins do: linear approximation based on the current discharge and the passed time.

File with the statistic data usually grows with the speed of approximately 90 bytes per day or 31 kB per year (in a worst conditions - 432 bytes and 154 kB respectively). This doesn’t seem a terrible amount even for a portable device; therefore the current version does not cut off the “tail”. Let it grow.

The Plugin should run on smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003 (SE) and later with any screen orientation (no matter portrait or landscape) and resolution (from old 176×220 to current QVGA or even higher). It was successfully checked on T-Mobile SDA (running WM2003 SE) and I-Mate sp5m (running WM5).

There’re no serious problems to run Plugin on Windows Mobile 2002 (Motorola mpx200, for example), but the color info could be missed since WM2002 API does not provide the required functionality.

User interface

First page output description
Standby mode: “28%, hrs: 15.2 (0.4)”
Here are the remaining charge percentage, the remaining hours to reach TargetDischargePercent and the hours since a statistics flushed into the file last time.

During charging: “89%, hrs: 45.2/0.5 ch, 0.3 rem, 22°C”
Here are the current charge percentage and the remaining time (as in the standby mode), the time passed since charging started, the remaining time to reach 100% followed by current battery temperature.

Charging finished: “100%, hrs: 62.2/Charged 73% in 1.7 hrs”
As in the previous mode you may see percentage and hours, followed by percentage gained during this charge session and time it took to reach full charge.

Second page contains average power consumption graph.

Plugin control
Press Action key (joystick) to get “About…” window containing detailed infomation about the battery (temperature, voltage, the discharge current, etc.).Press left or right (turn joystick left-right) to switch between Plugin pages (two at the moment).

Plugin setting can only be seen in the home screen xml-file directly in the plugin tag (not under).
There is the test home screen (BatteryLifePlugin.home.xml) in installation package, some of the following parameters are already set.

StatFilename - name of file with the statistics. Default value is “\Storage\My Documents\BLifePlugin.dat”.
I do not recommend you to move this file to the Storage Card especially if you use sp5m or similar device because of the problem: just after the phone startup plugin often has no access to Storage Card. Probably, the flash card driver does not start prior to the plugin start, probably something else. I don’t know.

RefreshTimeout - period (in milliseconds) of the forced plugin window refresh. Default is “600000″ (10 minutes). There is no reason to change to the smaller value: the information which you see on the screen with the very great probability is actual since (besides the forced refreshes) it occurs every time plugin is drawn on the screen.

MaxHistoryDays - how many days if gathered statistics will be used to get remaining time. Default is “30″.

FlushTimeoutHours - period (in hours) of the forced statistics data flush to the file. Defaulted to “8760″ (1 year). Besides the forced, the flushing occurs at every start of battery charging, when plugin is finishing its work (for example, at the corrent (!) device shutdown, when home screen or just a color scheme is changed) and in some other situations. Therefore there is no reason to set a lower value.

MinPercent - minimum battery charge needed to gather and save statistics. Default value is “20″. This percentage was used since the accuracy of the determination of charge falls with the smaller values. Moreover, if situation is suitable I usually discharge battery until it switches off at low charge percentage (lower than 10%). It will keep your battery’s fitness and gives longer lifespan.

TargetDischargePercent - percentage of the charge, to which is calculated the remaining operating time. With further reduction plugin will always show 0 hour. Default is “0″.

height - standard plugin parameter. The minimum height of plugin (in pixels). Can be automatically increased, if long text is to show. Default is “20″. For QVGA-devices running WM5 it is good idea to increase height to “25″.


Monday, February 05, 2007


Chat style SMS application for WM5 smartphones.

this is a simple chat style sms application with a few added options.

* individual sms tones for each contact
* blacklist sms from unknown numbers
* save chat to txt files
* group sending capability

Menu items:

1. Add Contact - add a new contact for your chat sms

2. Edit Chat - edit focused chat window
a. LastRcvd - paste last received text to the send input box
b. LastSent - paste last sent text to the send input box
c. Mark Start - mark the starting point of the chat window to be editted
d. Mark End - mark the ending point of the chat window to be editted. this will also automatically highlight and select the string of characters from the starting to the ending point you've selected.
e. Del Selected - delete the selected string of text
f. Paste Selected - paste the selected text to the send input box
g. Erase Chat - erase all the text in the specified window

3. Chat Files - this will show the .txt files saved using SMS Chat in the \Storage Card\Program Files\oldSAP\SMS Chat\ folder

4. Last Rcvd to Txt - automatically save the last received text in a .txt. the file name of the saved file will be the contact name of the sender.

5. Send to Group.. - send message to a group

6. Font - change the font size of the chat window textx. there are 2 choices 8pt and 10pt

7. Options
a. Block - block sms from numbers not in your contact list
b. Auto Save - automatically save the chat window (common window) in a .txt file. the file name will be the day's date
c. Individual Chat - if checked, sms from each contact will be shown in it's own chat window. if not, all sms will be shown in a common window.
d. Save Chat - save the current chat window in a .txt file with your own choice of filename.
e. Edit Group - edit the group name and group numbers for group sending.

8. Exit - close the SMS Chat application


* set your sms tone to "none"

* set default sms tone by navigating to:
HKCU\Software\SMS Chat\DefaultTone
and paste the full path of the wav tone you wish to use.

* set individual tones using SMS Tones.

* date format should be like this: 05-Feb-07. adjust by navigating to Start>Settings>Regional Settings>Short date style

QVGA WM5 Smartphone
NETCF v2.0




vSnap is a small and simple screen capture utility for Pocket PCs.

Usage Notes

1. Select the screen capture start time from the dropdown list.
2. Tap on "Save to:" to select the file location and filename to save the screenshot file.
3. Tap on "Capture" to proceed with screen capture.



MP3-Wecker is an alarm clock : it can play a music file on a given time and at selected days you have to set up.



The objective in ArithmeTick is to solve as many addition, subtration, multiplication, and division problems as possible before time runs out.

You are awarded up to 10 points for each correct answer depending on how quickly you can solve the math problem. You are also awarded extra time for each problem you solve correctly.

Challenge problems occur at the end of each level and are awarded 50 points for a correct answer. You can skip the challenge problem by clicking the skip button.

Tip: If you enter a wrong number by mistake you can clear your current guess by clicking on the problem.

ArithmeTick is a fun and challening math game for all ages.


Sprite Explorer

Sprite Explorer provides you with the flexibility of viewing, browsing and extracting files and folders from your Sprite Backup or Sprite Clone images from your PC. Recovering individual files or folders has never been easier or more intuitive.

What’s more, Sprite Explorer is free!

Have you ever had a situation where you have accidently deleted a file, or over-written a key document. You know that you have a copy of the document in your last backup, but the only way to access that document would be to restore your image to your device, erasing anything that you have updated!

Now with Sprite Explorer, you can explore your images, and extract individual files and folders. Recovery has got even easier.

Key Features

• It’s FREE – Why wouldn’t you want the added flexibility that Sprite Explorer offers when there is no cost in obtaining the software.
• One Tool for All Images – Sprite Explorer opens up any Sprite Backup or Clone image, including images created by earlier versions.
• Drag and Drop support – Drag backup images from Windows Explorer onto Sprite Explorer, nd Drag individual files out of Sprite Explorer onto your Desktop.
• Direct Transfers – Easily transfer files and folders directly from Sprite Explorer to your Mobile Device using ActiveSync
• Ease of Use – Sprite Explorer uses the familiar tree and list view

Sprite Explorer is fully compatible with Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Mobile Profiler v2.2 - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Mobile Profiler is a tool for creating and restoring system states in XML based snapshots. It is specialized to save and restore network settings like proxy servers and connection entries.
It can be used in combination with phoneAlarm - you can assign snapshots to phoneAlarm profiles, whenever you switch a phone profile, Mobile Profiler restores the assigned snapshot.
There is a stand alone mode available for users without phoneAlarm or for manual switching.
Many things can be stored into a snapshot - system settings, registry keys, file operations. A snapshot is a simple XML document which can be manipulated with any unicode aware editor.

Mobile Profiler Tutorial with examples of use

DOWNLOAD CAB Manual Installation on WM5 Smartphones


IPTool was designed to be an all around Network configuration troubleshooting tool. It supports multiple network adapters, and allows the user to perform the following additional functions:

1. Release the current IP
2. Renew the current IP lease
3. Change the device name of the PocketPC device

It also displays all available Network information, including wep key state information (it does not crack wep keys).

I used a portion of Open NetCompactFramework. You do not need to have this installed, the application comes with the related dll files. You do need .NET Compact Framework, however.

Prerequisites: .NET Compact Framework


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Archimedes™ - FREEWARE SP/PPC

Archimedes is an innovative specialty calculator. Forget having to remember complicated formulas, just enter the values and out come the results.

Archimedes is a must have for every medical professional! An innovative specialty calculator, Archimedes is unlike any other program currently available. Forget having to remember complicated formulas, just enter the values and out come the results. An indispensable, at-your-fingertips resource!

With formulas ranging from Aa Gradient to Weights, our proprietary calculator provides you with 70 preprogrammed formulas that include specialties such as Cardiology, Pharmacology, Hematology, FEN, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Renal.

Intuitive, easy-to-access formulas
Archimedes is specifically designed to offer three methods of accessing formulas -- alphabetical listing, category listing, and historical listing -- enabling you to access formulas in a way that's engaging to you.

Detailed information at your fingertips
From a built-in calculator assisting with value field input, to control of decimal point placement in formula results, Archimedes allows you to determine the input and output details for every formula. Also included is a help button giving you access to complete formula information.

Occupying less than 660 KB, Archimedes leaves plenty of room for your favorite applications.

Key Features

* Runs on all Palm OS and Windows CE/Pocket PC devices
* More than 70 most commonly used formulas in medical specialties
* Easy access to formulas
* Powerful built-in calculator for preprocessing inputs
* Detailed help for each formula
* Remembers values you last entered
* Automatic evaluation of the formula, once all input fields are filled in
* Quick access to other ARTTM applications