Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sinbad Search

Meet Sinbad Search, an application designed for smart mobile devices to simplify information retrieval.

Sinbad Search offers the following:

* Faster access. Obtaining the information in Sinbad Search is much faster than surfing though the mobile web browser.
* Consumes less bandwidth. Delivering only what you need, no flashy graphics or browser markup means a big saving in data charges.
* Presents useful content. Sinbad Search only provides only the information you ask for, not random 'portal' content.
* Puts you in control. The usage is direct; the design is simple and intuitive; the information is formatted to fit into the small screen.
* Free! Sinbad Search is completly free


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


zipTimer is a simple aviation flight timer that can be used to time your approaches, holds, or any other situation that requires timing.

* Large Buttons for one hand operation. Stylus not required!
* Night Mode that changes the color of the software so it won't disrupt your night vision!
* One Minute Countdown button - allows for quick one minute countdowns during holds or when at home and boiling an egg.



zipCheck is a simple checklist program designed for one hand operation during the busy time behind the controls of an airplane. zipCheck uses XML technology to create, store, and display checklists. zipCheck allows you to create your own checklists, or edit existing ones.

zipCheck comes with the following checklists preloaded:

* Piper Warrior II (PA28-161)
* Piper Archer II (PA28-181)
* General IFR before takeoff checklist

zipCheck Features:

* Create as many checklists as your PDA's memory can handle.
* Edit any checklist to your liking
* Create Checklists with the zipCheckCreator Windows program!



If you are working on your Instrument rating, preparing for your biennial, or just want to be prepared in case you have to hold then HoldCalc is for you. Give HoldCalc your current heading, the heading of the holding Radial and if it's a standard hold or not (left turns) and HoldCalc will give you a graphical depiction of the holding pattern entry you should fly including the headings to the fix and around the pattern! HoldCalc also comes with a built in full featured flight timer. Not only will you know how to fly that hold, but you will time it correctly. The timer was designed for one hand operation that doesn't require a stylus. All buttons are big enough to be pressed with your finger giving you less to fumble with while flying that hold. Plus the timer can be used for timing your approaches! HoldCalc will run on all PDAs running PocketPC 2000,2002, and 2003. As well as WinCE.



Turn your PocketPC into a Winamp remote control

* Operation of Winamp from the PDA
* Supports Winamp 2.x and Winamp 5.x
* If Play supports, stop, trace, to before/back titles Seeking (”Spulen” within the title), volume, Shuffle, Repeat, files from the current Playliste select and show (Jump ton of file)
* Winamp start/start again/terminate
* PC via WakeOnLAN wake up
* Hardware keys of the PDAs can be occupied with Playerfunktionen
* Windows down-drive/start again (Winamp can automatically also again again be started after Windows restart)
* Title information on the PDA indicate

Peh Peh Zeh


SmallMenu-like application

English version is available


Saturday, October 27, 2007


A freeware systray utility for Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard


* Suspend - allows you to power-off the Pocket PC without having to press the Power button. You can also add the Suspend icon in the tray for easy access
* Soft Reset - performs soft reset.
* Settings - quick access to Control Panel applets.
* ScreenOff - switches off the screen. You can create a shortcut to invoke ScreenOff. Great for binding to a hardware button to easy access
* Lock Device - allows you to lock the Pocket PC when it's running. Using the same system password for unlocking.
* Stay Alive [Power] - allows you to temporarily stop your Pocket PC from auto power-off.
* Battery Meter - displays the battery life percentage in the systray
* Disconnect - Disconnects current RAS connection
* PIN Lock - Invoke the PIN prompt. *You must have the PIN prompt enabled for this to work.
* Add Bluetooth icon in tray for easily power on/off Bluetooth. *Supports Microsoft Bluetooth Stack ONLY
* Add WiFi icon in tray for easily power on/off WiFi
* Disable SMS 'Message delivered" popup
* Disable HTC screen off after a call has been connected
* Enable/Disable window animation
* Enable/Disable menu animation
* Enable/Disable sliding keyboard to wake up phone
* Increase System Font Cache
* Increase File System Cache
* Increase File System Filter Cache
* Enable GPS Photo for HTC TyTN II (Kaiser) (experimental)
* Disable camera default 90-degrees clockwise rotation
* Hides contacts on SIM card - On my TyTN II, after a soft-reset, the flag is restored to show contacts on SIM card. With PT, if you set it to run at Startup, what PT does is apply the setting during execution, then applies again after roughly a minute after soft-reset to ensure SIM contacts are set to hide.
* Enable/Disable SMS Delivery Report

Some features require you to enable them in PocketToolman's Options (Settings -> Options).

Tested on HTC TyTN II English version. PocketToolman is provided as freeware. Use at your own risk.




Is a very very simple application that allows users to send sms by certain voip accounts..

Jumpy2007 of XDA-Developers

Friday, October 26, 2007


Toggle the keyboard LEDs on / off for most devices with a keyboard.

Keylight Features

* Activate / Deactivate the keyboard LEDs on Treo 700w/750v, HTC TyTn, MDA Pro, MDA III and others

Supports Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE and WM 5.0


Thursday, October 25, 2007


Homescreen Plugin for Windows for Smartphones, in order to represent calendar entries at the Homescreen.

* Indicates several dates and all day events.
* Indicates dates and all day events up to 4 days in advance.


A free game for your Pocket PC

Even the hardest-working person needs a break once in a while. The next time you're stuck in a waiting room, or an airport, or in your boss's office waiting for him to get off the phone, try a quick game of Dots! Its fast, fun and free from Ilium Software.

Ilium Software

GibbsUSA AutoReset

A Windows Mobile application to schedule automatic resets on your Pocket PC. Compatible with 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.

Uses the Notification queue so the application is not constantly running. Please note that this is waterfall development product so please let us know of any bugs! This new release includes automatic online upgrades.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dash Facade Orange Green

A simple square screen (320x240) homescreen i'm currently using.

Orange Plugin
(Please don't request links to the Orange plugin. Since the Orange plugin is the property of Orange and was only released in select ROMs on select devices from Orange, we can not provide links to the software here.)

How to:
1. Install the cab file into your phone
2. Edit the Dash Facade Orange Green.home.xml file using a text editor as follows:

Download GREEN cab file
Download XMAS cab file

Shadow of Legend

Shadow of Legend is the world's first High-Performance, Cross-Platform MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) targeting mobile devices.

Players assume the roles of world heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across the vast world of Agnes. Shadow of Legend allows thousands of players, whether they are on their PC or on their mobile device, to simultaneously interact with each other in the same world. Whether the players adventure together or battle one another for power and glory, the players can expect all the best features of an MMORPG to play seamlessly in the palm of their hand.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A "Silent" SMS Tool

HushSMS is a tool to sent a class zero message (aka Flash-SMS) or a stealthy PING message to another cellphone.
The "Silent Ping" enables you to sent a message to another cellphone without the owner getting knowledge about.
The message is discarded on the owners phone and no trace exists. You will get back a message from the operator that your message has been delivered, proving that your message has been received, and thus you can know that the owners phone is switched on.
This is not some kind of hack or whatever. It's a normal function per standard and works on any phone.



Some things are just easier to do on your computer.

Dashwire automatically mirrors your phone's content to the web, helping you access and share your mobile experiences - no cables required.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Screensaver

Free Halloween Screensaver by

Required FlashLite

You can watch and upload videos on your mobile phone - type the following address into your phones internet browser:

Yamgo is a next generation TV service and mobile social networking site where members can watch live TV and share videos on their phone via both 2.5G and 3G networks. Members can upload a video using the website or via their mobile phone. Videos are automatically encoded for viewing and sharing on the web and via phone networks worldwide.

Vspainter LE

Draw anytime, anywhere

Vspainter has advanced drawing tools using the last technologies of your portable windows mobile equipped with a stylet. Draw, modify, and publish your creations easily using many creation tools. A good complement tool for your professional PC/Mac desktop software.
Vspainter is also able to create, store and view simultaneous creations.

Virtual Spaghetti

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pocket Hasami

Pocket Hasami is a new freeware board game for your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

Hasami Shogi is a famous Japanese chess variant where you move your pieces like a rook in chess, and you capture one or more of your opponent’s pieces by catching them between two of yours. The word Hasami means sandwiching.
A player wins when the opponent has less than 4 stones left.


* 3 levels of AI difficulty
* Play against a friend or against AI
* Controls by stlylus or keys
* And more!

And Pocket Hasami is freeware!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Pocket Cryptex

Pocket Cryptex is a password manager for the PocketPC. It stores your passwords, your web registrations and associated information in a database (a file) protected by a single password.

* Quickly find your entries by using the filter box
* Add or remove columns to the list
* Sort entries by clicking on a column header
* Clear detail view
* Synchronization with the PC version

Pocket Cryptex runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 and requires the .NET compact framework version 2.0.

Pocket Cryptex

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Pocketsqlman is a remote database administration utility device. It allows you to manage Microsoft SQL database from pocket pc or any smart device.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Mass Update 'all day Calendar events

There is an issue with the calendar reminders, that is when you have an ‘all day event’ then the device would wake up at 12:00 AM to remind you. For some people it might be ok but most of us want device to show the reminder at some convenient time (such as 08:00 AM when having a coffee).

Here is the possible fix(There might be other solutions too which I am not aware of)
This is a small utility I built which will allow you to mass update all such events to some fixed time span. That is converting all these all day events to non all day with the option to set your own time span.

tytnguy of xda-developers

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Flight Mode On/Off/Toggle command line utility

Command lines to switch on and off:
\Program Files\rk-FltMode\rk-FltMode.exe on
\Program Files\rk-FltMode\rk-FltMode.exe off
\Program Files\rk-FltMode\rk-FltMode.exe toggle

Developed to support rk-Sleep/rk-Location switch applications but could be used anywhere!

Note: This application requires Compact Framework 2.0
You need compact framework 2.0 installed inorder to run this application. The compact framework is already part of WM6, so if your device is WM6 skip this step. But most of the WM5 devices do not have this update. So you must download here and run the installation on your desktop (then active sync to update your device). Only after completing this step install the application.

tytnguy of xda-developers

Monday, October 15, 2007

Turbo GPS

Turbo GPS is the most flexible off-line GPS application for Windows, available in x86/x64/PPC2003/wm5/wm6 !

The most flexible and precise track / offroad GPS you have seen. Available for both Windows and PPC!


1. Multiple Screens
* GPS View
o Cell ID
o Sat / Precision
o Time
o Speed (Km/H, MpH, Knots, m/s)
o Course Compass
* Map View
o Unlimited horz/vert zoom
o Unlimited horz/vert move
o Cartesian map
o Polar map
o Waypoint view
o 360deg rotation
o Zoom to track or waypoint
* Satellite View
o Az/Elevation
o Satellite SNR
* Track View
o Unlimited track number, unlimited waypoints
o Import from KML or LOC
o Export to KML or LOC
o Run straight or reversed
o Track categories
o Track normalization
o View in TGPS or Yahoo map
* Waypoint View
o Unlimited XYZ waypoints
o Waypoint categories
o View in TGPS or Yahoo map
o Import from KML or LOC
o Export to KML or LOC
* Statistics View
* Custom Maps
o View / Delete maps
* Sun Info
o Position and Bearing
* Moon Info
o Position ,bearing and cycle
* Path Map
o Auto - follow and rotate position
o Compass and Bearing
o Visual and Sound warnings
o Speed in units
* Compass
o True and Magnetic
* Raw Log
o Supports NMEA and SIRF
2. Full screen mode
3. Recording mode
* Record track
* Smart recording when route is not altered
4. Playback mode
* Play track or go to waypoint or to position
* Go to distance
* Notifications to change route
5. View mode
* Day view
* Night view
* Custom color view
* Full screen toggle
6. GPS setup
* Direct (Com/baud) setup
* Simulation
* GPSApi (wm5+)
7. Calculators
* 1D (Distance)
* 2D (Area)
* 3D (Volume)
8. Debugging mode
* Logging
* Tap/Timer mode
* Load track into simulator
9. SIRF options
* Switch to SIRF Binary/NMEA
* Set NMEA Rates
* WAAS mode
* Reset modes
10. Map Options
* Dynamic maps from Yahoo
* Load your own maps
* Save dynamic maps
11. Record/Play options
* Seconds recalculation
* Distance recalculation
* Normalize options
12. Unit options
* Speed in Km/H MpH m/s Knots
* Length in Km/m , Mi/inch, Nmi/ft
13. Internet Tracking
* Post xyz to url each X seconds
14. Automatic Updates


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Device folders via the XP context menu

Here is context menu add-on for XP which allows you to quickly open Windows Mobile device folder(s). I love it, makes folder access a breeze. Kindly check this demo video.


BP Assistant for SP

Track your BP & Pulse Rate right there in your Windows Mobile SmartPhone… Stay Healthy…!

BP Assistant provides you the way of tracking your Blood Pressure & Heart Rate in a simple way.

Record details like

* Date & Time
* Systolic Pressure
* Diastolic Pressure
* Heart Rate
* Description/Comment


* Option to filter records by Month
* Records are automatically sorted by Date & Time
* Windows Mobile 5 & 6, QVGA, Landscape, and QWERTY keyboard support



FreeTalk,is a memory-resident program.when the user answers an incoming phone or when the other phone user answers the call,you can use this program to close screen or shutdown system automatic,when a call has ended,this program will close screen or shutdown system automatic too,not only free your hand,but also will save the power of your battery.
Because some number need you press some key to select a operation(for example press 1 for English,press 2 for German,and so on),so there is a function named "Except number list",when you dial the number in that list,the screen will keep open.

blackiice of xda-developers

Friday, October 12, 2007


Ever been in stuck with a question that you can't decide which is the right answer? Dont just guess on your own... Use Guesser!


* Operating System: Windows Mobile
* .NET CF v2.0
* Tested at Windows Mobile 6 Professional device


Web Viewer for WM5

This program has been developed to give Windows Mobile users the facility to have a very useful and functional tabbed web browser. Other tabbed mobile web browsers are either bulky, slow, or not free. This program is entirely free to use and uses Pocket Internet Explorer to show the web pages.


* Tabbed Browser
* Standard Navigation Buttons (Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop)
* Open links in new tab
* Duplicate tab
* View Source (customise external viewer/editor)
* Remember closed tabs
* Remember typed URLs
* Full Screen mode
* Hide Tabs Option (to increase viewing area)
* Various Tab Options (Close, Close Others, Reload All)

ANB Software

Thursday, October 11, 2007


TouchPal is an innovative software keyboard based on T+, a patent-pending input technology.

Finger-friendly Buttons
Qwerty keyboard layout
Grouped adjacent letters and punctuations

Type much faster with less efforts
Up to 300 chars/min
Powered by T+ technology
Smart word prediction algorithm
Innovative word association algorithm
Quick Uppercase switch

Content edit functions
Powerful select, copy, cut, paste functions
Convenient navigation functions


Click and Slide

This is a small puzzle game for PocketPC, is part of the Puzzle Collection that will be released soon. The game is coded in .NET CF and run on any PocketPc with .NET Compact Framework 1.0 or newer. The games play some sounds that you want you can just turn off using the menu.



Checkers Game for PocketPC

This checkers game it is quite handy and will give you lot of fun. It offers 3 difficulty levels; you can select the desired level from the menu. This game also plays sounds for moves and actions and it is possible to enable/disable those sounds using menu options. The game also makes possible to change pawn colors for each player.



Sokoban Game for Pocket PC

One more addition to the list of games for Pocket PC on this site. Now this sokoban game will help you spent some free time. You have 10 levels to beat! Try it now! Is easy, you just need to put the wooden boxes on the circles spaces. Just one catch... your little buddy on the screen can only PUSH boxes, he can't pull them. So be careful, if you put a box in a corner, or against a wall, you might not be able to move it forever. But... you have and "undo" feature on the game, of course, one move only... :)


TKM Chess

A good Chess Game for Pocket PC

Well, this a chess game, completely FREE, yes... free. Game comes with 3 difficulty levels, sounds, and skins. As shown below you can choose between 2 predefined skins, of course a skin is just a bitmap so if you look well into the game you could add your own skin...



This is a simple reversi/othello game for PocketPC, it has 3 difficulty levels; easy, medium, and hard, that you can select from the game menu. The game plays some simple sounds that you can turn on/off from the menu below the board.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mobile Metronome

This app functions as a simple Metronome for Windows Mobile devices. It was optimized for the square 240x240 screens so it should work well on all PPC devices without the need to scroll.

* User selectable Beats Per Minute
* Visual and Audible beat
* Beats per measure with visual indication of position within the measure
* Beat indicator flashes a different color for the first beat of the measure


Monday, October 08, 2007

Mocha FTP

FTP Server for Windows Mobile

Mocha FTP Server gives an easy way to copy files to/from a PDA running Windows Mobile or Pocket PC 200x
It supports the standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) features found in most web browsers and FTP client applications.

If the PDA has IP address, use following URL in Internet Explorer


and Internet Explorer will give access to all the files on the PDA.


* Supports all standard FTP commands
* PASV command. The client will make the data connection (needed with firewalls)
* Portrait/landscape mode
* Anonymous login
* Real-time monitoring of users and commands
* 9 different users with password protection
* 25 active sessions
* Different access rights for users (read only mode)
* Security timer, which will close inactive sessions

Saturday, October 06, 2007


how-to CID unlock ANY device!

JumpSPL is a WinCE application that allows to place a custom file on device's RAM memory and execute the arbitrary code contained on it by jumping into its physical memory address.

This method is tipically used to load a patched bootloader in RAM and execute it, so with JumpSPL you can potentially bypass any bootloader protections put by the manufacturer on a Windows Mobile based device, but you have to patch the bootloader yourself.

I'll be updating comment #2 with links to patched SPLs and future projects using JumpSPL, if you use JumpSPL in your project please post a comment or PM me.

JumpSPL should work on any WinCE device (not necessarily manufactured by HTC), although I have only tested it on HTC devices.

For more details and usage instructions please see the included README file.

pof of xda-developers

Friday, October 05, 2007


Contacts on a cube

TouchCaller will allow you, on a Phone Edition WM5 or WM6, to reach all your contacts with only one finger.

mushipkw of xda-developers


Today screen profile changer.

Click on the plugin to select the profile you'd like to use.
You can also navigate to the plugin using your d-pad and then make your selection using left and right on your d-pad.
The custom profiles selection allows you to create up to two custom profiles which will then be available to the today screen plugin.
When creating a custom profile, you will have the option of turning on or off the following:
Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared beams, and Cellular Data connection in addition to setting your desired volume.

The default profiles are:
Normal - BT on: Volume is at maximum and Bluetooth is turned on. All other items remain in their previous state.
BT/WiFi/IR off: Bluetooth, WiFi and Infrared beams are turned off. Volume remains unchanged from it's previous state.
Silent: Volume is muted. All other items remain in their previous state.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


SDClock is a digital clock that will allow you to read the timetable.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Peek Pocket v1.4 wifi sniffer

PeekPocket is a new Wifi sniffer.

The functions are similar to other tools like this. Cherry on the cake, it automaticaly pick the colors of your theme... What an harmony !

Author: dzolee


WkTASK shares features of both Task Manager and Program Launcher for Windows Mobile 5/6. ou can switch all running programs smoothly like desktop Windows, and launch applications easily. Not only stylus operation but also key operation is available. Although the look & feel closely matches the theme color and make the 3D gradation, its CPU and memory usage are low.

# Task-list

Using the upper bar, you can watch, switch, close and force termination running programs.

To exclude a task from the list, tap&hold it and select 'Hide'.
# X button

Using the X button, you can use some actions as follows:

* Tap: really close
* Tap&Hold: show context menu
* Drag: some gestures (To minimize, drag toward down. To show Today, drag toward left.)

# Program Launcher

Using key or tap, You can launch some applications, functions and contacts(phone call or e-mail).
# Key operation

To shift the Key operation mode, double-execute WkTask.exe or WkTaskCmd.exe(recommended because of smaller size). Some start options are available too.
# Brightness/Volume controller

You can control them in real time with key or tap.
# Other functions

rotation, suspend, reboot, network connection, etc.
# Preferences

To customize, it has a great deal of parameters. Enjoy your self!

My DVD Lizt

Frustrated about lost DVDs in your DVD Collection? Keep track of where your DVDs are… Free !!!

My DVD Lizt provides you the way of maintaining your hard earned DVDs in a simple way.

My DVD Lizt runs on all Pocket PC Devices & Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 Devices.


BP Assistant

Track your BP & Pulse Rate right there in your Pocket PC… Stay Healthy…!

BP Assistant provides you the way of tracking your Blood Pressure & Heart Rate in a simple way.

BP Assistant runs on all Pocket PC Devices & Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 Devices.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Instant Messaging SMS

InstantSMS (IMSMS) is an application that will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages as if they were instant messages! The software will allow you to group messages together for easy viewing and provide an Instant messaging format you are accustomed to when using Instant Messaging software. If you are a heavy SMS text user, you know how inconvenient it is without having a way to group your messages together. Now you can with IMSMS! It was designed to mimic Instant Messaging while utilizing the fast and cheap SMS services! Best of all, this software was designed to be FREE and fully functional on Windows Mobile devices! Now you can text away just like you do when you chat away on IM!

DSO Software

PocketCM ImageViewer

PocketCM ImageViewer is currently a test version, the purpose is to experiment what's possible with image on our Windows Mobile device using the PocketCM framework.

You are not allowed to redistribute the binary in any form (zip, sharing site, upload on forums, ROM, ...). If you need PocketCM for non-personal use, please contact me (more info here).

You should also agree with the license agreement before using PocketCM Contact.


Mundu Radio

A hundred thousand radio stations on your mobile.

Access to dozens of pre-defined Digital Radio stations across all popular categories – Pop, Rock, Classical, Bollywood, Oldies, Instrumental, International and many more.

Also access to thousands of other radio stations around the world.

Mundu Radio

Monday, October 01, 2007


Now you can see a registry access in your Windows CE device!

Run RegLogger and select "Capture" in "Log" menu.
You can save log into text file.
I recommend if you switch focus to another application, clear "Update view" mark.
This will increase speed in times.
When you switch back to RegLogger you can set mark again, of course.
Also you can specify include and exclude filter.
It will applied only to exe filename.
If you have VGA device you can decrease font size - you will see more information.

I don't recommend to kill my program. You *should* close it via menu, otherwise your device can hang.

RegLogger is free, but you use it without any warranties.