Saturday, January 31, 2009


Convert your digits

Performs base conversions in real-time as you enter the values and uses large buttons so you are not limited to the stylus.



Keep track of the score

Provides a simple way of keeping the score for various games played in two.


Friday, January 30, 2009


Browse and stream content from the BBC's iPlayer.

- Finger friendly UI including flick kinetic scrolling, swipe gestures and vibration feedback.
- Supports Nav Sensor and Stylus Removal
- Higher quality video/audio than Samsung User Agent hack (483x272 h.264 video stream).
- Browse content by Highlights, Popular, Channel, Category or Date.
- Search for content and save history.
- Checks for latest version of player and AppToDate support.
- Downloads video to device for later viewing
- Video launched in your default player associated with '.mov' files (use CorePlayer).

This app works by impersonating an iPhone to access an unprotected mp4 file and then patching the index to allow immediate playback. Many thanks to the people who discovered this technique - see readme.txt for credits and further explanation. Note that this is in no way sanctioned by the BBC.

Downloads videos to the installation folder so highly recommended that you install to Internal Storage. This is obviously a very data intensive application so I would recommend using over wi-fi or with an unlimited data plan.

- .Net framework 3.5.
- You also must be in the UK to use this. The BBC seem to block access over cellular data from some operators (e.g. Vodafone) . If this happens then please try over wifi & report your findings.
- This app is for the Diamond only so far (because of the screen res and sensor support). I may add support for other devices and screen resolutions in the future if there is enough interest.
- You need a video player capable of playing back the (h.264 + AAC) video. The only one I have found that works is CorePlayer (commercial app). This player must be associated with '.mov' files. If you rename the file to have a '.mp4' extension the HTC Album will play the video but I do not get any sound. Please could you try this on your device and if it works report the ROM version/HTC Album version/build.


WM GoHome Beta

Have you lost your smart phone? Has it been stolen? Has it GPS module?
You are a happy man, if you have WM GoHome installed there.

You can find it thanks to WM GoHome. WM GoHome will helps you to locate your smartphone via SMS messages, even if the SIM card will be changed.

WM GoHome is application works like service. It is waiting for special SMS message that processing depends on the parameters sent in this message. After receiving this message, WMGH (WM GoHome) initialize GPS receiver and sends SMS message with current location, altitude and speed to the phone number, it received the initializaction message from.

WM GoHome is mainly intended for localisation of the device, but it can do much more.

Via special SMS messages you can easy control the remote device. WMGH can start predefined applications, can change the device configuration or send another informations to the predefined phone numbers.

WM GoHome

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Expense Control

Expense tracking application for Windows Mobile

- Enter your day to day expenses on a windows mobile powered device
- Categorize your expenses
- Add notes to entries
- Create customizable reports

Keep your data safe with password protection and data backup. Export reports to a comma separated file for use in other programs.
Windows Mobile 6.0 powered device with screen resolution of 240 x 320 or above.

Expense Control

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

draftEzy - Free Version

Draw as you move, Walls & Gaps among the new features which makes draftEzy an easy tool for drafting existing conditions.

Feature list
True Free form. (Draw as you like - main area Or sub area as you feel comfortable. Insert the objects inside wall. Collect the data. Draw the floor plan in any number of pieces. Drag & drop area definition.)
Draw as you move. (Draw the wall, Insert objects, Collect the data ... Proceed to next. True free form sketching.)
Edit in place. (Worry about difficult editing process. Just tap & change. Its done.)
Walls & Gaps. (Worry about keeping the objects like door & windows in place. Software keeps track of all changes and free the user from cumulative editing changes.)
Layers. (Use the same space in windows mobile to draw any number of floors. Just one click show/hide of working layer, Protect the user from making accidental changes to sleeping layers (Other floor) & many more...)
Auto Save & Fit to screen (All changes is saved for recovery. Allways fit to screen & zoom makes it easy in Windows mobile.)
Infinite (single step) Undo - Redo. (Single step infinite undo - redo. Its Zoom & Scale aware, restore to any working scale or zoom.)
Grid & Filters. (Draw like in graph paper with working grid. Filter objects and items to avoid clutter.)
Area calculation. (Drag & Drop area calculation. Data for room collected using the label & populated combo box.)
key board drawing. (More than 30 functionalities using keyboard. Undo - Redo, Scale, Zoom, Scroll X-Y, Bulge, etc... Complete basic drawing just suing keyboard. Mouse functionality also improved with Zoom, Scale, Undo - Redo, Bulge etc using mouse wheel.)
Gestures. (Easy drawing in Tablet pc with inking. See the video above...)
Clone , Move, Translate. (Clone the drawing, Move drawing, Rotate drawing all brand - x features.)
Measured point. (Place wall, sub areas etc... at exact location using a measured point. It can also change the wall direction in just one click to the commonly used angles. See the video above...)
Re Open @ Break @. (Add the wall at any point.)
Dynamic input & output measurement system change. (User can switch between Feet , Inches, Feet & Inch, Meter dynamically while drawing the floor plan using key board. Zoom & Scale can also be changed while drawing the walls.)
Allways center sketch. (Drawing allways scroll automatically & keep the sketch center.)
Area breakdown.
Easy bulge. (Mouse wheel & Keyboard (Using arrow keys), Keyboard value input, Pulling the mid point, Edit in place...)
Improved task pane. (Shows all the information for the user including Rise & Run, Absolute angle, Joint angle, Bearing, Length, Area on closure, Perimeter on closure etc...)
Roof. (Roof data collection and simple 3D view on site.)
Advanced property dialog. (All the properties of the object can be set using the property dialogs. User can navigate to other objects also.)
Reports. (Easy data collection and export to web format.)
Export to image formats. (Export to common image formats.)

Free version will include all the basic features for drafting existing conditions. The bundle does not include the TAB version and new features will be addaed as the new versions is released. Please feel free to download the free version by going to our download section.


Monday, January 26, 2009

ZM Dialer

It's a program that'll automatically dial the specified phone, when you want, how many times you want, and for how long you want.

Number = Number to dial (don't forget to put the withhold your number code if you want to stay anonymous)
Max Dials = Maximum amount of phone calls
Delay Before Dialing = Seconds delay before the phone starts dialing... ie the program won't activate until XXXX seconds time.
Connect Time = Seconds from start of dialing to ending the call ... 10 seconds is good for mobile to mobile.
Dialing Interval = Seconds between dials ....


Terminate Dialing of Answer Detect = To minimise cost and it's pointless to irritate the persons voicemail, This is ticked as default as if the 'far end' answers, the program detects it, hangs up and stops dialing and deactivates 'Stay Awake' (second picture)..... it monitors SystemProperty.PhoneCallTalking if you're intereasted.
SpeakerPhone On = Activates the speaker automatically on every call.
Keep Awake = Stops the phone hibernating, once it's reached the max dials, this will untick and the phone will hibernate.

ZM Dialer

Sunday, January 25, 2009


App for controlling ring & other hardware functions

Little app which turns changes your phone's ringer at a specified time - runs off an xml file ('config.xml') where you can specify your timed sessions, e.g. I have my phone set to vibrate when I am at work, but set it to ring during my lunch-break and when I am due to leave work.

Also has some hardware controller functions - effectively shortcuts, including, backlight off, soft reset and provides basic info on the battery.


Today Linker

A small tool for changing right-bottom Today's screen button

With this tool you can change the caption and the shortcut information.

Today Linker

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Whiskers is an educational PocketPC application under the GNU/GPL license which tries to exploit all the hardware available on most common PDAs providing a link between different features such as GPS-Bluetooth-Wireless.

Generally whiskers was built with radio reconnaissance in mind as help for geocachers or wardrivers but also as penetration and audit tool. There is support for in depth device scanning, triggering actions based on filters when certain devices are in range, centralized GPS logging with search functions for private or public databases and much more.

WM5 onward
Compact Framework 3.5
Microsoft Bluetooth Stack (?)

Continuous scanning for Wireless and Bluetooth
Device logging (open, save etc..)
Bluejacking (two supported methods, more to come soon).
Device scripting, triggering specific actions when a device is in range based on filters such as device name, address, device class (laptop, phone, smartphone whatever...).
GPS logging with centralized database
Ability to contribute to the database: scan and upload to the central database.
Searching for devices in the database by name, address and Wireless or Bluetooth radio.
More to come :-)


Friday, January 23, 2009

Scrobble 0.5 beta

a Scrabble clone for WM6 / VGA


- .NET Compact Framework 3.5.
- Windows Mobile 6, VGA screen (may work on other devices -- feel free to try and report your results).
- 1468KB free space on device or storage card (mostly for the 1.31MB dictionary).


- Scrobble plays exactly the same as Scrabble, with the following differences:
... During the initial drawing of letters, Scrobble ensures that no player will draw all consonants or all vowels.
... There are no "challenges" (where one player states another player's word is not in the dictionary, and the word is then looked up to verify). All words created must be in the Scrobble dictionary. If they are not, the player must modify their move until all words created in the move are valid. Players can use the Look Up Word tool to check as many words as they wish. If they cannot make a valid move then they must pass their turn, or turn in all letters for 7 new ones and pass their turn.
... You can play with only 2 to 4 players.
... Players can only exchange all of their letters at once (there are no partial exchanges where a player chooses only some of their letters to exchange).
... At the end of the game, any unused letters in a player's tray count against that player's final score, but do -not- count -towards- the score of the player who went out first (which is the case in Scrabble).

(Other than these differences above, and possibly some other minor ones, Scrobble plays exactly like the original board game Scrabble. This includes the rule where the game ends if all players pass their turn two times in row).



The ONLY online .cab maker for Windows Mobile powered devices (Beta).

Use of Cab-O-Matic is simple:

Zip up the files you want cabbed (including optional .reg file)
Upload the .zip
Click a few boxes
Download your .cab!


SMath Studio

Absolutely free mathematical program with "paper"-like interface and numerous computing features (now with integrated mathematical reference book).

System requirements

Framework: .NET Compact Framework 2.0 cab (5,33МБ), zip (1,99МБ)
Compatibility: Pocket PC 2002, WM 2003, WM 2003 SE, WM 5, WM 6, WM 6.1, full VGA support, all PPC's, Comunicators and smartphones.
Desktop (Windows):
Framework: .NET Framework 2.0

SMath Studio

Travelling Blogger

Travelling blogger is a mobile blogging client for Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

To use Travelling blogger you need the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Redistributable and an appropriate Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device.

Travelling Blogger supports all blogs which implement the MetaWeblog or WordPress APIs. This of course includes WordPress and a number of other blogs. If you’re not sure check with your blog provider. Travelling Blogger will autodetect the most appropriate blog API to use when you set up your blog.

There is no charge for using Travelling Blogger, all I ask is that you let me know you are using it and post comments is you find any problems or have any suggestions.


Travelling Blogger includes features designed to make mobile blogging as easy as possible.

Support for popular blogs via the MetaWeblog API.
- Extended support for WordPress.
- Upload of photos and other media from your phone’s camera or storage.
- Easy editing of content and categories.
- Off-line operation with optimised sychronisation when connected to the Internet.
- Fully featured FTP client allowing upload and management of images and other files.

The features of Travelling Blogger will be actively maintained and extended over the course of time. Planned enhancements include inclusion of further blogging APIs and integration with Office Live.

Travelling Blogger

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't Touch Me

DTM is an accelerometer-based application that raise alarm when any movement is detected. Designed for HTC Touch devices like Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch Diamond and compatible.

can minimize itself on activate
can switch phone to sleep mode on activate
can run selected program on activate
register move
user-defined sensivity of move detection
user-defined time of alarm
can play selected sound while raising alarm
user define code to deactivate alarm (empty on startup)
it's free


Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 (should work on WM 6.0 & 5.0)
HTC compatible accelerometer (G-sensor)
Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.5

Don't Touch Me

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Temporarily deactivate suspend timeout.

Looking for a way for your Pocket PC to turn off the backlight, but not enter suspend mode so soon? Use this application for those time when you need quick access to the device without waking it from suspend mode. And once your done, just exit the program and your original Suspend timeout is restored.



The most beautiful calculator with Nixie tube display.

A retro calculator with a dual line Nixie tube display. It is fairly intuitive to use, but you may need a bit of practice with the dual lines. They make repetitive calculations a breeze. You can do things like "120.45 x 15 %". For use with Mobile 6+ devices with VGA resolutions (480x640). I developed it for a HTC Touch Diamond.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MobilePad v1.0

MobilePad is a light, speedy text document editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Phone. Version 1.0 contains most of the functionalities of the popular text editor Notepad for Windows that we all know.

Change logs:
Version 1.0:
Contains most of the functionalities of the popular Notepad:
- Insert Date and Time
- Word Wrap
- Cut, Copy, and Paste

Currently Working on:
- Adding insert bullets
- Adding insert numerical order
- Adding insert alphabetical order


Monday, January 19, 2009

PowerGuard v1.3

PowerGuard monitors the battery status of your Microsoft Windows Mobile/Windows CE powered Pocket PC or smartphone.

It monitors several attributes, such as battery current, voltage, and temperature. PowerGuard represents these attributes textually as well as graphically.

Next to monitoring battery current, PowerGuard can also give a notification when a user-configurable current threshold is exceeded. This is especially useful when you want to know what processes are eating up your battery.

How does it work?

The main application has four tabs:
1. Text : A textual representation of actual battery properties.
2. Graphics : A graphical representation of actual and past battery properties.
3. Control : Via this tab, the user can configure the behaviour of PowerGuard, such as update frequency.
4. About : Information about PowerGuard, such as version number, and link to the PowerGuard website.

Please note that when the battery is charging, the current has a positive sign. Conversely, a negative current indicates that energy is drained from the battery. The screenshot of the graphics tab below shows this behaviour. First, it is charging at roughly 300[mAh]. Then, it stops charging, and the device consumes 50-100[mA]. Then, again, the battery starts charging again. The text tab shows similar behaviour: battery current is positive when the battery is charging.

Released v1.3
1. Show estimated remaining battery time (feature for registered users)
2. Write measurements to comma-separated log file (feature for registered users)
3. Manual scale adjustment of graph vertical axis; postponed
4. Run minimised at the top/bottom of the screen where it can be seen at all times; postponed
5. Fix uninstaller to remove .lnk file
6. Implement registration mechanism

Released v1.2
1. Log to file and read logging from file to user interface (graph); thanks Julian for suggesting. Logging is done to a binary file in the PowerGuard installation directory.
2. Show sample value when pushing it with stylus in graph; thanks Rob for suggesting; looking into feasibility.
Result: main reason for asking for this feature is the mismatch in value range between e.g. temperature and current. This makes the temperature line flat. I solved this by adding a second Y-axis. In the control panel, one can select two properties to visualize graphically. I consider this issue solved . I discussed this with Rob; he is also pleased with this solution.
3. Transparent PowerGuard icon
4. Replace session time display from < h > [h] < m > [m] < s > [s] to hh:mm:ss [hh:mm:ss]
5. Resume current session time after soft reset. After a (soft) reset, upon restart of PowerGuard, a message box is displayed, asking the user whether or not to restore the data associated with the previous session.
6. Invest use of thinner lines; implemented, will be in v1.2

Released v1.1
1. Current threshold warning
2. Program icon
3. Persist user settings
4. Log to file and read logging from file to user interface (graph); thanks Julian for suggesting: postponed to v1.2
5. Swap sign capability (option to either use a positive or a negative sign for battery current while (dis)charging); thanks Julian for suggesting
6. Show sample value when pushing it with stylus in graph; thanks Rob for suggesting; postponed, looking into feasibility
7. Session time. Textual representation; thanks Julian for suggesting



Soft-Reset, or the equivalent of the classic reboot the PC

Usually this is done by pressing a small button hidden on the hardware device. This, however, appears uncomfortable as it requires the use of the pen, and some devices (such as on 'HTC Touch HD), the key to the Soft-Reset is even located under the back cover, a very awkward position. With this program, however the operation is much simpler. Open the program, and confirmed the device will restart itself. The program is written in C # and uses the. NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed by default on new devices. E 'is compatible with any version of Windows Mobile, and supports all the guidelines and resolutions. The program was originally in Italian, but it can be translated into any language very easily. To change the message simply create a file "lang.ini" dell'EXE in the same folder containing the text you want to view and you're done.



As you can guess from the name is a utility program for your device that incorporates the functions of Stopwatch and Countdown timer.

The interface of the program is very clean and the program is very simple to use, it has been developed to be fully Finger-Friendly. Despite its simplicity, the program also offers advanced features, such as the ability to fully customize the interface, multilingual support and automatic saving of time.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Web Video Downloader v0.0.17.0

W.V.D. Web Video Downloader is the first software for Pocket PC that can stream* or download online videos from web sites like YouTube. W.V.D. supports most popular online web sites and many adults sites like Tube8.

- Compatible with most popular websites.
- Search by keywords or categories.
- Support search results by detail or thumbnail.
- Support thumbnail animation to preview videos.
- Allows to stream* or download videos from websites.
- Support many video formats.

Compatible with:
- Windows Moblie 5.0 / 6.0 / 6.1
- Support VGA / QVGA

Requirement: .Net Compact Framework 2.0

[WVD v0.0.1.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
This version support this site :
[WVD v0.0.2.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Add Setting menu :
Configure saving path
Hide / show web site
Remove illegal caracters in file name.

[WVD v0.0.3.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Google video
Add searching interface
Add multi-threading thumbnails results (2X3)
Add download progress in Mb and %
Fix for square device

[WVD v0.0.4.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Fix some bug when download
Optimise memory for search results.

[WVD v0.0.5.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
tube8 (now support 3gp)
Add features
Option to hide all adult sites
Zoom on thumbnail
Now cab include shortcut

[WVD v0.0.6.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Veoh (Problem, I can't parse the ajax result ...) Maybe in next version
Add features
Support streaming with TCPMP. (Install TCPMP with flash plugin and associate m3u files) Work for (Youtube, Google, Dailymotion, bootyfix, xxxstash)
Thumbnail animation (For Tube8,PornHub,Xnxx)
Thanks wapvirus for new icon and graphics

[WVD v0.0.7.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Add option to disable the thumbnails animation
Fix bug when no search result and no connection.
Thanks again wapvirus for graphics

[WVD v0.0.7.1] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Try to fix the starting crashes (Catch exceptions when loading background and pictures)

[WVD v0.0.8.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Add a loading form
Add a download form
Fix some bugs
Change buttons and menus
Fix youtube problems...

[WVD v0.0.9.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***

Add WebSites :
Add two new differents views for search results : Details view and Thumbnails views.
Now you can browse by categories and sort search results
Add timeout option in settings

Some problems with Eskimotube and xxxStash fix soon

[WVD v0.0.10.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Fix problem with youtube (search with keyword).
Fix scroll bar position when you switch window.
Add option to change the size of thumbnails in a row.
Reactive the thumbnail animation.
Add the video URL in download form.

[WVD v0.0.11.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Fix liveleak
Fix eskimotube
Change the Exit fontion (please test)
Add play fonction for PLS
Now you can save PLS or M3U
Add timeout option for video request

[WVD v0.0.12.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Now support VGA.
Fix little bugs for web site.
Add new tool bar.
Support alternative format on web site.
-Youtube (flv and mp4)
-bootyfix (flv and mp4)
-Tube8 (3gp and flv4)
Add a auto-update feature.

[WVD v0.0.13.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Fix youtube
Try a new "Exit" fonction
Fix some bugs

[WVD v0.0.14.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Fix youtube again
Fix google video
Change to a black backColor
Fix scrollBar
Removed temporarily websites with problems

[WVD v0.0.15.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
New Black UI (Fix problem for WQVGA and WVGA)
Fix google video
Fix youtube
Add download speed and popup when complete
Add Related searching feature
Now support mp4 for eskimotube (new video)

[WVD v0.0.16.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Optimize the loading
Fix all random crashes with Compact Framework 3.5
Change the user interface
Add a "invisible scroll bar" like TouchFLO
Now check update in background

[WVD v0.0.17.0] *** Web Video Downloader ***
Change toolbar buttons
Fix PornHub
Add Favorites manager

WVD Web Video Downloader

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mobile Registry Editor

Access and modify your PPC's registry remotely from Windows

It is perhaps both a curse and a blessing that Windows Mobile is fast becoming the number one mobile operating system. Most of us use Windows at home and in the office so the interface, applications and settings on a Pocket PC are familiar. Unfortunately, so are some of the problems we encounter.

This is the reason that Mobile Registry Editor is a great tool. As you’re most likely aware, a huge number of problems with your Windows desktop machine can be fixed via changes to the registry. Similarly, the registry may well need ‘cleaning’ or at least some sort of inspection from time to time as a way of making sure it doesn’t contain redundant or malicious entries. The same applies to your Windows Mobile device. Mobile Registry Editor allows you to explore the complete registry database, make changes and add or delete keys as required. Its interface is pretty much identical to that of RegEdit, with just the addition of some minor extra features, ‘favorites’ being the most useful.

While Mobile Registry Editor doesn’t contain any automated tools (such as ‘clean registry’ for example), it is still a potentially very useful utility for advanced users. It should be stressed, however, that less experienced users should exercise caution using tools of this type – both on their desktop computers and Windows Mobile devices – to avoid causing damage to their operating system.

In all, Mobile Registry Editor is a simple and well designed tool for managing your Pocket PC’s registry, but it is not recommended to beginner-level users.

Mobile Registry Editor

Smartphone Tracker

Personal tracking application and anti-thief.

How does SmartphoneTracker works?

Lost your phone? It has been stolen? Worried about one of your family members?
- Send SMS with a predefine code to the lost/stolen phone or your family member that have SmartphoneTracker installed.
- SmartphoneTracker then wakes up connect to the GPS and receives current coordinate.These coordinates are the formatted to Google Maps format and send by email and/or SMS back to you.


Remote operation by SMS Code
Send location by SMS/Email
Background Mode
Google, Yahoo and WindowsLive Maps format support
SIM replacement detection and notification

Smartphone Tracker


web-remote is an easy-to-use(browser based) free desktop remote control software utility

3 steps (click here for tutorial)
1: register

2: download and install web-remote client on target computer

3: log in and start control remote desktop

HINT: works better with Google Chrome browser



One touch registry hacks.

What it does is simple: It turns on or off specific registry hacks, like turns on/off the "Dialer Skin", changes the SMS Threading view, disables/enables shozuRCP, etc. The program is in a very alpha stage, but at least it works.
Current features:
XML based config file
Set named dword and string attributes
Delete named attributes
On/Off type switches
Soft reset feature with confirmation dialog
Phone commands
Skinning support
What you won't like / possible improvements later:
more types of switches
improved registry editing
more types of editing (not only registry editing, but for example XML editing as well)
more actions

Phone commands support
Tabbed support
Skinning support
Native code
Arbitrary button size support
Separate button sizes for portrait/landscape

Initial Version


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FingerMenu v1.08

a new program for our windows mobile devices that replaces the standard menu with one more finger-friendly.

The program is very simple. It consists of three parts:

1) FingerMenuDll.dll: a dll that is injected into process which menu we want to change
2) FingerMenuCTRL.exe: the program that actually show the finger friendly menu and interact with injected dll
3) FingerMenuCLOSE.exe: a simple program that close FingerMenuCTRL.

For now, you have to manually configure the application through the registry.
The installed cab creates a registry key under HKLM\Software\FingerMenu with two values

SelColor (REG_SZ): color of selected menu item expressed as RGB string (i.e. "0 38 255")
ScanTimeInterval (REG_DWORD): interval in milliseconds of injection procedure (default to 3 sec). Reduce it if you want less delay at application startup.

For each application you want to apply new menu, you have to create a new registry key under HKLM\Software\FingerMenu with a progressive number.
These are default registry keys created by cab installer



These two registry keys enable the new menu for Manila 2D and fexplore (only softkey menus, for now, sorry).
ClassName: windows class name of main program window (usually)
Enabled: 0 or 1 if you want to disable or enable.

Keep attention, registry keys start with App1, App2, ..., AppN. Numbers must be consecutive.
You can find windows class name using the good taskmanager from FdcSoft.

To start the application, tap on it in programs (under FingerMenu folder), or you can even add it to startup folder.

v1.0) initial release
v1.01) bug fix
- more bug fix
- added more registry key to control menu colors

- only one instance allowed
- double menu fix (to be tested)

- introduced transparency level for background
- bitmap converted to PNG with transparency (removed TransparentColor registry value because no more used)
- more bugfix

- a lot of bugfixes
- configuration by program name instead of window class name

- smooth scroll correction

v1.07) Revolution
- changed the way the program works (no more standard menu)
- support for SIP menu
- more similar to Opal SIP Menu
- support for WQVGA (like Omnia)

- AppToDate support (not tested!!!)
- Exclusion list
- Autostart at windows boot (after cab install)
- png updated from Kraize work (thanks a lot!!)


Location Profiler Mobile

Location Profiler for Mobile is a software for Pocket PC Mobiles, which enables the user to specify a Ringing volume, Bluetooth and WiFi settings based on the device Location.

LPM is developed using C# and MS .net Compact Framework 3.5

LPM V0.1
- Initial Release

- Cell ID Based
- Switch Profiles Automatically.
- Wireless (on/off) support
- Bluetooth (on/off) support.
- Leave Unchanged option.
- XML Configuration and profiles storage


AlirezA Blueooth Settings

AlirezA Blueooth Settings is the modified version of Dr.Yar-Bluetooth, which is even better than the original.

Changes from Original Release:

- Changing System Tray's Icon.
- Removing Context Menu from file explorer which make it work in all WM.
- Improving registry.
- Annoying Notification is removed.
- Changing save location to Storage Card.
- Making it more light.

AlirezA Blueooth Settings

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SmartProtect Mobile Protection Software

This software helps you track and recover your phone once stolen or lost.

Features includes :

1. A Thief or Lost Prevention Software with SMS Auto-Responder and GPS Capability created for Windows Mobile Devices.

2. When you forget your phone and can''t remember where you put it, you can SMS your phone to get the exact location via GPS information if your phone has GPS Capability or approximate location based on Cell Location.

3. You can SMS your phone for other information such as IMSI, IMEI or even remotely reboot your phone etc.

4. This software is also equipped with Thief Prevention system which will automatically SMS your partner phone number if the SIM has been changed against the registered SIM.

5. This software supports registration of Multiple SIM Cards and of Multiple Phone Conctacts as Partners.

6. When your phone has been stolen, it will automatically SMS relevant information such as IMEI, SIM Card Number or IMSI, GPS Location if supported or Cell Location.

7. It is able to also auto-delete Phone Memory Contacts if the phone has been stolen.

8. It is password protected and the password is encrypted with AES-Encryption.

9. Its un-install proof. It requires special procedure to uninstall the protection, so even if you uninstall it, it is still working.

You need atleast .NETCF 2.0 for this app to work (which most Windows Mobile has so not to worry).

Note that Cell Location depends on your device. It should be working but the problem is not all devices interfaces with RIL functionality so it may or may not work.

SmartProtect Mobile Protection Software

SMS Minder

Auto sms replier.

Basically, it just replies to SMS' for you automatically with the message you set.

SMS Minder

Monday, January 12, 2009


It's simply a Keyboard that don't appear even when it's ordered to do it, by the application or the user. It take zero pixels on the screen and don't disturb.

This driver installs as a SIP more (selectable virtual keyboard) and is useful for two reasons:
To avoid keyboard popup when we don't want imput data (Web explorer, file displat, etc.).
To avoid keyboard popup when we are using an external keyboard that don't use its own SIP like iPAQ micro keyboard and some else.

There are two version: one for QVGA and one for VGA machines.
To install copy the file to a temporal folder on the PDA and execute it.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is a free software to collect data to OpenCellID project using your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based device with built in GPS receiver.

The OpenCellID project wants to create a complete database of CellID worldwide, with their locations. How it works: making a query with cell tower information the service will answer with its coordinates. But, the tower must be added with its coordinates. At this point OpenCellClient can help.

You will let this application turned on while you are walking or driving. The device will identify all cell towers and their coordinates. There are no need to be connect to the internet all the time spending with data transfer. You can send the colected data later, when you are in home or using some public WiFi spot for example.

There is another crucial application will have benefit of the results of this service: RemoteTracker. This is an Antitheft software and you can use to track your device when it was lost or stolen. It works catching a formated SMS sent from any phone, MSN, AIM or web sites and then send useful informations back. These informations can have GPS coordinates, list os contacts, owner informations and more.

RemoteTracker also uses the OpenCellID database when your device can't connect to GPS or if your device does not have a built in GPS receiver.


Remote Tracker

This is an Antitheft software and you can use it to track your Windows Mobile device when it was lost or stolen.

It works catching a formated SMS sent from any phone, MSN, AIM or web sites and then send useful informations back. These informations can have GPS coordinates, list os contacts, owner informations and more.

You can use it to others objectives, like keep your eyes in your child. Use your imagination!

To use all features RemoteTracker has, your device must have GPS and GSM capabilities. If your device does not have a built in GPS receiver, you can get the position based on the Cell Tower it is answering. Please visit OpenCellClient project for more details.

If the thief change your SIM card, you will receive a SMS alerting you and you still can track your device. All you need to do is set an emergency cel number.

RemoteTracker can be added to third part custom ROMs. But, with a hard reset all configurations will be lost. With RTRegCreate tool can create a configuration file using your PC. ROM cookers can use this configuration file to make RT hard reset safe!

This program was tested with Glofish X800 and X500+ with WM6.1 and native .NET 3.5, but you can use it with WM5 or 6. WM2003 and earlier are not supported.

Remote Tracker

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Anti theft software

SmsRemoteAdmin allow to query some phone informations via sms and help to find your lost/steal phone with powerfull AntiSteal extension.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Simple freehand notepad with alarm features.

- direct writing with the stylus
- simple interface
- max 99 sheets
- 4 screens for simultaneous writing
- short text description of each note
- preview of 9 note at the same time
- sound and vibration alerts
- different writing colors
- backgrounds
- skins
- AppToDate support


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Start Menu and OK/Close Button Sender

Applications to launch the Start Menu and OK/Close button for Pocket PC

two tiny (4k) native c++ applications that open the start menu and hit the OK/Close button.

The zip contains two files:
skey.exe opens the start menu.
okey.exe hits the ok/close button.

Start Menu and OK/Close Button Sender

Friday, January 02, 2009

CapSure v1.11g

Better Screen Capture

Supports screen captures in BMP*, GIF*, JPG, PNG formats (*not on all devices)
Add captions to screen captures
Obscure sensitive information in screen captures
Choose the saved image file name

4 capture options
Screen - Capture active app
From task list - Capture a specific app from task list
Timed - capture screen after time interval
Repeat - Repeat any of the above captures with user-selected interval and user-selected max captures
User-selected folder to store captures
Built-in thumbnail viewer
Built-in image editor
Supports Portrait and Landscape, and VGA (Still testing)

Command line options (separated by spaces)
quick - take one capture
shoot - run captures according to above settings
silent - in combination with one of the above closes app after capture(s)
Example: Capture the screen without showing the CapSure window.
CapSure.exe silent quick

-Added setting to play wav sound upon screen capture
-Fixed: Bug in Save after Edit caused by lowercase extension
-now create command line shortcuts right from CapSure
-fixes suggested in post 126 (except for shortcuts)
-Lower case file extensions
-Command line help
-Pre-Configured short cuts included in CAB file
-VGA ready - tested in emulator
-faster load time
-Release for VGA testing
-Gracefully handles folder access errors
-Improved Emboss and Blur
-Command line bug fixed
-New image editing features added: Emboss, Contrast, Resize, Rotate, Crop
-More obscure options - Blur, Rainbow, Random
-Now supports PNG format
-Users can now control file name with wildcards
-Examples: %h=hour, %y=year, %n=counter, etc.
-Help button next to Save As lists all supported file name wildcards
-Slightly improved obscure
-still working on VGA support - needs testing please
-program runs at about 1.2 mb ram but processing large images in browse and edit requires much more
-Add captions to screen captures
-Obscure sensitive information in screen capture
-Now ready for VGA? - Need testers
-Box and shadow around preview
-Scrollable number boxes for some settings
-Improved Folder Selection - loads faster, includes all folders
-Minor cosmetic changes
-Smaller EXE
-Fixed: Resizes well with orientation changes
-Fixed: Help window no longer covers target settings
-CAB Installation now
-Added: Storage Card to folder browse


iShell 0.22

Currently, it's a fairly basic launcher application

It also has "widgets" (currently one, the clock) which aim to replace other applications and so integrate as much functionality as possible.

Press the end call button to exit.

WM5 or above
Anything bar square screens...
400kb free RAM and 400kb free ROM.

Change log:
0.22 - customisable backgrounds have arrived, along with custom text colours and some bug fixes.
0.21 - now supports VGA and WVGA/WQVGA, changing the TransitionSpeed actually works now.
0.2 - Bug fix - SMS now loads the correct path, and you are asked whether you wish to run iShell after the install.
0.1 - Release

Coming soon:
More widgets
Square screens
Some other things...



Smart Mobile Tools released BlueStarter, a Windows Mobile tool to automatically start an application when a configured bluetooth device is discovered.


Starts an application on bluetooth device discovery
Easy Bluetooth device selection
Optional application start arguments
Low power consumption (no background service running)
Test option using the test button
2 search modes; on a timed event or on wake up (power button pressed)
Usage examples:

Start you GPS navigaton software when GPS mouse is switched on
Start Activesync when PC bluetooth device is discovered
Start your own application at Bluetooth device discovery



a small application that will hide or show your SIM Contacts from the Contacts Menu.

To use it, just put it in your phone and run the application. It will modify the registry to show or hide your SIM Contacts (depending on the current setting)..

Example, if you Registry is configured to show SIM Contacts, then the registry will be modified to hide it.

If the current setting is hide, then it will be modified to show it.

Version 1.1

Added parameters :

/hide - hides the SIM Contacts

/show - Shows SIM Contacts.



Scheduler with Time-Axis GanttChart View

It's Time-Axis GanttChart View style. only this. In the future, I'll add Calender type view.
It can view Task and Appointment together. So you can long-span time management yourself easily.
ex) “I must do this Task until ** days after. How many appointment I have till the day ? And how long free time I have ?”
It can Time-Axis View style, So you can short span time management yourself easily.
ex) “I have two meeting at noon and evening, so today's free time is....”
It can view detail of pointed day Task&Appointment list. So you can recognize the day TODO at a glance.
It use pim(POOM) data. So you can use another pim software together. Certainly, you can display Task&Appointment on TODAY View.
It view with no month break. You can view one or more week after Appointment at near end of month.
If you change display direction (length and breadth), view change properly.
You can operate with button or touch-pen. So you can operate with one hand.

With Tap&Drag , you can add new Task and Appointment, move day and time of Task and Appointment, stretch Appointment time span.
(for miss Tap,need keep Tap one second. If you tap 15min area from edge of Appointment, start stretch mode)
If there isn't stylus pen, you can operate Task and Appoint from main menu.
If you have frequently Appointment Title or Place, please register them. ex) meeting, room A, room B
It make easy to add new Task & Appointment.
You can register Rest-day Category, All day and belong Rest-day Category treat as Holiday. It's available for paid holiday. Also you can register Memorial Category like as Rest-day Category. It's available for Birthday and wedding-day. The day draw special color which set up.
You can move a day which display detail with cursor key.
Exception of Recursion Appointment available.
ex) This meeting hold every Wednesday , but next week will hold Tuesday.
And Can cancel exception Appointment (maybe ordinary software don't have this function).
ex) After next week meeting changed to Tuesday, re-change to ordinary.
You can register show / hide Category.
You can register color of rest day, holiday, memorial day and week of day.