Saturday, November 19, 2005

Maniac's Automatic keylock

Maniac's Automatic keylock
  • You can select the keylock timeout, configured seperately for applications and homescreen.
  • You can select to enable automatic keylock only when on homescreen.
  • You can exclude applications from the automatic keylock. There are 2 modes for that:
    Simple mode: Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, BetaPlayer and HTC camera aplication are excludeable
    Advanced mode: You can define your own list of applications by listing the executables.
  • You can select to disable automatic keylock when in headset or car profile or when charging.
  • The phone can automatically be unlocked when switching to headset or car profile or when charging begins (but only if it was automatically locked before).
  • The backlight can be turned always on when in car profile or when charging.
  • A screen saver activated together with the keylock can be enabled which shows a clock, the date and missed calls and messages. Font sizes and layout of this screen saver are configurable.

System requirements:

  • Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE/5.0 based smartphone
  • 100 kB free storage space

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