Monday, January 23, 2006

xBar 3.1 beta

from XETRA:
Hi all

V 3.1 beta is available, please test it and tell me what you think about, and i will plubish it as 3.1 final.
Thank you for your help

Smartphone :
Smartphone QVGA :

OK Crontab indicator (clock form : hh!mm)
OK new xmacro screen off, OFF, wakeup ...
OK - key\wakeup.lnk when wake up
ok you can disable the back key (add key\27.xmc with xmacro=x96,)
OK disable animbar ANIMBAR=0/1 dans cfg.ini
ok new crontab manager (ppc compatible)
OK bug fixed : MEMTYPE
ok -- you can customize icon of any app you want (icon/class name.ico)

// TODO :
-- /key/applicationname/ or /appname/key & /start to customize key for each app
-- dos command like (copy/delete file)
-- position of the xabr in systemmetrics
--direction pad is not inverted in vertical skin mode...