Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chinese Fonts on C550

The images below are screenshots of my C550 using a Chinese Application and while reading a Chinese sms message:
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Use RegEdit and enter these values:
1. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FontPath
parm name="FontPath" value="\Storage\windows\Fonts" datatype="string"
2. HKLM\System\GDI
parm name="FontLinkMethods" value="1" datatype="integer"
3. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FontLink\SystemLink
parm name="Nina" value="\Storage\windows\Fonts\mshei.ttf,MSHei" datatype="string"
4. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FontLink\SkipTable
parm name="Nina" value="005c,00a5,007e,0391-03c9,2026,2116,221a,25a0-25ff" datatype="string"
5. HKLM\System\GDI\SysFnt
parm name="Nm" value="MSHei" datatype="string"

Copy MSHei.ttf to your \Storage\windows\Fonts folder
Reboot your phone

NOTE: you can use any font you prefer. I am using MSSONG.ttf now.


AlnCool said...

J'aimerai savoir ou est ce que tu as trouvé pour faire cette manipulation? J'aimerai installer les fonts chinois et japonais. Aussi si tu sais ou je peux regarder pour un logiciel d'écriture de ces langues sursmartphone.. je suis très intéressé.

AlnCool said...

I'm sorry .. My last post was in French.. I have forgotten to translate it lol.
I were asking where did you find these informations to add this font?
I would like to implement chinese and japenese font. If you know anything about an input software for these languages, let me know! :)
Thank's in advance !

oldSAP said...

hi alncool, to implement chinese font, just follow the instructions above and choose any chinese font you prefer, for japanese, do the same with any japanese font.