Friday, March 10, 2006

xBar 3.2 Beta

Skin: Can be transparent (like W2K & XP)
Skin: Can move battery % text, set battery graph width & color
SKIN : I added ICONSPACE param (to set space between icons)
SKIn : I added ICONFOCUS=4 for colorbackground focus (with ICONCOLR/G/B)
SKIN : BARLEFT and BARTOP can be screen relative (for portrait mode) by setting negative value
You can now set icon to xmc file
Treo 700 compatible (action button fixed)
Can set up to 16 HIDEAPP(0->9->A->H)
advanced clipboard managment (clipboard folder displayed when shift emulation turned on)

Xbar 3.2 beta (non official) (quit xbar, backup your existing xbar.exe and overwrite with this one)

NOTE: There are still some bugs for this new version.

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