Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Send to Many with xBar3

What do i need?
1. pnotepad
2. xBar2.5 or xBar3
3. MS smartphone

you can send a text file's content using these xmcs:

xmacro=s200,k49,s200,k112,s200,p1234578900; 09876543211,s500,k40,s100,
\Storage Card\Program Files\Tillanosoft\pnotepad.exe

What will it do?
1. it will open the NEW MESSAGE window
2. input the numbers 12345678900; 09876543211 change these numbers to your contacts
3. open pnotepad.exe located in \Storage Card\Program Files\Tillansoft\
4. go to \Storage Card\My Documents\notes\ folder

\Storage\Program Files\xbar2\xmacro\selectall.xmc
\Storage\Program Files\xbar2\xmacro\paste.xmc

What will it do?
1. copy the contents of the text files
2. close pnotepad.exe
3. paste the contents into the "body" of your NEW MESSAGE
4. send the SMS
5. Go back to Homescreen

How do i use it?
1. launch xmc1, wait for it to execute
2. choose the text file you want to copy
3. in the pnotepad window, with the text file opened, launch xmc2
4. That's it!

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