Friday, April 21, 2006

Remote Keyboard for Pocket PC - FREEWARE (PPC)

Remote Keyboard is a program that connects PC keyboard and mouse to your Pocket PC over ActiveSync connection or TCP/IP network. It works as a Soft Input Panel (SIP), also called input method, along with Keyboard, Letter Recognizer or Transcriber in Pocket PC devices.

Pocket PC Connector, one of the components, works on PC side to redirect keyboard and mouse inputs to Pocket PCs.

Using PC keyboard and mouse to entry data to your Pocket PC has never been easier. Just switch on Remote Keyboard from the corner of the screen, run Pocket PC Connector in PC then you are in business.

While using Remote Keyboard, clipboard data from PC will be sent to your Pocket PC in real time.

Remote Keyboard has been tested on wireless connected Pocket PCs (Wi-Fi or Pocket PC Phone Edition). With the feature to auto-search for peers on LAN networks, you will be ready to use keyboard from any PC in no time (within corporate or home network environments).

Remote Keyboard supports non-windows machines to connect via telnet protocol. You can use Linux or Unix workstation keyboard too.

It is fast that your mouse pointer moves smoothly on Pocket PC screen, and your key inputs appear instantly.

Remote Keyboard is a freeware.

Download Remote Keyboard:
Remote Keyboard for Pocket PC all processors (ARM, MIPS, SH3); Freeware.
Pocket PC Connector for Windows (Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP); Uncompressed, no setup required, download and run

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