Tuesday, March 13, 2007

AmpTweaks v2.0

AmpTweaks is a powerfull application that will enhance your experience with Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone devices.

It is a collection of tweaks that will improve your devices usability.

Product Description
The current list of tweaks included in this version is:

* 3 Sec. Delay In Ringtone
* Application Installation
* Bluetooth & IrDA Transfer
* Call History Size
* Call-Initiate Sound
* Camera Shutter Sound
* EDGE Icon
* FAT FileSystem & Cache
* IE Temporary Internet Files
* Keep CAB Files
* SMS Sent Notification
* SMS Typing
* Softbutton Re-Map (English & Danish currently)
* Speed Up Display
* Start Menu View
* USB Charging
* Windows Media Player Library


* Read and accept disclaimer.
* Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition.
* Some tweaks might work for PocketPC, but this is untested.
* Application unlocked device.
* Approximately 500kB free space.


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