Friday, March 23, 2007


Clipboard Application.

1. All Clipboard Functions (Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo, Redo (upcoming: select all, clear))
2. Easy Task Manager
3. Toolbar Interface - Press End Key to Access The Toolbar
4. End Key not interference when dial :)
5. Upcoming: Double Press (2P) input method - Will be Interesting
6. And maybe another features will be come..

Current Application is Not Finished Yet! ( I call ALPHA-- ) - So maybe still not productive to use everyday! but please Feel free to try and report the bug for my application. I have not decide what software type is! maybe FreeWare, Donation Ware, ShareWare, or Free for some features and paid for some features :D please send your comment...

Just copy SmartToolkit.exe into your phone (My Documents or Volatile) and run the SmartToolkit.exe using File Manager (Resco Explorer, Smart Explorer/etc).

How To Use:
* When you run the application! there is no one window will shown! its OK, don't run it twice! just Press the EndKey (Red Button) - then the toolbar will shown.. :)
* When the toolbar showed, you can change the function from Navigation (clipboard) to 2P (double press - not yet implementated) by Left Soft Key).
* Navigation Mode will map the Keypad (1..9,0,*,#) into Navigation Pad (Up,down,left,right,home,end,pgUp,pgDown,Tab,Delete,Space).
* In Navigation Mode you can use Shift to Mark The Text by Press Green Key (Talk Key).
* To Show the current Task, press the Right Softkey
* To Bring task to Front Press Action Key
* To Kill the Task press Escape / Back Key

>> To End the application -> When toolbar is shown just press the "Home" key - or simply use your task manager like celetask -> Process -> Kill the SmartToolkit.exe


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