Saturday, May 03, 2008


Message encrypter

Suggest usage
Information storage: Store your stuff as you already do in your Outlook Note, Contacts, etc securely with encrypted message instead. You may decrypt the information within Blender or some other web pages that use the same algorithm XXTea (i.e. NOTE: I'm not in any way associate with this site. We are just using the same algorithm. I also have my own Java applet almost ready to be deployed (if anyone is interested) to be hosted on your own webpage, which you will know be always online and secure.

With Blender available in webpages, desktop PC (my Java applet runs as a standalone application too), and Pocket PC, you may actually, encrypt your message and have it written on a piece of paper, to be decrypted anywhere (with or without your Pocket PC)

Message exchange: Send secret message to anyone via SMS. The encrypted message is nearly as long as the original message (approx 25% longer, on block of 4 characters), you can send secret SMS to anyone, with or without a Pocket PC (using webpage decryptor and desktop standand alone application).

- Does not encrypt message with 4 or less characters
- As with standard XXTea implementation, effective password length of 16 chars
- UNICODE currently not supported

hanmin of XDA-Developers

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