Thursday, May 15, 2008


Big Keys fullscreen flash keyboard.

This application is a fullscreen keyboard (in flash) but with BIG keys!
It shows only half a QWERTY keyboard, to see the other half you need to press the right or left key in your keypad (in landscape mode) or click the area where you see the preview of the hidden keys.
To use SPACE press the ENTER key or UP on your keypad, to delete a character press the red button < or DOWN on your keypad.
The red X key deletes all the text.

There are other screens, for the numbers, special characters and accentuation (for the Portuguese language).
The special characters and accentuation, after used, jump immediately to the default keyboard.
The punctuation keys place a space immediately after themselves.

When you are done writing press the GREEN key, the text is copied to the memory and the application closes itself. Now you can PASTE the text anywhere you like, to an SMS, a word file, a note, etc...

In the beginning it's hard to use, but when you finish the first sentence you are fully adapted to it.

twolf of XDA_Developers

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