Friday, August 29, 2008


Sunscape is an opensource alternative to the iPhone lock and similar to A_C's great S2U2.

Sunscape tries to allow the user to fully configure the screen locker down to the very last details as well as maintaining a small memory footprint and trying to be as compatible as possible with very many different devices.

- WM5/6
- Compact Framework 2.0
- Install to DEVICE and NOT storage card (thanks pilgrim011)

- fully configurable interface (including graphics etc...) based on a documented XML file.
- support for time, date, appointments.
- support for weather.
- support for battery, messages, notes, emails etc...
- uses pressure-points instead of "slide to unlock", future releases will include other nifty ways to unlock based on touch.
- has a small memory footprint and triggers based on time and load opposed to OEM "backlight" triggers.
- can hotswap portrait vs landscape, ie, it will automatically switch to landscape or portrait mode if this is activated by the user.
- has _separate_ configuration options for both modes.

and... many more...

SevenRains of XDA-Developers

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