Thursday, August 28, 2008


uTrack can be used to track mobile devices in a passive, non-intruisive way.

It can be configured to publish the location of a Windows Mobile powered device to any website or webservice. The only requirement is that HTTP GET request can be used.

The different items of information that can be published are:

* Longitude / Latitude
* DeviceID
* Date and time

When run, the application only shows a notifyicon and stays dormant until another application uses the GPS Intermediate driver. When the GPS device gets a fix on the position, uTrack will publish this information to the URL specified in the configuration window.

uTrack features:

* A lightweight Windows Mobile client whose sole purpose is to monitor and publish GPS coordinates.
* Four different parameters can be used in the GET request: Longitude, Latitude, Date/Time and the deviceID.
* The request can be tested using a easy to use option which opens the configured URL The uTrack settings screen in the default browser.
* A non-intrusive notify-icon to indicate GPS monitoring is active.
* Both support for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 powered devices.
* Auto start monitoring on device reset.
* GPS Intermediate Driver support.


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