Saturday, December 13, 2008


Version 2 is out.
Touch designed timer application

Version 2:
up to 6 timers or stopwatches
landscape support
d-pad support
should work on all screen resolutions (VGA,QVGA,WVGA etc.)
use your own notifications sounds

The usage is very simple. Just use fingertips to start or stop a timer. If you want to reset a timer, hold down your finger for 500ms. To modify the settings of a timer, tab on the left side icon and the settings will open. The whole application can be controlled with the D-Pad also.
The top notification bar is showing radio strength, battery status, bluetooth status, wireless status and some other informations. Tab on the left side of the top bar to open the main settings screen. To hide the application click the middle part of the top bar. To close it click the right side of the top bar.

Copy and run the CAB file on your device. You will find a shortcut to TouchWatch2 in your programs startmenu.

Version History:
2.0b: First beta release.

TouchWatch 2

Version 1:
This is a simple timer application with four configurable countdown timers. Set an description and a time (hh:mm:ss) and stop/start/reset timer with your fingers only. No need to use the stylus pen.
Touch the timer ones will start it. Touch it twice will stop it. Tap&Hold the timer will reset it. Needs no more explanation. The app is self explaining.

* You can change the background image
* You can change the audio wave notification file
* You will get an vibrating response from your device on start/stop/reset timer
* If a timer is running your device will not enter standby/sleep until all running timers count zero (configurable). If you want to use a long timer be aware of battery usage. Be sure that your backlight switches off after some time. If your device switch off for any reason, you will not be notified that a timer count zero. The application isn't able to switch your device on.
* Settings are stored in registry "HKLM\Software\M_G\TouchWatch" and all configurable from the application.

TouchWatch 1

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