Tuesday, December 16, 2008

S2U2 Customizer

S2U2 Customization

Change Digital Clock.
Change Analog Clock Face.
Change Analog Clock Hands.
Change Arrows.
Change Slide.
Change Notice.
Change Battery.
Change Slide to Unlock Text.
Change Answer, Ignore Text.
Change Slide to Answer Text.
Hide/Unhide Clock & Hide/UnHide Date.
Add or Change sound to play on Lock & Unlock.
Add or Change the application to run after unlock.
Manage Exceptions.
Export & Import S2U2 Themes.

1. .NET Frameowrk 2.0
2. S2U2

Change Log:
Compatible with v1.36.
Option to change wallpaper directory.
Option to change wallpaper settings.
Option to change CallerID settings.
Support for png & gif files in wallpaper selection.
Now, its not necessary that s2u2 should be running before launching S2U2C.

* Option to change wallpaper.
* Added many more tweaks.
* While changing clock, option to change Default clock in use i.e. Analog or Digital.
* New Icon.
* Cab Installer.

Fixed the Show/Hide time bug.
Added option to unset Lock Sound, Unlock Sound, Run after unlock.
Added options to Add/Change Exceptions.
Added option to change Slide to Unlock Text, Slide to Answer Text, Answer Text, Ignore Text.
Shut off S2U2 at startup & start S2U2 at exit.
Export & Import S2U2 Themes.
Some bugs fixed.

S2U2 Customizer

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