Friday, March 27, 2009


Periodic audible reminders for waiting events

ReRemind is a simple Windows Mobile service that will play a sound at a specified interval when an event is waiting your attention. This is particularly useful for devices that lack standard amber/green notification LEDs (like the Diamond / Touch Pro), but can be used with any WM device if you want audible notifications.

Current features
- ReRemind will notify you when reminders (calendar) are active, there are missed calls, or voicemails that haven't been listened to.
- You can be reminded at any interval you specify, in minutes.
- Rereminders can be turned off during a time span (such as overnight).
- Play any WAV file! But sound must be less than about 10 seconds long, or it may be cut off as the device moves from UNATTENDED power state back to SUSPENDED power state.
- Very power efficient. All checks are done using the State and Notification Broker and Named Events in the notification queue. Playback is done (by default) in unattended mode. The service does not periodically "ping" because it waits for events, so it's completely idle as long as the state of the monitored events are not changing.
- Cleans up after itself! Don't you hate it when apps use the notificaton queue but leave stale notification events lying around requiring you to run something like MemMaid to clean it up? ReRemind always checks to see if a notification is waiting when it is signalled to exit. If a notification is waiting, it clears it out.
- TRUE SERVICE! Does NOT use one of the precious few 32 process slots on Windows Mobile. The app you see in the StartUp folder is simply to turn on the service. This is due to unsigned services being unable to autostart.

Planned features
- Configuration application
- Message box pop-ups when you run the start/stop service apps, so you can see that the service, indeed, started and stopped.
- A different WAV for each event
- More events... Maybe even custom events by monitoring arbitrary registry locations for changes.

Known Issues
- No configuration app. Sorry! It's alpha, after all. Please edit the registry to change the settings.

Registry Entries - HKCU\Software\Avian Waves\ReRemind
NotifyInterval - Interval in MINUTES between each notification (default is 15)
UseInactiveTime - Don't play sounds between the specified hours (below) (default is 0)
HourInactiveStart - The hour (0 [midnight] - 23[11PM]) to stop playing sounds (default is 0)
HourInactiveEnd - The hour (0 [midnight] - 23[11PM]) to start playing sounds again (default is 0)
NotifyReminder - Play a notificaton when reminders are active (default is 1)
NotifyMissedCall - Play a notification when missed call count > 0 (default is 1)
NotifyVoiceMail - Play a notification when "unread" voice mail count > 0 (default is 1)
NotifyWhileOn - Play a notification when the device is powered on (default is 0)
SoundFile - The WAV file to play. Must be WAV! Cannot be mp3 or any other format. (default is \Program Files\ReRemind\crystal.wav)
PowerOnBeforePlay - Power the device on fully before playing sound. If you don't hear any sounds when you are supposed to, try this setting. (default is 0)

** Remember that with boolean settings, 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE
** If you change any registry settings, you must restart the service. This is most easily accomplished using the StopReRemindSvc and StartReRemindSvc EXEs in \Program Files\ReRemind


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