Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Word Finder

How To Use
1. After downloading AnagramMobile.rar and extracting the .exe file in your device. Download english.txt or tagalog.txt.

2. Run the application and tap Open and select english.txt or tagalog.txt file in Open Window.

3. Wait for a few seconds or a minute to load the word list.

4. Enter word, a sentence, or a jumbled letters in “Enter word or sentence here” box

5. and click Find.

6. and wait for the results.

Code Snippet for Finder Class 3.
Fast string concatenation using StringBuilder.
Duplicates problem solved using Hashtable.

OpenWordDatabaseTextFile(string filename)
Find(string word, string separator, int min)
CountCharacters(string str)
DoRegEx(string pattern, bool UseAllRegexOptionFlag)
string[] Split(string s, string delimeter)

string TimeDuration
int TotalFound
int TotalWordsFoundInDatabase


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