Monday, March 22, 2010


Shopping List application

With MiCarrito you can:
• Sort the shopping list by product categories to make shopping easier and faster.
• Create recipes defining lists of ingredients. Add all the ingredients in a recipe directly to the shopping list.
• Sort product categories in the list to fit the path you usually follow in the supermarket.
• Develop new products and categories, and re-assign products to a different category.
• For each product you can select the unit of measure and its price.
• For each product you can see the quantity that you bought of that same product during the last week and the last month.
• Synchronize your shopping list with your partner or a friend.
• Once in the supermarket, you can move the products from the shopping list to the shopping cart/trolley. Besides, you can set the current price and see the price it was the last time you bought it.
• As you fill the cart you will see the number of products in it and total amount of your shopping.

It has been tested in QVGA, VGA and WVGA resolutions.

BTW, the default language is Spanish and it is localized in English, so those of you with the PDA in a different language than English will get it in Spanish


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